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"I don't much care for quotes." - Nova


Hello, welcome to my profile.

I've never been good at summing myself up in just a few paragraphs so if you would please bare with me while I stumble along. I'll do my best to give you an idea of who I am and my you might wish to get to know me.

I'm a dreamer. If you I had to write myself down in a single sentence it would be just that. I'm still dreaming. I haven't been beaten down enough to lose my hope just yet. I still dream of love, of happiness, and of acceptance. I know I'm a fool for thinking such things are within reach, but I'll stick to ignorance rather than let myself get weighed down by the truths of life.

I'm quiet. I don't talk much. I most just keep to myself and when I'm in a group I kind of just go along with things. It's not like I'm ever in a group or anything that much, though. I'm a loner. I spend my time in my mind, it's more interesting there.

I think too much. I just sit inside my head and think my life away.

I care. It's probably one of my biggest weaknesses. I care about too many people. I let myself get wrapped up in everyone else's lives and usually end up neglecting my own. I've always put other's lives before my own because I've never seen much worth in myself.

I'm a student. I guess you can say that's what I do for a living. In high school I just sort of drifted through my classes while gathering A's and B's. I look back now and wish I had applied myself in the slightest of ways, but it's just a lesson I've learned. Thus far in college I'm maintaining a 4.0 and that's while putting out just a slight effort. Now that I've woken up a bit and seen what I'm capable of, I'm going to apply myself and see just how far I can push myself in my academics.

One thing I like to ask people on this site is, “What's brought you to Vr?”. So, as it's one of my favorite things to ask, I might as well go about answering the question for myself. I'm here because I did a Google search some years back looking for an alternative site to call home. I was just fifteen and wanted to find a place where I could have fun and meet people with similar interests. I looked at a few sites and they just didn't seem like something I would enjoy, but when I stumbled upon the Rave I fell in love with the simplicity of it and the leveling system. I soon started talking to some people and knew that I had found a second home.

What? I've been here that long? Where's my batty stamp? Why am I not a sire yet? It's simple. I've left and came back many times. I get close to people and when those people leave I tend to get upset and leave as well. I'm a wallflower so I'm usually not missed but by a select few.

I'm not here to find my soul-mate. I'm here to talk with people and make friends, I'm not a huge supporter of online relationships and I never have been. Most end with neither party meeting each other and they end up causing more of a fuss than they are worth. Notice that I said “most”, yes people have found love online, but those souls are far outnumbered by relationships that have failed. I'm here to make friends and to get to know people that I share common interests and experiences with. If anything more comes of it than that, then so be it.

I like music. I'm not going to go on with a list of all the bands I like, but my tastes vary enough to where I'm sure we could agree on a few artists that we both enjoy. I play guitar, ukulele, and bass-guitar. I'm by no means a virtuoso, but I enjoy playing and writing and can't imagine my life without it. I'm hoping to one day pick up piano and violin, but I'm still focused on working on my fretted instrument abilities.
I write poetry and songs. I have notebooks upon notebooks filled with with stanzas, lines, and choruses. My laptop is cluttered with them. I'll post what I post and would love to write a piece with anyone interested.

I may or may not add more about me, at this point you should just talk to me if you want to know more about me. I've given enough to either interest you or cause you to lose interest in me.

Update. I am enlisted in the U.S. Marines and I will be shipping off to bootcamp later this year. I can't fucking wait.
-What do I look like?-

I'm not huge on pictures so here's a little description of what I look like.

I'm of average height (5'11) and have an average build, I'm not stocky, but at the same time I'm not wafer-thin.
I have red hair, depending on the light it can look anything from an orange color to crimson.
My weight goes up and down, I have a problem with maintaining a steady weight, I normally go from a tad chubby, to a tad too thin.
I have freckles, like a lot of them. Shocking, right?
It's a good thing I have them because if I didn't I'd be a sheet of paper. I am very pale.
There isn't much else of note about me physically. I'm pretty average. -shrug-

-VR Things-

Lik, OMG, R U A VAMPIRE?!!?1!!!.....Do U Bit? I Dnt Bite...Hard...XDDDDD......Seriously? I can't be the only one that gets these messages. Ugh, it's not even worth my time to respond to something like that.

Bite me! It's a feature that I love on this site. I don't care what you mean by it, if it's flirty, a way of saying “Hello”, or if you wish to feast upon my flesh. Also, if I bite you then don't take offense, I only do it as a way of saying “hello”.

Rate me what you wish. I'm not wrapped up in that number. It's just a number. I give out tens and it's rare to see anything other than that from me. If I've rated you less than that then please message me and ask me why. I'll most likely change it to a ten if you message me anyway.

I don't add people unless I talk to them. -shrug- I used to add all of the people I came across, but I've since lost the point of doing that. I don't want people I don't know cluttering up my Dash. If you don't want to add me because of this then I understand.

I saw you in so and so's cam. You are aligned with them! You're my sworn enemy now! I'm going to block you and rate you a 1 on my dozens of accounts! Enjoy the negative honor!.....-just busts up laughing- Ok, then. Enjoy your tens and me not caring.

It doesn't matter how hard you type or how many capital letters you use, this is still the internet. You can't hurt me in anyway and if you think you can then show me what you can do. I'd love to see someone bitch slap me through my screen.

What were you doing on my profile? I click around a lot and I enjoy profiles and journals more than anything else on the site. I'm not stalking you. If I was doing that I'd make sure you knew of it.

My Coven

Have a nice time and thank you for stopping by.

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