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The Point of No Return


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"I believe there is a place where souls wander, burdened by the weight of their own sadness, waiting for a chance to set the wrong things right. Sometimes, a crow shows them the way, because sometimes, love is stronger than death. "-The Crow, C.

Freud brought the concept of Id and Superego, my Id wants to update the below profile yet finds itself tired..the superego rationalizes with my ego that I must sleep and there in alter said profile so for the scarcity of sleep dear ones I shall alter it later.

Blessed Be and Sange


Sometimes it’s hard to acknowledge your true self when writing into a box. Especially a small one, I’m known by two names truly at the moment, Nicole, my real name and Diana. I have always been interested in the night, it’s celestial beauty and the qualities and vampires have always sparked my interest as well as werewolves and other creatures of the night. I’m a tall intellectual, best way to phrase it, full of interesting facts and quotations that don’t truly associate with much. I am an avid reader, writer, role-player and I adore music. I sing and listen and have been in music since I was very young.

My favorite band is His Infernal Majesty, I also enjoy Rammstein, Nightwish, Papa Roach, Classical, Rock, Metal, and nearly everything but Pop, Rap, and Country music. That’s where my musical taste lies, I feel that the lyrics of the song must truly speak to you more then the rhythm itself, though true music does not need lyrics to make it live. Through the tones and instruments it bring about a musical threading that captures the very heart and soul of any being. The night sky seems to be painted by hand as the sun slowly moves down the horizon. I currently live in South eastern Pennsylvania of the United States of America.

I’d rather not live in the United States of American and have wished to be able to travel for some time, I’m extremely liberal and open minded yet the president and government is causing such destruction with every movement and destroying nearly everything in their paths. Yet the try to create new countries? Such hypocritical..lol..don’t mind me.

My main link is for RavenBlack Roleplay, a site where I found my way to reach here. RavenBlack Roleplay is a roleplay site for creatures of the night, mainly vampires that connects with the game Dark Alleyways. The interesting and quirky community holds many great writers and interesting plots and tidbits that truly capture the attention and draws you in to a new world and life of possibilities (or should I say unlife) the game isn’t the most visual thing in the world, yet it has twists and is fun to play with. You slowly dwell to create powers and work towards much more.

My name Diana Celestina/ dianacelestina comes from my favorite character that I developed. She is a complicated lady of 203 and has come to Ravenblack city a short time ago, close to half a year ago in actuality. She was preserved all these years in a comatose state with the help of nanoybytes and freezing enzymes. There is much to her and I am proud enough of her to make her name my own username.

The one thing besides the written word and music that captures me is drama. Movies and plots truly capture you through the films, taking your attention and showing you the possibilities or merely becoming extremely amusing. I’m the type to watch a horror movie and laugh at the lack of actual horror within, some are rather funny. While others scream I laugh in this situation.

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I once said that to me every day is a masquerade, not to say that I hate masqueades.. I positively love them, with the costumes and masks, it seems as if one is putting on an entire new person and facade.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
It is why I never wish to give up halloween, however here it is expected. I'm extremely liberal politically and live in the south at the beach as I've said before, I'm not too fond of the sun. However, at night when one walks by the ocean and the waves crash softly under the celestial moon. It's wonderous, the sand is soft and just seems to embrace your feet.

Love is a complicated word, truth be told to me it’s a slightly scary one when put with the word “in”. It may sound a tad romantic and I must admit I’ve been a cynic for some time but I believe there is no true thing of being in love more then once, for once you meet that next person what you thought was in love is not in love at all and only gets better when you meet someone great. Unless that other person was meant, ah it sounds horrid.

If you would like to know more about me, don’t hesitate to mail me here and I’d love to have a chat.

I will update on this when I think of more to say.

Je ne regrette rien.

HIM - Wicked Game Lyrics
The world was on fire, no-one could save me but you
It's strange what desire will make foolish people do
I'd never dreamed that I'd need somebody like you
And I'd never dreamed that I'd need somebody like you

No I don't wanna fall in love
this world is always gonna brake your heart
No I don't wanna fall in love
this world is always gonna brake your heart
..with you

What a wicked game to play
To make me feel this way
What a wicked thing to do
To let me dream of you
What a wicked thing to say
You never felt this way
What a wicked thing you do
To make me dream of you

No I don't wanna fall in love
this world is always gonna brake your heart
No I don't wanna fall in love
this world is always gonna brake your heart
..with you

The world was on fire, no-one could save me but you
It's strange what desire will make foolish people do
No and I never dreamed that I'd love somebody like you
I'll never dream that I lose somebody like you, no

Now I wanna fall in love
This world is always gonna brake your heart
Now I wanna fall in lust
This world is always gonna brake your heart
..with you

Nobody loves no-one

As well, I admire some actors, musicians, and actresses.

First of all, Catherine Zeta-Jones. She's positevely gorgeous.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Hugh Jackman is very attractive, particularly in Van Helsing and Kate and Leopold.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Then of course, as I am a HIM fanatic (His Infernal Majesty) I love Ville Valo.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I am Wiccan and proud to be so. Have been practicing alone for five years, not the strongest you will come along however I don't believe one should cross into the black arts per say.

I love the Rocky Horror Picture Show!
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“Sometimes I feel there's a hole inside of me; An emptiness that at
times seems to burn…I have this dream of being whole. Not going to
bed each night wanting. But still sometimes, when the wind is warm
or the crickets sing, I dream of a love that even time will lie down
and be still for. I just want someone to love me and I want to be
seen”-From the Movie, “Practical Magic”

“To make the journey and not fall deeply in love, you haven't lived a
life at all. Stay open. Lightning could strike.”
---Bill, "Meet Joe Black"

“If you multiply that times infinity and take it to the depths of
forever, you will perhaps get just a glimpse of what I am talking about.”
---Joe, "Meet Joe Black"

“Did you ever stick your arms out and spin and spin and spin?
Well, that's what love is like.”
---"Practical Magic"

“Some people can't believe in themselves
until someone else believes in them first.”
---Good Will Hunting

“I am not gonna tell you the story the way it happened,
I'm gonna tell you the way I remember it.”
---Great Expectations

She is not perfect. You are not perfect.
The question is whether or not you are perfect for each other.
---"Good Will Hunting"

I love you, do you love me? I love you and not in a friendly way,
although I think we're great friends. And not in a misplaced attraction
puppy dog way although I'm sure that's what you call it. I love you,
very simply, very truly. You're the epitome of everything I've ever
looked for in another human being and I know you think of me as just
a friend and crossing that line is the furthest thing from an option
you'd ever consider. But I had to say it, I just can't take this
anymore, I can't stand next to you without wanting to hold you, I
can't look into your eyes without feeling that longing you only read
about in trashy romance novels, I can't talk to you without wanting to
express my love for everything you are. And I know this will probably
like queer our friendship, but I had to say it cause I've never felt
this way before and I don't care, I like who I am because of it. And
if bringing this out tonight means that we can't hang out anymore
then that hurts me but God I couldn't allow another day without
getting it out there regardless of the outcome, which by the look on
your face, is to be the inevitable shoot down and you know I'll accept
that but I know, I know that some part of you is hesitating for a
moment and if there is a moment of hesitation then that means you
feel something too and all I ask is that you please not dismiss that
and try to dwell on it for just 10 seconds. There isn't another soul
on this whole planet who has made me half of the person I am when I'm
with you. And I'd risk this friendship for a chance to take it to the
next plateau because it's there between you and me you can't deny
that. Even if we never talk again after tonight please know that I am
forever changed because of who you're and what you've meant to me.
---"Chasing Amy"

It is a strong woman who can keep her wits about her when you are
trying to steal her heart. She is my match in every way. Please tell
me I haven't lost her.
---Prince Henry, "Ever After
I would rather have had one breath of his hair, one kiss from his
mouth, one touch of his hand, than eternity without it. One.
---"City of Angels"

Everything I've ever done, has been for you.
Anything that might be special in me...is you.
---"Great Expectations"
I love that you get cold when it's 71 degrees out. I love that it takes
you an hour and a half to order a sandwich. I love that you get a
little crinkle in your nose when your looking at me like I'm nuts. I
love that after I spend the day with you, I can still smell your
perfume on my clothes. And I love that you are the last person I want
to talk to before I go to sleep at night. And it's not because I'm
lonely, and it's not because it's New Year's Eve. I came here tonight
because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with
somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.
---Harry, "When Harry Met Sally"


Leonardo da Vinci: You cannot leave everything to Fate, boy. She's got a lot to do. Sometimes you must give her a hand.

Henry: Oh, and I want to invite the gypsies to the ball!
King Francis: Who are you... and what have you done with my son.

Leonardo da Vinci: I know that a life without love is no life at all.
Henry: And love without trust?

Danielle: You, sir, are supposed to be charming.
Henry: And we, princess, are supposed to live happily ever after.
Danielle: Says who?
Henry: You know, I don't know.
Grand Dame: My great-great-grandmother's portrait hung in the university up until the Revolution. By then, the truth of their romance had been reduced to a simple fairy tale. And, while Cinderella and her prince did live happily ever after, the point, gentlemen, is that they lived.

Henry: Do you really think there is only one perfect mate?
Leonardo da Vinci: As a matter of fact, I do.
Henry: Well then how can you be certain to find them? And if you do finally find them, are they really the one for you or do you only think they are? And what happens if the person you're supposed to be with never appears, or she does, but you're too distracted to notice?
Leonardo da Vinci: You learn to pay attention.
Henry: Then let's say God puts two people on Earth and they are lucky enough to find one another. But one of them gets hit by lightning. Well then what? Is that it? Or, perchance, you meet someone new and marry all over again. Is that the lady you're supposed to be with or was it the first? And if so, when the two of them were walking side by side were they both the one for you and you just happened to meet the first one first or was the second one supposed to be first? And is everything just chance or are some things meant to be?

Danielle: A bird may love a fish, signore, but where will they live?
Leonardo da Vinci: Then I shall have to make you wings.

Henry: I feel as if my skin is the only thing keeping me from going everywhere at once.

[after DaVinci opens a locked door by removing the pins from the hinges]
Louise: Why, that was pure genius!
Leonardo da Vinci: Yes, I shall go down in history as the man who opened a door!

[looking at the books in the Franciscan monastery]
Danielle: It makes me want to cry.
Henry: Pick one.
Danielle: I could no sooner choose a favorite star in the heavens.
Henry: What is it that touches you so?
Danielle: I suppose it is because when I was young my father would stay up late and read to me. He was addicted to the written word and I would fall asleep listening to the sound of his voice.
Henry: What sort of books?
Danielle: I would rather hear his voice again than any sound in the world.
[Henry smiles, looks around him as the smile fades, then heads down the stairs, away from Danielle, Danielle turns]
Danielle: Is something wrong?
Henry: [turns to face her] In all my years of study, not one tutor ever demonstrated the passion you have shown me in the last two days. You have more conviction in one memory than I have... in my entire being.
[laughs slightly, walks away, Danielle follows]
Danielle: Your Highness, if there is anything I have said or done -
Henry: Please... don't. It's not you

Danielle: If you suffer your people to be ill-educated, and their manners corrupted from infancy, and then punish them for those crimes to which their first education disposed them, what else is to be concluded, sire, but that you first make thieves and then punish them?

Henry: How do you do it?
Danielle: What?
Henry: Live each day with this kind of passion. Don't you find it exhausting?
Danielle: Only when I am around you. Why do you like to irritate me so?
Henry: Why do you rise to the occasion?

Henry: You swim alone, climb rocks, rescue servants, is there anything you don't do?
Danielle: FLY!

Danielle: You were born to privilege, and with that comes specific obligations.
Danielle: Forgive me, sire, it seems my mouth has run away again.
Henry: It is your mouth that has me hypnotized.

Danielle: [to Henry] Why did you have to be so wonderful?

Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed.
Maybe they need to run free until they find someone just as wild to run with.
- Sex and The City
I wanna make you smile whenever you're sad, carry you around when your arthritis is bad. I'll get your medicine when your tummy aches, build you a fire if the furnace breaks. I'll miss you, kiss you, give you my coat when you are cold. Need you, feed you, I'll even let you hold the remote control. So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink, put you to bed when you've had too much to drink. All I wanna do is grow old with you.- Wedding Singer

But that's just it, the butterflies never seem to accompany the right people.
All the nice guys who are right for you, they never make your stomach go flip flop...
In my experience, you don’t come across that many people with the ability to give you butterflies. You just don’t. And if you don’t tell them how you feel, well it’ll be like spending the rest of your life in your own personal prison. -Dawsons Creek

The smile in your eyes, made some of the lies worth believing

Or, uh... maybe that whole love thing is just a grown-up version of Santa Claus; just a myth we've been fed since childhood. So, we keep buying magazines, joining clubs, and doing therapy and watching movies with hit pop songs played over love montages all in a pathetic attempt to explain why our love Santa keeps getting caught in the chimney. -kate & leopold
It's not about what happened in the past, or what you think might happen in the future. It's about the ride. There is no point in going through all this crap, if you're not going to enjoy the ride. And you know what... when you least expect it something great might come along. Something better then you even planned for...
“That first kiss, it's the passionate one... the one filled by desire and attraction and all that but, the second kiss is rational- you got time to think about it, worry, and over analyze... most women pick the first kiss, but I'm partial to the 2nd one, cause it's about something more.”- Dawson's CreeK
You closed your eyes. That was the difference. Sometimes you cannot believe what you see, you have to believe what you feel. And if you are ever going to have other people trust you, you must feel that you can trust them too, even when you’re in the dark. Even when you’re falling. ~ Tuesdays With Morrie

"One glass holds love, the other, illusion. Chose carefully, my friend, for in love, there are no second chances."
from the movie "Down To You"

"Love is a leap ... I was never inspired to jump."
from the movie, "Kate and Leopold"

"Some things are not meant to last, they just take a place in your heart and make you smarter the next time ...."
from the movie "Alex and Emma"

"The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more; that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds .... That's what you've given me and that's what I hope to give to you forever."
from the movie,"The Notebook"

Shall we have a bite?

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A walk in a rose garden of life or a mere dance across the disco floor of inevitable carpe diem.

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