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Astral Planes


Bite Thoth

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"If one comes to thee full of knowledge, listen and heed, for wisdom is all. Keep thou not silent when evil is spoken for Truth like the sunlight shines above all." The Emerald Tablets of Thoth

Welcome to my realm!

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Let me guide you on your journey through the lost kingdom of the Pharoahs.

The Egyptian Goddess Isis

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I am fascinated by Egyptian Mythology, and eventually I will build up a portfolio of Egyptian stuff.

Proud member of the Mentorship Alpha Noir

Member of Wickedness (Coven) I support it.

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My interests is science, religion, occultism and philosophy. I am sceptical and rational most times, when we get to the topic of ghosts. I don't like to jump to conclusions that ghosts have 100% existence, when it could easily be a misinterpretation of the experience.

I like to experiment and investigate the experience I bring about, rather then making truth claims, which could later turn out to be false assumptions. It's important to think rational and sceptical about any sort of natural phenomena that we experience within reality.

Do I believe in God? I don't totally believe in God, am known as an agnostic, and I don't totally reject the idea of God, I keep it open to question and search for the true meaning of God. There is no evidence that God exists, and there is no evidence to prove that there is no God.

The Egyptian God Ra

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Ra is the ruling king of the gods in the heavens, and all the other gods and goddesses rejoice in him, since he is crowned king. Osirus was the ruling king on Earth that governs over the people.

The sphinx was constructed by the pharoahs in dedication to Ra. The sphinx was enlined facing East, which is where the sun rises. It mentions that Ra is eternal, and goes through the same life cycle from his rebirth at sunrise until his death at sunset. He is then reborn and goes through the same cycle the following day at sunrise. Ra gains his full strengh at midday when the sun is at its highest point in the south. It's Ra that brings life on Earth, because of his rays of light, that he brings into the darkness of the world. Ra and Horus are in constant battle trying to defeat evil, which is considered as the darkness of the night. Ra defeated his enemy called Apep in the form of a serphant and crocodile, it symbolises light that triumphs over darkness. Ra comdemns anyone that is evil. Ra cut the arms from Nak, causing him to fall to Earth.

The people build a shrine to praise Ra everyday at sunrise, since he is the true lord of light. It's the light and energy that he brings to the world to help the crops grow to feed the people of the land, and it's him that shines his rays upon their faces and brings happiness and joy to the world. It turns out that Maat is the daughter of Ra. She is the Goddess of truth and justice, and she possesses the feather of truth. The heart of the dead souls are weighed against the feather of truth in the hall of judgement.

Egyptian God Osirus

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Osirus is the king of the underworld, that judges the dead souls before deciding whether they can journey on to the afterlife. The souls travel through the heavens on the boat of Ra.

In the modern age we think of this idea as how the sun travels through the cosmos around the Milky Way galaxy, I think the pharoahs were intune with the Universe, and they seem to have alot of knowledge in Astronomy and Science.

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They also understand the idea that the sun is a important aspect of everyday life. Life exists, because of the warmth, light and energy from the sun, which is vital for agriculture and the growing of the crops, and the warmth of the sun, which is vital for water to exist as a liquid.

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The sun is important for the water cycle. This is why the pharoahs dedicated Ra so much, because he brought life into existence. He is the creater of humanity.

Is reality real?

I am not sure whether it's real or just an illusion of our consciousness. According to quantum theory, something that is defined as real, is something you experience from the five senses of your body. Everything appears to be real, because you are an conscious observer to everything around you in nature, which you experience from your own senses. If you were not conscious, then reality would not exist.

In quantum theory something only appears to be real, when you are there in that specific location, because you experience it from your own senses and your own conscious mind.

If a tree fell in a forest, did it really fall? How would you know, if you were not in the forest to experience that it fell? It's only real to the observer that was in that location. The truth is only revealed, because the observer experienced it only from his own consciousness.


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Nov 25, 2023

As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…


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Oct 02, 2023
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May 19, 2023
~You have been rated by SempiternalXSeer.. enjoy the darkness~


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