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This goes without saying. This answers many questions about the site, especially quite a few regarding the Society System itself. It also outlines many things about the Dark Network Terms of service and the Status system, so make sure you read this.

2. Tell a bit about yourself on your profile.

You don't have to write your life story, just give us a few basic facts. On this kind of site because of some issues that have happened in the past it's wise NOT to go too far into detail about your location or how to be reached- you don't know for sure who is on the other end. People have been stalked, threatened and forced to leave the site because of others who aren't what they appeared to be. It doesn't matter what you tell about yourself, however there are members of this site that will rate low if you have nothing or just a few words and a lot of societies look for a overall rating score of at least 9 to be inducted.

3. There's going to be a society that's going to want you.

Only Sires on this site can go without being forcefully inducted into a House or Coven though not every society does this. Forced induction is as much a part of VR as the society system is, so be prepared as you browse through the site. Why not the Sires? They earned their right to stand alone or form their own Coven by climbing up through the Status System.

Now here are some tips on levelling up.

1. Do NOT stop rating.

There are 25,000+ profiles on The Dark Network and 3 Databases between VR, Power Punks and Sci-Fi Section. All of which can be rated, however you cannot view a suspended profile. Ratings do not need to just be 10, that's why the rating scale is 1-10.


Pages Viewed are half of your base level score on the Dark Network sites, for everything you click on ANY Dark Network site will equal a page viewed on any of the sites.. and YES you can be logged into all of them simultaneously. Your username and password are not just for Vampire Rave, after all.

3. Bring a friend!

On VR there is an option to send a link to your friends who have not signed up yet for them to join in on the fun you already know about. For every person you bring in that uses the link to sign up, you gain a status modifier- higher for those who become Premium Members.

4. Be likeable here.

There are bonuses to be gained, however there are also penalties. To have a low friends list incurs a penalty, and to have a high blocked list penalizes you as well. My advice is to hit the main forum and open a thread asking people to add to your friends list. Every add helps, but be sure to do so in return- help those who help you.

5. Post in the main forums, even if you don't talk about Gothic topics or vampires.

There are multiple portions of the main Dark Network forums, one labelled The Sandbox. It doesn't matter what you post, but being active in the forums also brings a bonus.

6. Mingling with your coven brings a bonus as well.

If you are active in your coven you are eligible for a 1% Society bonus. The bonus lasts for 48 hours when applied.

Here's some more about the bonuses and penalties:

Friends lists you are on: This starts out as a penalty. Over 50 people befriending you will remove the penalty- everything after that calculates as a bonus the more they add up. You can have as much as a 5% bonus.

Blocked List: This is a pure penalty. More than 4 people that blocked you will hurt you. It can be as much as a -10% penalty.

Over-block: Another pure penalty. Block more than 4 people and you will see a -10% penalty for that as well.

Things rated: Many of is by the old status system will know that this used to be part of our status score- now it's a bonus to be enjoyed. It can go as high as 5% added to your status. Profiles and database entries both count as 'things rated'.

Forum posts: You are rewarded with up to a 5% bonus for posting in the forum- there is no penalty to go with this one.

Society bonus: This bonus is earned by being in a house or coven and being active in the forum- a 1% bonus but it adds up. It is immediately deducted when you leave your society so if leaving as a Sire is the plan make sure your level is what you're aiming for.

Mentor bonus: If below the level of 80 you receive a 1% bonus for being a member of a Mentorship. After the level of 80 you are automatically removed from the mentorship you are in because you are of the level that you can start your own.

Also, don’t forget that if you need help at all or if something isn’t working right you are encouraged to use the Request Help function. Acolytes and administrators alike answer and can help with your question or help fix certain issues you might be having.

All pages by xXBlackenedxWingsXx
Page last updated: Oct 01 2018



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