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Bite Strigocia

Stalk Strigocia


"...the One of Time, of Space the Three, Might in the Chain of Symbols girdled be."

Talk to me, or don't talk to me, as you see fit. I am honestly just playing around with this here, taking it for a test drive.

The name--Strigoacia--is Romanian, but I do not have a stitch of Romanian blood in me--doesn't explain my strange facination with it, though. My obsession is Sumerian history, though I have no genetic ties to any group of people that settle in sothern Mesopotamia. I do, however share a astrological sign with one of the Sumerians 4 main gods--this being fuel that feeds my addiction. And, I share a birthdate that matches the same date (excluding year) with the naming of the Sumerian people. Needless to say, finding all this out was very "Twight Zone" for me.

I live somewhere in the US, and that is all you need know. (This is not a dating service for me) You will tend to find me cold and calculating, but that is what makes me great. (Har Har) If you are understanding about this, then you will find a life-long friend. Push me to the side, opting for the quick/fake response, and you will not hear from me again. I am harsh and rough around the edges--most of all, I tell it like it is.


Feel free to visit my Rhymster page. I haven't had the drive to create anything new. Perhaps I can get some inspiration from the folks here. If you want anything special for someone you know or for yourself, just let me know.

One of my favorites from this page

Dangerous Facination

A muddy mind, tangled in twisted thought.
Of gruesome spunk, and broken limbs.
Where no life breathes,
But breath can be heard in choking fits.
The screams of the strangled are sounding in her head.
The percussions of a newly found, erotic pulse,
Where excised skin has become the sheet music.
Clumps of hair and a torn dress, posed in a symbolic way.
What began as a fascination for the woman in this dark pit,
Has become an obsession for the man that put her there.
Could she be that one special woman?
Would she be the one, above all, that could convince him,
That she would cradle his sick compulsions?
The man with the murderous eye, burns a hole through her heart.
The man with the murderous mind, blinds her eyes,
Allowing no sin to pass through.
She would be different.

She would be special...


Quick Sumerian lesson for everyone

Usella mituti ikkalu baltuti

Translation: "Get your butt back in the Ziggurat, I made a mistake and now there are zombies outside!"

Actual Translation: "I will raise the dead to feed on the living."

"Remember the sign we saw, my soul. That beautiful, soft summer morning... round a turning in the path. A disgusting carcass on a bed scattered with stones. Its legs in the air like a woman in need... burning its wedding poisons... like a fountain with its rhythmic sobs. I could hear it clearly with a long murmuring sound, but I touch my body in vain to find the wound. I am the vampire of my own heart. One of the great outcasts condemned to eternal laughter who can no longer smile"

Hint for viewers

I am an Athiest by nature. With me, you might want to hold off on the "Merry Meets" and "Namastes." It is not that I have a lack of respect, I just have a chalkboard in my head, and those sayings sometime take the form of fingernails, scraping down said chalkboard.

Books of interest

I have been reading books like they are going out of style. As I read them, I will post here--share my thoughts.

  • Charlaine Harris

    • Dead Until Dark

    • Living Dead in Dallas

    • Club Dead

    • Dead as a Doornail

  • Neal Stephenson

    • Snow Crash

  • Susan Sizemore

    • Laws of the Blood: The Hunt

    • Laws of the Blood: Partners

  • Maxx Barry

    • Jennifer Government

  • Anne McCaffrey

    • The Rowan

    • Damia

    • Damia's Children

    • Lyon's Pride

  • Katherine Ramsland

    • Ghosts

  • Konstantions

    • Vampires

  • L. A. Banks

    • Minions

    • Awakening

    • The Hunted

    • The Bitten

    • The Forbidden

  • William Gibson

    • Neuromancer

  • Dan Brown

    • Angles & Demons

    • The da Vinci Code

  • Elizabeth Kostova

    • The Historian

  • Zecharia Sitchin

    • The Lost Book of Enki

Now Reading
A Scanner Darkly


Top Dogs
(All images lead to movie trailers. Please inform me if any of the trailers have ceased to load. I will fix it right away and hopefully find one that works.)

Noteworthy films

  • Horror

    • The Shining

    • Jacob's Ladder

    • The Exorsist

    • The Omen

    • The Lost Boys

    • Regin in Darkness

  • Sci-fi/fantasy/futuristic

    • Lathe of Heaven

    • Pitch Black

    • Event Horizon

    • Pi

  • Asian Films

    • Full Time Killer

    • Inner Sense

    • Princess Blade

    • Vampire Effect

    • Tomie (Series)

    • Returner

    • Ringu (Series)

    • Oldboy

    • Gung-fu (aka Kung fu Hustle)

    • Siu lam juk kau (aka Shaolin Soccer)

Types of Stalkers

# Rejected stalkers: pursue their victims in order to reverse, correct, or avenge a rejection (e.g. divorce, separation, termination).

# Resentful stalkers: pursue a vendetta because of a sense of grievance against the victims - motivated mainly by the desire to frighten and distress the victim.

# Intimacy seekers: The intimacy seeker seeks to establish an intimate, loving relationship with their victim. To them, the victim is a long sought-after soul mate, and they were meant to be together.

# Eroto-manic stalker: This stalker believes that the victim is in love with them. The erotomaniac reinterprets what their victim says and does to support the delusion, and is convinced that the imagined romance will eventually become a permanent union. They often target a celebrity or a person of a higher social status. Though it is important to note, not all celebrity stalkers are eroto-maniacs.

# Incompetent suitor: despite poor social/courting skills, possess a sense of entitlement to an intimate relationship with those who have attracted their amorous interest.

# Predatory stalker: spy on the victim in to prepare and plan an attack - usually sexual – on the victim.

So, which ones are you, Stalkers? Keeping in mind the psychology of a stalker, I know you want me to know. How sexy is that?

Get strength from what you are; have pride in what you are.

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