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Ēi tan ēi epi tas / ἢ τὰν ἢ ἐπὶ τᾶς

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For more in depth information please read my Journal and often.

Please read all of this before sending me any messages!

My name is Xzavier McInnes and I live in middle Tennessee.
A lot of people start out thinking I'm a prick or a snob but really I'm just a guy who doesn't smile a lot, thats all. I'm rather nice in fact. Of course I don't care to please everyone and I have a firm set of opinions which don't really change just because they're unpopular.

I grew up on my family's farm. It was a nice place, a place where you could just walk out the back door and within a few steps your in the middle of a forest. It was while living there I started to expand my knowledge of both the supernatural and the scientific.

I've had a ton of paranormal experiences and if your ever in the mood for some cool stories let me know. I was never really afraid of these things but very interested in them.

I grew up Christian (still am) and thankfully was brought up in a church who did the whole "speaking in tongues" and "falling over" thing. I say thankful because it showed me that the supernatural, paranormal and faith all were basically part of the same thing. I saw these people overwhelmed with the things that were going on and they accepted it. So why couldn't I accept the fact that the uggy boogy under your bed is related to God...I did accept it.

My education was complicated, from public schools to private schools etc. I never really had a "normal" way of learning, I usually taught the teacher and that's no exaggeration. People say I'm smart and I guess I am but I don't really see myself in that light. I am quick to point out my qualifications, degrees etc. but it's not out of pride or trying to sound like I'm better than someone. All through my life people have ignored me and looked down upon me simply because I'm uber young, compared to a person with a similar resume. So I try and cut down on that by letting people know, "Hey I really do know what I'm talking about."

Anyway, having been brought up around the spiritual and the scientific I began to think. My thought was basically this "You can use science to prove the paranormal and vice versa." That idea is what I have now spent the better part of my life working on.

Keeping all that in mind, I came here. I joined VR out of curiosity and have found it to be a great place for a great many things. I've bounced around from Coven to Coven having every position there is.

Now, I know your all dying to know the latest dish on my sexual exploits, but sadly I have none to tell lol. Indeed I am gay and very proud of it. I'm single and plan on keeping it that way, of course I do have a date here and there.

Please understand me when I say I DO NOT cyber. I'm not looking for a date or anything other than conversation. I don't care that the gods led you to me, grow up and go away.

People ask me "How can you be gay and a Christian?" My answer is rather simple, "What the Church says is not what Christ said, Jesus only spoke of love and morals. As long as you lead a good life and do all you can follow your own faith then it's all good. Simply keep your mind open and never shut out faith."

I am a proud Southerner and I do what I can to dispel the myths about us "backwards hill folk" and "flag waving racists." On the issue of the South I really couldn't give a damn about your misconceptions. Should you wish to engage in open conversation I'll be more than happy to oblige, if you want to "teach" me something you'll lose.

Apart from being Southern I am also of Scottish decent. In fact my ancestry goes back to the Kings of Dál Riata or Dalriada as it is better known (500AD-839AD)


Those who have shown themselves wonderful friends on VR may receive the Mark of Xzavier.

The Mark of Xzavier is simply my way of saying thanks and it also serves as a higher order of "protects." I don't just give this out to everyone, I have to consider you a true friend. The following have received my mark:

1.) Wolfysnightmare 16.) Monotony
2.) Belovedtwilight420 17.) Oceanne
3.) CLIX 18.) xxPAYNExx
4.) Fuckxthisxshit
6.) AtreyuDraconis
7.) Delmonico
8.) RainbowPrincess/Bl00dprincess
9.) Morbidcouriousity
10.) Foxypink17
11.) MuckyMuck
12.) CryingDutchess
13.) LadyKrystalynDarkstar
15.) MBK

I have an open door policy and no question is too dumb or personal.

My philosophies on life can be quite controversial and I welcome all intelligent conversations about them. I have a strong belief that when we (able bodied people) die the state of our affairs rest solely on us. The "man", the government, ex's and so on are not out to try and get you; if you die poor it is because you choose to. You may find more about my views in my Journal.

Yes people make mistakes and bad choices but they are in the end your choice. It is often said that I am the "poorest" elitist and classist out there, this is a title I would like to endorse.

My interest in the paranormal stems from my involvement with the church. I have preformed many exorcisms and helped many come to terms with various supernatural things. I have some rather strong feelings about things of this nature and I always approach the situation with reason and logic. I believe in that which can not be seen and that which manifests itself in ways that defy explanation.I feel physics plays a large role in the paranormal and I think you can explain the spirit realm with science. After all without physics there really is nothing.

Again I welcome all questions, comments, critique or disagreements. All I ask is that you respect my points of view as I shall yours and approach the conversation with integrity and intelligence. However do not be afraid to voice your ignorances for we all have them.

Please take advantage of my Member Articles.

You Failed

This stamp is for people who have a habit of violating VR TOS and Manual concerning the forums. I will not use it on members who are under Level 5 and the stamp will accompany a rating of 8 or less, no matter who you are.

This is simply my way of letting you know you need to do some reading before you use the forums. It is not intended to discourage forum usage. Of course if you get this stamp then you probably should not use the forum in general because it's obvious you have no intention of following guidelines.

If you get pissed off by this and down rate me, block me or bitch to me...I don't care :)

Here are a few reasons you may get my "You Fail" stamp:
1. You spam the forums.
2. You consistently use single line replies to the Main Section.
3. You post a new thread with extreme spelling and grammatical errors.
4. You post nonsensical threads or replies.
5. You violate the VR Manual or TOS multiple times.
6. Anything else I can think of....

"You Fail" Winners

CryingDutchess 5/30/08 Rating 8, Reasons 3
FacelessUnknown 5/31/08 Rating 1, Reasons 1 and 5
xBloodxSoakedxLipsx 6/1/08 Rating 1, Reasons 1,4,5 and 6!
HellHathWings 6/18/08 Rating 10, Reasons 4,5 and 6
ForeverBlack 7/9/08 Rating 8, Reasons 1,4 and 6
demonicflipper 7/11/08 Rating 1, Reasons 1,4, and 5
bigz4500 7/24/08 Rating 8, Reasons 2 and 4
dabbler 4/15/09 Rating 5, Reasons 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6
LordFangor 6/27/09 Rating 7, Reason 6. He was just stupid.
kingdemon 1/31/12 Rating 6, Reasons 1, 3 and 4

I am a Proud member of Infinitus Serenus!

I am also an Asst. Group Mgr. of the Sci-Fi Group ~Star of the North~

If you would like help with your profile feel free to ask me. I will assist if at all possible :)

1.) I actually do care about my rating which is why I've spent a lot of effort on making my profile look decent. So from now on if you rate me what I rated you just because I rated you I'm going to rate you a 1. Especially if you say "it's just a number".

I don't care if you're new, have 13 profiles or are "someone" on here.

I know that a person can rate what ever they want for no reason so if you rate me 2 for no reason you'll probably get a higher rate from me. It's just the principle of the matter. Not to mention that if I don't rate you a 10, at least you can be assured I read your profile ( I read nearly all of them).

This stuff ticks me off. A bunch of lazy f*ktards.

And don't tell me I'm getting way too upset over this "internet" shit, I already know I am lol.

2.) If you rate me a 1 you will get a 1. If you rate me less than a 5 and your profile has less than 50 words on it you shall get a 1. And if you claim to be some god or lord of the Vampires, goths etc. you shall receive a 1 regardless of the rest of your profile or status. Claiming to be such is only childish.

3.) I detest crass and overt displays of sexuality. If your profile has large images of breasts, asses etc., regardless of you sex, you will more than likely receive a lower rating. Artistic expression is one thing, but just being ridiculous is another.

4.) Profiles which lampoon religion(s) without providing a logical reason for doing so will receive a lower rating.

5.) I pay for my profile and I will use the privilege of stamping. Don't think that if I stamp you I have not read your profile, if that bothers you...tough.

6.) I very rarely rate those under a level 5 a 10 simply because most of those profiles are still under construction. If you have updated your profile and would like for me to re-rate you send me a message and I'll be more than happy to.

7.) I rate most portfolios a 10, art, photos etc are judged based on perceptual relativity...so who am I to judge. The exception to this rule is, if your portfolio has a lot of nudity or purposely distasteful or pointless images then I will rate it lower.

8.) I will tend to rate a profile lower if it has an abundance of images and takes to long to load. I suggest that if you have a lot of pictures, icons, lists or quizzes that you put them in a scroll box. Not that my rates mean a whole lot, but many others have the same rating guidelines as me.

Potential new "friends" and recently added "friends" read this.

I know that VR is an international site and a site with people of every age. Normally if someone wants to talk to me and has troubles with English I don't mind, but recently I've had to change my position on this.

If you have a problem and need to talk to me (about VR, life etc) and have trouble with English (either as a language or just spelling) then feel free to talk to me.

If you just want to chat or talk about things in general then we may have a problem. Those who are not from the US I'll forgive and try to work with you. But, if you are from the US and are over the age of 14, please make a strong effort to better your writing skills.

Of course I'm not some guru on language, but I know how to spell basic words and I know how to use basic punctuation.

If you send me a message like this:

"im insane but only crazy if u pis me off but thats really hard to do. i love fire an watchin sit burn. i write poetry but that dont make me no punk. poets use to be respected in this world an t me they still should be"
(taken from a profile)

Then I won't reply, if you send me more than 3 I'll block you. It does NOT take much effort to construct a decent message.

If you think this is mean or something I'm sorry but it's my right. It's not my job to teach you English and I do have important things to do besides trying to decode your messages.

The following are images/stamps/marks and protects I have made for myself and others. If you would like me to make a stamp for you please drop me a line :)

By Xzavier

By Xzavier

By Xzavier

By Xzavier

By Xzavier

**If you send me a private message please do not expect an immediate reply, I receive upward of 100 a day and it does take time to answer all of them which I try to do. Thank You**

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