Tsk tsk tsk. I don't think you’re being fully honest. It really is not nice to tell tales to people when you want to put your best foot forward and claim that you are here unjustifiably. From the message below, you are in the correct Coven on this site.

And since it is very clear you have no concept of the way the society system works, I’d say you’re just the kind of candidate to fill the halls here.

On 04:12:48 Feb 14 2012 (-0 GMT) L0KI wrote:

quick quetion why the hell am i even in purg??? i been here for so damn long and yet ive done nothing as far as i know... all i know is that i was n Aracon's coven then went away to prison for a year and when came back i was n purg any way i can get traded out or just plain be coven free?

On 17:52:14 Feb 14 2012 (-0 GMT) Amaia wrote:

I don't know why you are in Purgatory. You were in here when I took over. No, there is not way unless you Sire or self delete.

And since I was told about your comment of 'the bitch won't trade me', even if I could, I wouldn't.

On 18:05:38 Feb 15 2012 (-0 GMT) L0KI wrote:

that comment wasnt made by me... i share this profile with a friend. ask anyone who knows me. i dont disrespect anyone i dont know.... i talk shit but wont do it behind someones back

On 20:08:10 Feb 15 2012 (-0 GMT) Amaia wrote:

I am not even going to get into that conversation with you.

I highly doubt it was made by your friend, but really I just don't care.

On 20:32:51 Feb 16 2012 (-0 GMT) L0KI wrote:

Look, i can understand that you wouldn't believe me that it was made by a friend....

Hell i can understand that you don't know why I am in Purgatory.

Thing is, I do....

Purgatory is a Coven for punishment if I am correct...

I am in the Coven of Purgatory simple because the coven i was in (the one i was FORCEFULLY INDUCTED into) was disbanded, every fellow coven member i had when i was in Aracons coven is now in Purgatory...

Because of a Coven Masters mistake we are paying the price... the consequences of SOMEONE ELSES mistakes...

Does that sound Fair to you???

All i ask is one simple thing... to be let out so i can be productive on the site.

I have only 5 blocks on here, proof enough that im not a bad guy, and those 5 blocks are from people ive had personal disagreements with.

Please let me out of Purgatory... I am an active Member on Vampire Rave and have done no wrong...

Thank you and have a nice day...


Robert Steele


On 01:46:20 Feb 17 2012 (-0 GMT) Amaia wrote:

No. You will NOT be released.

Let me put it to you this way:

You are meat on VampireRave. Until you (or any member for that matter) reach the level of Sire I, or any Coven Master, can do with you whatever I/they choose.

I don't care why you are here, you are here. I don't care about fair. . The world isn't fair and neither is VR.The Society System is based of a Vampiric situations and just like in that situation you wouldn't have a choice.

The society system does not hinder your 'productivity' on VR. You use VR how you want to use it. There are two options you have, just like everyone that is in Purgatory, either Sire out or self delete.

Feb 16 2012 (-0 GMT) L0KI wrote:

thank you and go fuck yourself you stupid bitch.... hope you rot n the hell you will surely go to you worthless bitch

The insults flatter me. It is also wonderful that you think I am going to "rot n the hell you will surely go to" because of my actions on a website.

You need to get your vegetables, kid. No one likes a sissy.


Stop asking people to get you out of here. No one will help you. You're stuck here. Suck it up. You'll reach Sire at some point. If you don't self delete first.

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