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“If you cut off my head, what would I say? Me and my…me and my head or me and my body?”

Proud Member of House Eternal.

I am on hiatus. Read my Journal for more details. I probably won't respond to your messages if you send any.
Proud Member of House Eternal.

I've decided to take a different approach to my profile. Instead of taking the usual route of likes, dislikes, appearance, etc, I've decided to break it up by era's of my life. While this approach is a little more complex, it makes it easier for me to really convey who I am. As a quick guide on the content below, some topics will be spread out over the 3 eras, with links to follow, and will be marked by ↓.

For the most part, I am fairly positive. I've gotten a pretty good handle on my depression. I know that it's always there, it comes out in my actions. Mentally however, I rarely have those days where it controls me. I've got a great partner, a good job, and better focus on what is/is not importaint in my life.
My attitude: I have a sharp wit, always happy to twist something around in a satirical or ironic way. I have no patience with slapstick humor or stupid jokes. If you try them on me, you either won't get a response, or I'll give you a stare that makes you feel like an idiot. I'm a generally agreeable person, but I don't go out of my way to be friends with people. The friends I do have I am loyal to. My friendship also comes with the benefits of generousity and an ear to listen/shoulder to cry on. I find it difficult to convey my emotions, making me seem a little cold, aloof or bored, but I'm probably not. I'm just more of a silent observer. I am by no means a wallflower though! I absolutely detest blending in, and am the kind of person people will pick out from a crowd. Not for being outrageous, I just make an effort to distinguish myself elegantly. I can't think of anything else to say about myself right now, but I'm sure other things will come up...

Below I have listed what occupies my time and what makes up my outlook.

Focus on the evolution of European and East Asian cultures, ancient cultures, and sub-cultures including fictional and role-playing cultures.

I am currently pursuing a degree in Linguistics, with a focus on Japanese. I have an avid interest in learning other languages, including dead/lost or dying languages such as Latin and Gaelic.
Literature: I learned to read at a very young age, and I have been avidly interested in written works since then. I consider Literature to be an extention of Linguistics, quite naturally. I enjoy literature that exhibits an advanced writing forbidden, as well as original and thought provoking concepts. I don't like the escapist drivel that floods the bestsellers racks. I refuse to read it.
See my Journal or above deviantart link for my own work.
Favorite Novelists/Books
+Iris Murdoch (The Good Apprentice, Living in the Time of Angels)
+Piers Anthony (Incarnations of Immortality series, Xanth series)
+Thomas Hardy (Eine Reine Frau)
+Sheridan LeFanu (In A Glass Darkly - Carmilla)
+Luis Maestros (The Big Punch)
Still working on this list...
Favorite Poets/Poems
+T.S. Eliot (The Hollow Men, The Wasteland)
+Dante (The Divine Comedy)
+Donne (A Valediction Forbidding Mourning)
+Alexander Pope (The Rape of the Lock)
+Grey (Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard)
+Arnold (Dover Beach)
+Shakespeare (CXLIV, LX, etc.)
+Wordsworth (The World Is Too Much With Us)
+Tennyson (Ulysses)
+Emily Dickinson (Because I Could Not Stop For Death)
+Smith (Not Waving But Drowning)
+Longfellows (The Rainy Day)
+Christopher Pearse Cranch (Thought)
Still working on the list...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

General, with a focus on Art Nouveau, Manga, Photography and digital art. Preference towards pieces with a dominance of red and black, muted colors or B&W/daguerrotype. Not at all a fan of Abstract, Modern/Post-Modern, Cubist, or any of that crap. I understand the point and the reasoning, but I just don't like it. Favorite artists include Freidrich, Royo, Van Eyck, Enayla, Mucha, Sadamoto, "Clamp", many Deviantart.com artists, Jason Beam

Alphonse Mucha

Luis Royo

As for Performance Arts, I consider burlesque to be a Performance Art and quite enjoy it. I especially appreciate the beauty, attention to detail and show(wo)manship of Dita Von Teese. As I will explain later, I have a love affair with underwear, especially vintage.
*Warning, objectionable material in scroll-boxes.
Dita Von Teese

*this list will grow.
Other Burlesque Divas
Catherine D'Lish

Gwendolyn L`Amour


Kitty Kitty Bang Bang


I do enjoy movies, though I am not a fanatic. I prefer movies of a documentary nature, be it fictional, semi-fictional or non-fictional. My favorite movies include The Crow (the first one only), Hotel Rwanda, Motorcycle Diaries, Gia, Girl Interrupted, Moulin Rouge (I watch this regularily, again, my underwear fetish). I know I will probably get flamed here for saying this, but I quite dislike Vampyre movies. I feel they are largely unorginal, and shallow. I don't like Sci-Fi, Action and Horror for the most part for those reasons as well.

I am a music fiend. For as long as I can remember, music has been an integral part of my life. I have been in and around music since infancy, owing greatly to my father being a musician. As a child I spent all the time I could in my fathers studio watching and listening to the music being played. While I made attempts at picking up music myself, other factors in my life prevented me from really developing skill in any instrument. I bear the greatest affinity to rock, be it classical, alternative, grunge, hard, but I started branching out into other forms of music at an early age. My music tastes now range across the wide spectrum of genres, though I dislike genre classification as it's largely inefficient and misleading. I have a very open mind, and will listen to anything that suits my mood. I use it to cheer me up, to help me work through situations and express my feeling on them, to vent anger, for ambiance and chilling out, to fall asleep, and to wake me up/rev me up. Music is the perfect drug.

I have a distinct forbidden, with a strong preference to pieces that are romantic, vintage inspired (by vintage I mean pre-1950), and generally black, dark colors or red. I have 10 piercings and am drawing up the designs (and saving for) a number of tattoos. My piercings consist of 2 sets of orbitals, part of one set being 00 stretched tunnels. Pictures soon!

+I am a Domme. Why? I have a strong personality. Some may also say due to my Scorpio sign (3/4ths of my natal chart is Scorpio), but thats up for debate. I love attending fetish balls, and modelling for alternative fashion stores in the area. As I cannot list my fetishes here, you can see them on my Bondage.com profile.
+I am a Libertarian Socialist. I'm not as passionate about it as I used to be, as I have realized that all political/social dogmas meet the same inevitable fate of corruption, mismanagement, and confoundment by the human element. Were this not the case, Libertarian Socialism appeals to my ideals of sunnum bonum, egalitarianism, anti-capitalism and altruism. In my perfect world, everyone would get their chance to reach their greater good exercising their innate talents to the fullest, everyone would be equal in their station - high or low, we would work on a system of bartering and goodwill, and society as a whole would work for their good, and the good of others. But the world will never be perfect. I still vote left.
+ I am a role-player. I've been role-playing for 8 years. I mainly rp in mud's/mushs etc. Online, text rp'ing allows me a creative outlet. I use RP as a brainstorming session for writing. I also used to use muds as my primary mode of interacting with other people, and I learned a lot about myself. I used muds to explore my dominance and sexuality.

I guess it's about time I got around to this section. Overall, I'm a fairly easy-going person. I used to carry a lot of hate and passionate opinion, but my energies have been turned to more constructive pursuits.
In addition to the above, I also dislike discrimination, predation, disregard of human life and resources, wastefulness and corperate corruption, among other things.

Awesome People On VR


My Own Work - DO NOT STEAL!!!!!!!!!!
I created this picture (and the background) for your viewing pleasure, my Vampire Ravers. Enjoy, but do not copy/take it.

I thought this was quite funny
(I thought this was quite funny.)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

If you rate me anything less than a 10, send me a message and let me know why so I can improve. If you're not going to bother to extend me this courtesy, I'm just going to rate you a 1. Thanks for visiting.

A Guide On How I Rate Profiles.

First off I'll list what will instantly turn me off, and will cause me to rate you lower than you might otherwise get:

Bad spelling/grammer. You should be at least 13 to be here, I expect you to write at a highschool level. Don't use stupid stuff like leet and slang. I will make exceptions for people who do not use english as a first language.
Quizzes, questionaires, song lyrics, poems, loads of glitter crap. Put it in a scrollbox, and maybe then I'll tolerate it.
You think you're all that.
You're trying to use the site as a dating site. Go back to myspace or VF, or whatever.
If you have racist, homophobic, or flaming content. I don't mind hearing opinions that are not like my own, but I expect a reasonable argument. There are certain things there is no reasonable argument for.

Profile rating scale


+You don't have a paragraph, or your paragraph is a list of band names. The least you can do is put the band names in a scrollbox.
+Most of your profile is about your school friends, family, and other people not on VR. Unless you have something REALLY profound to say about your friend/family, I don't care.
+You just listed your physical attributes. This is especially useless if you don't have a picture. I could give you the benefit of the doubt, but why?
+You told me to fuck off, so I did, leaving a 1 behind.
+You ask me to message you to find out more information. I'm sorry, but if you can't spend the time to tell me about yourself, I don't want to waste my time messaging you.
+You have nothing but quizzes/questionnaires. As soon as I see a quiz/questionaire, I'll write you off as unoriginal, lazy and a follower.
+You tell me to go to your Myspace/VF. Don't expect me to navigate away from VR. I'm here, you're here, so get your stuff over here too.

How to improve.

+WHY? WHY? WHY? Why do you like those bands? Why do you like music at all? Why are your friends/family so important? Why do you think we need to know your bra size? Why are you so angry?
+If you tell me you're working on your profile, I'll still rate you, probably low. I don't mind you letting me know you've updated, I encourage it. Don't expect me to remember you for later.
+Instead of doing a quiz or questionaire, use your own words, and focus only on what you really have input on.


+You told me a little about yourself, like your outlook on something, your general attitude, some activities you like (such as attending concerts, painting... something specific), something quirky or otherwise interesting.
+You have otherwise done something to distinguish yourself from the rest, like have a good profile design. Good design could include a good organization (scrollboxes for lists, dividers to seperate sections), easy to read font on background if applicable, no bare html (read member article on HTML for Whelps), no stretched out pages from mismanaged pictures etc...


+This is a pretty tight distinction. Your profile has potential, but needs to be developed. Examples would be great content with poor design, so-so content with so-so design, or great design with poor content.


+You're almost there. Your content is specific to you and shows real effort. I'm expecting at least 3 paragraphs. If you're premium, I'm expecting to see a background, scrollboxes, and maybe a music player. If you're not premium, I expect your design to be spot on, or some great content.


+These are rare. I expect great, in-depth, informative, and maybe even candid content. I expect the design to be clean and involved. I'm looking for something that stands out and shows a LOT of effort.

I make exceptions here and there, depending on various factors. If you feel my rate has been unfair, message me, and I will be happy to explain my reasoning in more detail.

Rules to follow when sending me messages:

1. Say more than one sentence. I will not accept one word salutations, especially if I don't know you.
2. If you really read my profile, you would know I have a boyfriend and a girlfriend, you don't stand a chance, so don't bother hitting on me.

Two simple rules, it's all I ask. If you decide to waste my precious inbox space, you'll be lucky to get away with being blocked. You can still go ahead and leave comments, if it's worth it, I'll come message YOU.

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