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Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. It's fun to be a vampire.

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Hi there, my name is Daniel, i have dark brown hair, black eyes, tall and medium built. I'm quite a lazy person. I like playing drums and pc games and listening to metal music. I am the kind of guy who would be at rock concerts or at a rock bar in a crowd of people, meeting friends and going into a deep conversation. The rock bars here in Malta are nothing special, but the friends and atmosphere aren't too bad.

I like going out on a rainy day, to some abandoned buildings or cemetaries with a strong alcoholic drink in my hand waiting for nightfall and sip the drink bit by bit. I like cemetaries as they're a peacefull place for thought as well as meditation and helps me to leave bad memories behind. I roam around maybe i find what my destiny holds before me...perhaps it may be death...who knows...all i know is that 'time will tell'. So i just be patient and let time lead me to my destiny.

I believe in warewolves, a wild wolf which becomes agressive when it sees full moon. Full moon is like a symbol to them which toughens their muscels and drives them to agressiveness. They maintain thier territory like other wolves which creates the first comparison of a wolf to a warewolf. But Vampires... im not sure...there might be a virus or a disease and make them what they are, although a little different. Not too elegant and intelegent.

I am part of a band, where i am the drummer. I have been playing drums for 3 years, in many different bands. The band i'm in is the best one i've ever been in because all the band members are skilled musicians as well as good frontmen. We play pure Hardcore and have been for quite a while now.

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About me

Nickname: : Darkomine

Zodiac sign: : Leo

Smoke?: : Afraid so

Drink?: : Yeah ! !

Craziest Thing: : ate a spider

Greatest fear: : paralisation

Dream?: : Touring with my band

Favourites: :

Animal: : White Tiger

Actor: : Brandon Lee, Nicholas Cage.

Actress: : Winona Ryder.

Colours: : black, dark red, dark purple

Drink: : Absinthe, Jack Daniels

Drummers: : Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden), John Tempesta (Rob Zombie), Jason Bittner (Shadows Fall), Joey Jordison (Slipknot)

Food: : Pizza

Game: : Call of Duty 2

Ice-Cream: : Mint / Coffee

Insect: : Spider

Movie: : Braveheart

Number: : 4

PC game: : Call of Duty 2

Season: : Autumn / Spring

Song: : Demenoid Phenomenon (Rob Zombie)

TV series: : X-files, Lost

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. . .buried deep beneath the ocean; dark and ruined, but still breathing. . .
. . .still pulsing with the lifeblood of the earth itself. . .
. . .an ancient power. . .
. . .ancient and terrible. . .

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Spiders (i ate one some time ago)


PC games

Cemetries, Graveyards

Fantasy, Horror Movies

Going to music concerts

Old and quiet abandoned houses in the evenings

Taking walks in the rain, going in a quiet abandoned place and have a strong drink

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The sun


Slow drivers

Romance films

Non rock music

Onions and garlic

When people are late

People who try to impress

When drums get damaged

Bad musicians who try to impress

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007: Tomorrow Never Dies


Atlantis: The Lost Tales

Baldurs Gate I, II


Call of Duty I, II

Crash Bandicoot I, II
Crash Bandicoot Racing

Dino Crisis I, II

Doom I, II, III
Final Doom


Driver I, II

Ed Hunter

Halflife: Wanted

Hitman: Blood Money

Ice Wind Dale

In Cold Blood

Jackie Chan: Stuntmaster

Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth I, II
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

Magic: The Gathering

Max Payne I, II

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault
Medal of Honor: Underground

Medieval I, II

Metal Gear Solid I, II, III
Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions

Metal Slug X

Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Nightmare Creatures I, II

Quake I, II, III, IV

Rayman I, II

Resident Evil I, II, III

Silent Hill I, II, III, IV

Spawn: The Eternal


Star Wars: Battlefront I, II
Star Wars: Dark Forces
Star Wars: Empire at War
Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds
Star Wars: Jedi Academy
Star Wars: Jedi Knight
Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles
Star Wars: Podracer
Star Wars: Rebel Assault I, II
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
Star Wars: Tie Fighter


Syphon Filter I, II, III

Tekken III

The Punisher

The Sims I, II

Tomb Raider I, II, III, IV, V
Tomb Raider: Legend

Warcraft I, II, III

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

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Take the quiz:
Which member of SLipKnoT are you?

Joey Jordison
Your really small but upbeat and layed back. when you need to move though you are powerful and destructive! you love black metal and death metal! and your an amazing drummer


Alice Cooper

Angel Crypt

Arch Enemy

Black Label Society

Black Sabbath

Blind Guardian

Bon Jovi

Children of Bodom

Cradle of Filth


Devil Driver


Dream Theater

Fear Factory

Foo Fighters


Front Line Assembly


Guns N Roses




Iced Earth

Iron Maiden

Jack Off Jill






Meat Loaf








Ozzy Osbourne





Red Hot Chilli Peppers


Rob Zombie

Sisters of Mercy



Sonata Arctica

Static X

System of a Down

Theatres des Vampires

Thy Majestie

Type O Negative

White Zombie

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Daemons are the ancient and corrupt denizens of the lower planes. These winged creatures of fire are legendary for their fondness of destruction and brutal cruelty. Daemons harbor a lustfull hatred for all mortals and hunger for any chance to bring pain and death upon them . .

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Shapes and their Symbolic Value

Almond: spiritual energy, often that of the God/ess

Anchor: firm foundations, protection, safe harbor

Ankh: the Egyptian symbol of life

Arrow: movement, reaching a goal, direction

Circle: safety, the border between the worlds, unity, wholeness

Crescent: lunar Magick, protection, vitality

Cross (equidistant): the four elements in perfect balance

Equal sign: balance, symmetry, justice

Eye: vision, both physical and spiritual insight

Heart: your emotional nature

key: openings and opportunites

Knot: holding specific energy in place

Stairs: movement (often upward)

Line: self-awareness, self-actualization

Peace Sign: end to hostility

Spiral: energy in motion (inward for the self, outward for manifestation)

Square: earth Magick, mundane issues (money, daily reality)

Square and Circle Superimposed: opposites (the meeting of the dimensions of the worlds- mundane and Magickal, temporal and eternal)

Star: wishes

Triangle (point up): fire Magick, the conscious mind and the God aspect

Triangle (point down): decreasing energies, banishing, and subconscious

Star Sign Lucky Numbers and Days.

Aries: 1, 9 and Tuesday.

Taurus: 4, 6 and Friday.

Gemini: 5, 9 and Wednesday.

Cancer: 3, 7 and Monday.

Leo: 8, 9 and Sunday.

Virgo: 3, 5 and Wednesday.

Libra: 6, 9 and Friday.

Scorpio: 2, 4 and Tuesday.

Sagittarius: 5, 7 and Thursday.

Capricorn: 2, 8 and Saturday.

Aquarius: 1, 7 and Wednesday.

Pisces: 2, 6 and Friday.

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The Pentagram

One of the best symbols that reflects Wiccan ideals, and the most often misunderstood one, is the pentagram.
The five points on the pentagram represent the four elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) and the fifth element
of Spirit. All of these energies are harmonously placed within a circle - an emblem of cycles, time, sacred space,
and the source of all things. This is the perfect representation of everything that Wiccans hope to obtain - a sense of
self in the greater scheme of things, an awareness of others and the earth, and welcoming sacred energies into our
lives on a daily basis.

This symbolic value differs dramaticaly from an upsidedown pentacle often displayed in movies as a sign of evil.
Just as an upside-down cross is sacrilegious, an upside-down pentacle is very offensive to Neo-Pagan.

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Take the quiz: "What house of 1000 corpses character are you?"


This guy is the real deal. It doesn't get more, crazy, disgusting, insane, brutal, or psychotic more than this. He is the servant to Dr. Satan. He will chew you up and spit you back out. Literally.

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Take the quiz:
Which Star Wars character are you?


You are the Dark Lord of the Sith! You get corrupted by Darth Sidious but redeem yourself when your son almost dies by his hands. You were born from a true hero and die ending the life of the last sith.You are one of the most evil men in Star Wars,famous for killing eeryone you meet who fails you without second thought and almost killing your son. You are a truly evil bastard but you have the potentila to be a great hero if you join your son.

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13th Warrior

Alien VS Predator

Aliens I, II, III, IV



Blade I, II


City of Angels


Conan I, II, III



Donnie Darko

Don't Say a Word


Dracula I, II


Face Off


Friends - Series

Ghost Ship



Hide and Seek

Home Alone I, II

House of 1000 Corpses

I, Madman

Indiana Jones I, II, III

Interview with a Vampire

Joey - Series

John Carpenters Vampires

Kill Bill I, II

Lord of the Rings I, II, III

Lost - Series

Man in the Iron Mask

Mortal Kombat

Old Creek Manor

Pirates of the Carribean I, II


Queen of the Damned


Saw I, II

Scorpion King

Sightings: Heartland Ghost

Silent Hill

Skeleton Key

Sleepy Hollow

Sometimes they come back for More


Spiderman I, II

Star Wars I, II, III, IV, V, VI

Terminator II

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Bone Collector

The Count of Monte Cristo

The Da Vinci Code

The Dark

The Exorcist

The Fifth Element

The Goonies

The Jacket

The Lost Boys

The Mummy I, II

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nun

The Omen

The Patriot

The Phantom of the Opera

The Punisher

The Rock

The Shining

The Sixth Sense

Tomb Raider I, II

Underworld I, II

V for Vendetta

Van Helsing

Wayne's World

What Lies Beneath

X- files - Series

X- Men I, II

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Origins of Vampirism

Some are born as vampires or as victims. Others are trained by their parents or other adults to become vampire victims or even little vampires. Once one has been "bitten" by a vampire, one often turns around and becomes a vampire oneself. This parallels the story of the mythical vampire.

The choice to become a vampire or a victim has much to do with the spiritual development of the individual. Less developed people tend to be vampires. More highly developed people are more giving and tend to become victims of vampires until they learn how to protect themselves.

Occasionally people shift. Some who start out as victims learn the game and turn around and become vampires. Rarely a vampire type learns the error of his ways and changes. Some of these go overboard to "be nice" and may become victims.

A stronger person will influence a weaker one. Most of the time, women are stronger and tend to be vampires more than men. Men can secondarily become vampires, often because their energy was drained earlier in life by their mothers. They become vampires in an attempt to regain their lost energy. This causes power struggles in relationships.

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Vampire Myths

Vampire myths go back thousands of years and occur in almost every culture around the world. Their variety is almost endless; from red eyed monsters with green or pink hair in China to the Greek Lamia which has the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a winged serpent; from vampire foxes in Japan to a head with trailing entrails known as the Penanggalang in Malaysia.

However, the vampires we are familiar with today, although mutated by fiction and film, are largely based on Eastern European myths. The vampire myths of Europe originated in the far East, and were transported from places like China, Tibet and India with the trade caravans along the silk route to the Mediterranean. Here they spread out along the Black Sea coast to Greece, the Balkans and of course the Carpathian mountains, including Hungary and Transylvania.

Our modern concept of the vampire still retains threads, such as blood drinking, return from death, preying on humans at night, etc in common with the Eastern European myths. However many things we are familiar with; the wearing of evening clothes, capes with tall collars, turning into bats, etc are much more recent inventions.

On the other hand, many features of the old myths such as the placing of millet or poppy seeds at the gravesite in order to keep the vampire occupied all night counting seeds rather than preying on relatives, have all but disappeared from modern fiction and film.

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Physical Spells: Those that require only one's body to enact, such as what the people of the Middle Ages called the ''evil eye'' or the hand-motion blessing of a Priest/ess. Physical spells were typically used for banishing, charming, and healing.

Verbal Spells: Often called charms, these need nothing more than your words to direct the energy. Most verbal spells rhyme (it makes them easier to remember). The word charm also means ''song'', and there's no reason you could not sing your spells if you like! Historically, charms were often used to attract love, encourage luck, and safeguard health.

Written Spells: Another very common medium. (By the way, Witches and wise people were among the first to learn to write!) Words have power, and the pattern of words, the medium they were written upon, and the aroma of the ink all shaped that power into a specific intention. Written spells were commonly used in healing arts and as part of wishes.

Component Spells: Candles, knots, herbs, crystals- all the ''tools'' in a Witch's kit may become components and focal points in his or her art. Component-oriented are among the most widely seen, in part because they offer the greatest variety of potential applications.

Visualised Spells: Typically combined with a meditative process, everything having to do with this type of spell is created in the mind's eye and carried out on the mind's stage. A simple example is the white-light bubble visualization many people use to cast a protective sphere around themselves.

Elemental Spells: Similar to component spells, these utilize a specific component (Soil, Wind, Water, Fire) as a means of empowering the spell or giving it greater focus. For example, taking a written wish and floating it on water moving away from you comes under this category, because the water bears your emotions, your wish is directed outward. Burning that very same paper releases the wish to Spirit, where the winds disperses it by smoke. Planting it helps the wish to grow, and so forth. . . .

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Death Knight: These soldiers of darkness were created to replace the slaughtered warlock clans. Assembled from the corpses of Knights and Paladins, these abominations were then instilled with the ethereal essence of the Shadow Council. Further empowered with magical energies culled from the slain Necrolytes, the Death Knights wield an arsenal of necromantic and elemental spells that mete out all but certian death to the enemies of the Horde.

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How color influences our feelings, energy levels, and responses to various situations.

Red: The color of the Fire element (South of the Sacred Circle) that represents power, energy, passion, bravery, health, and stamina.

Orange: A gentler form of the fire that represents the harvest, our will, awareness, and friendship.

Yellow (Gold): The Traditional color of the Air element (East), representing sun Magick, blessings, communtication, leadership, logic and the God aspect.

Green: The color of the Earth or Water element (North and West, respectively) that represents wellness, our emotions, growth, and progress.

Blue: The Water element (West) that represents peace or joy, honesty, and dream work.

Purple: The Water element, representing spiritual matters, wisdom, theoretical learning, and the inner world (internalizing what you learn).

Black: An earth color that represents the rest, completion, closure and banishing.

White: A lunar color, symbolizing protection, purity, and the Goddess aspect.

Brown: An earth hue for putting down roots, foundations, and grounding energy.

Gray: The color of neutrality, uncertianty, choices and transformation. Gray stands between day and night, positive and negative energy.

Sun Sign Energies

Aries: physical strength, heroism, adventure

Taurus: endurance, dedication

Gemini: diversity, social interaction, humor

Cancer: harmony at home, creativity

Leo: courage, communication

Virgo: logic, reasoning, schooling

Libra: balance, peace

Scorpio: inventiveness, fortitude

Sagittarius: improved energy, abundance

Capricorn: preperation, focus

Aquarius: fresh ideas, fun, crafts

Pisces: kindness, adaptability, dreams

Moon Sign Energies

Aries: cleansing, victory, personal growth

Taurus: devotion, strength, abundance

Gemini: easing into changes, balance

Cancer: creativity, improved money, Moon Magick

Leo: developing new skills or talents, Sun Magick

Virgo: prosperity, success, strength

Libra: symmetry, seeing the truth, Air Magick

Scorpio: self awareness (especially physical), focused studies

Sagittarius: reaching goals, putting down roots, Fire Magick

Capricorn: personal development (internal), Earth Magick

Aquarius: playfulness, social interaction, freedom

Pisces: psychic skills, divination, momentum, Water Magick


Candle Refuses to Light: Something's wrong. Your plans may not be well-thought-out. Alternatively, this is a no response to a yes or no question.

Burns Dimly: Move slowly. Don't make any fast decisions.

Bright Flames: This is a positive response - move ahead with confidence.

Dancing Flames: There will be alot of movement and change ahead.

Split Flame: This represents a crossroads or division of opinions.

Sparking Flame: Heated feelings, anger, and some type of news are on the horizion.

Wax Dripping Down the Left Side: This is a negative sign for relationships.

Brilliant, Tall Flame: This represents good luck.

Candle Goes Out: Bad news is forthcoming.

iron maiden
You are Iron Maiden, fascinated with historical
tales of adventure, and you know how to rock
out. However, you are just a little bit fruity,
but not enough to be a huge problem.

What 80s metal band are you? (with pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

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The Undead: These unfortunate warriors gave their lives in battle only to be brought back into soulless servitude by arcane Orc magiks to fight for the Horde. Rising up from the battlefield, the Undead tirelessly hack and slash at their terrified enemies. These skeletal horrors retain none of the personality or emotions that permeated their living bodies and thus will do their master's bidding until they are destroyed. Only mortal creatures such as the Humans, Elves, Orcs, Trolls, and Ogres can be bound by these dark powers and be remade into the Undead.

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My Drum Equipment:

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Premier drumkit

Premier stands
DW 4000 series double pedal
Premier hi-hat 14"
Planet Z Ride 22 "
Sabian Crash16"
Premier Crash/ Ride 16"
Sabian Crash 18"
Sabian China 20"

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Tama drumkit

double bass
Tama stands
Tama pedals
hi- hat 14''
splash 8''
Medium Crash 17''
china splash 10''
metal crash 18''
china 20''
heavy ride 20''
medium thin crash 17''

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You are Louis, the unusually compassionate vampire
and by far most people's favorite.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Feel free to take a look at my portofolio.

Pics of my drums, and other stuff..

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

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