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i forget


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"Remember, my child: Without innocence the cross is only iron, hope is only an illusion, and Ocean's Soul is nothing but a name."--Nightwish, "Bless The Child"

For those of you who're keeping track of my profile changes (such as my awesome Coven Master), I am now a Ghoul! Or, as I prefer to think of it, a "Resurrection Man" (woman, in my case)... Afterall, what're the bodies going to do with the jewelry their relatives bury with them? Hmm? What's that? Yes, nothing!... (eyes twitch) Hmmm... Is that a diamond on that ring? (grabs shovel) Jackpot!...Oh! Hello Profile-Viewer!

Ahem... Did you know that when you mix a rooster-shifter and a dragon-spirit, you get a pouletdragoon? At least that's what I THINK they're called. Better than a cock-lizard or something I guess... Anywho, wolves and vampies, beware my talons and flaming breath! Grr! Look at the bloodthirsty beast below this paragraph and feel the fear. Argh!

Lemme see... How about a description first?

Eyes: Blue-gray (though sometimes green, depending on the mood of the Universe)

Hair: This season it's a FABULOUS blonde-streaked brunette. Charming, ain't it? Winter shall be red, even though that's swim season and the chlorine'll just sap the color out. (About as strange a choice of hair color I guess, but at least not stupid like whoever decided people have to SWIM in WINTER.)

Race: Italian, Irish, Scottish, British, German, Polish, and whoever else my ancestors decided to screw. I guess Caucasian would sum it up, or for the assholes who give out PSSA's, SAT's, and ACT's, "white". Although technically, everyone is a shade of brown... Unless you're albino... And now I'm rambling.

Gender: I'm a proud female. Or poulet-hen or dragoon-layer, if you want specifics.

Height: 5'5 (on the dot!)

Weight: (will be mentioned when I'm back in a sport) Let's just say I'm not slim, or fat, just in-between.

Grade and Occupation: I'm going to be a Senior next year in high school and will hopefully survive. Incidences that have already happened and could endanger my health: ceiling falling (cracked one dude's forehead), tacks in the cafeteria salad (it happened in junior high, but still, same district), and let's not forget the drunk dude that posed for a teacher my sophomore year (now all the teachers wear identification badges to work). And...my job? A highly efficient cashier at Walgreens!

Hobies: Reading, swimming, cramming for tests and exams (not really a hobby, but done often enough), anything that involves animals (walking dogs, playing with cats, arguing with birds), researching random topics especially controversies (abortion, marijuana/hemp legalization, the homeless, creation/evolution), music, writing, hiking

Religion: Protestant. However, I hate that word "religion". Anyone completely devout to their faith (and no, you don't have to be an uptight jerk who condemns everyone else's beliefs) such as Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judiasm, and even Wiccan, I think you have a "relationship" with your deity (or dieties). However, I think Scientology is a "joke". (Funny how I turn everything into a rant, huh?)

If you're wondering why my description is no longer in paragraph form: I am very bored at 5 a.m. in the morning.


Now, be amazed! Through days and nights of nonstop battles, of sword-clashing and blood-spilling and cries of agony, I've worked my way into one of the proudest Covens of this site: The Coven of Fallen Gladiators. Only the strongest, the smartest, the wisest (yes, there is a difference between intelligence and wisdom), the bravest should to try and earn their places in this Coven. Or you could simply have a good sense of humor, like moi. Huzzah!

Now, am I amazing or what? (points downward)


Now what to add to a profile many people don't read until they look at the Pan's Corner and USRSF? Hmmm... Favorites?

Favorite music: Jimmy Buffett, Janis Joplin, Nightwish, Three Days Grace, Shakira, Nickleback, Metallica, Red, Weird Al, Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, and a bunch of other junk. (Will listen to anything...except RAP! Excluding LP, I guess)

Favorite books: Pendragon, Riley Jenson series, Moby Dick (LOVE AHAB!), The Jungle, Walden and Civil Disobedience, Keys to the Kingdom series, A Salty Piece of Land (written by Buffett!), The Moreau Factor, Harry Potter, Can't Get There From Here, Saint Peter's Wolf, and Animorphs (down with the show and its shoddy work). Whew, what a list, huh? I love all works written by T.A. Barron, Amelia Arwater-Rhodes, Holly Black, and Alice Borchardt (writes SO MUCH better than her sister, Anne Rice)

Favorite animes/mangas: Death Note, Blood+, Ginga Nagareboshi Gin/Densetsu Weed, Read or Die, Hellsing, Wolf Rain, Parasyte, Full Metal Alchemist, and Elfen Lied.

Whoo... Fingers starting to sting...


Anyone who lives in the great, wonderful city of my adoration and dreams simply called "New Orleans" is a friend! (I'm stuck up here in the friggin North!)

I have a large obsession with mythology, especially stories concerning Artemis, Demeter, and the other deities in Greek mythology. I'm hoping to start a series of shifter novels with some of these guys loosely thrown in there, but only time will tell if my lazy butt actually gets up and does that. Hehheh.

(Psst! There's a lot of awesome comics like this one in Pan's Corner by Nikita "Thayle" Malha on webcomics.com.)

If anyone else has an appetite for Greek, Roman, Norse, or Egyptian mythology, you rule too! Pan, Artemis, and Thor shall regain the world for Pagan lovers (which might mean I'm screwed since I'm Protestant).

As you can see, I may no longer be a Mosquito anymore (weep, weep), but I still have the loyalty of my horde. Mess with me, and you'll have to face the wrath of the Squito minions I declare my own! BUZZZ!

I'd like to thank Dragonrouge for the following two pictures and poem:

The Wake Of The Angel

[Troisieme Repons]

I am the eyes of the Basilisk.

As you enter the forest of my sleep,
Drawing aside the bushes of glimmering light,
You will remember the prayer of Orion.

Drifted in me, you are alone.

The hour approaches and the Moon, dim as clay,
Pours a sea of tears into our swollen eyes.
Kill the dying in my soul, my love,
For Death once dead bears no more dying then,
And you'll be dead to strike the dead.

I have written your name so often
On the chiselled vault.
But my writing hands are the roots of my misery.

Now everything stands still in the wake of the Angel...

(by Elend)

One last thing: For all the people out there with "fuck off, you stupid Christians" in their profiles: Same here to you guys. I'm sick of seeing that in people's profiles, especially since half the assholes with this can't spell more than one syllable words and have cliche names such as "satan666" or "reaperboy" or whatever. It's rude and discriminating, and I take it personally. I love vampires/werewolves/mythology/religious study just as much as anyone else on this site, so shove off.

If you continue to put such cruel remarks on your profiles, not only will you have to deal with the Squitos, you'll be messing with the USRSF.

They won't know or care if you're really part of the Taliban's troops, so long as you hate Jesus and I draw a turban on your picture.

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