Hell (Coven)

Hell (Coven)

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Members:  1,525
Standing:  29 of 34

Ratings Score:  3.111
Status Score:  1.545
Favor Score:  0
Total Score:  4.656

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Average Member Rating:  9.427
Average Member Level:  46.811

Our Motto:
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate.Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Translation: Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

This is a special place. Few of you will ever escape. Your time here serves a purpose; you are examples of the worst this site has to offer. If you are dragged in here by my staff or are sent here, then it means you deserve to rot here.

There seems to be some misconceptions and complaints about Hell. Read CAREFULLY the About Hell page to clear up any misunderstandings BEFORE you send myself or my ACMs a message, otherwise, your messages can and will be ignored.

The only way out is to make sire or give in to VR suicide and self delete.

We do not trade out. Period. We do not care about favor. You can offer all the favor your coven has and it still wouldn't be enough to get a person out.

Your screams and complaints will be ignored, in fact they are welcome and encouraged. Some of you I will be seeing real soon.

The more you scream, the more I like it. You can whine and try to threaten and you will still be ignored. I don't care. The more you scream, beg, cry and whine, the more I like it. The more amused I am. Your screams are pleasure to my ears.


Rules: See About Hell Page for full list of Rules

1. You are not required to put the coven crest on your profile. Do so ONLY if you want.

2. You are not required to post to forums. You do so only if you wish to.

3. Only thing you can do to leave this coven is Sire out. There are NO trades out. No matter how much favor is offered. If I broke these rules for one, then I would have to break these rules for everyone and the coven would be empty. So don't ask. It will be ignored.

4. Heckling is allowed within reason. If you sling insults back and forth to each other, be aware there is no such thing as bullying in these walls. Keep it within TOS. No racial slurs, LGBT slurs, religious slurs, sexual harassment, or threats is allowed at any time.

5. Keep it within forums and coven walls. Do NOT post coven business in your journals. Do not take your problems with the members of hell to your journals. Take it to the Coven master or ACMs first and if they cannot help, then take it to an administrator. Try to resolve problems yourself first, then with the Coven Master. Follow the Chain of Command.

6. Admins do monitor the Covens. So keep everything within TOS, because if you step out of the line and an administrator steps in, Hell will NOT step in and defend you. You will be entirely on your own. We will not negotiate on this matter for any member.

7. You are the only one who can decide if you can make Hell fun or (excuse the pun) a living Hell. It is entirely up to you, and you alone.

8. There are members who who are upstanding members of VR on their main profiles. They volunteered to be here and as such, are staff to Hell. They did not come here as a prisoner. Those profiles are allowed to leave if and when they wish, but all of them have stuck to the no-trade rules themselves. If you wish to be staff, then you'd better make sure before you ask that you do not have any violations of TOS or drama attached to your name.

Hell's theme is based upon Dante Alighieri's book, Dante's Inferno and his perception of Hell.

Special thanks to ImmortalxKiss for Hell’s crest.

For those who wish to really see what the representation is, I give you Dante’s Harpies.

Real Vampires love Vampire Rave

~~Page written by Saetan~~

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