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Threats Are... Hollow.

07:35 May 28 2015
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One thing that people have learned after meeting me face-to-face is that it is not a good idea to make threats to Me or those in my circle. My few friends. My family. One may be able to intimidate a 'man', but it is something else entirely to attempt to intimidate a 'monster'.

In my case, a 'monster' that has absolutely nothing to lose. To the one to whom this message pertains, I say this... make all the threats you wish toward Me. Eventually, you will find that this is not a wise idea. And it is even less wise to threaten my family. Put plain and simple, those within my House ARE my family. I do not really have the luxury of "friends".

Most of those who are part of my House are people who came to me, asking me to be their 'elder'. Their guide and teacher. Essentially, their 'big brother'. I didn't ask for this. Instead, it was asked of me, by those who came to me. Only a few were people I actually asked to join my House, because I knew that it would eventually benefit them in some way. Otherwise, they were referred to me and my... 'domain'.

Frankly, though small, my House easily reaches half way across the world. "Big deal", right? Well, in most terms, not so much. But when it comes to one detail that seems to appear quite frequently, it tends to be a slightly "big deal".

Some don't realize it, upon first glance, but there is something about Me that many I meet tend to either misunderstand or they just simply don't know. My legal name means nothing to most people. But my reputation speaks volumes on its own...

Within all the nicknames I have obtained over the years, they all stem from and revolve around two things: my capacity and my appearance.

I dress in primarily dark clothing, as most may assume. Mainly the 'absence of all colour', as this covers most of my body. However, it is not merely the color of my attire for which I have these 'titles' that have been given to me. It is also the particular 'fashion' that I wear-- the long, dark coat, and 'classy', dress attire.

But this would mean nothing, if not for my actions, throughout every day. Put simply; I don't take shit from anyone. I may be a rather "laid back", calm individual. But this means nothing, when I am provoked into confrontation. I protect those in my midst, no matter what - even if those in my midst tell me not to worry about it, I am going to worry about it. Even if one tells me that I need not get involved with something, I let not others make that decision for me. I am the one who makes that decision, because it is my place to do so. Did I ask or choose to take said place? No. It was asked of me, long before I could choose. And being put in said place, having that responsibility, it is my job to be involved with those of my House. My family.

Most of my family originally turned their backs on me. The ones who were left, who hadn't done so, well... I had to turn my back on them. I had to leave them behind, for their sakes. But, after a time, I was asked by the family that I had long before that to return to the 'spotlight', to be their guide. Hence, where, in my case, the term "smoke and mirrors" comes into play... one of the many ways. I didn't ask to 'lead' or to be the 'big brother'. I was asked to be the 'leader' and my fellow siblings found me.

I am as much a ghost to the public eye as I am to most of society's comprehension. An enigma. And yet a very much tangible hand in the darkness.

One of my oldest names was once the "Cowboy from Hell". It was the name by which most once knew me. Then, I became known by my friends and acquaintances as the "Black Butler", for the way that I take care of those around me, even if they don't ask for it. But my 'nickname' is no longer even that. Now, I am simply called, at least by those a little more 'underground', the "VL" (and if you honestly need a translation to that one, then it would probably be a little better for you to remain lost).

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Long story made short; Again, to the one to whom it pertains, I say this... save your BS and save your punk threats. You really have no idea who you are dealing with, when it comes to the caliber of 'entity' that is me. I have survived more than you can possibly imagine, even for what I really am. My strength alone is something that you could not even begin to understand, let alone match. For the sake of this post, I will refer to you as "Vendetta". Simple enough for you? I hope so, considering you seem to have a vendetta with me and those of my House. I trust that you will use you brain and be smart, instead of an idiot.



03:53 Jun 03 2015

Whomever be this "Vendetta" will most certainly reach a most violent end if threatening our family

07:20 Jun 03 2015

Sadly, Khemett, little brother... that is exactly what the Goddamn fool has been doing - and frankly, I won't take it. The last one who fucked with our family met an end that (even in the eyes of a good friend of mine) is more painful than being impaled by countless serrated swords.


A Quite... Twisted Beginning To A New Life--

06:08 May 18 2015
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I got in to Connecticut yesterday, the 16th, at 7:00 in the morning. At first, not too bad - quite enjoyable, really. But now, my first full day 'home', and things have already become twisted beyond belief.
Frankly, I have no plan nor intention of trying to undo my travels to where I am now. I do already quite enjoy Connecticut - however, now, I have an even bigger incentive to do what I first intended...

However, I do have allot of work to do, before that can fully be done. Once I get completely settled in, it is time for me to begin working on my old plans.
I think it is about time I began opening up the eyes of those around me, to what they claim they believe in - people claim to follow the words of Jesus Christ... I am about to put that to the test. Big time.




The Prior Entry...

22:16 May 09 2015
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My latest entry, prior to this, pertains to a singular individual who decided to make a - for lack of more appropiate words - highly dangerous mistake. This person was once known as my "cousin", which is a term no longer valid for her; the name being Christine Alene Gilmore; sadly, this particular "Gilmore" clan being second cousins to the bloodline it was once believed I came from. However, obviously blood ties are very little, at this particular point in the time of the world.

Family does not try to (again, for lack of a better term) fuck with family. Especially in my case, those who have done this before have found out just how impossible it is for someone once so close to me to regain my trust and respect. This is why I am known to some as "the lord of illusion and smoke & mirrors".



22:21 May 09 2015

Point taken why did you by writing that?....

07:55 May 17 2015

Would you care to elaborate upon your question?


To Whom It Pertains-- (family does not stab or screw with family...)

22:05 May 09 2015
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You seem to have forgotten who I am. Either that, or you never really knew, to begin with. Of course, you also seem to have forgotten the promise that You made to me, some time ago: NEVER try to force me to choose a side. And never attempt to command me like you have power over me. You also seem to be making an active attempt to keep me away from what I know I need to do - a very unwise thing to do.

You see, trying to make me pick a side is guaranteed to do one thing and one thing only... Piss Me Off. And it is guaranteed, also, to get me to walk away from not just one side or party... but both. I do not take commands well, lest I am under obligation to do a job. Hence why I don't make deals like I did over a year ago, now. And I do not take sides unless it is solely 'up to me', so to speak.

This is why when you essentially tried to 'choose a side' FOR me, you not only pissed me and my Brother off... but when others asked (not demand) of me to either walk away or "do what I do", I chose, instead, my natural habit, as being as I am... I stand by the side of the man who not only made no attempt of making me 'choose', but made it clear that he needs no one on his 'side'.

Frankly, as he has been nothing but the best friend that he can be toward me, and has even come to me, not as a friend or confidànte, but as true Family would, and even been there only as I asked for his help, though rare that has been... I think it suffices to say that they who begrudge me not what they know I must do are those who are my true friends and family.

Neither Friends nor Family stab one another in the back or 'talk shit' behind you. Hence how I have learned you are not family to me. You may be 'blood', but nothing more than that. And since I have also learned that I can command and control what My blood does, once it leaves my vessel... I thus can even remove you of my gift and from my direct blood - a scary thought, if you really think it through, isn't it?

This is also why my Brother did his own little test of you and yours; My blood being highly toxic to others unakin to me, as they often befall a fate even worse than anything I could think of doing, my Brother has a strange talent of his own... he can alter genetics and DNA/RNA, much like an alchemist, though only temporarily, to make virtually anything what he wishes for a length of time. And the best yet worst of it... he has even shown Me his trick to this.

And as if Me being able to manipulate my own blood and genetics wasn't fun or bad enough, no?...

Just imagine pissing off someone with an impossible knowledge of not only surgical but nano/atomic medicines... and top it off with the knowledge of alchemic, and mastery of energy (chakra, chi, "ki", psychic, Psionic/spirit, etc.) manipulation. Frankly, if I were any less than I am... I am pretty damned certain I would be shitlessly afraid of a person, be they physical or metaphysical, who can will his or herself to do these things. Frightening enough, my Brother can even do these things to Me if he wishes it. I know that because he has done so before. And on top of it all, the man is telekinetic (yes, he can actually move objects with his mind).

Now, is it really any wonder as to why He chose to be the one to put a little something to the test? If you ever do see this, which unfortunately, I slightly doubt, then I am at least hoping that you are smart enough to put two and two together, because, as of late... you seem to be pretty fucking dense. You still haven't even figured out that you and I are no longer "family" or even kindred of any kind. It takes someone pretty damn dumb to not be able to figure that out, with the way I have intentionally been going out of my way to avoid even speaking to you. But I suppose that if you haven't figured it out by now... then you are obviously too stupid to EVER figure it out. We may have been related by blood, at one point... but since I learned to command what my blood and genetics do, at will... and you having once had my blood in your veins, it should be clear to you, by now, that not only are you not "family" to me, but you are now nothing more than a human with a sad, sad illusion stuck in your half-witted head.

Frankly, with as much and as often as you have pissed me off... you are lucky to only have befallen the "misfortune" of being removed from my bloodline. I learned, some time ago, that I now possess my original blood, once again. Which means that I have for a long time been nothing alike to a human. At this point, I no longer even know what it is like to BE human. And to be honest, if you are in any way a "prime" example of being human... then I should be grateful that I am not human and don't know what it is like to be... because you are one sad, Godforsaken excuse for one, even in the reality of insanity.

Since meeting me, you always did wonder what the true meaning of "Smoke and Mirrors" was. If you have not found out by now, then you are either about to, or you never will know... This is just the smoke; My "goodbye" to you. Next comes the mirrors; I'm gone from your life and you from mine. My family awaits me in another state, altogether. And you will never see nor hear from Me again.



22:16 May 09 2015

Im sure glad your on VR or we would never here you talk.....oh wait we don't.....To be human is to live.....as a human........

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