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Darkness consumes my heart is black the torture and pain still follow me every day. I do not dwell in past the future is my focus, I do not take no shit from anyone anymore. My mind has changed in complete darkness walls are up trusting no one at this time. I have been hurt heart ripped to shreds. Yet the darkness still follows me. Why am I cursed to not have long relationships why must they continue to dwell and haunt me every day. I find someone who is really great loving and caring then they rip me into like I mean nothing to them.

I will not break down and cry and be hurt by this, my life is to precious to keep crying over something that was not mine to begin with. I have no faith in relationships ever gonna work out ever, that will always be in the back of my mind, I'm hurt confused and most of all twisted mind fucked that true love exists in my life. I'm 48 and I'm not getting any younger! I want to be loved cherished and focused on not some side dish!

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I do love music and movies there big part of my life along with video games. I love horror movies and metal gothic metal and heavy metal lately, is been darkness I mostly into paranormal shows. My games are mostly "RPG and mmo's". If I was to list them all we would be here all dam day same with music and movies which is why is such a short subject. If you really want to know shoot me message something we can surely talk about.

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I have always had way with scripting gaming and doing arts and crafts, I been into doing diamond painting lately is my passion, I can not stop doing, I was into acrylic painting then stopped, I need to get back into it more. I was hoping to find inspiration to this profile to start up some kind of art. I love dark things cryptic sin is something that I put words into too and combined them I hope you enjoy this theme as I do. I want to do more and have more things on here just trying to find the pieces to place them together. I wonder if people even bother reading contents on profiles that people work so hard on to keep people interested in reading more. I want to be one of the few that you can still enjoy reading my profile like a book.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

Nothing much to say just over men period. Brian broke up with me even though were still friends and such, I do not want to deal with anyone right now just want to be by myself ATM. thanks for understanding and being there for me. I just want to find my self peace I have done nothing but kindness towards this man we will remain friends but that's as far its gonna go. I do not want this to be and open book were people can come hit on me cause I'm single now. I just want to be left alone.

I'm defiantly a gaming girl, I have many games from Friday the 13 th , final fantasy XIV, World of warcraft,

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My wonderful daughter we have our ups and downs and sometimes we get twisted in our own world we forget that mother and daughterly bond we have. I love you with more than life itself I tend to be and asshole at times and have few bumps in the road but in the end you’re my daughter and I will always love you no matter what.

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We have a special bond no one else has we are very close and no one knows, how strong we can be. I will not let anyone come between us. You may have her as a member of your house" or coven but she will always have my heart and she has my key. We are locked and very strong willed people, have been for years. we met in high school when I was 14, I remember the day someone starred at her weird I told them take pic it lasts longer, I got pregnant in high school she was there for me shared me a bagel when I had no money to eat. As you see this different level of love.

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I been christian/ Wicca since I was young, I'm very spiritual when it comes to religion I do believe in god and I practice healing, spells mostly for peace and harmony. I love to meditate and do astral traveling when I'm on my own time by my self. I do believe that karma exists so if you have a problem make sure you due onto you as you due onto others, be careful what you wish for.

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