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"Presume not that I am the thing I was" --Shakespeare

I used to be on here as RZRBLDSRPLCSHGS but my computer had many, many mess-ups and I couldnt get on anymore.

So, it's been 2 years...but I'm back! And I must say, I'm very different than I once was. So read the profile (or dont...its your choice)...bite...stalk...whatever you choose. Just let me know if you add me to your friends list. And talk to me every once in a while if you do =P

I update my profile every couple weeks or so, and re-rates are always appreciated (assuming they're better than what I was given originally =P)

I won't say it's all you'll wanna know, but where's the need for detail?

The Basics

My name is Ashley...or Ashes. Whichever you prefer. I'm FINALLY 18 and I live in Largo, Florida. I just graduated on June 5th, the first in my family since my aunt, who was the first out of her siblings to graduate. (Basically, it's a rare thing for my family).I have an older sister who lives i Connecticut. She's 6 years my senior, so we function better as family when we're far apart lol.

A Little Deeper Than The Surface

I won't say that I don't care what others think of me, as I've heard so many times before. Honestly, I do, probably way more than I should. But, I've never met a person who truly doesnt. There's more to a person than what they appear, and what they choose to let off. Given the chance, a person could be deeper than any could understand, but never truly know how to communicate. I imagine thats the most alone you could be...

Honestly, I am who I am. You don't have to like me, or that fact, just accept it. It's unlikely that you'll change me, unlesss I want to be changed. Frankly, I'm always changing as a person does, though not purposely. I've been coming to a conclusion since the beginning, and I'm more of who I want to be. Don't get me wrong; I could be a much better person, but I'm not sure I care ENOUGH to change it just yet.


+ Helpful
- Selfish
+ Friendly
- Shy
+ Loyal
- Quick Tempered
+ Easily Amused
- Blonde Moment Prone
+ Quick Witted
- Hesitant

I'm an Aries. Thats one major way I classify myself, because I'm REALLY interested in the zodiac. I feel as though many of my personality traits are equal to the descriptions of Aries, albiet I am an individual and have my personal differences.

And that sounds stupid, but I wanted to sound smart.

I could elaborate on the subject, but knowing me, I'd write way more information than is wanted. No one would read it. So, feel free to ask if you're interested.

Important People

Frankly, I wouldnt be alive, or be the person i am if it wasn't for some of the people.
They > You

(No Offense)

♥ Stan ♥
This is the guy I am HAPPILY taken by.
He means so much to me; It's crazy.
He's one of the best things in my life right now.
And yet, he doesn't even see how
beautiful of a person he is inside...

♥ Traci ♥
This gorgeous bitch is my flesh and blood sister =)
She's always stood up for me...
And pushed me around =P
But no matter what, there's ONE thing I'm sure of:
She'll ALWAYS be there

♥ Mom ♥
This is my Momma =)
(Yeah, I STILL call her that. So what?)
She's raised me as a single mom...
And I think she did a damn good job.
She's always been so strong, the backbone of this family.
I'm so proud of her for everything she has become,
Even if she thinks she should have done more

♥ Brick ♥
This is my BEST friend in the entire world!
She's Always there for me, for better or for worse =P
We've been through so much shit together.
I'd be absolutely lost without her...
And that's no lie.

Brief Opinions

Everyone has their own opinions. These are mine on different topics. You don't have to agree. You're NOT likely to change my mind. You're welcome to try, or comment on them. Either way, here they are. You don't have to read this. Just remember that when you browse my page...

Gay Marraige &/or Relationships: A person should be able to date/love/screw whoever they want. Gender shouldn't be such a huge problem in today's society. Everyone has their own secrets, pleasures, and ideals. Why should anyone else be able to say decide something for someone else? We all are our own person. Choose happiness

Abortion: In MOST cases, it's not right. But not in all. Some people honestly cant afford to take care of a child, or can barely take care of themselves. Why put another living being through that hardship? Yes, there is adoption, but to MANY adopted children, it hurts them emotionally. "Why didnt you want me?" Either way the child would have suffered. Each person has the right to their own decision, has their own reasons and different life experiences. There is no one right answer. Don't get me wrong, many reasons aren't good, in my opinion, to have one. But there are exceptions...

Labels: I don't see a reason to categorize yourself, or anyone else. You may share certain characteristics with other people. Thats normal. But it's degrading to say "I'm emo" or "I'm goth" or many of the other things you say you are. Its wrong. You Are An Individual. Don't lower yourself or change just to fit in. Be who you wanna be. Forget everyone else.

Drugs: Frankly, it's your choice. I choose not to do them. (Alchohol not included). I've seen too many lives messed up but drug use. Everyone has potential. Why ruin it just to live in the moment? Yes, this is most severe case. I've seen people do drugs and live a perfectly fine life...But either way, it's YOUR life. Do with it what you want..

Dogs/Pitbulls: Though ALL animals deserve to be treated with respect, love and care, this topic seems to be more problematic than just being general. NOTHING deserves to be treated the way I've seen some pets treated, except maybe the people who did such things. Hate the DEED, not the breed. While some animals do have a more aggressive nature, i find that they're just as unique as we are as humans. Pitbulls are looked down upon and treated HORRIBLY, simply for the fact that they are that breed. More often than not, they're sweet and playful. Everyone loves dalmations, but those are aggressive dogs as well. But people dont tend to use them for fighting dogs, so they dont get the bad reputation. People who do these things dont deserve to live

I'll add more to this section later. This was just a foundation to build upon.


♥ Greek Mythology & Culture
♥ Movies & Music
♥ Stan ♥ - my boyfriend
♥ Animals
♥ Friends & Family
♥ Marine Life
♥ Mythical Creatures
♥ History
♥ Photography
♥ Reading
♥ Teaching

Life Goals

No Specific Order On These...

♦ Go To College
♦ Become a Teacher
♦ Get Married
♦ Have Kids
♦ Own A House
♦ Publish Atleast One Novel

R. I. P.

♥ Nana (Nancy)
♥ Doe (Doreen)
♥ Grammy
♥ Grampy
♥ James
♥ Aunt Carol


♥ Max
♥ Bubba
♥ Spunky
♥ Fishies
♥ Buddy

Rating Style

Fair warning as to how I rate...and yes, sometimes I do rate by mood...

10 - Perfect score. Page didnt take forever to load, not just pictures, decent amount of information of your or who you choose to portray. Was colorful, or not, depending on how you were trying to come off.

8 - 9 - Really good. Might have taken forever to load on my computer, or just something wasn't right with it for me. Different for each person.

6 - 7 - Twas ok. Needs more work...or more information...or less pictures of random shit and less random junk.

5 or Less - I REALLY didnt care for it. It was all pictures or quizzes, none or little of which were you. This makes me feel like I wasted my time going to your page.

I'm sorry if any of it seems unfair...
i know my profile isnt the greatest, but some people who have 9s really dont deserve their rating in my opinion, so I've started rating a tad more harshly than I had been.


If You Add Me, Please Let Me Know =)

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