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20:46 Dec 31 2015
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The saddest thing anticipated in 2016 is hearing about or reading about Family & Friends having to struggle with the same challenges and dealing with the same issues as they did all of 2015 and maybe even before that.

Sometimes I feel a large surge of money and a good dose of amnesia would solve 99% of many people's problems.




19:10 Dec 28 2015
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Dream Travel...

I love traveling to new alternate universes while dreaming. Most of the time I'm completely aware that I'm dreaming and can even control events within the dream.

Well I went to bed sometime after midnight and even though I kept waking due to nature calling, I was always able to lay back down and go right back to sleep and achieve dream state.

My first dream found me in my home laying in bed with two beautiful women that I was about to have sex with. It seems that they both lived with me, however, there was some sort of commotion coming from one of two of my walk-in closets. I went to the closet and opened the door and discovered three people. One female vampire closest to the door. One male vampire bent over what seemed to be a female human trapped under him in the corner of my closet. A sword appeared in my hand and I immediately shopped the head off of the female vampire. I did hesitate for a split second, because she was hot. Then I threatened to do the same to the male vampire if he didn't let the woman go. He threatened to kill the woman for my having killed his woman. I said I didn't even know the woman so as soon as he made his move, I'd make mine. That in fact, I should just thrust the sword straight through both of them at the same time and call it a night. He agreed not to kill the woman if I allowed him to leave my house. I agreed. He released the woman and begin to walk through my home towards the front door. He bragged how with his vampire speed he could trash my entire house and be gone before I could take two more steps. He offered to turn me, but I told him that if I wanted to be turned, I would prefer to be turned by a sexy female vampire. No offense. After he stepped outside of my house, he threatened that he would return. I replied that I didn't think so as I chopped off his head. The woman who had been held by him was standing behind me and asked why did I killed him after he kept his word. I said that I promised to let him leave, I never promised to allow him to live since I was pissed as to how he invaded my home in the first place and then threatened to return again. How all three of them made it into my home without my knowledge was my question to her. She informed me that I and my two female companions had been compelled to forget anytime we saw them and to disregard any noise that they made and that they had been living in my attic for about a week when the male vampire finally decided that he wanted to turn her and she had refused out of fear. So then she asked could she stay with us and be my third companion. I said hell yeah!! grin emoticon We walked back up to my bedroom and got into bed with my other two female companions and they smiled at the addition.

Then I woke up. Nature called. frown emoticon

So the next dream I found myself in I was teasing some Prosecuting Attorneys. They were questioning me about a crime and I knew they wanted information that they could use against me as well as information they would have to beat in court. I told them I could waste their time and allow them to take that "L" in court (meaning Loss), but I'll save the tax payers some money and just let them know that there is video recording proving my innocence located in my home as well as being prepared to be released both online and via news agencies if I am not released from their custody within the hour. The Asst. District Attorney was a sexy female so I even offered to take her to my home to retrieve the tape personally. grin emoticon

Then I woke up. Nature called. frown emoticon I snore and my mouth gets dry a lot so I have to keep a drink on my night stand so I'm drinking throughout the night and all so having to take a leak throughout the night.

So I fall back to sleep and then I find myself in court anyways for some reason and I started out sitting not behind my attorney's table, but on the side of the table with my back towards where the jury would be, but there wasn't a jury. The Prosecuting Attorney informed the Judge that they wished to drop all charges against me. The judge accepted that, but then got distracted by being told that he had to relocate his court proceedings to another room. However, before we moved, he and my Attorney got into some sort of personal argument where he ended up asking her how did some girl make her feel when she told my Attorney that she should stop eating so much at some social gathering. My Attorney said it made her feel horribly embarrassed. She started to tear up too. Then I noticed that I was no longer sitting at the side of the table, but out in front with my back towards the Judge wondering how did that happen and why was my Attorney moving further away from the Judge. So then we all get up to relocate to another room.

In this new room the Judge comes over to me, places his arm around my shoulder and asks me why I haven't pursued a position on the force by applying to their officer program. I informed him I had already applied and was accepted to an officer program, but it was with the USMC of which I completed 24 years of active duty service and I've been fully retired going on 5 years now. He smiled and said, "Semper Fi. So was I". Meaning he too had retired from the USMC. He said he wasn't going to give up on trying to get me to work for the force and wanted me to go have a chat with someone special.

Then the dream had me and a partner rolling up on a scene where this cop was arresting two people and a crowd had formed. I got out of the car and showed my badge. Apparently I was some type of Law Enforcer who "Police the Police". I had the authority to fire cops on the spot as I saw fit. After investigating what was going on, my call was to tell the cop to uncuff those people and let them go. There was no evidence that they had did anything wrong and the entire crowd was saying the same thing. It just seemed like Police Harassment. Well the cop didn't like that and was refusing to follow my order. I told him either he do what I had instructed him to do or place his shield and gun on my vehicle because he'd be fired and then he'll be just a citizen unlawfully in possession of a weapon. So as he begin to draw his weapon, I drew mine at the same time. When he pointed his at me instead of placing it on the hood of my vehicle, I pointed mine at him as well and my partner got out of the car and pointed his weapon at the cop as well. I told the cop he had no shot and to drop his weapon. Well the people were released and I fired that cop.

Then I found myself holding a meeting with a large room full of cops telling them that if I ever come across bad behavior or unlawful behavior by anyone of them in uniform, I'd fire them right on the spot and if they have a problem with that, take it up with the President of the United States. So I suppose I was some type of Federalized Police Enforcer.

Then I woke up. Nature called.

The last dream I had I found myself in an office building where I was in a kitchen area. I saw two thawed steaks sitting on the counter and I remember thinking those shouldn't be there. I ate them already. Then a thawed steak appeared in the sink having fallen half way into the garbage disposal hole. I pulled it out and realized at that point that I was dreaming. I began to touch my hand and pinch it thinking to myself how real the brain makes the dream world because I can feel all that. I felt the wall and it felt like a solid wall. So I realize that if I can feel everything in the dream world just like my own reality, it was time to have some sex!! I walked to the next office where this beautiful sexy chick was standing in the doorway talking to someone and I think in that reality she was someone I knew either as a Girlfriend or Wife, but I don't know if we worked together or she was there to see me. All I know is I took her by the arm, excused us from whomever she was chatting with, took her into my office and shut the door and bent her over my desk. I was smiling at how good this was going to feel. I lifted her skirt and removed her panties and she was already ready for me. As I touched her lady part and then had to wipe my soaking hand on a shirt laying on the couch in my office, I unzipped myself and was in the motion of connecting with her inner universe when everything went white and I found myself thrust back into my own reality with my eyes still closed. I was no longer in my dream world. FML!




23:40 Dec 23 2015
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Household chores accomplished traditionally by a certain gender are no longer that way. Households head by women that have young boys teach those young boys how to accomplish chores traditionally accomplished by women.

So thanks to some women, some men are better Domestic Engineers than their counterparts.

So when a man says he doesn't NEED you, but WANTS you....Thank the female that raised him and trust he's telling you the TRUTH! ^_^


1 Putting the trash out

2 Do It Yourself Repair Work

3 Changing light bulbs, smoke detector batteries and a/c filters



1 Weekly clean

2 Daily clean

3 Vacuuming

4 Cleaning kitchen/bathroom

5 Heavy duty kitchen cleaning (oven/fridge)

6 Tidying up

7 Washing clothes

8 Washing bedding

9 Changing sheets

10 Ironing

11 Managing the family budget

12 Organising car insurance

13 Organising home insurance

14 Organising payment of utility bills

15 Liaising with school/nursery over everyday issues

16 Liaising with school/nursery over trips

17 Being the first person called if there's a problem at school/nursery

18 Packing schoolbags

19 Doing/supervising homework

20 Arranging childcare

21 Arranging applications for primary/secondary school

22 Arranging play dates

23 Taking children to clubs

24 Organising birthday parties

25 Buying clothes

26 Organising Christmas

27 Buying family presents/cards

28 Managing doctor/dentist/optician appointments

29 Looking after children at evenings and weekends

30 Preparing activities for your patner to look after the children at evenings and weekends

31 Reading bedtime stories

32 Looking after sick children

33 Taking time off work to look after sick children

34 Settling children that wake in the night

35 Organising birthday presents for family members

36 Booking holidays

37 Preparing the meals

38 Packing meals for s partner to take to work or for kids to take to school




22:13 Dec 23 2015
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I answer to NOBODY!

I say the things that others only wish they could.

I'm happily Single & Retired!!!

The Flag I fly is RED!

 photo 13_zpsutey1ldm.jpg




22:01 Dec 23 2015
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I've never made it difficult for a women to leave me. If what I bring to the table and being the Awesome person I am doesn't make that hard enough, then so be it.

If she wants to leave and the only things keeping her around is the fear of struggling financially or what I might do to her if she tries to leave, I'd give her money, won't cause any drama, help her pack and hold the door open for her.

I don't want a woman who NEEDS me, I want a woman who WANTS me.

Because I'll never NEED a woman, but I'll always WANT one.




21:54 Dec 23 2015
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From a man's point of view:

A woman will send out resumes, fill out applications and compete to get that dream job and then if she gets hired, she'll spend the next 20 or more years proving to her employers daily that they made a good investment and that they were right to value her above all others.

Much like her job, society programs her into believing that she is the jewel to have and the prize to be won. However, when a man wins her heart, some women take it for granted all the work she made him put in just to have her and forget that in a relationship too just as while employed she should continue to show her man daily that he made a good investment and that he is right to value her above all others.

A woman should never allow her value to be reduced due to complacency. Like a champion boxer, just because she holds the title now, there is always another woman that's hungry. Her man may not be the cheating type and he may be 100% committed, but if she's complacent in her relationship he may loose some interest and get bored himself then another man may just catch her slipping and cause her to want some validation from him that "she's still got it". Much like a job when an employer finds out that she's interested, even a little, in another job, they may question your loyalty to the company and fire her. If her man catches her actively trying to gain the attention of another man and enjoying the attention as well, he too may question her loyalty to him and the relationship resulting in letting her go. Besides, there are other women out there as well.

As soon as she stops appreciating her partner and desiring to make things feel new and or exciting is when she becomes boring. She stops putting in the effort to keep the relationship growing and generally stop caring.

Then due to her complacency, comfort and selfishness, he leaves or sends her away and she's left wondering: “What just happened?”




19:08 Dec 22 2015
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I'm going into 2016 Single like....




18:22 Dec 22 2015
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I just had a dream where in it I was just a kid and my Mother came to my room and told me I had to wake up. I was really angry and was asking why did she always have to wake me up? Why can't I ever be allowed to just sleep in until I wake up on my own.

Then I transformed into an adult living on my own and was awaken by her voice, but she wasn't really there. So I said, "Nope, I'm going right back to sleep. I'm RETIRED!"

Then I woke up in this reality and it's after 10 am.

Some dreams do come true. ^_^




05:25 Dec 21 2015
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I often sit or lay alone in the dark just listening to the voices in my head. Sometimes they whisper. Sometimes they scream. I hear them even as I'm in the process of talking to another. They keep saying the same things 24/7 as if chanting.

"You're Awesome"

"You're The Greatest"

"You're Simply The Best"

"You're Love In The Flesh"

"You're Magickal"



06:17 Dec 21 2015

lol... mine ussually the other.... lol

But ok. what ever works :D


10:46 Dec 21 2015

Lmao....just let somebody know if they shout KILL


05:24 Dec 21 2015
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She told him he was damn near perfect. He showed that he loved and cared for her. He protected her. He was romantic. He always remembered special dates. He spoiled her. He let her have her way almost all the time. With him she wanted for nothing. However, she said, she knew he was only that way because he enjoyed fucking her. Sex meant almost everything to him. For that reason, she had to leave him.

 photo REPLY86_zpsbvqymduu.jpg



06:19 Dec 21 2015

wait, what?

me don't comprehend........ and i am sure i would have a more confuseing look on my face too......

06:21 Dec 21 2015



05:21 Dec 21 2015
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Some women are like, "If he seems too happy, he must be getting over on me some how. He's not going to play me like that."



06:21 Dec 21 2015

0o..... what is that....... some people are in the mood of, i'll f- ya before you f- me....... 0o sighs.... and we wonder whats wrong with the world......


20:42 Dec 20 2015
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If you are prone to emotional instability displaying fits of rage, anger, depression and anxiety, but still seek love from a person who has no emotional control issues while at the same time wanting to be accepted despite your mental challenges, what type of person would that person have to be? Typical? Average?

Nope, Sorry...That person is going to have to be EXCEPTIONAL!

- The Supercaretaker

- Someone who knows themselves

- Someone who knows how to protect their own mental health

- Someone honorable

- Someone strong

- Someone with courage

- Someone who is good at taking care of the house, the finances and the children all by themselves

- Someone committed

- Someone with both mental and physical endurance

- Someone that doesn't mind doing research

- Someone who doesn't mind not having a social life

- Someone who doesn't mind going days, weeks or months without sex

- Someone willing to go through alternate feelings of anger, fear, guilt, hopelessness, and many other emotions that feel uncomfortable

- Someone who isn't afraid to make the hard choices

- Someone with great Communication Skills

- Someone who is emotionally stable

- Someone who can show empathy

- Someone who pays excellent attention to detail

- Someone with great problem solving skills

- Someone that gives respect and earns respect

So if you know you have some mental health challenges, but you're looking for love among the average, typical, run of the mill person, you are searching among the wrong group.

I recommend you search out people in the following occupational fields to date or marry:

- Mental/Behavioral Specialists

- Social Workers

- Ministers/Pastors/Religious Counselors

- Marital Counselors

- Health Care Workers

- Clinical Social Workers

- Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors

- Psychiatric or Mental Health Nurse Practitioners

 photo 1_zpsorv8m9sj.jpg



21:01 Dec 20 2015

Nice written!


17:23 Dec 10 2015
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So over four years now I've waken-up and asked myself the same question, "How will you entertain yourself today?".

I'm happy to announce for over four years I've answered that question with the same answer, "However you fucking want to. You're RETIRED!" ^_^




05:16 Dec 10 2015
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The one thing I know is that Females can be complicated emotionally and not matter how hard a guy tries to track and predict what's coming, she'll lie about what's wrong and how she's feeling and make it harder for him just because he's a guy and should never think he's figured her out.....smh!




11:36 Dec 08 2015
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So I told them...

Ok, I'm sorry (not really) that I can't currently relate when it comes to money issues, bill issues, relationship issues, transportation issues, living issues, self-esteem issues, child issues, employment issues, family issues, racism issues, discrimination issues, but I can currently relate to health issues...well..sorta kinda.

But I'm always willing to listen because I've been there. I may not be there right now with the other issues, but I remember them.





02:42 Dec 06 2015
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18:21 Dec 04 2015
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01:28 Dec 02 2015
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New Ink Work Today. The Crow & The Egyptian Nebty

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