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13:43 Oct 27 2021
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Man, I need to get my head checked, I guess. The meds are helping, but, my life is currently running on a Unicorn over-kill!

I have stopped dreaming of this Black Unicorn. There I was, in a very dense forest, sitting under a dark tree, fiddling around with a stalk of red rose. I had a small thorn-cut on my right index finger.

Then, out of nowhere, this Black Unicorn started approaching me, very shyly. He wasn't sure. So, there I was, nursing a thorn-cut which had caused a droplet of blood to form. This Black Unicorn came nearer, bolder, and clearly wanted my attention. So, yeah, I touched him... His glorious black skin was so soft and lush as a carpet, and he felt awesomely otherworldly...

In a span of 3 weeks, he appeared 5 times in my dreams.

I wonder what that meant?

He had such a beautiful horn that was right smack in the centre of his forehead. He was gorgeous.

I am feeling this Unicorn vibe... It's definitely of a darker nature.. the forest was a little dark, and I was wearing a black dress... Maybe it's just a Gothic Unicorn.

A quick research brought to light some interesting facts of Unicorns.. but, not comprehensive enough about a Black Unicorn - except that they are rarely found and felt.

I kinda miss him, but, I felt so at peace in my dreams...

I really wonder what that signified?




12:05 Oct 27 2021
Times Read: 119

I am the type of woman who regularly needs to pray, in whatever form. I constantly need to stay and remain grounded; otherwise, my biorhythm gets all wonky and I start to lose my head... Sometimes even forgetting where I left my head!

I got a conditional offer of employment at a company, and I am stoked. Medicals are this Friday, and once the doctor gives the all-clear signal, I am good to go.

Oh wow.

I am so excited and am actually looking forward to this new civil partnership.

Yeah, I sound as though I am getting married.


I am married to my career and my heart's married.

So, I am off the list, y'all.

I'm just looking at sustainability at my age. Midlife crisis?

Yeeeeah, perhaps.

Who would have thought that mid-life crisis could actually bring about some good things, eh.

Omg. I cannot keep still till this Friday. It's a morning medical session, too.. So I don't have to contain my obvious excitement for too long.


It's all gangsta lovin', y'all.




19:47 Oct 25 2021
Times Read: 131

Tea Magick is addictive. It makes me want to charge every cup of herbal and fruit infusion tea.

Right now, I am feeling Rosehip and Hibiscus tea.

It is definitely my tea magick of the week, beginning Monday.

Does anyone here partake in such magick?

Perhaps we could talk about the different herbs and stuff?

Well, it sucks being in Hell coven.




My Altar @ 26th Oct 2021

17:57 Oct 25 2021
Times Read: 140

Feeling a little creative and witchy, so, I decided to clean and charge my altar... It has been about 2 months since I had changed the altar cloth, and all that jazz... because,

I just wasn't feeling it.

So, I cleansed all my crystals, bird feathers, plate, witchy tarot cards, unicorn oracle cards, books, an actual bite-sized piece of rock, bell, and of course, our lovely Hekate.


I prefer cleaning my altar, or charging moon water, or even minor rituals at night... It is much cooler, darker, and also because I am a Vampire. So yeah...

I thought I'd share my altar with you guys...

May the Force be with you.
Good Vibes
Blessed Be.



18:39 Oct 25 2021

It is a super tiny space; thus, the crowded look. But yeah, this altar represents me the best.


17:14 Oct 24 2021
Times Read: 151

On a lighter note, I don't see the need for travel. I prefer navigating this small city, really. Why should i spend thousands of dollars on backpacking or just visiting the pyramids when I have the Internet and TV to satiate my wanderlust?

I heard that the air is different in other countries, though.

So, yeah, maybe I do ought to travel.. Lol! Does air define people? Oh well, I am kinda of average-height. And most foreign people are tall and, some, very easy on the eyes too.

Maybe the air at their height varies from the air at my height!

*drops dead laughing*




19:29 Oct 22 2021
Times Read: 166

Lazy days, interesting nights. That's how I would describe my current position in life. Things with the biological family is still crappy, but, hey, at least I can handle things better now.... Or so I think so.

Typical Indian family drama, I tell ya. It's sickening, tbh.

I feel like writing once again. I have been bullet journaling like crazy these past few days, with my feather pen and violet ink. The creative bug has bitten me once again.

And it's all my black unicorn's fault. I have decorated the walls with stickers of unicorns and stars. It looks almost... trippy. As though I have just had a psychedelic lsd trip.

Not good. I feel delirious.

This unicorn vibe is so strong I want to write a short article on Unicorns and hopefully, it will be good enough to be posted on VR under Member Articles. Oh well.

I haven't got around to writing anything yet, other than pouring out my soul in my bullet journals.

Bullet journaling is so therapeutic. It sorts out the disaster in my head and damaged soul, so much so that I highly recommend it to anyone who is going through a rough patch.

The set of Unicorn Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue has reached me. One thing I feel so ifffy about these cards is that Doreen Virtue has since converted to Christianity.

Does that mean that everything she has contributed to Angels and Light work is false?

That's the whole thing that has been bugging me.

But, the Oracle Cards are so light, uplifting and beautiful. I still can receive unicorn vibes and channel them into my everyday workings.

I love to share these things, really.

So yeah, the Shadow-work is still ongoing in my everyday life. But, it does not seem oppressive and heavy on the heart now... So, I guess that's the good stuff.

Thank God I haven't changed into Gollum, with all my dark shit.




16:15 Oct 21 2021
Times Read: 183

My dysfunctional family is abusive. Always have been. Till today.

I am sick of my dad's shit.

He's a fucking retard.




16:11 Oct 21 2021
Times Read: 187

My biological family dumped me in this Shelter.

I only speak to them when I needed financial help.

They pretty much aggravated the fucking situation called *my life* when my entire adult life has been spent with me going in and out of the local asylum.

What the fuck.

Prolly called to check if I'm still alive, I guess.




16:06 Oct 21 2021
Times Read: 188

My father is one sick bastard of a sad excuse for a, well, father.

When I was little, as a kid, I idolised him.

Now, as an adult, I really find him to be a person of such derogation.

Nothing good really turned out for me, in my life, from a *dad*.

Sure, he provided me food, money, and shelter.

That's about it.

Fuck. I hate him.




15:12 Oct 21 2021
Times Read: 191

Terry must be having some good days. Good on ya, Bro.

It's the Unicorn vibes, I swear. It's contagious.




Latest addition to my tattoo collection

12:43 Oct 20 2021
Times Read: 203

I'm feeling this doe-eyed, black and grey unicorn.

Truly gorgeous vibes!

*runs around sprinkling awesome unicorn vibes*



23:48 Oct 20 2021


16:26 Oct 18 2021
Times Read: 216

After some major pensive moments, I have decided to get another tattoo. I most definitely will.....


It is going to honour Unicorn Spirituality!

Ah.. I have so much energy in me... I have worked like never before in my entire fucking.life.

The Unicorn in me is filled with so much charged energy.

My feet are killing me - because of being on my feet for hours on end ; but, here I am prancing around.

There is Light in the Dark.

That is for sure... because as a suicide survivor, I can finally feel some Light...

I am going to just relax for a.bit, and spread the unicorn energy, healing my carnage soul and everyone I come into contact with.

Man, taking a break from the great depression that is my life, feels comforting!




16:05 Oct 18 2021
Times Read: 218

Oh wow. Two of the world's most beautiful items just arrived in the mail:

1. A huge pink unicorn
2. A gothic rosary with a silver lil' bat and a silver ankh attached to the rosary's black beads.

I swear the most beautiful things are valued at a low price. I mean these rosary beads could be legit and be the real deal. Sometimes, I wonder why Lazada is such a great shoppers' paradise.

I have no idea what is going on in this world anymore... much less, this country!

I am driven to believe that most of the things I get from Lazada are authentic. There are a couple of faulty items, but generally, the items I get are super awesome.

Maybe it is just a basement of a shop with forced labourers... Just makes me think...

Like I said before, if poor ol' me can afford these things, so can you!




15:12 Oct 16 2021
Times Read: 231

Just returned from a super long day at work. If you know me, you'd know that I can act all creepy and off-beat at unexpected times.

So yeah. I was so sick and tired of slogging my butt off that maybe, just maybe, I may have done something unsolicited.


Good lord, I thought it was a good idea at that time.

Ah, just conjuring up some good ol' memories...



I almost forgot to mention:

Tea magick is fucking awesome!!




The Black Unicorn

12:29 Oct 15 2021
Times Read: 242

This is what I found on the net about my Black Unicorn dreams:

Check out this site:


Looks like I am not the only batshit crazy one!




11:55 Oct 15 2021
Times Read: 245

I am so thankful to the Powers That Be, for giving me the wisdom to buy and own my own Wahl hair clippers.

Now, I have total control over my hair. On the day that I had it delivered to me, was the day that changed my whole life.

I am so thankful Wahl invented hair clippers. Worth every single dime, really.




09:11 Oct 15 2021
Times Read: 264

Funny how fate unravels herself, right. I am a Hekatean witch, Pagan Priestess, and Psychic Vampire. I am dead serious about my partaking in these extremely serious Spiritual roles.

What is Priesthood without an element of Magick, though, right. So yeah. I can come across as standoffish and reclusive. Yes, I prefer disappearing into my Cave more that anywhere else really.

For the past 2 weeks, I have been dreaming of a Black Unicorn in a green forest, 4 times.

Yes, a Black Unicorn! Can you believe this fucking shit?! I have stickers of Unicorns pasted all over my wall... Everything in my life as of now have been connected into Unicorn Magick.

Cool stuff... The Church of the Invisible Pink Unicorn is a good place to start.

I know the Black Unicorn symbolises everything dark. There in my dreams I am standing under a tree, in a black dress, and a Black Unicorn approaches me very shyly and tentatively. I even can recall touching his body... His skin felt so soft! I immediately felt comforted and spent some time with this gorgeous creature.

I loved it.

Unicorn Magick. Who wudda thunk, huh.




20:48 Oct 13 2021
Times Read: 278

This is madness right here. It's like every other spiritually inclined woman and man are successfully cashing in on current new age spiritual trends.

Why do I find it so hard to manifest money? Is it because I am ugly by societal standards? Well, I never quite felt like I belonged anywhere.

Here I am taking up the role of a spiritual cheerleader for others when I fail miserably in making this work out for me.

Am I forever doomed to be on the sidelines whilst every other woman is becoming a main woman for their man?

This is some fucked up shhit going on right here. I am taking up security jobs just so that I can pay my rent and lead the quite comfortable life, when I know deep down in my very soul that I was meant for greater things in this life.

This shit is depressing.

Guess I'll just be a cheerleader, cheering on everyone else.




06:42 Oct 13 2021
Times Read: 293

Things were going smoothly in my life, AND I had to have such a mental breakdown yesterday. Well, I screamed my head off at utter morons.

I fucking lost my cool.

Big time.

Now, a day after, I feel really sick.

Goddamn it. I hate more than I love.

I need to conjure up and brew some herbal tea magic.

Imma return to work tomorrow, for sure.

Man, breakdowns really are taking their toll on me.

Help me, somebody!




14:47 Oct 10 2021
Times Read: 308


Today is the day! I am officially off the Quarantine Order... We all are!

It is back to the wastelands (aka the civilised world) tomorrow onwards.

Man, I can finally breathe. I can't speak for the rest, but boy, did I so some online shopping.

Lol. For the life of me, sometimes I have no idea as to where the money comes from; it is just there - must be some form of manifestation.

Or, perhaps, the Invisible Pink Unicorn has finally proved herself as the ultimate system to follow?


This shit is so cute, yet mind-blowing.

If I read the content correctly, the IPU was formed as a syatem for Atheists. I am far from this school of thought, but I can safely say that I absolutely adore Her Horniness.

I am sliding down the rainbow on this one! No, not to catch leprechauns, but fucking UNICORNS!

Ahhh... I ain't no Pink Unicorn as per Urban Dicks-tionary. I am sick of this crap, tbh.





Uranus retrograde is hitting me hard

18:07 Oct 09 2021
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14:16 Oct 08 2021
Times Read: 338

Tea magic has definitely boosted my self-esteem and positive outlook on the current state of my simple life - all for the memories. In fact, I think things will pick up... although I am still under a Quarantin Order till the 10th. So, I'm all cooped up in this teeny weeny place, just living the wasted life.

Brewing magickal tea is so much fun. Oh my goth, I actually am jiving with these tea sachets that I have bought. And they are really affordable too!

I mean, if poor ol' me can afford it, so can anyone!

What is life without memories, eh?





09:44 Oct 07 2021
Times Read: 354

Lately, I have been hit by a thirst for tea. Usually, I'd buy a few bottles of Iced Lemon Tea, and satiate my thirst. I was on YouTube and coincidentally, stumbled upon some videos for brewing magickal tea.

And guess what? All I need is some teabags and hot water! Not too difficult, now, innit, Tristesse?

Lol. I love churning out magickal spells for protection and healing - basically, shadow work. I have a way with doing these stuff... Perhaps because I have been engaged in my Great Work for, like, 2 decades.

Ah well... I bought Turkish Apple Tea, Peppermint Tea, Camomile Tea, and Rosehip and Hibiscus Tea.

I am not sure if these teas are herbal teas, but I am giving these teabags the benefit of a doubt.


Tea spells, here I come!



23:02 Oct 08 2021


16:44 Oct 06 2021
Times Read: 377

I am looking to move out from this community-living environment. Currently, we are under a Quarantine Order for 10 days. 2 positive cases have been isolated and the rest just hanging around the 3rd floor like lost souls.

I do nothing but eat, sleep, laundry, and catch up on aome of my YouTube videos.

It is a new moon tonight. Wonderful ambience... But the days are slow and nights are fast to pass by. 10 days seem to be like forever, tbh.

Man, when will this shit end?

My online orders finally made it through via mail. I am so psyched! The best thing about online shopping is that I know my body better... Because of the clothing and body measurements. The worst thing about online shopping is the vagueness of product description, and this has led me to pay for some denim shorts that were labelled as plus-sized; only to discover that the seller's version of plus-sized denim shorts would fit only unearthly beings.

So, yeah. I am as happy as a lark with all these goodies. Knowing myself, I prepared myself for some collateral damage. Well, for one, every branded product that i had bought fits. Under Armour products are not here yet, I think. No, I am not a sportsy person... I just thought these affordable brands made nice wardrobe content.


I am pretty pleased with the current state of where I am at in my life.

I am here.

I am present.

This is the present.

And I am here.



19:23 Oct 06 2021


00:37 Oct 02 2021
Times Read: 399

Hail Lucifer!

Hail Hekate!

Guardians, Guides, and Gatekeepers of the World.

May we all transcend worldly pleasures and attain spiritual purification, as of the darker beings before us, our ancestors.

Be well, stay safe, and may this pandemic wash over all of us in these dark and turbulent times.


Blessed be.

Hail Lucifer!

Hail Hekate!




00:09 Oct 02 2021
Times Read: 404

There has been so much activity going on in my life as of presently as 2 of the women in this community-living space, have been tested positive for Covid.

Everyone is talking about how life sucks because their daily going-ons have been undeniably interrupted.

I was tested negative for the virus from all the swab tests I have been subjected to. So yeah, yay me and the rest of the quarantined women.

I guess the management worked quickly and the cases were put in isolation at a medical facility.

It sucks really, for me, career-wise.

I decided that, if I were ever going to perish from this virus, I might as well do things that will make me die happily - sans the bitterness.

So, yes, I am happy. I have notified my family of his unpredictable situation I have found myself in.

Splurged some cash on Puma, Asos, Under Armour, and Black Tactical.


This is just about as high-end I'd ever gone and would ever go to.

Imma die a happy woman.

Blessed be, y'all. Stay safe and count your blessings.




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