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"Welcome to Clash of Covens. Feel free to browse the game rules and other information on the navigational menu to your left."

"For those of you who have me in your Coven, under one profile or another, you know I enjoy creating new and different games. Clash of Covens began as a thought about two members in a Coven, fighting it out. Not unlike the game for phones, called Clash of Clans.

A flash of inspiration came over me, and I decided to attempt to build a game that would allow Covens to battle against one another. And thus, Clash of Covens was born.

This game is simple. Each Coven puts forth an army, built from different sets of thematic forces. These can be supernatural or fantasy-based in nature. The Coven Master takes on the role of Commander."

"As the moderator for these games, I will not directly participate in a battle, when my Covens are involved. Instead I have formulated a special game mode, that allows me to use my own army to battle TWO covens at a time."

"There are currently five possible game modes that will be utilized. Each has it's own objectives and rules."

"In war, both Covens may utilize attack or defense actions."

"In siege, one Coven will only be allowed to use attack actions, while the other will only be allowed to use defense actions."

"In this mode, both Covens are in a race to see who can defeat the Warlord. Only one can be the winner. Covens can use either attack or defense actions."

"Last Stand"
"In this mode, both Covens are defending against an endless army, led by the Warlord. The Covens can only use defense actions. Who will be the last man standing?"

"In this mode, many Covens are placed in a bracket. This is a single-elimination event. If you lose a battle, you are out of the Tournament. Game Modes that will be used in this are War and Siege only. Though you can never tell when the Warlord might take a hand in matters..."

"There are several conditions for winning, depending on the Mode."

"In War, there are two ways to win.
1) Destroy all enemy units and structures, leaving the Commander as the only one left.
2) If you defeat the Commander, it is instant victory, regardless of how many units or structures the enemy has."

"In Siege, the victory conditions vary, depending on whether you are the attacker or the defender.
Attacker) The attacker must breach the defenses.
Defender) The defender must not allow a breach."
(Note: I am still working on the rules for this one.)

"In Onslaught, a custom Warlord, created and controlled by myself, is under attack by two Covens. To win, one Coven must defeat the Warlord Commander."

"Covens are free to ally, or betray, as they will. Only the one responsible for the Warlord's death, will be declared the winner."

"If both Covens are defeated, the Warlord wins."

"Last Stand"
"In Last Stand, two Covens take on defense positions. An endless wave is coming to attack them both. If one Coven is defeated, whether by death of their Commander, or loss of all their units, then the other Coven is declared the winner."

"Will you band together to survive and defeat the Warlord? Or will you stab the other Coven in the back and steal victory for yourself?"

"The flow of battle can vary, depending on the options chosen."

"In the case of turn-based, it goes like this:
~Turn 1~
(First Coven)
Draw: Draws one item(troop, structure, or trap) from their army pool. What they receive is random from what is available.
Setup: Can place a single unit, structure, or trap from what is available to them.
Battle: Each unit on the battlefield can utilize it's action, at the discretion of the Commander. This can be to attack enemy units, or to perform special abilities.
(The second Coven gets the same options after the first, and can react accordingly.)"

"In the case of surprise!, it goes like this:
~Turn 1~
(Both Covens)
Draw: The Covens draws one item from their pool.
Setup: They can each place one item onto the battlefield.
Battle: The Covens declare the actions of their units and structures."

"These rules are be chosen by the Covens before a battle begins. This is to give some variety in how things play out."

Turn-Based Battles: With this, one Coven relays their actions to me. I display them up on the battle page and the results. Then the other Coven relays their actions to me. After this, the turn ends. (This way can be easier for some.)

Surprise!: With this, both Covens send their actions, and I post them up simultaneously. This makes the battle more difficult, as you have to anticipate the actions of the enemy. Should you attack, or defend?

"We all know how it is fun to bet things on an outcome. And so there are some possibilities for this in Clash of Covens."

Favor: Both Covens put up an amount specified before the battle commences. The winning Coven is given ALL of the Favor put in. In the event of a tournament, an entry fee can be put up, with the top Covens receiving a portion. (When I have my Coven, I can act as a bank, to ensure both Covens put up the necessary Favor.)

Prisoner Exchange: In this, if there are blinded prisoners in a Coven, they can be wagered as slaves.

"This section is to cover the behavior of a Coven and it's members, while participating in this game. First and foremost, this is a GAME. And will be treated as such."

"Any signs of harassment by one Coven towards another, and I will slap a ban on the offending Coven, preventing them from participating in future battles, whether temporarily or permanently."

"This will ultimately have images and information regarding battle maps. The standard two-Coven battlefields are going to be grids of 5x6, with 15 squares for each Coven to utilize."

"The Warlord modes will utilize battlefields that are 11x6 in size, with the center 5x6 devoted to the two Covens, and a 3x6 area on each side, for the Warlord's forces."

"Terrain can greatly affect the course of a battle. Some of the basic maps will have simple Grass terrain, meaning there are no special effects involved."

"Some of the Forces will have the ability to "alter" terrain, whether on their side or the enemy Coven. This can affect how units function, or even destroy them outright."

Grass: No special effects.

"While a few of the basic maps will not have these, there are some which will have permanent hazards. These can negatively affect either side during a battle."

Quicksand: A ground unit that is placed here will sink and be destroyed.
Volcano: 1) Smoke fills the air, harming flying units. 2) If the volcano erupts, structures on the map will be damaged.
Fault: If a structure is placed on this, there is a chance an earthquake will destroy it.

"Before a battle, Commanders will build an army, with the aid of their Coven Members. First, a Force must be selected. Each Force is built around a theme. An army can be built from a single Force, however you can utilize any of the options available to that Force."

"The starting Forces will be Humans, Vampires, and Shifters. In the future, I will attempt to add more, to provide much more variety and flexibility in building your army."

"When a Coven Master registers their Coven to participate, they will be turned into a Commander. This Commander will reflect who they are. If you are a Succubus, for example, your Commander alternate will be a Succubus, with appropriate abilities."

"The Commander is VERY important during a battle. It is entirely up to you where you place your Commander during the battle. You can put him on the rear lines, in order to keep him safe. Or you can place him on the front lines. The choice is up to you. However, you need to keep in mind, that if the Commander dies, you lose."

"Below, I will list all of the Commander units, and their Coven."

"The Warlord is me, to be utilized in the Onslaught, Last Stand, and Tournament game modes. While I will always control the Warlord, the nature of the Warlord will change. Like any other Commander unit, as listed in the section above, here I will list all of the different Warlords, you may encounter."

"Humans can be relatively weak, but are highly adaptable. This allows them to be effective in more situations at any given time."

"Humans do not get to use magic, like other Forces have access to. Instead, they are more advanced technology to make up for this lack."

"Human troops are alive, and therefore can be affected by toxins or blood magic."

"I will list the human soldiers here, when they are available."

"I will list the human structures here, when they are available."

"I will list the human traps here, when they are available."

"Vampires. The terror of the night. Long have they frightened, and excited, humanity. The vampires rely on things such as stealth in order to win their fights."

"Vampires do not rely on technology. Instead they have access to a form of magic that relies on blood. This can be highly effective against living opponents, however it is practically useless against other things."

"Vampires are undead, therefore they are not affected by toxins. Blood magic can harm them, however. Fire is especially deadly to them."

"I will list the vampire troops here, when they are available."

"I will list the vampire structures here, when they are available."

"I will list the vampire traps here, when they are available."

"Shifters, the power to augment yourself with the traits of an animal. This force unleashes the call of the wild when it steps into battle."

"Shifter units can have two forms. Normal, and Shifted. While shifted, they can only use Attack actions, being unable to defend themselves."

"Shifters use shamanic magic in battle. They are alive, as humans, and so they are affected by toxins and blood magic."

"I will list the shifter troops here, when they are available."

"I will list the shifter structures here, when they are available."

"I will list the shifter traps here, when they are available."

"Any Coven on Vampire Rave is eligible to register. By doing so, you are agreeing to abide by the rules, as I set them."

"If you are a Coven Master, you may contact me to request your name be added to the list. If you are not, but interested in your Coven being allowed to participate, simply contact your CM and have them look this page over."

"When a Coven Master registers, I will work with them to create a Commander unit to represent them. Only they will be able to use that unit in battle, no matter what Force they choose."

"No Covens have registered with me, as of yet."

"No battles have taken place, so there are no winners."

"When I add updates to the game, such as new units or forces, I will post them here."

All pages by xLadyKalyndrax
Page last updated: Jan 01 2014



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