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Holy hell... I can't believe this thing is still around!

Check This Out!

Simply here to amuse myself amongst the ignorant.

Before you start griping, however, think twice - who exactly am I calling ignorant? It might be different from your initial assumption.



Well, now that I belong to a House, I -must- add more content in order to up my rating. I can no longer possess a placid attitude. That would only earn me low ratings. So, I am now a slave to all of you! Mwahaha!

The first question everybody asks is: Am I female or male? One can look at the context of my profile and make an assumption. Problem is, this is a tricky one. I have a mixture of female themes, as well as male themes. Perhaps I am simply both? A transvestite? Hardly! I am very much the fe/male! But it does not define who I am, what I am, or how I am. So, for now, I shall leave it up to all of you to determine the answer to your ever-increasing inquisition!

Rather than giving a description of myself, this profile shall be full of tidbits that I find interesting. No, it is not based on the facts of the world. It is simply the things that floats in my head. Be warned, though, of the fact that not everything that I think of is youth-friendly. So, you are basically taking a chance by reading my profile. I will not be held accountable for any brain explosions, shock, mumblings, anger, sadness, joy, trampling rhinoceros, seizures, heart-attacks, diabetic shocks, total disgusts, hate, dog bites, graying of the hair, or any other impossibilities that you may encounter as a result of reading my profile. In other words, you are on your own. :-)

Now that we have the "warning label" out of the way, shall we continue? No? Aw, too bad.... I have only just begun!

Now, first.... Let us discuss people who wake up in the morning, get dressed, eat breakfast, and then waits outside for the bus.

As in, the short, yellow bus:

You know the type, right? Yeah, I do not do them. And I do not mean that in a sexual nature. If you are one of them, you can be sure that I will nip it to the bud, so to speak, and make you cry. Well, maybe pull out your hair, but however you deal with distress, I will make you want to blow up that bus. And improve yourself. Well, no.... If people who ride the bus is lacking, I cannot have any kind of fun, now can I? So, keep multiplying and allow me to indulge myself! This section will be updated as often as I run across more yellowbusius sapiens. And they can be anyone I meet, outside of the internet, on messengers, on VR.. So, check back often!

22 January 2007

On the way back home from class, I sat directly across an older woman. She was thin, small and proper. She held her head up proudly, giving off the aura that she is better than the rest of the Metro patrons, without meaning to. I could tell she was somebody of importance, and that her standards were very high.

So, I am sitting there, and a couple of redneck Hispanics* comes onto the bus. The lady was quite large, and she actually wedged herself beside the older woman. As I watched, I saw a mixture of disdain, annoyance and pure disgust radiating from the older woman's face, and I found myself grinning in spite of it all. I, then, realized that the older woman had caught my smile, and I quickly looked away. Too quickly, it seemed. When I looked back, she was, again, making subtle expressions of revoltion, as if she had just smelled something so vile, so putrid, that it is all she could do to not gag.

I could not help it; I found myself smiling again. This time, however, I kept my eyes on the older woman, and she met my eyes, her head still held up high. The couple beside her were speaking in Spanish, so I could not lip-read. However, whatever they were saying was enough for me to see a slight shudder pass through the aristocratic older woman. It was then that the corner of her stern lips turned upwards ever so slightly, her crow's feet appearing in that split second, and then she turned away. I knew, then, that she considered me worthy, and that I had somehow earned her respect.

For the rest of the trip, I kept smiling inwardly, trying to play it off as if I were deep in thoughts. When my stop approached, and I stood to leave, the proud, dignified older lady turned to me and gave me the most brilliant smile I have seen in a long time. I returned the favor, a silent understanding between us sparkling and twirling. I nodded quietly, and stepped off the bus, and this time, I was in deep thoughts for real. I doubt I shall ever see this woman again, but it was that moment that will forever be ingrained into memory.

* I am in no way prejudiced; I do not judge by ethnicity, class, disabilities, what-have-you. But this was the best way I could think of to describe the couple. So, if you have a problem with my terminology, you can go fuck yourself.*

24 January 2007

Seems that my personality just fucking shines right the hell through, so much that I am a fucking open book. How cool is that?! I swear that there actually are people who seem to know more about me, and of me, than I know about, and of, myself! I will tell you this much - that has to be the most awesomely creepy thing ever. Point blank. With a fucking .38mm against my temple. Russian Roulette, anyone?

Moving on. Today I had to pull all kinds of tricks out of my dirty asshole just to be able to name all 34 students in my Public Speaking class. I don't know what the Professor was trying to prove, but whatever the hell it was, I learned nothing but how to madly decode each fucking faces just so that I could attach a name with it in less than 15 minutes. To make it even more delightful, he forced us to scramble ourselves, as if we were some kind of god damned puzzle pieces that just got disassembled and needs to be mixed up again. So, here I was, silently reciting all the fucking names, and hoping to hell that I would remember which owns what, who isn't whatever... You get the idea. By the end of the class, all I could do was fucking repeat their names in my head... Josh, Kenny, Liz, Angelina, Angelica, two Johns, Elliot, Shantal, Isabel, Jenn, Jennifer, Finn (definitely not Finnegan. I asked.), Kyle...... Even now, I am still repeating the stupid names, all because of this fucking Professor. Fortunately, I enjoy his humor, so he can live. For now.

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