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"I wanna rock 'n roll all night and party every day!"
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In the Vamp Box. Like a bum. Passing out candy to strange people. Killing pedo bears and eating vore snakes. Wasting emotes on sentences and adding long locations just to annoy the shit out of you. In your dreams, never sleeping. Skull fucking =Mind Blown


Bite Stranger

Stalk Stranger



"I was really into bestiality, sadomasochism, and necrophilia, but then I realized I was just beating a dead horse."

The knife hit a major artery
No amount of artistry
Could capture the wound
The music was tuned
Healed by a doctor, stat!
But no one got that.
Real Vampires love Vampire Rave.
Revenge is bittersweet.
The willow weeps.
Tis emotion of quest
Drowning at it's best.

Trying to swim upstream
Kitty was pushed by a team
Wolves bark and growl
Cave Trolls creep and scowl

Assured by a cloud of revolutionary productions
The pirates rescued the kitty from crabs deletion
Tentacles of helpful suction
Drying her off from obsoletion.

Desolated contained in wretched melancholy.

No such user exists.

Tainted. Starved. Soulless.

Flawed with a cut tongue.

There will be no match to light the fire.

The pyro embraced in ice.

Ambition to care for themselves, passed away.

Muted tears?

No. . .

Kitty's been fixed. Pages torn out as if it were porn.
Venom written in ink. The pages were best forgotten and left to sink. Deep along the ocean floor. The tales of revenge were no more.

Love and warmth.
Heat to cool a frozen heart.
To trust again and not be judged.
Talking freely and not having to worry.
No hiding or mask of lies.
Tears of joy.
Water, breathe, human, not monster.

Real Vampires love Vampire Rave.

The above is just nonsense. You'll see that I'm nothing but a stranger. I dislike talking to most people at this point. I've been hurt one too many times like most people. My eyes opened to see just how stupid others could be. I used to be able to take the back stabbing knife out but at this point, real eyes, realize, real lies. I got stabbed hard by the corruption that of which was the system.

I was a social butterfly once upon a time ago. Things changed and I became bitter with hate.

It's not too late for me though, I've found those who have made me happy. Those who make me come back when I've fallen. The kind of humans who say everything will be okay. And believe it or not, it just might.

I am not scared of much. I will not bow down before anyone. I'm my own person. Though, as we all know, every hero needs someone to look up to. I owe my full trust to my fellow strangers.

Cool text generator
I would have put up a crest but I don't feel like it. Whoever I end up with please understand that it is not in the loyalty of simply "showing coven pride" but in the fact of being there. Don't become, just be.

The below has a small collection of songs. Most of which are classic rock. The Doors. People are strange. After is the Crystal ship and last is Waiting for the sun. Sometimes I feel as if I'm waiting. Just to feel the warm sun again.
Well.. that's all for now. Not many rules to this profile. I guess you may rate me how you like. All I care about is being. Peace.

Last Few Words~
(It's cool to read side by side, no?)
Real Vampires love Vampire Rave.
Real Vampires love Vampire Rave.

I am not as strange as you may think. I have a small social click but it doesn't mean I'm not human. The name was based on a few things. Including my main picture, feeling cast out and wanting to get to know Strangers. Yes, reminds you of Omegle much? I can assure you that I'm not one to get mad over every little thing. I'm just a stray looking for a future of beautiful memories.
I can help people with basic coding if they ask. I'm not as good as the people on here who can make everything look perfect but god dammit, I'm close enough. :P

I very much dislike when people try to take advantage of me. If you do ask for help don't just go and shrug it off because someone had a better looking profile than me. I suggest you go to the profile help page located in this page. Just click the [LINK]

I mean, I'm only writing on the side of a picture just for the sake of showing off. I wouldn't care much about it otherwise.

I'm a coven master on another profile. Though that shouldn't mean anything to you. I'm also an assistant to another coven. Plus a twice over mentor. If you haven't guessed who I am then you should drop me a message for the hell of it. I do get bored.

I can be a real sweetheart. I'm an American from a MAJOR city who was born on an island. (Not rocket science to figure out. Heh.) Mostly on during the night so I tend to meet people on my VR travels from all over. I adore diversity. ♥ Trade me your stories for mine and I'll take it all in.

I've been to a few concerts in my life as far as music goes. Jefferson Airplane, The Monkees, Blondie, Pat Benatar, Girl in a comma and Joan Jett, just to name a few.

*I'm not a vampire like most people state. I'm my own super hero. I like the idea of vampires. If in a crowd of people I would stick out like a sore thumb. I'm scary; not ugly and I'm here to be awesome. ;D

*I'm a bit of a biting addict but that doesn't mean I go around town acting like a geek. My bites are only for one.

*I have a few tattoos. The first one was on my neck. It had tickled. :)

*I tend to always wear sun glasses and some sort of fun hat. The glasses I need in order to see far away. I use them at night but it's not bad when you live in a city that has street lamps.

*Lastly- Rate what you see fit. Even if it's a 1 and a block. It's not going to cause me any pain. :3

If you haven't noticed, I enjoy comics. Taken from Yotsuba&!

Real Vampires love Vampire Rave
Remember kids... Stranger's are bad. Don't go into vans or talk to them! Never take candy or help them look for puppies! *Note to parents; Watch yo' kids!

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Nov 08, 2023
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Nov 03, 2023

As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…


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Aug 11, 2023
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

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