The Responibilites of a Sire



The Responibilites of a Sire


Turning some one, just as rearing a child, is not something that should be taken lightly. When you Turn some one you in essence create a small child. And as the creator (or Sire) of such you have certain responsibilities cannot be neglected. You have a responsibility to closely monitor the progress of the newly born Vampyre, even as they progress into 'maturity' for a lack of a better word. You much teach them the proper ways, (*See also Laws of Vampirism) show them what is acceptable behavior, and what is not, the ranks and power structure, and teach them about their past. You must protect the Childe and provide donors as well as teach them how to properly locate their own donors once they are on their own. The behavior of your Childe reflects upon you as the Sire, you are responsible for their actions, regardless of how old the Childe becomes. Others will always look to the Sire if the Sire fails to teach the Childe properly. Your Childe will always look to you for answers, support and protection should they need it and you obligated to provide it as the Sire. As Sire you must be a teacher, friend, parent and protector. If for any reason the Sire doesn't perform their duties their clan or the Community shall replace them with another. This however, doesn't mean that a Sire can just abandon their childe. The Community greatly looks down upon and punishes this sort of behavior. Turning some one is and undertaking that must be thoroughly thought through and the would-be-Turned must be chosen with care. You have a responsibility to the Vampyre Community to Turn only those who are worthy of the Dark Gift. Use common sense and your instincts to guide your choice. If you as a Sire feel you have made a bad choice you have the responsibility to take the gift away.

A few tips for prospective Sires:


1. Always explain to your prospective child everything that they're getting into.

2. Never take someone younger than the age of 18 or spiritual maturity. This is for multiple reasons that should be obvious, the first and foremost being lawsuits.

3. If you have a structured group (clan, house, etc) follow their rules, even if you don't agree with their decision. There will be plenty of time later to explain why and what you don't agree with to your childe.

4. Give your childe all the attention and time they need during their development.

5. Screen them for the desired qualities before you start the process.

6. Don't turn some one just because your lonely.

7. Never turn some one because you care deeply for them.


It may seem like a good idea at the time, but what happens when down the road you break up and you hate each other? You are still the Sire of that Childe and you still have responsibilities to her/him. The same goes for some one who is your best friend. If you allow your emotions to cloud your judgement you will see past their faults. That is fine and well while you like each other, but it can and will cause conflicts later.

Now that you've read briefly about the responsibilities as a Sire, you must be wondering where the "How to Embrace some one" article is. There are many reasons that we do not include a "How to Embrace some one" article. For starters, this is a basic knowledge Vampyre site. There is much more to learn before you can make the decision to embrace some one. It's only logical that you cannot answer all their questions if you don't know all the answers yourself.

* We Vampyres in nature are heartless to those that offend or annoy us.

* Our emotions and feelings are usually kept hidden from those around us. Only the most sensitive individuals can detect our moods when we chose to hide them.

* We hate most things associated with the human world as most human things restrict us and we hate being restrained in any fashion.

* We are loners by nature and when we do chose to be around others, enjoy the company of a select few. (This for the most part applies to Royals, though other ranks experience this as well, though not as often.)

* We view everyone in the Community as family members and treat them as such.

* Rape, abuse, etc of children is forbidden. Killing children is forbidden. Rape in any form is also forbidden. Violating any of these is punishable by a painful and excruciating death.

* Drug abuse is unacceptable. Note that we say abuse and not use. Using them is fine; except when employed to manipulate someone to get what you want, like blood, sex, money, etc.

* To judge some one is to be judged. We do make judgments of others but that is reserved for when individuals make absolute fools of themselves.

* Adultery. This is different from clan to clan. To some clans it matters not as sex is no big thing to a Vampyre. Some take it very seriously, seeing it as a violation of loyalty, making it an unforgiveable transgression.

* Generally as a rule we don't discriminate. There are exceptions of course, such as humans, specifically the stupid individuals, and there are certain clans that loathe each other greatly. Race plays no part in discrimination.


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