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Savannah G.A


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Death is natures way of saying your table is ready

Please take time to read it all.. If your not going to read every thing, then move on..These are my greatess feeling i have shared with you..Please leave coments and let me know what you thought.. not a bunch of flashy pictures.. what ever you rate me please tel me why you did..enjoy

This is my house outside of VR.When my time comes to be taken into a VR house or coven The Iron Ravens will hold no interferance.


my shit...wav

Special Thanks to

I would like to thank some for helping me with my profile..
First unpretty for she made it possible.
And StaT for creating all the graffix and doing the html, feel free to contact him for buisness.

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Well,I am Lord cyrus .Monarch of House Iron Ravens.I had a membership here once but me leaving the country for a bit on sabatical left me without siging in.But do not fret i have returned.
A little bout me.. I am a sanguine vampyre in Savannah G.A .Used to be the organizer for our meetup here but steped down due to house bussiness.I am also a tattooist here in savannah.In the process of opening my own tattoo shop.Haven't thought of a good name yet but i am sure i will sooner or later.I love tattoos.. they help me forget my problems.. all my worries go away when i do tats.When i am not tattooing i like to play online or read. but when i have to come to understanding with my problems i write poetry.. place all my emotions on paper...
I have been madly in love twice.. The first Audrey.. i loved her so much.. But we moved away from each other and slowly feel apart.. Thats when i meet Jessica ohh man.. jessica.. We are in the process of breaking up now... She just can't say the words... I wished things couldv'e been different . but shit happens people say.Can't dweel on the bad times but live the good ones.. I still love her alot. but it will one day enter the world of space within my heart that all bad things go.I sometimes wonder if i am meant to be alone.. to live the life of falling in love and back out again.. to live in despair... But i cope with my problems well. I cry and burn things.. I can always lose my thoughts in fire.. I used to be a cutter but i am a bussiness man.. doesn't look very professional. ehh?.. that made me sad too..

People say i'm crazy when i say i will rule the world.. I really belive so.. Not like pinkie and the brain but more like .. well.. holding it down.. everyone has a reason in life and thats mine.. ..I just have to figure out how and when..
I live in a backwood country redneck trailor.. Right behind a bar.. Buit it's mine.. i bought it and it's a home. I hate it.The previous owner trashed it.I am trying to rebiuld it now... one day it might look good but i doubt it.. You walk out the bar and right onto my chain link fence that keeps the drunks out...
Everynight i come home fom work about 3am and stop to stand there for a minute leaning on my porch against the railing. looking at all the drunks leave the bar.. listening to the drunken chatter and my massive 250lb boxer bark her head off.. Then blackness.. I lose all sense of sight and sound only to remember my happiest moments in live for just a brief second......"leaning over in the moring to the person you love dearly saying I love you..knowing that you are safe at that very moment.. " then i come back to life once again to the sounds of stupidty and loud barking.. then i turn and walk into my hell whole and stare at the mess within.. go to my room and lose myself to the haterd that consumes me.. I have two roommates that stay with me.. nick just moved in.. wife probems....he sleeps on the floor in the living room..I had to comfert him on his issues.. he asked me if i had any problems in life......" na.. i'm ok.."My other roommate moved here with me.. he is lazy.. doesn't do shit aound here.. but he works so i am ok with it..Don't feel sorry for me.. all my friends will say i am the happiest person they know..... cause i am ok.. ya.. i'm ok
But my whole life isn't all sadnes.. i also bunjee jump.. skydive.. ride car hoods strapped to the back of trucks down dirtroads doing about 65mph with ski goggles on.. ohh ya.. thats fun.. I love being dangerous.. can't hurt nothing right?

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Who i would like to meet

I am interested in meeting people that are understanding in lifes ways.Kinda like ... can sit down and hold a conversation without trying to sound smart but really talkig from there knowledge... Also people that are willing to except who they are and don't try to change themselves for the outside world.


I realy hate posers.I hate the fact that i hold postion in the world and i meet people that are just like me but grab knowledge from movies and board games.No.. You aren't me.If you have no clue what your talking about.. Then i don't wanna hear your crap.I also hate.. ohhh i really hate ..I mean it just drives me insane.......Is when peole put peanut butter in the fridge.. ohh man.. i hate it.Stuff that don't burn...


wheel of time seris..and death gate cycle..and i love to read some stuff by gary zukav every once in a while...


Peter pan.. Dying would be a great adventure


cradle of filth,slayer,goatwhore,three prostitute nuns,trustkill,Slip knot,Mushroom head,Korn,Linkin park,Ect....

Why does the world spin as it does,Why are we forgotten in the moment of what we love.Why are the ones that say we can, can't.Why are the ones that say there happy yet stil rave and rant.Why am i what i am.Why couldn't i be what i was.Three times i was born,But only once shall i find love.

I was sitting here thinking,I am a 24 year old tattooist and own my own bussiness.I am the Lord Cyrus of the House Iron Ravens.I have over 4,000 family members that follow me. and yet .. I am alone...Love and the urge to want is a funny thing.One day in life,one person will come by and you will never think they are the one person you need to keep by.I am looking for that one person.. have been for a while.. But today. I shall stop looking.my day will come..........

I started my vampyric path at the young age of 8.. I didn't like it.. I didn't like being a pagan.. (druid family).. I hated being taught something my whole family belived in.. So at ten years old i started studing everything i could on historic religion...sumar.. argon.. christian,, budda, hindu,rasta,hugyi, ect.. name it.. i can assure you in know it.. i pride myself on my knowledge.. i love it.. your mind is a grind.. you use it to sharpen your wits.I ended up following the druidic path in the long run and accecpted my vampye lifeforbidden but it took a while to accept it.. many years of being sick.I own a libary that even the vactian would love.. of all my things in my dump of a house.. my books is what i love the most of course.At the age of eightteen my knowledge of my history surpassed most i knew.. So i then re-open the House Of Iron Ravens.. It was a banished house in 1663BC by the son of cain in the lands of sumar.. His head was tore off and before it happened he spoke his last words.. All show know the raven will fly again.To any who chance there fate will surely perish a curse of pain... In 1704 A man by the name of charles hader open the House Of Iron Ravens .. three days after his first meeting he died from the black plauge as well as his members.. I have been lord of my house for coming on seven years know.I have over 3,000 family members.We are a secuded bunch and we follow MOST but not all of the black viel...( look up black viel in the search bar.)I have been doing this since..I also go to Africa three times a year to sit with the Board of Elders for Vampyric Order.I am high blood.I am Lord Cyrus.I do not play games when it comes to mylife forbidden.. I am not saying that i will smite you,though i would probally love to if you make me mad.I am not immortal.. I don't have super strength...I do live many lives.I do have highten senses.. and I am me.
Those that seek enlightment shall be enlightened...I am always ready to answer any questions you may have.I have come to VR to help the younglings in our world gain there knowledge.. and even those who just seek culture..

There is a game I like. It's called World of warcraft.WoW for short.. this is a vidoe i made while playing.. Don;t know if ya care.. but this is it.

I once took a trip to new york and got charged for being naked .. I wasn't naked.. i was peeing off the top of the statue of liberty.

I once got beat up by a goat named billy.. Maybe i will write the story in my journal.. and the toru about me fighting a croc.

I am what i am and nothing that i shall be..

Some things to think about

Why do they call it a building if it is already built?Why is a parkway something you drive on and a drive way something you park on?Why is it a door jam? what does it jam?If you pull a fish from water will it drown of suffercate..?If you choke a smurf what color will it turn?Why is it taking a crap.. where are you taking it.. ?
What if we are dead right now and this is our life flashing before our eyes.. no matter what you do means shit because you already did it.. so.. if you already did all of this .. then you already read this.. so what does that mean.. how many times have you read what i am saying right know.

9/21/06-12:29 pm...
Today i woke up to the sound of my dog ripping the screen off my window and diving out my window onto a tree stump.. I ran out side and she was sitting there peeing with the oddest expresion on her face.. kinda like... "ohhhh man.. this feels great.."I guess she had to go bad...
I hope today goes better then the rest of this week has gone.. I bought a car the other day and after 20 miles up the road the enigine blew up.. I told the guy that sucked and he needed to do something about it. So he came and picked it up.. took it home with him .. last night he dropped it off in my yard with a spary painted radiator and a new fuel pump.. What the hell...Tht was a complete waste of money..stupid rednecks..
4:02pm same date
I hit marplot today.. yaa for me.. "looks around for the people that might take him away.." i see you out there spying on me....
Same date..11:08PM

I'm just sitting here hoping i can hit catiff before midnight.. I am 60 % done with marplot.. i might be able to do it.. i am rating everything i can and living in the forums.. .. wish me luck.
same date-11:38..
I probally won't hit lvl five tonight.Jessica just called me.. I haven't heard from her in days.. She still won't tel me anything.. three years of being in love and she just stops... stops talking to me.. avoids my calls.. calls me out of the blue and when i try to find out what is going on she says she will call tomorrowshe don't feel like talkign right now.. What did she call me for.. I know she won't call tomorrow.. It will be a few days before i hear from her again.. I can't break up with her over the phone.. i'm not that guy.. but she leaves me with no choice.. i love her so much and wanna make this work.. but i feel so sad.. she makes me hate the fact that i'm alive.. I can't understand how she makes me feel guilty.. I know that she is the problem but i can't let go.. I am so lost.. My finger is broken..I have to .. i need to burn something.. something good.. maybe a home..

I am now a newly member of the Iron Fisted Black Widows.. Hail to us and the greatness of family.May all others bask in the supremacy of our honor

9/22/06 11:09pm
Well i made ghoul earlier today.. i was happy about that.... 50% done with it.. rumour hasit is this is where it sows down.. hmm.. here i come sire...other then that.. my day has been pretty normal.. i guess.. i'm ok

10/08 6:00pm
Well.. I went out of town for a few days this week end.I had a pretty good time.. Before i went i traveled to a nearby city and watched StaT's nieces' boyfreind play in the battle of the bands.. They kicked ass.They won like 2 thousand dollars.. Thats kool.I had a bomb ass time.. Almost got thrown out for hiting someguy in the face with my elbow causing him to crash on a nearby table breaking ever ything atop it.. He wanted to mosh.. I was down.Anywho.. Just figuered i would tell you guys all about it.

Oct. 12 . 4:21pm

Today i am siting here cleaning my place.. Cooked some bomb ass dinner.. or.. well breafast being i cooked when i first woke up.. haha.. My brithday is in two days.. my cousins birthday is today.. we was going to go golfing.. but shit happens.

Oct.16th 5:21pm
Well.. My brithday was two days ago.. The day before my brithday i had a great party.. A good bit of people showed up.. Once most let the rest of us went to the bar and shoot pool.. I got so drunk.. everyone was buying me crown and cokes all night long singing happy birthday.. When we finnally got home i decided to cook some chicken and ended up cutting off the tip of my finger.. It's all good though.. I had my new special to talk to on the phone while i sewed it back togther again... Though the stiches came out.. and i am missing the end of my finger now. i'm still good.. Yup..
I am so happy now.. It's had been awhile since the last time that has hapened.I have met someon so special.. She is great. HEr name is Amber.. But you can meet her here as Yeesha.. SO go by and rate her pretty face a ten and leave a great comment.. Or you will face the massive wrath of kung-fu german monkey migdets.. ya.
Well i am off to do some cooking.. and hopefully keep all my fingers this time.

Oct.18 2:30am

Well.. Today was interesting.. I woke up to some guy beating one my door saying i owned him money for the power.. I never got a bill but he didn't wanna hear that shit.. So he cut my power of. SO i went out there when he left and rewired it back togther while standing in a massive antbed... That sucked.. ANd it was early in the cold ass morning to.. Bah.. Then got a call from a customer and had to go in real quick and do shit.. Never got to go bug tires for my car.. SO i am still working to work.. .. Ohhh i didn't tell you guys anbout that.. I was driving the other day and my front left side tire blew up and cuase me to fly of the road and hit a pot hole causeing the back tire to blow up too.. Bent both of my rims.. Now i have to buy two new rims and tires.. That really sux.But ohh well.. I am used to that kind of crap.. Anywho.. Thats about it for now.. I am going to go an cook some korean spare ribs and fried rice with fried olives and ocra.. Ohh ya.

10-29-06 01:04Pm

Hmm.. I don't even know where to start...So many things has happened since i was last here.. HEck i think this was the lingest i have been away from VR.Well ..
Me and amber broke up.And i am back with jessica.She is like a whole new person.. we talk everyday about odd and end things.It s the way i was wanting our relantionship to be from the start.Don't get me wrong.. I enjoyed the company of Amber we had great times.But the love i have for Jessica overcomes all of it.. I finnally got my car fixed. Put a new engine in it.. It rides smooth now.. Though my passeger window fell out last nigt.. HAha.. It can't always be perfect.. Well.. Just figured i would fill you all in on the updates in the wonderfull world of me..

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