Internet Safety

Preventing Tragedy: Safety, The Internet and Vampires

A Few Opening Words
It is very, very important when trying to contact, talk to, chat with, or otherwise "seek" out vampires on the internet to use common sense and lots of caution. There are FAR too many people - all very much human - who use this desperate need as a way to prey on easy victims. Everything from rape, violence, kidnapping, to even fraud and theft are real and dangerous consequences for not playing it safe. Criminals like this know that the people looking are desperate, needy, hopelessly lost in their drive to find vampires. That's what makes it so dangerous.

Criminals will use the seekers own desires against them. Twisting the truth to be whatever the seeker wants, luring them into a false sense of security and getting the seeker to give out personal information including location, address, real name, phone number, etc. This should NEVER be given out over the internet. You don't ever walk up to strangers on the street and tell them who you are and where you live, right? So why do it online?

I have a well-known and popular site. People know me. I'm part of a large community on several sites and forums. Yet, in all that time, I've never given anyone my name and address out. I've never told anyone where to find me, who I am, or how to contact me offline. Why? Because I know and understand the dangers of the internet. If even I don't tell this and I know a lot of people and have been apart of this community for three years now, why should you give your information out? BE CAREFUL and read this to know what to look for as red flags when dealing with people who make claims they can help you online.

Knowledge is Your Power

First: Make sure you know fact from fiction. Read through the site to learn what is and what is not. If someone tells you something out of a Anne Rice novel or a vampire movie-RUN AWAY! Don't talk to them. They are trying to scam you. There are no such things as vampires straight out of stories.

Second: Know the REAL dangers and predators out there. The human predator, child molester, the sexual predator, the predator looking to get money in the form of an investment, or gifts, or cash, all know how far some people will go to meet a real vampire-don't be their next victim. They know what many would do for the chance to become a vampire. They convince their prey it is they who can grant them these dreams, give these gifts of life and youth and in the end, it is the victim who looses so much, sometimes even their lives. These are the real predators, these are humans and you could easily be their prey.

If anyone says anything like these items below in their emails, posts, or profiles, RUN AWAY!
At best, they're trying to scam you, at worst it could cost you your life!

*The terms "Coven", "Chosen", "Childer", "Kindred", "Sire" or any other term from role-playing games (especially White Wolf's Vampire: The Masquerade)

Such as: I am of the Kindred or I am seeking a new Childer to join with me in my eternal night.

*Any type of "clan" or "house" names. (Common roleplaying ones include: Tremere, Gangrel, Venture, Nosferatu, Brujah, Assamite, Ravnos, Malkavian, Samedii)

Such as: I am a Tremere vampire of the House Darkblood. or I am a vampire of the clan Gangrel.

* General, fictional titles or terms like Lord/Lady of ____, Order of ____, Prince of _____, King/Queen of ____, vessel (means a human that is fed upon), herd (a group of humans fed from by a particular vampire, usually voluntarily),

Such as: My Sire was the Prince of the City. or I seek a human servant to be part of my herd. or I am the High Lord Ashamir, House Moonshadow.

*People who are obviously playing or pretending based on role playing games, fiction, movies, or stories. Other forms of pretending are a bit harder to tell but usually you can tell by their profile, attitude, or description-especially as you talk to the further

* People who try (and usually fail) to speak in mediaeval or "Olde English" style.

Such as: Thou are beautiful to thine eyes. or Wouldst thou come with me unto eternity?

* Someone with a fat and overly done/overly descriptive profile, including self descriptions fitting "classic" vampires of myth: tall, thin, pale, with long, straight hair usually dark or blonde. Eye description of other than human eye colors such as gold, red, purple, and sometimes even striking green.

* Archaic, historical or gothic clothing descriptions generally indicate a non-real vampire or as likely, a younger teenaged person playing a role of an "immortal" vampire.

* Anything else that's blatantly directly from a movie, book, or legend.

* Anything by Anne Rice. Any names like Lestat, Louis, Akasha, Marius, Claudia, etc.

* Dramatic and overplayed talk or "love" of 'vampiric' cities like New Orleans or New York.

* Anything having to do with Dracula, Dracul, Order of Dragons/Dracul, Vlad, Vlad the Impaler, Vlad Tepesh (Tepes), Transylvania, Wallachia (Wallachlian), Castles, or ancient holds, etc.

* People who claim they eat no food, or drink no water. That they only have blood and nothing else.

* Anyone who not only claims to live on blood alone, but who says they drain their victims dry, drink someone until death, or must kill to survive.

* People who say they never "rise" before sunset. People who say that they don't go out before dark. People who say they sleep in coffins.

* People who claim they cast no reflection, don't show up in photos, can not cross running water, are repulsed by crosses, and can control animals. Anything like the "classical" myths claim is pure bull and should be an instant warning that they are fakes.

* People who claim they are a servant of darkness, the devil, satan, evil, or who worship a vampire god. There is no such thing. Just human cults who are into sick and cruel blood rituals. Also, anyone claiming they are a demon themselves, or half-demon as is popular in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

* Anyone who says they are "soulless" or who have lost/sacrificed their soul for eternal life.

* Promises of being "turned" or "embraced" Someone saying they can make you a vampire or give you the "Dark Gift" Anyone looking for a "Childer" or seeking an "eternal partner" or "dark soulmate" are full of it! These are the most dangerous as they are openly seeking people to meet in real life! They know what people are looking for and taking advantage of that! NO REAL VAMPIRE WOULD EVER JUST OPENLY OFFER TO MAKE SOMEONE A VAMPIRE. EVER!

About "Hunters" or "Slayers"

Just as these so-called "immortal" vampires are fakes, so too are people who claim they are hunters or vampire slayers. People who go around to message boards saying they will "rid the earth of the undead plague" are just lonely kids looking for some attention. Anyone who really went around and murdered people - because that IS what we're talking about here - wouldn't advertise that on a message board or email list.

Being a vampire hunter/slayer has become popular with the WB Television show, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" in which a high school (now college) aged girl discovers she has this amazing strength/healing ability/and all-around kick-ass talent because she is "The Chosen One" It's all fantasy. Mildly amusing fantasy with some funny one liners, but absolutely ZERO truth.

Final Thoughts

Whatever you do online, make sure you use common sense. Be overly careful when discussing your real life or any of your real life facts. It's far too easy to find out things about someone from tiny amounts of information. These crimes don't just happen to "other people"-they can happen to anyone. Don't let it happen to you. Knowledge is power and being very aware of what you tell people, what your profiles or descriptions include, who you talk to, what they are saying they can give/offer you. Listen to everything! Pay attention and be careful. You can never be too cautious. This is your life, your health, your money, and your body. Don't let anyone have an open chance to do anything to harm that.

If anyone pressures you to tell them something, just back away. Ignore them. Delete their emails. Whatever it takes. Don't get forced or bullied into something you don't want to do or talk about. Don't let anyone tell you that they are right and you are wrong. You have a right to think and believe what you want. Don't just trust that these people's intentions are honorable. Why would these all-powerful and immortal creatures really want to just give you what they have for free? Nothing in life is free and they don't have this "gift" to give. They just know that you want it and are using that need to get to you. A friendship or chat is fine, just know where to draw the line.

Please be safe.

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