The Coven of Temples of The Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs

The Coven of Temples of The Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs

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Welcome to The Coven of Temples of The Ancient
Egyptian Pharaohs:

Here in this coven everyone will be treated with respect and as family. The same respect will be given to All members of Vampire Rave. And as I may have changed the Coven's name, but we are still the same as before.

I am the Proud Founder and Coven Master Of The Coven of Temples of The Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. I have worked hard on this coven and I spend a lot of time to ensure the information provided in the coven remains current and factual. I do my best to keep my coven information updated as much as possible. Also I will listen and do my best to listen to all feedback from my coven family and members of VR to make my coven more better and more fun here.

As the Coven Master I will communicate with all of my Administration team to make sure everything is going well in the coven. And if I cannot be online for a period of time, my Administration will be in charge. There will always be contact between Me and My Coven Administration as much as possible.

Everyone might be wondering why I did a coven name change. Well the reason is I wanted a more traditional Ancient Egyptian name.

As the Founder of this coven, I am proud to say that this coven was started and Founded on April 12, 2011. That was the beginning of The Coven of Souls of Ancient Egypt which was the original coven name. I chose that name because I felt that you might be able to kill us physically, but you will never kill our souls. Our souls are eternal! Our souls are bound together for life. We are family in this coven. I also chose the name for my love of Ancient Egyptian History. I love to study any and all information about it.

However, on November 22, 2012, I did a name change to The Coven of Temples of The Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. I may have changed the name, but the theme of the coven remains.

Also if anyone is interested in joining the coven and being part of my coven family. Please message me the Coven Master or Any of My Acm's about joining the coven. And we will do our best to get you to joining our coven family.


Also I would like to give you some Benefits of becoming a member of our coven.

1. Our coven is a 'No-Drama' coven.

2. We do not have a mandatory number of posting requirement.

3. There is no mandatory requirement to add everybody both in the coven and the alliance as a friend as well as having to add their journals.

4. If one has an interest in Vampires and Ancient Egypt, we offer good reading pertaining to Ancient Egyptian History & Mythology such as types of Mythological Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, Egyptian Magic and Egyptian Cuisine. We are an online resource for the Egyptian Vampire community. We state how Vampires were held in high regard among the Egyptian civilization. How a few Vampires became Kings and were depicted among Egyptian art along with two races of cat people and werewolves. These powerful races were many times mistaken as Gods for their features and powers. Humans recognized the werewolves Anubis and Ammut and the felines Sekmet and Bastet among the beings that worked with Vampires during this time.

5. We do try to have fun via forum games.


Coven Master - Dwaynemcgriff01

Assistant Coven Master - BloodMoonMystic
Assistant Coven Master - RavynDarkrose
Assistant Coven Master - XLadyRoseX
Assistant Coven Master - LadyAtanasya
Assistant Coven Master - DarknessFollows
Assistant Coven Master - Nebthet
Assistant Coven Master - GoddessBastet
Assistant Coven Master - CountessLili


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