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18:51 Feb 27 2016
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So even after doing daily exercises with my violin to adjust my left wrist to fingering the finger board, I still felt tension.

So I switched to the Cello. No more tension. However, I'll still fool around with the violin, maybe just play open string notes. Haha!

I've heard that older beginner violin students and especially males tend to have problems with not being able to adapt their Arm/Wrist/Hand enough to play violin.

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00:29 Feb 28 2016

That is awesome - I've always loved stringed instruments. I've been a guitarist all my life but have always admired violin and cello players - that takes a lot of skill!

05:46 Feb 28 2016

Look at you! Love the blue color!


18:01 Feb 27 2016
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I've just returned from my Dream Travel to Alternate Realities.

1st Reality

I found myself on a couch as I was babysitting friends' two kids. Their parents were in one room and their roommate, some guy, was in another room. I heard what sounded like a knock at the door, but when I answered it, no one was there. Then I heard my friend, their Father, yell, "Help Me", in a very disturbing, stressed tone from the bedroom. I entered the room to find him laying on his back on the bed staring up at the ceiling crying. His wife was on the floor bound, gagged and wrapped in plastic. She was laying in a pool of her own blood. He had apparently attempted to murder his own wife with the intent to buy her, but she was fighting to continue to live so hard that he couldn't continue to go through with it. I could see her trying to breath through the plastic so my first instinct was to get her air. I ripped a hole through the plastic covering her face and she begin to suck in air. Her lips were blue and her body looked pale grey as almost fully drained of blood from what appeared to be a stab wound to her torso. I thought to myself that she's on death's door-step, as they say. Thoughts of why he yelled for help concerned me since apparently I and now their roommate who just entered the room now know what he was attempting to do, however, this could also be a set-up. I thought about picking up the knife to free her from the ropes, but then my prints would be on the murder weapon. I grabbed clothing to press over the wound to slow the bleeding knowing that there could be internal bleeding from multiple cut veins and arteries. I yelled at the roommate to call 9-1-1 as my friend yelled to let her die. I yelled back that they have kids who need their mom. Now my concern was having to fight him off while trying to also save what life I knew was slowly slipping away from his wife. How he could also lie and say that we all planned to murder his wife, but that one of us, me, changed our mind and then we would all find ourselves on trial for a murder he had done. Then I woke up due to nature calling. All I can say is choose your friends wisely and hope they don't commit a crime while you're hanging out with them.

2nd Reality

I found myself in the snow with a heavy pack on my back negotiating obstacles which took me higher and higher up a mountain trail. Once successfully overcoming the last obstacle, I was given 2 coupons. I was then directed to exchange the 2 coupons for strange currency. I then found myself in my Marine Service Uniform. Once I had the currency, I was directed to purchase something from some store. They mostly sold crap I would have never purchased, but I did see some movie DVD that I chose, but had to make up a $9 difference with my own money. I was then allowed to leave and progressed to the next phase of what seemed to be some type of ultimate test. I found myself with a group of other people and we all were wearing white Ninja uniforms complete with swords and shurikens. This next test was to seek out and over come other Ninjas wearing black. I began moving down a street all stealth like, looking under vehicles, slowly peeping around corners when I sensed a presence above me. Instinct took over and I threw 6 shurikens upward in some dark over-hang and struck 6 Ninjas who all fell to the ground in front of an official monitor.. I was surprise so many was all in one space. The official awarded me with the mock kill since they were wearing protective gear. Another candidate and I searched a men's room and found it to be clear. Since we were there, we took turns taking a leak while the other guy was on look-out. He went first and then me. Another candidate without his mask on walked in and his eyes appeared to be rolled back in his head. Almost like he was in some sort of trance. He unceremoniously started to use the urinal right next to mine, but was slowly turning my way. I jumped back as to evade from being pissed on and he moved himself to the urinal I had just been at. He then slowly started turning my way again while pissing on the wall and floor and I kicked him forcing him into the urinal as the candidate who was on look-out for me and I quickly decided to leave and advance on to the grenade tossing area. There was no time to deal with whatever that was going on. Then I woke up...again. All I can say is be cautious of guys wanting to piss right next to your urinal.

The End.




07:04 Feb 18 2016
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Just some new additions to my collections....




01:44 Feb 05 2016
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Darkness is here and I'm feeling energy return to my body...to my very soul.




06:56 Feb 04 2016
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I have a new respect for anyone that can read and play sheet music. Then there are those that play from memory....Wow!




04:35 Feb 04 2016
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That moment when you pause to check yourself to make sure you're still alive, happy and at peace because sometimes it feels so surreal if heaven was real, you'd swear you were living in it.. Then you decide that Paradise is close enough. ^_^




02:34 Feb 01 2016
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Facebook and VR are two of many social sites to enjoy....Not a requirement. No one can make people get on them daily so I don't know why some people make a big deal of taking a break away from them or deleting their accounts. One either logs on to them or they don't. They are there if you want them, but it's not mandatory to use them.



02:43 Feb 01 2016

I agree on what you are saying, but I think the reason is, because society today is stuck on phones, and all what other people think is cool.

02:48 Feb 01 2016

Mogy RULES!!!

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