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''You Think You Know'', Indeed...

02:54 Mar 13 2015
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I hate it when people act like they know everything there is to know about everything in the world - if 'you' really did know it all, then I know, for a fact that you would not be where you are: in the same 'boat' as myself. You would be somewhere completely different, doing something equally different. And I know this because you are little different from Me in so many ways it is stupid to even fathom.

It is bullshit like this that makes me think to myself-- "Walk away as soon as you can". In this case, one might as well say that as soon as our little 'contract' is up... because I grow weary of listening to some people spout their nonsense and bullshit.

For one, merely because we are personality-wise near identical, that doesn't mean a damn thing when compared to what the differences are, between us.

I don't know about others, but I live by a code of honor by which I was brought up. And that code is evidently different from more of others than I thought for the longest time. Apparently sister Rain was more correct than it appeared, when she said that I don't belong in this world. However, of course, that only means, to me, that I have a piece of my former self to hold on to, as I try my damnedest to continue with the rest of a world within which I know I do not belong. But at the same time, it gives me reason to keep doing what I have done from the beginning... continue to 'break' through the walls of reality, and embrace my apparent 'insanity' even more than ever.

One can only THINK they know another's life and vessel better than they so. But that BS will only go so far, be it in the world of the insane or the world of reality. I can live on both sides, but I don't belong in the reality that most know. I belong where my world ended long ago... yet, here I remain.



09:59 Apr 17 2015

glad to know i will see you soon brother


So You Say... But You Don't Show...

03:22 Mar 06 2015
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As you say, I am your 'key', that I 'complete' you. Yet you make it clear to me that you are yet incomplete. I hate to say it, but you won't be complete until you acknowledge and accept what you are.

You tell Me that you are essentially dying - withering away as you breathe. You say that you would die if anything ever happened to me.

And yet you forget the biggest and most important detail about the both of us. That big detail being...

I Do Not Die. I don't say this as "bragging" or "boasting", as if it's 'fun' to be Me. I only use it as a reference point - I have be shot numerous times (at least once in the head - between the eyes, of all things), I have had a hatchet lodged in my brain, mauled by wild animals, burned alive, (stereotypical as it may sound) steaked through the heart (more than once), caught in explosions, and even had a distant family member 'lop' my head off with a Buster sword that he submerged in burning oil...

Based upon this, and the obvious proof that Here I Still Remain... I think it is safe to say that your concern of something bad happening to me is a little bit... absurd. Especially given the fact that everything I mentioned earlier is just from within the past... oh ten years or so.

And I still carry the scars from pretty much every 'battle' and "NDE" I have ever encountered. I may bleed like a human being, but that doesn't mean that I am 'mortal', per say. Hence, I am really not worried about it. And Besides all this... you say you don't want to "drag me down with you"; well, you are still not "dropping the ball That fast. I think it is about time that you opened up your damn eyes, and saw the world of reality, instead of living in your nightmares and fears of Me and seeing my "death", because as you have seen, for each time I "die"... I get right back up and/or return even stronger than I previously was.

This all being said, I think it is time that we had a talk about what is REALLY on your mind, and quit with the games that you and I both know you are not going to win. I love? You more than words can possibly describe. But your bull-headedness is at a disastrous point, now.




As If I Do Not or Will Not Know...

05:02 Mar 02 2015
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I do not care who you are... do not spout your mouth off, talking behind my back, as if I won't find out. People have had to learn this the hard way before, and they learned it in a horrifying way. My ears are not only physical. They are psychic and Metaphysical as well.

To ye whom this statement is directed at, I say this... when you try to fuck with someone's mind and you strike a 'cord' that is better off left alone, you will have a rude awakening. That awakening being that words do travel. And when one has ears and links as I possess, those words travel fast, loud and clear.

I have already had numerous people attempt to step between myself and my family, between myself and my lover. And I will say, now, and again if it bears the need of repetition... That. Is Not. A Wise Idea.

I am as bad as the Shadow of Death... my ears are everywhere. Including the minds of others. Never tell anyone that a person cares about that they are not to be trusted. Ever. Stepping between Family and Lovers is not a wise idea.



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