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Age:  32

The Hollow, Luevil, Ky



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Ask no secrets, tell no lies: Jealousy is VIRTUE where Ignorance is BLISS.



Yum; tastes like Strawberries.


-BEEP-"You have entered the divine presence of PainInRedEyes. At the moment I am playing music at an orgasmic volume, thinking, and playing mmorpgs. Leave a message if you please; I will return the favor in time. 'May the love of another, the strive for a better future, the desire for true happiness guide you through blissful nightmares and sweet day dreams.'"-CLICK-


He is the moon and I bask in his light, loyal in the surrounding darkness. I am the air that he breathes, that gives him hope to live on for a better future.


[J]ordan [A]lexandria
"Garden" ; "Defender of Human Kind"
I am a Heroine. Some call me a slayer, others call me complicated. I am a human who has an affiliation with the darkness. Monsters do not scare me, but I'd prefer not to turn into one. It is true that I am powerful, in the mind just as any other feind but in combat I need weapons. I control the earth by spells which makes me unique, call me Mother Earth; or simply the offspring.
I do have an Incubus as a lover and let that be known. I may be affectionate at times but that is the lioness blood within me. As stubborn as I am, no one can change me unless I accept to new change. Maybe I will become the things I am not, maybe I will become a vampire for the sake of immortality. Maybe; Naw.

Photobucket Photobucket

.:Random White Girl:. Just taking her place into the world, that is one way to say it. So simple, duh? If you make something like that seem hard, you are just FUDJUCKED!
I am:
Independant; Strong; Creative; Friendly; Sane; Average; Helpful
A free spirit.
A muse.
A scholar.
A gamer.
A writer.
A listener.
A singer.
A dreamer.
A life giver.
A visionary.
A lover of animals and life.
A dictionary, thesarus, textbook, and journal.
An artist; drawer, painter, photographer.

Photobucket Photobucket

I'm a hard core gamer, or try to be. MMORPG's are my thing.. I enjoy a little Mario and Sonic here and there. I enjoy just sitting around and playing games with my closest friends, trying to beat them in shooter or fighting games.
I enjoy using the camera to capture the true beauty of nature. I prefer to be behind the camera. I am not as photogenic as I seem.
Photoshopping is my thing when it comes to RP or just for fun. I've been told I am bad ass... All the pictures here with names, except for the people protecting me, I edited. I like to show I have an artistic gift and I am proud of it.
Reading is the bomb, romance and horrors are my turns on when the lights are up. Too many books, series, and notes to remember.
Why not movies or shows.. right? Horror mainly, comedy sub. Blood and gore, suspense and weapons; think someone got some tonight. I did! My eyes were full of complete o'g'sms.. Like a mind blowing bullet.
Music is my life, my love, my eternal youth...(Like huh?) But seriously, Rock and Techno/Trance are sweet bliss. I love violin play in rock; Freakin' Awesome!!! I enjoy singing when I know the lyrics=p.
Sports.. Ahh.. the apple of my eye? Naw.. I've just played them since I was little... From favorite to least: Soccer, Volleyball, Softball.. In soccer I have played ever position, and I mean EVERY position, from Goalie to Forward. And really, that is no brag. I head balls like a whore. Hell, 100 ft. in the air? I'd do it. It gives me a rush like no other. I miss that addiction.

Sprint PictureMail
I want you to kiss my:
Forehead and tell me things will be okay,
Cheek and tell me you'll always be here for me,
Ear and tell me all that you still think of me,
Neck and tell me my pulse is slowing,
Back and tell me I am healing,
Chest and tell me my heartbeat sounds as it did the day we met,
Lips and tell me you love me.


Suus Diligo Est A Chain Wrapped Inter Meus Pectus pectoris , EGO Sum Suus Forever , EGO Mos Usquequaque Exsisto Suus. Is Has Pallium Meus Pectus pectoris Quod Meus Animus , EGO Belong Ut Him Exaro Nex. - PainInRedEyes


Coming from a background of domestic abuse I absolutely dislike anyone who uses any form of abuse. Mental/Physical. It is degrading to see this in humanity. Also, abuse on animals is definetely wrong in my book. Creaturs are just like people, they have souls and feelings. They have the right to live on, make families. Hurting them is worse than abuse to another human being because they trust us as an innocent infant would. They can't call for help when they are hurt like us.
Using mind games to manipulate people is a No-No. Especially if one is doing it to someone who is very insecure.
Adding, racism does not belong in my life. As a mutt of mixed blood I will not accept it. I don't enjoy listening to people who stereo-type and gossip.
Rap is the most degrading form of music I have ever heard in my life. Sure the beats can be okay, but the lyrics are like pure torcher.
Rape and torcher; anyone who can do shit like that are just fucked up.. Period.
People who cheat on their signifigant others, lovers, are people who think the can do anything and never care. Thinking, Oh, I can do this, and if I don't get caught it's okay. No, it is not okay. You betray the trust of the person you are with. Quite frankly, cheaters should just be prostitutes because they can't do anything else better then fuck with people.
All those people who abuse the internet are just fudjucked up. Hackers, hell, I feel so bad for the people who have to deal with it. Hackers are just bullies, they need to get put in the slammer!


Could you believe any word that escapes my lips, because you don't know me? is this all just pretense? No. I want to make your head spin; Make it spin into a world you cant even imagine.
I dislike using the word hate, but I never seem to be able to stress it enough.


I hate:
Lying assholes!
Guys who talk to me just because they are horny.
Two faced people.
People who blame others for "THEIR" mistakes, or basically won't admit them.
Stuck-up, snooty people.
Show offs!
Those who are hypocrites!

Here are a few tips:
  • Don't lie.

  • Don't hate.

  • Don't fake.

  • Don't cheat.

  • Don't come off strong.

  • Don't act sexual.

  • Don't try breaking me up with my beau, if I have one. It will send you a one way pass to the bottomlesspitofendlessnomorejordy
  • !


.:The Protection of Friends and Family:.


.:If you would like to talk to me, bite me, stalk me, comment me, or add me to your friends please do so at your own pleasure. If I am added as a friend, I would like to be notified. If you send me multiple messages that are not appropriate, you will be blocked!:.


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