A preternatural being that feeds on human blood.

There are endless varieties of vampyres in cultures throughout the world including several non-humanoid types such as cats, spiders, frogs, disembodied spirits, even trees, fruits, and vegetables.

The modern vampyre is a relatively immortal being who was once human, they are portrayed as intelligent, charming, and good looking. They may be stylish murderers or heroes.

The subject's foremost authority, Montague Summers, a former member of the Roman Catholic Clergy turned to the dark arts describes them as "...a pariah even among demons." He goes on to describe them as gruesome hideous pests that issue forth from unhallowed graves to spread their infection across the land.

Vampyres are the walking dead, a dead body that sleeps in its grave, awakening only at night to suck the blood of the living.

Blood provides vampyres with nourishment, prevents them from decomposing, and allows them to continue to do things that they did in life such as walk, fight, and produce children.

According to Montague Summers, only the truly wicked will become vampyres, not ordinary men. "The ordinary man can no more be a great sinner than he can be a great saint." This type of man, who will become a vampire, must have supreme will power and concentration so that he always chooses the path that is most evil, even when he appears to do the right thing it is always for the wrong reason. He turns away from God and devotes himself to the practice of Black Magic.

The offspring of a witch and Satan may be born wicked enough to become a vampyre.

In Slavic lore, werewolves become vampires when they die, and anyone killed by a vampyre.

If a person is excommunicated from the Church and dies before the excommunication is formally revoked, their body will not decompose and they may rise again as a vampyre.

Murder victims rise from the grave seeking the blood of their killer. The only way to give them peace is to destroy the murderer.

If a body is not properly buried or cremated, the soul may remain linked to it and be driven to reanimate it. The dead body then continues life after death by taking the life force of others in the form of blood.

There is another kind of vampyre that takes the life force of others without ever actually sucking any blood. They are called "spiritual vampires" or "psychic vampyres." They become stronger by feeding on the vitality of those who are unable to protect themselves such as young children. After a short period of time with a spiritual vampyre the victim may feel weary or depressed, a longer period of time may result in more serious health conditions.

Spiritual vampyres may prey on their victims unconsciously, others know exactly what they're doing.

Since vampyres are already dead, they are very difficult to stop or destroy. Only thoroughly burning to ashes assures that the body will not rise again. However, some evil is so potent that even fire cannot purify it and the burning only creates a vampyric ghost.


All living creatures, regarding whether they are self-aware of it or not, are bound by one law. The law of survival!

That same law of survival also allows life to fall within two categories, the categories of predator or prey.

The philosophy surrounding the myth of the Vampyre and in respects of "feeding" is a simple one, while we are not against the method of feeding, in regards to "willing donors", we acknowledge that we are of the predator nature being Vampyres. Thus this carries with it a life-style that most individuals including some would call themselves Vampyres, look down upon.

But before I share our philosophies, which are sacrosanct to our nature and to our survival, I must first share the varying genres within our realms.

Most people, especially ones that claim to be of arcane existence, are not entirely sure as to the "genre" and are not aware that there are more than one type of Vampyre, so to "enlighten" those who are "in the dark" on the subject, here goes:

1. The Psychic Vampyre - one who may use several methods to gain the vital energy he or she needs.

2. The Emotional Vampyre - ones who use attention getting behaviors to get others emotionally fixated on them, thus draining the emotion-laden energy.

3. The Sexual Vampyre - those who feed upon the energy generated by there partners during sexual encounters.

4. Energy Vampyres, sometimes known as "Pranic" Vampyres - those feed from the life force of others thru touch, or "line of sight" in a room.

5. Sanguine Vampyre - those who feed through the method of drinking blood, much like the Vampyre bat. Sanguine practices are not common within the Psychic Vampyres, due to the obvious health risks, besides the method of energy feeding is much more efficient.

6. Necro-Vampyres - those who are able to feed from what is known as "Death Energy", either from mortuaries, graveyards, or straight from corpses, usually from those who have recently deceased.

7. Then there is the Vampyre known as the Nosferatu, who are able to engage all of the above methods, but are usually centered on "pranic" feeding, as well as feeding from the Undead in specialized rituals, and embrace what is currently known as the Left Hand Path. The Nosferatu are unlike any other Vampyre, however we do not shun the Dark side of life, for it is necessary for awakening what is called the Dragon, and achieving the twilight.


Now to our philosophies regarding the human race. Those who have not yet awakened the Dragon from within, or those who are considered "potentials" are referred to as the "Human Battery". Every living creature is, as you know, imbued with a specific amount of life force, whilst others still (human mainly) are able to attain greater levels of this quinessentiality. It is believed by some that humans contain more of this energy than any other species of moderate size, so it is the un-awakened human who are the most preferred selections for our prey.

The Vampyre who denies their predatory nature, is in reality, not a Vampyre, but yet another human battery who thinks that by feeding from only a willing participant, they will reach some form of spiritual metanoia. In truth, they are usually delusional and is waste of life force.

To those who would disparage the Vampyre for their predatory nature, I have but a question to ask. Are you vegetarian? If not, why? Do you honestly believe that you cannot survive without the sacrifice of an animal to fill your stomach?

The Vampyre views the human battery in the same fashion the "herd" looks upon grazing livestock, only the Vampyre doesn't require the death of the human to sustain him. He would rather feed from this energy source, then leave him to rebuild his life force so that he may again serve the Vampyre.

This is much more humane than those who raise livestock purely for the purpose of slaughter! It is suggested that the adult human should be the target here when concerning the act of feeding, as the Elderly are usually either sick, or lacking of abundant life force, thus greatly improving the chance for reverse feedback, depleting the Vampyres life-force instead of vise-versa. And children are defenseless, and are easily influenced, even when it is only there subconscious that has been touched, thus improving there chances of becoming "potentials". It is suggested that these individuals be given the time to fully develop before exposing them to such currents that would otherwise perhaps turn them, into what is known as "potentials", until they are physically, and mentally ready.

Some who call themselves Vampyre even make excuses for the act of feeding, explaining that what they have taken in the amount of life force is replaced with "new vitality", basically a feeble attempt at whitewashing what makes the Vampyre the efficient predator it really is. It is these delusions that separate our kind from the posers, roleplayers, and the rest of the herd it self. The Vampyre makes no excuses for what it does. Neither does any other predator. Fortunately the human race is oblivious to our existence, making the hunt that much more easier, but make no mistakes, those who would call themselves Vampyre yet cannot separate there conscience from the act of feeding, know absolutely nothing of what it takes to be a Vampyre.

But this is not what we all are, and should not meant to be perceived to ONLY be. In fact, there are aspects of our being, our nature that others find useful.

There have been many that have been employed by others, those near and dear to them for assistance with assisting with their loved ones passing over. For most Vampyres of my genre are also shadow walkers, those who assist in guiding the souls from the physical. Call it Vampyre with compassion, call it Vampyre with ulterior motive for feeding, call it what you will - but this is who, this is WHAT we are - and now you should come to understand our reasons for entrusting you, not for the sake of others not knowing anything as we have claimed, not for the sake of deception or for deceipt, not even for having any ulterior motive - but merely and so simply in protecting WHO/WHAT we are.

As you are protective with your own beliefs - We too are protective, cautious to disclose our REAL natures, but also due to the fact that in some regards we are bound by oath to keep sanction with our Order/House of Origin, and yes they are usually a Blood Oath.

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