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To hear HER heartbeat is to find true balance and harmony within oneself

Let just make a few quick notes here as you began to read my profile.

1) I am a happy married man and I am not tooking for anyone or anything in that direction now or in any forseeable future.

2)Please bare with me as I slowly construct this page. I type slow and my understanding of HTML is limited to say the least.
Now on with the profile.

Well let's see I'm 27, have a son, and a mate. I'm 6'3" and a little on the "stocky" side. Brown hair and hazel eye that change with my mood. I spend what time I am not working online or reading while listening to music. I have a small ka-tet of friends that seems to be growing that I get together with when I have some personal time. I also spend time writing poems or short stories when I feel the need to express myself. Years spent holding back every feeling from love to hate has an odd effect on ones writing do mainly to the fact that often they can't express themselves like others. So this is me in short for now... who knows what will come?

Reading, Music (almost anything), Creative Writing

Rude people
Being told the ending to movies I have yet to see.

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Here is a poem I wrote awhile back.Most of what I write is never really good but for me it is way tp express what I feel on the inside when nothing else seems to work. Hopefully it is not bad enough for you to rip out your eyes before your done. If you do so afterwards.... I guess that is ok.

Inner Darkness of Life

Night so dark of a misplaced past,
Lost within my soul is loose at last.
The fire of rage burns strong again from within,
That burns away wall stronger then steel like the cheapest tin.
My darkest thoughts mate one more with my desire,
Ready to be unleashed and join with Rage's unending fire.
My heart pumps cold revenge through my blood,
That wipes all reason from my mind like a great flood.
A flood greater then even the time of Noah's ark,
I'm no longer the falcon but the lark.
Icy sorrow becomes a blade within my hand,
Ready to kill any who try to stop me from making my stand.
Those of like heart are hearing my blackest calls,
They further weaken both my inner gates and walls.
To unleash my anger, hate, and rage's power,
From the deepest cell to the highest tower.
If flows through me more and more,
A power I feel to my very core.
No one is left to stand at my side,
To attempt to stem the coming tide.
Death itself is at my command,
Eager to bring my vengeance to the land.
Why Must I feel this way again,
As if joy itself were the greatest sin.
I want nothing more then to drink their blood from my blade,
As I destroy their empty shells with a spade.
Death is more then willing to answer my call,
My heart and soul are not even about to fall.
Why must the Darkness take over my mind,
And join it with its own soul as if they were one of a kind.
What is left of my soul is growing colder then ice once more,
No longer can it take flight and soar.
Tears of hate burn my face,
My spirit is not in the right place.
The great lords of the past join in the call of old,
I want their story and mine to be told.
They all must pay for each and every personal crime,
At the right place and on my own time.
Life no longer has a balance for me,
Once more I must search for that elusive key.
They key to touch their mind and soul,
And us that to fuel my own like as if it were no more then coal.
The pain they caused will return to them times ten,
And what is left of who I was before will be all but destroyed forever then.
To the darker side of myself and what is left of this life,
Even with my soul having to forever suffer the strife.

Music I listen too.

Soul Asylum
Rob Zombie
Dancehall Crashers

Alright After finding these two photos of my son I had to place them here. Alot of people call him cute yet I do not really see it all the time. I do know he seems to know that people think is cute and as such uses this to his advantage. Already at not even 6 this boy is a hugh F-L-I-R-T and I know he does not get it from me. He seems to have a thing for Waitresses and in turn he ends up with free dessert (SUGAR FILLED!!!) most of the time. I already fear what will come when he becomes a teenager. Anyway you can see for yourself and then judge.
Up to no good.
This one will return ONCE it is resized
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Enjoy the darkness.
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