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The Shoes

13:58 Aug 28 2011
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She stood there on the phone in the massive loft telling her business associate that she just needed a loan. That she would double, no triple the return of his investment. But he said no! I stood there looking as her dreams went up in smoke. She placed down the receiver and begins telling me about how desperate she had gotten one time. She stole her ex-boyfriend’s credit card and somehow was able to get $100,000.00 off of it. She then turned it into a million dollars. She drove him to some part of the city at gun point and let him out with half of the money and just drove away. I told her sorry, but there was no way she would ever get that amount of money from my credit card. She said she knew that, but that’s not why she loved me. I had to use the bathroom and left the door open since she was still talking to me. She then received a phone call. When I came out of the bathroom she told me that she will be going away for awhile and that she had done something that wasn’t quite legal and they were coming for her. She lay back onto the bed and invited me between her legs one last time. As I moved on top of her the door to the loft was forced open. A woman in a short black dress, dark shades and wearing a headset came into the room. The woman told her that she was the owner of the designer shoes she had stolen from her and that she was taking them back and having her arrested. Ten other women dressed exactly like her marched into the room. Five position themselves on one side of the display case holding the shoes and the other five on the opposite side. In unison they lifted the case to carry it out. She told the woman that she had a better idea. To allow her to sell the shoes for her and she would bring in triple the amount they were worth. That if she didn’t come through, she could always still have her arrested. The woman ordered the ladies to leave the shoes and accepted the deal. I then found myself standing in a house with the woman looking down at twin babies. I’m still not sure who they belonged to; the woman or my love and I. My love was in the kitchen cooking what seemed to be breakfast and talking business on the phone. It seems years had passed by and we and the woman appeared to be rich. I suppose cooking was just a hobby of hers. She ended the call. She wrapped her arms around me and then my soul was once again pulled back into this reality. I woke up. It was all yet another dream.




The Beach

01:37 Aug 28 2011
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We were at a beach. She wore a long sun dress and she had long hair. I set on something high like a large storage cabinet or something as she stood by my legs that dangled over the edge. Her two girlfriends were playing catch with a ball and one of two of my buddies decided to join in. One buddy accidentally bumped the ball into the forehead of one of the two girls playing and I teased him calling him a brute and for picking on a girl. We all laughed. He then had to leave and one of his other friends was angry at him about something. So that left two girls against one guy, my other buddy. I wasn’t feeling well because the sun was out and I had little energy. I always feel better at night. So she tried to play in her long sun dress, but it didn’t work out that well. She ran over to where I was and hopped up onto the storage cabinet and set close to me and then smiled and placed her hand onto my leg. I thought to myself, wow! I looked into her eyes and she looked into mine and I said, ‘Hi’. Still smiling she said, ‘Hi’. Then I leaned in and kissed her lips. They were soft, moist…nice! Our friends started to cheer us. My buddy yelled, ‘dude, you just met her!’ She asked me what gave her away. I said probably the fact that she set so close to me and then of course her hand on my leg. She looked down to her hand still resting on my leg as if she hadn’t even noticed that she had placed it there. Then my soul was yanked back to what has come to be known as ‘Reality’ as I woke up. It was all just a dream. Damn! To me, my dreams are reality and this world is a bad dream. I want to sleep and never wake up if it means being with her.





06:30 Aug 27 2011
Times Read: 1,629

How she contacted me

How her hair blew in the wind

How her voice sounds

How long her hair is

How nice her hair smells

How beautiful she is

How we made love

How she smiles

How she pouts

How she talked me into liking her

How she talked me into loving her

How she talked me into flying to visit her

How she hold my hand as we walk side by side

How she crosses her legs lady like even while riding in a vehicle

How she looks in just jeans and a T-shirt

How she looks in a long dress

How we chat for hours

How she jokes

How she playfully swat at me when I tease her

How she closes her eyes and smacks her lips when she’s tasting something yummy

How she wraps her arms around my arm when I’m driving and touching her thigh

How she loves to sit in my lap

How she cuddles and snuggles

How she sleeps

How she said actually she just want me to hug her and tell her I’ll always love her

How she said we are perfect for each other

How she loves me

How she kisses me

How she licks me like a kitten

How she loves to be bitten

How she calls me her Vampire

How she left on vacation

How she returned

How she becomes sad

How she began to treat me

How she asked if it was over

How it ended

How will I ever stop……





08:46 Aug 22 2011
Times Read: 1,625

I let her go to save her life....If I didn't know how to shut it all off...it wouldn't be pretty....but I wonder how long I can hold all the years of pain back...it's my personal demon that once loose, anything could happen.....My shoulder is to the door and my legs are holding steady...but I think it's getting smarter...I hear the hindges being tampered with. O.O




Today's 'To Do' List...

17:26 Aug 15 2011
Times Read: 1,634

1) Get out of bed

2) Do nothing productive since that was done yesterday

3) Go for a walk

4) Watch folks drive off to work tired & sleepy

5) Beat Resident Evil 4 on my PS2

6) Go outside and watch folks return from work tired & angry

7) Post something crazy on someone's FB wall

8) Watch House Hunters on HGTV

9) Watch a DVD

10) Go back to bed




The Parting...

02:37 Aug 14 2011
Times Read: 1,655

The hunger for blood was no longer a part of her. Her lust for sex with him was gone....They had changed her back with their medical science. He had made them all pay with their lives. In her eyes he saw something that hasn't been there for over 500 hundred years..fear! Fear of him. Of what he was. Fear of what she had been. Fear of what she could become again if he chose to turned her once more as he did so long ago. She told him that she can not love him the way he needed to be loved. That she was now human again and wanted to grow old and yes...even die. He loved her so much that by letting her go...he knew he would never be the same..but yet...it is because he loved her that he let her go....So with one crimson tear falling from his eye...in mist...he vanished..She was free...But yet..she too knew she would never be the same again...For now she knew what it meant to be affraid once more.




Fuck It!

08:50 Aug 08 2011
Times Read: 1,664

Let Me Be Goth

For I Enjoy The Darker Side Of Things You See

Let me Be Goth

For I Can Only Be Me

I Have Heartbreak For Breakfast

I Have Betrayal For Lunch

I Have Loneliness For Dinner

But I Throw Up Not Once

I Don’t Cry For Help For No One Can Save Me

My Body Is A Road Map Of Pain Yet No One Can Find Me

Numb Is How I Feel

Happiness Is Always Temporary

Nothing Is Real

Two Broken Wings Can’t Fly Nor Will They Ever Heal

So Why Not Walk Through Hell Together To Get To Heaven

Fuck It…Maybe I Should Just Choose A Different Pill



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