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10:30 Sep 07 2015
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All I can say is "Really, son? Grow The Hell Up."

I don't understand why some people who claim to be "So Helpful" only decide to act akin to children and get pissy when they are told, clearly-enough, to "Bug... Off..."

Now, I'm that 'strange' kind of person whom, admittedly, tends to wear out my welcome, virtually everywhere I go, and quite quickly. And I've come to accept that fact about myself. When I DON'T wear out my welcome, I find it almost shocking, because most people... Really Don't like me much.

Not that I really care that much, really. But one thing I will state is that when it has been stated that I have worn out my welcome, I generally make my preparations for departure once again. And besides that, I often feel the need to travel allot, regardless of my situation.

However, when it comes to something like this... little 'Von', I have to say, boy... your 'gall' really does grate on my nerves. And yes, I point to you, by name, and with good reason.

There is an old, old saying, my young friend; in fact, it's been around since before you were born. - -

"If you're going to piss like a puppy, Don't roll with the pack". Sounds an awful lot like a few other phrases, doesn't it?

"If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen" -

or, my personal favourite...

"If you are going to act like a child, then go back to the play-pen".

Now, I will admit that I have been guilty of similar things to what is pointed at in these phrases. But thankfully, never have I gone so far as you have, my boy.

First off, if you have a problem with Me, then I strongly advise you to 'Man Up', and Speak Up. Otherwise, you are little better than the child that you show. This is why I hold such little respect for those like you - and yes... there have been a LOT, to say the very least.

I don't try to place myself upon any kind of pedestal, here, but honestly, it gets extremely annoying to see just how little respect someone has for another (as well as regard to their word), when you see someone blatantly defying a Request-turned-DEMAND that they remain devoid of contact.

Yet now, I see this "grown man" acting a child, getting pissed off... and for what? Because he's shown nothing but contempt, rudeness, and blatant disregard for someone else who is technically 'under MY care', as it were? Frankly, son, you're lucky that it's no longer legal to do things as I was taught. Suffice to say that your attitude alone wouldn't last very long.

Predator-by-nature though I may be... I'm also protective in my nature over others. Especially when They come to Me. So, that being said, I suggest that you brush up on your manners, for one, and learn to respect others as you would wish to be respected. Not that it would do any good with myself or those of my 'like', at this point, since you've already proven yourself basically an outright pain-in-the-ass... but supposedly being part of a "family" or "community", I'm a little surprised that you haven't had manners flat-out BEATEN into you by any of your elders. I know that had I acted like you do, and my one 'elder' were still kicking, I would likely have my ass put on a pike of bamboo... literally. And given how long most of our family has been around, I'm a little insulted that you would act this childish. I have been the Number-One outcast of what was once my "family" AND society, ever since I can remember. So to see someone act such a fool as you already have, and continue to do... I'm sorry but - wait... no, I'm not - Grow The Hell Up, Child. My three-year-old niece is more mature than you are, and she can be a complete Brat, lest she hear "Uncle is mad".

I walked away from society - especially the alleged "community" - for a reason. I was taught to be a 'man', though a monster I may be. Be a soldier. TRY to be someone or something that those around me can either Fear, Admire, or Both. That being said, I guess I can't even 'hope' that you would learn to be smart and act like an adult. But I can at least 'wish' for it, though I highly doubt such would ever happen.



13:33 Sep 07 2015

Who did this to ya bro, that shit pisses me off....I don't like hearing that some bodies messing with my favorite hell hound.

you seriously maybe a guy who may where out your welcome

but not with me...because...I can tell with the friends you do have, would help you at the drop of a hat. I barely know you and can tell, whoever pissed you off was stupid. if it happens to be me with this comment and I don't know it sorry, but I don't think it was.


I have a stupid 90s song lyric for you by limp bizkit, whom , I wouldn't be caught dead listening to today

"I pack a chainsaw, I'll skin your ass raw. Its just one of those days. Its all about the he said she said bullish*t. You better quit talking that shit, our you'll be leaving here with a fat lip."

lol.....what happened to that....oh the FCC and Eminem....damnit man, I never thought a guy spat so much crap about the government in a song, he affect all other musical expression.

13:42 Sep 07 2015

I recent have had to deal with some of our own parents acting like that. I realized, the hard way, some of us kids, have had to teach the parents how to be adults. Let alone flat out other people my age. CP fucken S was the worst thing for children....since the church....unless you were one of the lucky few...it actually helped because of how bad the family life was.

06:22 Sep 10 2015

"Hellhound"... it's been quite some time since I've had anyone call me That. The last time was when I lived in the Central North, some many years ago. I even remember someone deciding to write a little 'piece' about it with me, when I caught wind of it.

"Call Me your personal demon,

Call Me the Devil's wane,

Call Me the Hound of Hell...

But know that I will be the bane!

They say I am the 'Cowboy from Hell",

They say that I cannot be killed.

You say I am Evil-incarnate...

But you'll know no darker shell."

I can't remember the rest - only that little bit, though I know it isn't entirely on-the-dot.

Although, as far as "messing with me", well... the people of "Music City" didn't call me the "Vampire Lord" for nothing. Sadly, whilst I was living there, I as one of the most well-known people in the entire city. Half the time, people knew MY name and sometimes my Face, before they even heard of the "higher-up" public figures. Though it may have said allot, it's kind of a sad notion.

And as for who it is that is pissing me off, in this one... let us just say that he is someone who likely won't be standing upon his own "vertical base" once I am finished with him, If we meet. And no... obviously, it isn't you, 'Amenthewick'.

I simply find it extremely stupid that those who make claim to be "oh, so helpful" only show how much of a hindrance they really are, by attempting to impose their bullshit and so-called "authority" over someone over whom they were never granted such said "authority" or "power". And I don't like it when someone tries to 'impose' upon those of my family and those few I care about, given that they have so little ground to make such an imposition.

Hence why I say... the little 'rat' won't be standing upon his own physical feet once I am finished with him, should he and I meet...

18:20 Oct 30 2015

No mercy to those lacking respect to this extent. Hopefully the Child was set straight.

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