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In the shadows behind you....



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The leaves are singed by the sun's vibrant rays. A cold breeze seduces the bark of a tree, to make the branches shiver. One by one the leaves fall covering the tombstone of a fallen angel. For there she lies in a grave forgotten by the one she loves

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Ok so I have noticed alot of you skimming through here. Honestly I read yours and rate you fairly. I am not VAIN! I have put alot of myself into this profile. It seems I change it alot so you can find out about who I am. If you do not like the profile please do not rate. If you do rate leave a comment stating why you liked the profile or what could change about it. Leave constructive feedback people. This is apart of me I take seriously. I am sharing a piece of me with you. Do you even appreciate these things?

I worked damned hard on my profile. Its not about pretty frilly things there are scroll boxes with information in them about me. Things like what I am who I am. Read them sometime maybe you might learn about someone with out skimming through and downrating people! I am appreciative to those who have taken the time out to read about me. You guys rock! I am not sorry for the red letters maybe this will get your attention and maybe just maybe you will learn to take the time and read. Rating is not all about becoming a sire or making a high level. Honestly it is to find out about a person and maybe even connect with them relate to them in some way. Cancer made this site so that we can be a whole as people. A group that is seen and heard for as who we are. Not cos of pretty things or whatever. Please enjoy the rest of your stay.~NFA

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My name Amelia to most and known as Lyssa to some.I am 30 years old. I am a High Priestess to Strega witchcraft and white and celtic wicca. I am also a Clairvoyant and Clairaudient. I have many other gifts. I am not boasting or bragging. Just giving you a genre of me. I love dark places of all sorts I have three tattoos and nine piercings . I am not done with the tattoos I love ink ! I write alot of dark poems, and poems in general been writing since I was 5.I am one who is very private. I am known as the keeper of secrets.I am the type of person who can relate to many situations . I am always prepared for the important things in my life. I am the unofficial "therapist" in my group of friends.I like getting on the internet and surfing it up . I like to go out and drink and be a free spirit. Just having a good time. I am single NOT LOOKING! Especially on here..I have my reasons.. Enjoy the rest of my profile.~NFA

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*~BONNIE~* She is the funniest of all funnies, and the ZIMA QUEEN HANDS DOWN! A very good friend! The best apple butter maker I know! She has been like a mother to me at time's when I needed it most, and has been the best damn shoulder I could ever lean on. I could never ask for such a better person to talk to.

*~JENNYKINS~* All I have to say is this girl is one of my best friends. I wish she could live right next door to me, and chill everyday! She has been the most HILARIOUS person. She is like my sister, and I will forever have this girl's back. I am her STINKY! ♥

*~HENRY~* He is a freakin blue guy addict, and has rubbed off on me in a very bad way! He is also one I can depend on for a good laugh, and to just talk about life in general. I know he may not say much on here, but this man is very wise. Especially when it come's to advice on women. He has taught me to build bridges, not walls! LOL

*~RENEE~* Another of whom I first talked to on this site, and one of my main competitors to the top! This girl has got spunk, and has been one of whom you can talk to about anything. Late night calls, and all. Now she is a mommy to a beautiful baby girl, and we hardly get to speak. She has been through so much, but she has overcome it all, and I know that she is better for it!

*~JESS~* This girl has been one of my many little sidekicks. I know we don't talk as much, but let me tell you this girl has had my back, and become one of my favorite people on here. She is creative, and very smart. This girl has so much potential to become the next Hilary Clinton! I do believe she is marvelous! I can never be grateful for her helping me code stuff on VR to! She makes me look pretty in my pictures!

*~MIKE~* This dude is a very good friend, and has been there for me. One of the first to have me with CAJOME. He bought me a birthday cheesecake last year! He is one of those people you will never forget in your life.

*~CAJOME~* What is there to say about the sadistic, fiesty, BRAT! She is a fun time to surf the net with, and make fun of certian aspects of a person. She is someone whom I have been able to connect with, she is smart, funnier than hell, and makes one good SOYDA!

*~NIGHTGAME~*This person has touched me very deeply in a short amount of time. She is a true friend, and has the best advice on most things. Thank you for being there when I was in one of my most depressed times. Bless you my sister*hugs*

*~Radu~* Is my knight and shining stalker! Hehe..Kidding good person to talk to, and he is a true blue friend..One of the best guys on VR.

My beautiful Deity and one of my friends on VR . She is truely someone who uplifts me everyday. The positive influence and enforcer of justice. She is who I admire and strive to be like. A very good friend to make and keep. I wish you all but good things in your life. I am thankful for you.

This is lordvampirio very nice guy. Funny as all hell to.. Go give him a rate he is worth looking at!*drools*

Supernovasuicide is my EMO kid! She is one of the sweetest people on here one of my good friends on here. She is the NOVAKINS!!!

This is one of my smoking buddies. She is the funniest people I know she makes me laugh and cheers me up when I am down.SHE IS DA COOKIE QUEEN!!!Her song dedication is Paula Cole's I don't wanna wait.

She and I have the same music taste which is a very good thing.

This is my lil sis she is most wise for her age and very much intelligent and one I am very overprotective of her she is a very good hearted person so be good to her she is worth knowing.♥

My Gossa!! WoW this girl is the wildest of the bunch hehe.. My god I met her on neopets and she has become one of my favorites we have alot in common.. She is a spectacular artist she is very imaginative and very dedicated to what she believes in..One of whom believes the little pink fluffy bunnies are gonna fly out of the toilet and eat her which in this case I do not know her*walks out of the box* Kidding love ya to death babes thanks for making me laugh and spit up soda everywhere good job haha*throws a banana peel at you*♥

This is Dana. Met her off of neopets and decided to bring her along with me and Gossa.Dana and Gossa share a brain together its really amazing how well they work as one.. Somehow I can not even believe it these girls are really NUTS! Nevertheless Dana has stuck by me this past year with everything I have been through. All the late night calls and laughs and giggles and her being there when I cried.She means alot to me.. more than she knows.. She is also one who made these boxes and never asked for anything in return that says something about a person.She is truely genuine and a friend hands down.♥

damnyouscott the worlds tallest red head!! Kidding this kid is ridiculously busy all the time but when he does find the time to talk he is one random person. A very fun amusing person to talk with. My song dedication to you is the Mahna Mahna song!!

OK this is my masqueypooo!! She is very deep and very much someone who is good on getting advice from. One whom I love to send random messages to just to get the weirdest reaction. She is also my early morning 5x5x5 chatter we play for hours but its mostly us gabbing about everyday boring things.. Thanks for all the fun chats:)

♥ ♥This is Vitriol. She is one of my very closest friends.One of the furthest places I have gone to just to meet someone, and hang out with! I love her loads, and will never forget her! Stop by and give her a good rate.

~ vampwriter1369 ~ one of my good guy friends on here and IRL! He is a great singer *winks* and one of the most irritating people I know but he is a good friend when it comes right down to it he is very loyal and very much someone you do want to know. I respect him for he is honest of who he is and where he stands.

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This is where my shrine of people whom I absolutly adore! This box is for the people that hold extreme prestige and grace. Also ones of whom I desire! These people I look up to alot! People that I have seen make impacts on here, and in my own life! I love you all, and could never ask for better friends all of you on VR mean alot to me. Thanks for your time.

~♥This yummy, sadistic, sexy kitten is my Moonie. She has been a really good friend on VR. We have had our ups, and downs, and probably will continue to do both, but one thing is for sure. This girl has my friendship forever. I will always back her up for she has been one who has done so for me. I never really knew that I could have such a really close friend like her over the net without meeting someone. She is like a sister, and most of all she makes my ass twitch! She is creatively brillant in every aspect of her life. She see's the positive in things no matter what, and will come down on you like a fucken herd of elephants on crack. She does not take shit from anyone, and I would not blame her. She is Sista Sledge, and one Cheif Crazy Ho! I love you Lainykins, and glad to have you back in my realm. It's like you neva eva left. You is on top of dis here shrine, and you reign SUPREME!♥~

*~HEIDI~*She is such an unbiased, beautiful, and ever knowledgeable person. She has become a bright shining star, she holds compassion, and kindness.. Always seeking truth, and always finding good in others. She is a humanitarian, and sustains a light from the goddess above. She is someone I truly respect, and stand by no matter what.

*~FREDDIE~* She is such an amazing beautiful person. This woman has struggled so much, and survived many of horrors.
I relate to her the most on this site. She is like me, but stronger. I can only hope to acheive to be as strong as she is one day. The girl has beauty exuding inside, and out. Take the time to get to know her, she is worth it!

*~TINY~* This person is very special to me, and he has been my rock for the past 4 months! I never thought that he, and I would ever have such a bond. He is like family to me, and is very close to my heart! I am so glad I got to meet you when you came out to AZ. ♥

*~JACKIE~* This is my TWIN on VR! She is everything you are not, and then some. This little girl is smarter than the average bear! She has become one of my favorite writer's, and one who has shown that there is matturity no matter what age you are. She is wise, and very tactful! A very creative mind, and a very good mommy to her baby rat! I am glad I know you, and have you in my life!♥

*~MYSTIQUE~* This woman is the "GODDESS!" She is a very nurtuting soul, wise, and compassionate. One of the best people you could talk to in time of need, and she is the most comforting, and loving person I know. She is classy, and divine. A person who know's who she is, and can stand her ground in any situation. I respect her with all that is in me, and would hope you do the same. May the goddess be with you always.♥

*~VENTRUE~*Out of all the men, I have to say he is "THE MAN!" Not in an arrogant way, but in a very soulful way. He is what a man should be. A friend to all, and a protector to one's that can not stick up for themselves. Like his sister he is very much a leader, and has proven himself as LOYAL friend time, and time again. I hope that he is blessed beyond what one can.Thank you for all that you do.♥

*~BUTTERFLY~* My bestest friend ever! She is the sexiest person I know, and deserve's nothing, but the best! She has been a very good friend to me, and has been my confidant! I love, love, love you! I can not express all the appreciation, and grattitude for having you in my life. Thank you for always being one to be there for me, and check up on me. *hugs*♥

This is my THONG GOD! NonMortUsest69 IS THE SEX!!!He has the greatest sense of humor and I despise him when he calls me pookie!! He is the the most highly
respected male on VR that I hold in high regards to. He is someone to have in your circle of friends.Go rate him well or BEWARE ME HIS DARK ORACLE!!
the song that is dedicated to him is the Verve's Bittersweet Symphony.

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These next two writings are of the dark sort of me and these really emulate who I am inside!

I am the darkness behind, and beneath the shadows. I am the absence of air that awaits at the bottom of every breath. I am ending before life begins again. The decay that fertilizes the living. I am the bottomless pit, the neverending struggle to reclaim that of which is denied. I am the key that unlocks every door of discovery. For I am that of which is hidden, secluded, and forbidden!

I am the forgotten day of every individual’s braided life. My beauty is far more superior then any other dead thing inside the fragments of space. I provide the experience needed to grow into faith. I nourish all the hopes and dreams that have ever tasted success. But consequently once I am over nothing is special about me. Nothing I do anymore is classified significant. A new dawn has replaced me and is now blessing each tainted human soul. In silence and suffering I must watch each beginning rise just to be shot down until it’s mutilated enough to understand. Nothing I have done is special anymore. Nothing is beautiful about me anymore. I have become burned out. I have become of wand and moon. I am glooms unblessed darkness which shade feasts greedily off. Slowly I have become the one who is putting out the spirited flame of each new day so it can feel what happened to me.

These next two writings are about me and I wrote them awhile ago but thought they would go great here with my nickname nobodysfallenangel EnJoY!

Fallen angel with broken wings.
Of pain and sorrow she often sings.
The grace of love no longer heard.
The siren's burdened lonely word.

She sings her songs of broken dreams.
A shattered spirit that's left unseen.
Her halo's tarnished and all is gone.
When the heart that's broken feels her song.
Praying for forgiveness wishing for a soul.
A last chance for the love within to heal and make her whole.
The past still haunts her wounds inside.

The chains that keep her heart subside
The truth is far from in her grasp
The more she digs into her past.
Trying hard to just forget.
The pain of uncontrolled regret.

An angel fell for me one day He brought his light and showed the way. Not knowing why or what to do. My life has changed, my heart did too. My fallen angel fell for me. And I fell too, in love to be. His beauty's more than words could say. I can't resist him to this day. With open arms and open eyes. He gives me hope with no more lies. His light is cast,a loving hand. To feel is now to understand. As time moves on and all is clear. I've come to realize why he is here. To guide my heart and clear my soul. My fallen angel makes me whole. In him I cannot heed my trust I'm in love, and yes in lust. To hold him close and feel his light. Makes the love we make so right. An angel fell for me one day. He brought his light and showed the way. Now I know my love is true. My fallen angel........ is you .

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In darkness you paint us, but we will not hide.

We’re the light of the country in which you abide, we’re fearless and strong, the protectors of life hidden in shadows, we conquer all strife.

We come from the Old Ones, our lineage secure.
We rise from the ashes, we always endure.
It’s time you remembered that we were here first.
We healed your sick, yet suffered your worst.

From time immemorial we’ve woven our lore cunning folk, healers, benandanti- there’s more. We’re black and we’re white, we’re brown and we’re yellow. We’re woman and children, and mighty fine fellows.
We’re hidden children, the angels of light, out task is to teach and to help set things right.
We conjure and cast, and whisper and pray so you can enjoy your freedom each day.

We’ve long been your army, protecting your back when you are in trouble, in secret we act. The Mother is watching-She hasn’t missed much.
She’s gathered Her magick and given the touch to Witches and Pagans and Druids and Such! The times are a’ changing and one thing is clear the Lord and the Lady have not reappeared. Two pillars, three points, four quarters extend, five is the number of magickal blend. By moon and by sun, by earth and by stars realize this day that the power is ours!

Pagan Pride-
Live it, breathe it, embrace it, BE IT!

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I am 33% Emo.
Semi-Emo ...mummble.
Hmm.. I should stop listening to Dashboard Confessional.... enough said... Now that I stopped looking at my shoes, I know how the real world looks.

I am 65% Goth.
Oh My Goth!
Oh My Goth! You Goth, Girl. There is a good chance I am bi. Freakiness pumps through my viens, but I can still laugh at myself.

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My Likes


My Dislikes





Things I like :


Dancing naked around a fire in the woods




The moon and stars

Writing anything thats in my head

I listen to mostly newage music and music of any kind just not all rap and country is just not my style!


Being on VR and getting to know people cos you guys are cool like that.

Ceremonial rituals with my coven.



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My dislikes are people who are fake, people who lie, who backstab, 
pretty much anything to do with drama! I do not like but it always seems to find its way to me lol. If you bring me drama you will be cut out of my circle. I will not tolerate it! I am not EMO and my biggest pet peeves are LABELS cos there are none in my world. I do not judge and hate the fact that people assume things about people without even getting to know them. I have morals and values and also standards that I follow.



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*~Disclaimer ~*


PLEASE NOTE: I have my music player on at all times and when you refresh you can hear all my lovely music its all laid back calm music ENJOY!
I have poems on this page that I have written and a blurb of the DARK kind! Please read them and if you care to message me your opinions that would be appreciated. I have worked ever so hard to bring a side of me to you all that you may so enjoy to learn about. There is always more changing on this profile. I have alot of good friends that I have made on here one of them being BelleHaine she made this for me out of the kindness of her heart. I love her she is very talented and a very good friend to keep. Also please do not message me saying I am hot or that you can not bite me I am well aware of that cos I turned off the biting. I thank you all for taking the time to come and give us a well thorough reading and a rate. If you would like to add me to your friends list please let me know so that I can add you as well. Same thing goes for stalking we love stalkers. The more the merrier. Thanks again for your time.~NFA


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