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Life is tough. but i am 10 times more...
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Rota, Spain



Bite pain

Stalk pain



It's great to be young and insane

Who I'm?

I'm a latin guy who lives in the darkness of the pain and hate. I'm a tall dark crow who can't spread his wings... I'm a death human who is still around here.

And this is the way I look:

I am a tall guy. about 6 feet 2'. weights about 150. got 2 tattoos. and one piercing.

from out there you can go and look at my Porfolio :)

This is the way I think:

I am controversial, philosophical, dead ....

I got a temper. simple as that. i am goofy and enjoy a good joke. but mess whit me or my loved one and i would have ur heart as dinner :)

I do not have a master who orders me or a God who says to me what is good and what is not.

I can be your friend if you wish, just messege me. i am always looking to make new friends :)

but mess whit me, and you will learn to fear me, I am Call Pain for a good reason, learn this one, i am not here to please no one...

there said "fight for me.... i will not do it"

Seduction of Fire
the fire dance at the sound of silence, at the speed of the thunder, it dance slowly licking the skin of your body, not leaving a mark, only the heat that you will remember, that will hurt, but that will make you beg for more.
it dance because of our passion, to the slow move of your body against mine, to the warm touch of your lips wispering at my soul.
The seduction of fire take over me, and my body dont move any more at the speed of the song, it move at the speed of lust leting run trow your body, trow your soul... leting me touch, that place that will make you shake whit desire.... your soul...

i am a writer. i enjoy literature and art in every single way. painting, writeing. photography. drawing. movies. everything. but my heart it set on becoming

a journalist and a photographer. i am working my way to there. even thou i am a US Navy Master at Arms. ( military police ) in an Movil Anti-Terrorist unit :) so i get to travel.

For thous who whant to know me more, please read:


I love the darkness in the one I am living, the dark world that is around me.

I like my poetry, were i can express the bizzare of my mind, i like to talk and know intelligent people from the ones I can learn. I am hungry for learning, from every thing, from every one!!!!

I like my music, every thing, from Dark Metal, Rock, Punk to Ska, and others.

and just in case you wonder. i am Mexican. and proud of who i am and were i am from.

( So If some one has a problem whit my skin color, then they better start running away from me... and never fucking stop)

I can't live whitout my friends. The are a few but so far are my strength and soul.

These is what I am, what I live with:

Night~ walking in night help me to think clear

Freedom~ what I fight for...

Music~ the way I relax and sleep

Poetry~ how I express myself

Books~ my other reality

Bondage~ come one. who do not enjoy BDSM now a days? ;)

Moon ~ my only lover

Stars~ my advisor's

Darkness~ where I live, how I live...

Dreams~ what disconnects me from reality

Running~ what I do to feel free

Storms ~ so much beauty in Chao

Rebellion~ what gives freedom to my soul

Anarchy ~ my only true

Bite and been biten~ come on... who dont like that???

Fights~ what i do for those I care

Blood~ the life in its self... tasty!!!

Love~ something i think i found :)

Dark Punk~ what I am...


I hate lies, I have been lied to to much, to many people have played with my heart, so dont dare to lie to me, i will spit on your face

I hate people who are fake, who only say that they are your friends because they want something from you.

ok. i practice Vampyrism. i feed of blood. energy. and sex.
and i been practising this for quite a few years. now. pls take ur opinions and comments elsewhere. just cuz u feel out of place. or wanna feel better then the rest. does not mean u are kin. so take ur "the sun make me weak/ i tasted blood and i liked it, there for i must be a vampyre" to some one else. i will just laught on your face :)

Pain ~ What I always feel...

Sorrow~ What is inside me...

Lonliness~ The way I always am

Lie~ What's most hurting me...

Traitors~ The ones I trues ones ( fuckers )

Wars~ What kills innocent people

Goverment~ They dont want me to speak out

Guns~ murder instrument

Oprecion~ What they try to do to us

Sadness~ My death...

Icnorance~ What I fight against

Hypocrites~ What I hate most

Masks~ What every person uses every day

Depression~ The refeccion of what human make

T.V.~ To stupid

Status~ What keeps me away form people

Love~ What blind your eyes...

Now you have a pretty good idea of who Pain is, how he feels, how he acts, how he lives, but dont be rude to him, dont play mind games, he is already tired of that...

lets make a test before you go... a lot of people comment "great pro" "love it" and shit like that, but when i get to talk to them, they ask all my basic info that is here again... so if you have read my profile, comment, or stamp adding 3 stars ***, please, if not, i will rate you a 1 or not rate you at all, i am been mean, yea, nesesary, for sure :)

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Enjoy the darkness..
Feb 20, 2024

As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…


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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

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