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Bite labyrinthine

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if i die i die knowing that you dont care

::WARNING:: Our Government Has brought it to my attention that all heterosexual persons, MUST wear protection when browsing through homosexual profiles on the internet. The president has brought to case, these following diseases: Unattraction to females or "THE GAY" disease , "He's a pussy" Syndrome, The urge to wear a pink.... fuzzy.... boa, and last but not least "Faggot-Itus" Yes Ladies and Gentleman, "Faggot-Itus". So all you straight people out there, I urge you to wear gloves and eyewear when viewing my profile! Please keep yourself safe! Besides I dont need Bush up my ass anymore than he already is!!!! - - This has been a public service announcement, paid and funded by the government of The United States!!

i dont have a heart.its been smashed into peices so many times....could someone help me collect the pieces?

did you know?......smoking cigarettes is healthier than eating a hamburger?

Artist: Falling Up
Song Title: Falling In Love
Album: Crashings

You are my one true love
You are the voice that is so sweet
In everything I do, you bring the best out of me
You are my wings to fly
You are the wind beneath them
I miss you every night, when I close my eyes
You put your feelings down
You stopped your tears, you brought me love
You held onto my heart
You held with hope to have me near
Sometimes I close my eyes
Sometimes I let my hunger rise
I think of all you are, you are the love of my life

All of my dreams and my passions are in your hands

You reached me in my need
Your rhythm flows under my skin
I need you desperately
A sweet healing that will begin
You are my one true love
You are the voice that is so sweet
In everything I do, you bring the best out of me
My everything is you
The very motions that I move
And everything with richness
The richness of the peace you bring

Always, always you are with me
You are the love of my life
He comes to find you on your knees

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cuddling, green tea, corsets, music.
hair dye, fairy stuff, guys that wear make up, when boys kiss

I bite.
I will grab any part of my body in public
I hate the word cool, makes me want to slap someone right side up.
I want to change my name to Cleatus because it makes me giggle.
I can't sleep at night.
I like licking cheeks.

Thingz you must now bout mwah!
I wear LOTSSSS of glitter..i wanna throw glitter on everyone and make the world glamourous
I wear lots of make up..dont like it? dont care!
I'm a fag-hag...i love my gay boys they are a girls best friend (fuck dimomds)

looks arent a issue for me...everyone is gorgeous

Dresden Dolls is my all time favorite band, Amanda (vocals) is so pretty!

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ummm im me? im bi, i have 2 older sisters (25,20)that are little preppy bitches *nothing against preps* that get everything that their hearts desire.and im sitting there in the corner thinking why i was put in such a family.now my older sister is a crackhead and doesnt know how to take care of her kids and yet she has THREE of them! (5,3,1)and she just throws them at me like they r mine and IM SUPPOSED to take care of them! BLEH!..if i wanted kids id have em myself

i am wiccan. i have green eyes.i am 4'11" and damn proud. i wear what i feel like wearing.i try to be sweet to everyone and i strongly believe in biting back and comenting back.

i am wise beyond my years.i like to be who i am, i wont change for anyone, because i find that if you dont like me for who i am, than why try to make it work?

GLOW STIX♥ ♥HOLDING HANDS IS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!CANDY...RAINBOWS!!!!!...LolipopsMUH BRACLETS!! ;CANDY NECLACES!my friends.. the feeling you get when ur lovedRAVES!!guys and girlsnailpolishGLITTER CAMRAS

About Me Personality Quiz

Created by jeffq1985 and taken 41391 times on bzoink!

What is your name?Randilyn
How old are you?14
When is your Birthday?September 19 1990
What is your zodiac sign?Virgo
Where were you born?Lapeer
Where do you live now?Lapeer
What color eyes do you have?Green/Hazel, depends on my mood
What color hair do you have?brown
How tall are you?4'11"
How much do you weigh? (Be Honest Ladies)120
What is your race?Caucassion
What is your worst fear?idk
Do you smoke?yup
Do you drink?occasionally
Do you cuss?yup
Do you use drugs?twice
Have you ever or will you ever steal?when i was little
Are you dependable and/or trustworthy?yup
Do you play in a band or play an instrument?both
Do you have any tattoos and/or piercings?yup
If you had a favorite serial killer who would it be?me! i love cerial hehe
Do you suffer from depression disorder?yup
If you had a choice about how you wanted to die what would it be?idk
Have you ever tried to commit suicide?yup
Have you ever purposely caused harm to yourself or someone else?yup
What subculture do you belong too?idk
Are you evil?umm no
Do you believe that you can be possesed?yup
Are you a paranoid person?yup
Do you ever get jealous of somebody else?yup
Are you obsessive and/or compulsive?yup
Are you a violent person?no
Do you take your anger out on other people?sometimes
Do you blame other people for your mistakes?no, im proud of my mistakes
What is your favorite game?20 questions
What is your favorite movie?House of a Thousand Corpses
Who is your favorite band?Dresden Dolls
What is your favorite song?plastic rain
What kind of books and/or magazines do you read?i dont
What is your favorite color?purple
What is your favorite food?potatoes
What is your favorite drink?orange juice
Do you own a pari of converse?no, they hurt my feet
Do you own a pair of dickies?yup
Would you ever kill yourself or someone else?idk
Are you a virgin?no
Are you kinky?yup
Do you like biting?yup
Do you masturbate?yup
Do you watch pornography?maybe hehe
Have you ever dyed your hair an unusual color?no
Have you ever shaved your head in a socially unacceptable way?no
Are you hyper active person?yup
Are you religious?somewhat
Do you have any self inflicted scars?yup
Does pain turn you on?yup
Do you stand for originality and creativity?yup
Do you like meeting new people?yup
What do you like most about life?the people in it
What do you dislike most about life?feeling unloved
Do you believe in love at first fright?w00t yup
Have you ever pierced a body part yourself?yup
Have you ever had to beg for dinner money?no
Do you own a car?nno
Have you been to jail, yet?no
Are your clothes held together with safety pins?some of em
Do you have actual scars from punk rock shows?no
Have you ever vomit while making out?no
Have you held a job for less than a day?no
Do you own more than two pair of jeans?yup
Have you ever had to fuck stuff up for no good reason?lol yup :)
Have you ever been kicked out of your parents house?no
Have you ever been fired from your job because of your attitude?no
Does the world piss you off?yup

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