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Monday Madness

11:52 Nov 30 2020
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1.During the FOX call in I mentioned yesterday, Mango attacked the cities of Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and others..... amazing that these cities have a high black population, that turns out to vote..... Mango you are what you are.....

2.A Federal Appellate Court bitch slapped Mango and his legal team by saying that calling an election unfair does not make it so. Noting that the complaint by the plaintiffs (Mango) had been haphazardly put together the court denied the request to amend it for a second time. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/trump-appeal-pennsylvania_n_5fc14674c5b6e4b1ea4b3578

Oh, the panel was made up of judges all appointed by Republicans and one by Mango himself.

3. Well the Republicans have handed out money right and left to Mango. They have spent like ... well.... socialists on a drunken binge....... and now they are beginning to say that we the people have to tighten up..... that they are going to put the breaks on spending...... meaning we are going to get ass fucked by them......

You see why these Republicans should have been voted out.......

4. Apparently ex KGB thug Vladimir Putin has said that Biden did not win...... ROTFL Mango why don't you ask your "daddy" for help. Maybe Putin will send in Alpha Group. ROTFL

5. PA. State Senator , Doug Mastriano, a Republican who was meeting in person with Mango suddenly left the White House because he was informed he had tested positive for Covid.https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/527918-pa-lawmaker-was-informed-of-positive-coronavirus-test-while-meeting

6. Speaking of Covid, Nick Saban, head coach of the University of Alabama has reportedly tested positive AGAIN. Oh, does this mean Mango can catch it again ? And the Baltimore Ravens have 11 players and 20 staffers who tested positive. 49ers can't play in their stadium for 3 weeks due to restrictions. All Broncos QBs were ineligible for their game yesterday due to Covid.

7. Some 70% of employees of major chains like McDonalds, Walmart , Dollar Tree, rely on some form of government assistance. https://crooksandliars.com/2020/11/walmart-mcdonalds-amazon-dollar-tree-fedex

Wait, they work full time and still need help? You mean here? But, But But..... that's not what the right says.... lazy, on drugs , shiftless is what the right says.

8. We will hit the 267,000 Covid death count today..... yep, still here




Bring On The Strait Jacket

23:47 Nov 29 2020
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Mango in a call in session with Maria Bartiromo of FOX has accused the FBI of stealing the election..... bring on the straitjacket or handcuffs. ROTFL



01:05 Nov 30 2020

"Helping" to make sure it was the most secure election in national history

"Stealing" it???


Saturday Nov. 28

15:05 Nov 28 2020
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1. We will go over the 265,000 Covid deaths later today.

2. Some experts expect the death rate to double. https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/28/health/us-coronavirus-saturday/index.html

The University of Washington has projected 400,000 dead by February 2021. No matter which figure is used it is to high.

3. I personally know someone who has lost a family member to it. I know two others that are in quarantine as I write this because one of their family members, an E.R. Nurse, has tested positive for it.

4. Read this article on the U.S. Supreme Court and how it is described as scientifically illiterate. https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/27/opinions/scientifically-illiterate-scotus-covid-decision-sachs/index.html

5. I noticed the price of gas jumped about 20 cents yesterday. I wonder if this has anything to do it? I know just coincidence. https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/28/middleeast/iran-mohsen-fakhrizadeh-nuclear-scientists-killed-intl/index.html

6.Chris Krebs, the former head of Election Cyber Security who was fired by Mango, AFTER he said this was the most secure election in U.S. history will be on 60 Minutes on Sunday night. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/chris-krebs-presidential-election-security-60-minutes-cbs-this-morning-2020-11-27/

7. The aircraft carrier Nimitz is being sent to the Persian Gulf. See No. 5 above. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8995003/US-deploys-USS-Nimitz-Persian-Gulf-cover-troops-leaving-Iraq-Afghanistan.html

8. And as we approach a vaccine..... the anti vaxxers are ramping up. How is it that the supposedly the most advanced country on the planet, founded by Western Civilization (lol), have so many who are anti- science, anti- vaccine, anti- learning, anti- knowledge?

9. One other thing, no one has to read this, however a number do. If it bothers you then go back to your mother's refrigerator and then go to your room and don't read it.





14:35 Nov 27 2020
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1. Have any of you considered whether Mango can actually be trusted with National Security secrets when he leaves office? I have considering his relationship with Putin. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/national-security/when-he-leaves-office-can-ex-president-trump-be-trusted-n1248994

2.And with another 750,000 new unemployment claims filed last week, the food lines are surging because people are broke. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8989315/New-Yorkers-queue-Thanksgiving-meals-two-million-people-city-hungry.html

3.And robots are being used by Amazon and Walmart and others to save a buck . https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2020/nov/27/robots-replacing-jobs-automation-unemployment-us

4.The Republican Governor of W. Va has issued a statewide mask mandate, saying he doesn't want to be like S. Dakota which also has a Republican Governor only she is a little unbalanced.https://crooksandliars.com/2020/11/west-virginia-govenor-we-dont-want-be

5. Seems a pro Mango Group is suing because election fraud WASN'T PROVED and they want their 2.5 million dollar donation back.https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-11-26/pro-trump-group-donor-sues-over-failure-to-expose-election-fraud

6.And here is the really important news, Claire the Scottish Deerhound,won top prize in the National Dog Show. https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/26/us/national-dog-show-2020-trnd/index.html

I wonder if Mango will call to congratulate her?



17:00 Nov 27 2020


17:10 Nov 27 2020

I swear there are a lot of other obsessions to have then brining political bullshit to site try your orchids maybe your damn dog. Will there ever be peace from this horseshit and those who obsess over it

20:44 Nov 27 2020

Cat, it is far more important than video games

15:07 Nov 28 2020

15:50 Nov 28 2020



Thanksgiving 2020

16:16 Nov 26 2020
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1. Ok, we are starting off with a recommendation.... for all you guys who shave and like colognes or after shave etc. check out West Coast Shaving.... some interesting items... yes, I have purchased a few recently. I used to use ( 20 years ago) a lime after shave made by Truefitt and Hill which is listed on West Coast but I'm trying others out at the moment.

2. So Mango has pardoned a co-conspirator.... one Michael Flynn.... well Mikey you can't take the 5th now.... :)

3. Apparently one of the Republican U.S. Senators from Georgia , David Perdue, is a fucking crook. His opponent Ossoff said that to his face at their second debate.... Perdue then canceled the third debate AFTER the crook moment went viral. :) Don't know what will happen in the runoffs in January.... polls said they are neck and neck but I do not really accept that.

4. The Israeli Military has been placed on alert..... why?..... because they anticipate Mango will strike Iran. WTF https://thehill.com/policy/defense/527542-israeli-military-instructed-to-prepare-for-trump-strike-on-iran-report

5. Disney laying off 32,000 more due to the pandemic. How about that fucking stock market hitting 30,000. All of you feel it , right? Aren't all of you investing? https://thehill.com/policy/finance/527677-disney-laying-off-32000-workers-as-coronavirus-batters-theme-parks

6. Supreme Court stops New York State from enforcing Covid limits on Churches.... And the handmaiden voted to stop enforcement.... just you wait..... she is just fucking getting started https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/supreme-court-blocks-ny-enforcing-covid-limits-churches-n1249079

7. Over 262,000 dead from Covid.... My how the number keeps climbing...... I have a couple of emails to send to the State Health Dept. regarding something I witnessed...... :) yes, indeed some these mugwumps, in fact most, are indeed fucking stupid . But I'm sure when their bosses review the videos there might be some openings :) Let's see.... mmmmm 270,000 by the middle of next week and climbing. Yo, Mango it is still here .

8. Happy Thanksgiving, think about number 7.



18:37 Nov 26 2020

If #4 happens #7 will be irrelevant in the long run.
To attack Iran would be a huge mistake.

General Flynn was never going to jail with or without Trump's pardon. He was a conspirator in what exactly?

The Obama Administration started going after Flynn before the 2016 election even started. Flynn was MI. The Dems, a portion of the upper power structure of the Dem party, are with the CIA. Two factions within the Military Industrial Complex having a behind the scenes fight.

23:24 Nov 26 2020

I will make this simple, Flynn pled guilty twice to lying to the FBI. What did he lie about you ask? He lied about his contacts with the Russian Ambassador Kismyak. Flynn might have been a General but he is a damn disgrace. The Obama Administratin warned Mango not to appoint Flynn but Mango being the fucking genius that he is did so anyway. As I said Fynn can't hide behind the 5th now if subpoenaed in 2021.in general this is the most corrupt administration in history based on indictments and convictions. Not pie in sky bullshit QAnon crap but actual pleas of guilty or convictions by juries

04:13 Nov 27 2020

Every administration has been corrupt.
I don't follow the Q thing.
As far as lying goes ya he said he did.
Above I never said he didn't lie.
My point is where is the "conspiracy" you mention.
As a incoming National Security Advisor he would talk to Ambassador Kismyak and many others from around the world.
As far as hiding as you say Flynn is doing...he already admitted he lied. Kinda hard to hide when you go "hey here I am. I'm guilty."

All I want to know is what is the CONSPIRACY you speak of.

12:43 Nov 27 2020

Oh., you mean the whole Mango/Putin thing. Where there are no witnesses other than the translators. Where experts are 't present. Where all roads lead to Putin with Mango.

And the whole point of putting him under oath again and questioning him would be to see what develops.if he knows nothing then that's the end. If he lies again then he is fucked. If he leads to something else then ok.

As far as all admins being corrupt I disagree . This one is a billboard for corruption .

18:57 Nov 27 2020




11:18 Nov 24 2020
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1. The Mango controlled G.S.A. has given the go ahead, in writing, for the transition to begin.

2. Laura Ingraham broke it to her viewers that Biden won....... lol....... to much..... I wonder if they dropped to their knees

3. Giuliani admits to exaggerating a little bit on his allegations. https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2020/11/23/giuliani-trump-voter-fraud-claim-exaggeration-sot-ac360-vpx.cnn

mmmm.... maybe he exaggerated in court as well...... hope springs eternal

4.Mary Trump, Mango's niece, believes her family should not receive any sort of immunity and should be prosecuted.... :) Mary, I read your book and it was good. I think D.A. Vance and A.G. James will have a go at it.

5. So does anyone here believe that separation of children from families at the border amounts to torture or perhaps a crime against humanity? I ask because I believe that Stephen Miller an advisor to Mango who advocated this should be turned over to the World Criminal Court. Maybe Jeff Sessions as well. You see there was a hand vote among cabinet members on this..... I think whomever raised their hand should be prosecuted.

And the I was just following orders.... which is The Nuremberg Defense...... will not work.

6. I wonder how much overtime the shredders will work in the White House and various branches of the Mango administration?

7. So now the Republican Senators will step up their whining about the economy. Meaning it is unlikely they will immediately, if at all, agree to additional direct stimulus to us.

Funny, I rub shoulders with individuals who actually "work", they aren't doing so well.

8. Yesterday, 160 business leaders, many Republican donors, signed a letter that went to the White House, urging Mango to accept the election and move on....

9. One more thing..... there will be 260,000 dead from Covid by the weekend. Still here isn't it




The End is Coming

11:23 Nov 23 2020
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1. Michigan will certify today for Biden

2. Sdyney Powell, the batshit crazy , conspiracy mongering Trump Attorney HAS BEEN REMOVED from Mango's legal team.

3. Chris Christie, the former Republican Governor of New Jersey and Mango debate coach said yesterday that Mango's legal team is a national embarrassment.

4. Larry Hogan current Republican Governor of Maryland has said it is time for Mango to go. Interesting enough Hogan's father was a GOP representative WHO TURNED on Nixon.

5. A man wearing Trump gear outside of a Trump golf course was seen deliberately exhaling on women. He has been charged. https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/23/us/man-arrested-trump-golf-club/index.html

6. Biden is lining up a number of men and women who have EXPERTISE for his cabinet.

7. Illegal immigration, across the Mexican border, surged in October. Say What? I thought mango was fucking Rambo and everyone was afraid of him.https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/immigration-arrests-along-the-mexico-border-surged-again-in-october/ar-BB1bbq3A?ocid=uxbndlbing

8. Speaking of national disgraces, the right wing, confederate flag loving, walking cadaver, Mitch McConnel needs to speak out. Hopefully, the dimwitted people in KY who voted for him might want to get on the phones and burn his office lines up. You see they think they believe in freedom and democracy.... well now is the time to speak up. Let's be realistic, I will be surprised if McConnel serves out his term...... health isn't good and he does appear to be a walking cadaver.



16:35 Nov 23 2020

Over 100 GOP national security experts urge congressional Republicans to demand Trump concede.

20:51 Nov 23 2020



Sunday's Tidbits

15:15 Nov 22 2020
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1. In PA yesterday, A Federal District Court Judge, described as a conservative, tossed Mango's lawsuit to overturn the popular vote in that State out of court.

2.US. Senator Kelly Loeffler from Georgia who is in a runoff has tested positive then negative for Covid. https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/21/politics/kelly-loeffler-tests-positive-covid-georgia/index.html

3. Congresswoman Liz Cheney, the daughter of former V.P. Dick Cheny, has said it is time for Mango to put up or shut up regarding the allegations of fraud.

4.Republican Senator Pat Toomey of PA., says Mango should accept the results of the election and then Toomey congratulated Biden and Harris.

5.Seems Ivanka Trump Kushner's consultant fees are now under scrutiny by the New York A.G. https://crooksandliars.com/2020/11/trump-organizations-received-subpoena

6. In excess of 256,000 dead from Covid by the end of today. Mango it is still here.

7. Today marks the 57th anniversary of the assassination of JFK, the 35th President of the United States.




More Covid News

11:44 Nov 21 2020
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1. Seems Donald Jr, aka Fredo, has tested positive positive.

2. Rudy Guiliani's son, a White House Official, has also tested positive.

3. Well Michigan GOP officials met with Mango and exited the White House and said they haven't seen anything to make them question the election results.

4. The Sturgis gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts and Mango supporters are to blame for Minnesota's explosion of Covid cases.

5.Health officials in Minnesota are begging to public to follow guidelines or worst things are to come. https://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2020/11/19/covid-in-minnesota-nurses-fear-doomsday-scenario-to-come/

6. Republican U.S. Senator from Florida, Rick Scott has tested positive for Covid. https://www.tampabay.com/news/florida-politics/2020/11/20/floridas-rick-scott-tests-positive-for-coronavrius/

7. Locally, toilet paper flew off the shelves last week.

8. Seems the mango supporting racist militias are preparing for battle according to some. https://www.the-sun.com/news/1812487/inside-far-right-militia-groups-joe-biden/ Don't panic as many many of them are already well known to Federal Law Enforcement

9. The conservative newspaper, The Washington Examiner, published an editorial on Friday telling Mango to concede and move on.https://www.huffpost.com/entry/washington-examiner-donald-trump-2020-election_n_5fb8c7eac5b62517bdbdad46

10.The countries in position to weather climate change are Scandanavian Countries. https://thehill.com/changing-america/sustainability/climate-change/526970-the-10-countries-most-likely-to-survive-the

11. I watched a Christmas movie last night.... Die Hard....... it's a South Florida thing



11:52 Nov 21 2020

One other thing Georgia completed their hand recount and the certified the winner as Joe Biden.


Friday's Tidbits

11:09 Nov 20 2020
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1. According to John Hopkins over 252,000 are now dead as a result of Covid

2. And Mango has now invited Michigan GOP elected officials to the White House ...... he wants to overturn the popular vote in Michigan

3.Mitt Romney Republican U.S. Senator from Utah has said the Mango's actions are undemocratic.....

4. Mango wants to take credit for the vaccines.... imagine an anti science president doing that....... but he will not accept responsibility for 252,000 deaths

5. Rudy Guiliani's make up was running ...... did any of you catch the pic?

6. Guiliani's press conference yesterday was a shit show and full of lies..... check this outhttps://www.cnn.com/2020/11/19/politics/giuliani-trump-legal-team-press-briefing-fact-check/index.html.. read it carefully

7. Mango has brought in the husband and wife attorney team of Victoria Toensing and Joe DeGeneva...... yes, both look like alcoholics who spent the night in the weeds

8. Can you imagine we elected someone in 2016 who doesn't believe in our Constitution or form of government.



13:19 Nov 20 2020

We who?

I didn't.

I voted for Hillary.

Oh, you mean "we" as a Nation huh?

Well, I tried....

14:07 Nov 20 2020


check this out.... if accurate big business will be turning on Mango and soon https://news.yahoo.com/anonymous-group-top-us-ceos-114832514.html

14:39 Nov 20 2020

Interesting since Republicans are all for making the rich richer and everyone else poorer.
So he must have tried to bully them in some way or disenfranchised them in some manner in order to line his and his family's pockets and they want pay-back!


He is a National Disgrace

09:34 Nov 18 2020
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1. Mango has fired, by tweet,Christopher Krebs, the top US. Cyber Security Official. Why? Krebs affirmed that the 2020 election was the most secure in history. I mean WTF Mango put your big boi panties on.

2. Apparently Mango is ordering or is considering ordering a draw down of troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia. At the same time he is reportedly considering a strike on Iran's nuclear development program. mmmmm Seems like they would just have to go back... and with a lot more help. Well go ahead and read this https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/security-officials-worry-israel-and-saudi-arabia-may-see-the-end-of-trump-as-their-last-chance-to-go-to-war-with-iran/ar-BB1b68rX

3.The Georgia Secretary of State, has accused South Carolina US. senator and confirmed bachelor, Lindsey Graham of encouraging him to toss legal ballots from the Atlanta suburbs. Graham denies it.... but again Republicans do not want people to vote and they especially do not want people of color to vote.

4. Majority Leader, and walking Cadaver, Mitch McConnell has stated that there will be a smooth transition of power. When Mitch when? I mean you can go back to starring in the Walking Dead anytime now.

5. 46% of Americans wish Mango would just concede and get it over with.

6. Mango I know you have been babied your entire life, and people around you are aware of your feelings and foot stomping, but how do i put this....... FUCK, YOUR FEELINGS

7. Mango's actions are hurting democracy and harming Americans. Mango is attempting to box in a Biden administration which boxes in Americans.... Mango you are a traitor. Here is hoping that Cyrus Vance the D.A. of Manhattan and Letitia James the AG of New York state manage to get you and your family.

8.By the end of the day over 249,000 Americans will have died of Covid..... still hasn't disappeared Mango

9. Republican Governor Dewine of Ohio has ordered a 21 day curfew from 10PM - 5AM....... well most are at home during that time anyway and so that is pretty much evidence that it really won't slow things.

10. Republican Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan is taking action.

11. Who isn't , Republican Governor, and boot licker, Desantis of Florida.




Lawsuits Dropped

17:21 Nov 16 2020
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1.Voters in four states who had brought longshot lawsuits to disrupt President-elect Joe Biden's win and went nowhere in court have dropped their cases Monday morning.

The cases were short-lived in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania federal courts, and fed into a pro-Trump legal strategy that's almost certain to fail to block Biden's presidential win before the Electoral College formalized it.
The suits mirrored one another and were all backed by the law firm of a nationally known conservative attorney, James Bopp Jr. In Michigan and Pennsylvania, the cases had also gone hand in hand with ones brought by the Trump campaign.https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/16/politics/lawsuits-michigan-pennsylvania-wisconsin-georgia/index.html

2. Saw Rudy Guilani, America's traitor, bloviating on OAN, about how the election results would be overturned. LOL

3.Mango continues to tweet that he won and that the results will be overturned. Reminds me of the waning days of WWII when Hitler kept talking the happy talk about his secret weapons and how Germany would win. Shit..... does that sound familiar.... well Trump is German too...... mmmmmm....

4.Approaching 247,000 dead from Covid..... Mango, Mango, Mango it hasn't disappeared yet.

5. Seems the Oath Keepers, a white Supremacist group, has vowed not to recognize Biden as President and to RESIST him..... interesting.... don't they realize the F.B.I. is aware of who they are and in all likelihood has already implanted informants and perhaps actual agents within the midst of these thugs. Lock them up, Lock them up

6.White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Saturday tweeted that a million person crowd was on the streets of D.C....... what a fucking moron....... thousands for sure.... millions NO!

7.A group of President Donald Trump's supporters were caught on video destroying property owned by Washington, D.C. businesses which have expressed support for Black Lives Matter.https://crooksandliars.com/2020/11/violent-pro-trump-marches-destroy-business

8. According to a South Dakota nurse some of her patients who are dying of Covid don't believe it because they think it's a fake.

9. How can so many in this country be fucking brain dead..... perhaps to much TV nonsense.

10. By the end of the week all of these law suits should be over with. A number of states have already certified their results.
Here is a rundown of when states certify their election results:

*Rhode Island, Tennessee, Hawaii and New Hampshire do not have specific certification deadlines written into state law.

November 5

November 10

South Dakota
November 11

South Carolina
November 13

November 16

November 17

November 18

November 20

North Dakota
November 23

November 24

District of Columbia
New Mexico
North Carolina
November 25

November 30

December 1

December 3

West Virginia
December 4

December 7

New York
December 8

New Jersey
December 11





Mango Admits Biden Won

14:57 Nov 15 2020
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Donald J. Trump
He won because the Election was Rigged. NO VOTE WATCHERS OR OBSERVERS allowed, vote tabulated by a Radical Left privately owned company, Dominion, with a bad reputation & bum equipment that couldn’t even qualify for Texas (which I won by a lot!), the Fake & Silent Media, & more!

2. He continues to tell his mugwumps the election was rigged. lol Biden won and "by a lot" :)

3. News Flash: Mango will write a book on his presidency...... due to his supporters being the dim witted crew that they are it will be a 32 page coloring book with plenty of guns and swatiskas to color in. There will be a special section on the whole 9 miles of new wall that was built.

4.I am concerned about how some are in denial of the history of the world since the end of WWII and how some are not even aware of what we fought against in WWII. How can individuals be expected to know when only a few credits of history or social sciences are required to graduate from high school. Most do not go to a university. Do they even read after high school?

Apparently attacking expertise is the new thing. Well expertise is gained by experience in a field. We do not make new service academy graduates generals or admirals. They gain rank as they gain experience. Likewise our foreign service officers gain experience in the field of diplomacy through many years of service. Again, expertise is a good thing.....

5. 245,000 dead from the virus...... Mango doesn't even mention it

6. So far Mango has struck out in courts.... various courts.... why? because Mango and his crew DO NOT have substantial, competent, relevant evidence to prove their bullshit allegations. In fact, when pressed as members of the bar, Mango's attorneys will admit they have nothing. They do not have any evidence of fraud!!!!!

Folks, wake up and return to this reality.





11:30 Nov 14 2020
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1. Florida Marlins have hired a female General Manager and she is of Asian descent. OMG it's a conspiracy right?

2. For a moment yesterday during a Rose Garden address Mango seemed to acknowledge that his presidency is almost over with.

3. Mango struck out 6 times yesterday in Pennsylvania in various courts including a Federal appeals court. Yep, not a one bought into anything his lawyers said. Biden's lead in Pa is about 60,000.

4. Mango's former Chief of Staff, John Kelly, a retired Marine General, lambasted Mango in writing, for failing to assist Biden's transition team as they are required by law to do.

5. Mango is attempting to take credit for the vaccine developed by Pfizer..... except Pfizer wasn't part of operation warp speed as the company has repeatedly stated.

6. Speaking of stupid.... there is Tommy Tuberville the newly elected US Senator from Alabama..... seems he couldn't identify the 3 branches of government nor did he accurately identify who the Allies fought in WWII. What a dolt.... but he is white and probably goes to church, right?

7. Over 130 Secret Service personnel are in quarantine after Mango rallies.

8. A Mississippi law maker has suggested that Mississippi succeed. Go ahead.... by all means go. I believe your state is at the bottom or near the bottom in education. just go

9. In Arizona, according to Arizona law a recount doesn't have to occur unless the spread is 200 votes or less nor does a request for one be granted unless within 200 votes.

10.Assistant U.S. Attorneys assigned to investigate election fraud have signed a letter and sent it to the corpulent AG Barr and asked him to rescind that order... why.... because there isn't any.... well any effort by Barr to manufacture election fraud would be election fraud wouldn't it.... just a thought

11. Trump called his victory in 2016 a landslide.... he had the same number of electoral votes then that Biden has now...... and he didn't object then when news organizations called it.... they call it based on trends... although the actual count continues.

12. Mango has bent over backwards for Russia... Mango doubts the history of the Cold War.... he has a limited understanding of geo politics other than seizing the oil in the Middle east which he understands but hasn't tried.

Russia is not our friend... Putin the ex-KGB thug is not our friend..... In Putin's mind the Cold War never ended.

Nor is China or N. Korea our friends. Yes, deals can be made in some areas but do not delude yourself, they are not our friends.

This country has an obligation to protect others in the right circumstances. This obligation extends to the climate. Everyone should remember that during the world wide lockdown or slow down the Air cleared up. The pollution wasn't nearly as bad. That the Himalayas could be seen from a couple of hundred miles inside India. That the air cleared over China and over Northeast United States. That is indicative that maybe, just maybe we can do something about climate change.



14:53 Nov 14 2020

15:48 Nov 14 2020



It's Official Biden Wins Arizona

12:24 Nov 13 2020
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1. Biden wins Arizona after the count was finished. Last time they went Dem was in 1996 prior to that for Truman in the early 50s.

2. Ohio Republican Governor Dewine calls Biden President-Elect.

3. Ok. Check this out. A Monster Gator?????https://ftw.usatoday.com/2020/11/alligator-golf-course-florida-giant-naples

4. I have seen gators up close (or as close as I want to get) from a canoes or kayaks in various places. I do not think I have seen one this big but its hard to tell. I hope they can relocate it.

5. A group of state and national election leaders have said this was the most secure election ever. https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/12/politics/2020-election-trump-voter-conspiracies/index.html

6.McConnell the walking Cadaver, and Senate Majority leader says a big Covid relief bill is a non starter and that it must be targeted. So do you really think that there will be another stimulus check to families and individuals? https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/12/politics/coronavirus-aid-stimulus-bill/index.html

7. And there has been a bill on McConnells desk for almost 6 months. He just doesn't like it. But the walking cadaver will rush through white people to be Federal judges. Ok, so they are only about 85% white.

8.A Republican Congressman has called the Trump assertions of conspiracies the crazy train. https://news.yahoo.com/trump-and-his-followers-are-on-the-crazy-train-with-unhinged-election-conspiracies-republican-congressman-says-213451478.html

9.Over 1800 Americans dead yesterday from Covid. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8942267/Daily-COVID-19-death-toll-spikes-nearly-1-900.html

10. I went in to a local McDonalds for a cup of coffee..... masks were pulled down, no social distancing. Think about that when you go through the drive thru.

11.Mango wants his own media company to crush FOX. He is all upset because they called Arizona for Biden https://www.axios.com/trump-fox-news-digital-media-competitor-25afddee-144d-4820-8ed4-9eb0ffa42420.html

One final point, Mango is refusing to cooperate in the transition. Biden should be receiving intelligence briefings and he is not. Again, it is unfathomable how so many of these Republican Senators were returned to office..... perhaps it is indicative of that State's educational system.



16:31 Nov 13 2020

Biden hasn't won Arizona. But of course Tim you listen to the fake news
Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada has not called a winner yet.

Its not over until its over!

17:55 Nov 13 2020

In reference to the gator....there is a two lane road in Pender County, NC that runs along the west bank of the Cape Fear river. Between the road and the river is mostly swampy wetlands.

One day they had the whole 30 mile stretch of road blocked off. The reason was a huge gator decided to sun itself on the road. It was huuuuge. It's belly was as wide as a car.

They estimated the gator weighed 600-800 pounds.

They didn't try and relocate it.
Everyone waited till that gator decided to move off the road.

So it sat there for a day and a half before finally going back into the swamp/river.

20:17 Nov 13 2020

Good way to handle a gator but the problem with the one in Naples, it looks like a pond with Condos on it thereby making it to close to people.

lol as to the first comment.


Late Wednesday

03:41 Nov 12 2020
Times Read: 1,325

1. Seems a trucking group wants to call a 24 hour strike in honor of the MAGA idiots..... :) lol Well fuck who cares..... but if it extends past 24.... fire them

2. A New York State resident and Trump supporter has been charged in Federal Court with threatening the lives of people who show support for Biden...... :) another deranged one

3. I smell a another lock down coming.....

4. Karl Rove a Republican Stratagist and Aide to Bush the Younger when he was in office has said the result will not be overturned.

5. A Trump supporter, with a gold club attacked an elderly couple holding a Biden sign in Minnesota.... he's in jail

6. Covid is out of control.... a model predicts 400,000 dead by Feb.

7. Republican Governor of Ohio Dewine has said that Ohio's hospitals will be overwhelmed in two weeks. Yo, Mango you said it would vanish.

8. I see where McDonalds is planning to speed up their drive thrus..... I guess they think that their slaves don't work quick enough..... But they must see the writing on the wall about Covid and the realization their lobbies are going to be shuttered. Of course, they should all be shut down.... do you really think fast food is essential? Forget the check, collect the unemployment for awhile

9.There is a report that the White House Gift Shop is now selling Biden Merchandise..... ROTFL.... I wonder if Mango knows?

10.Alabamas new Senator Tommy Tuberville the former head coach at Auburn ran on a platform that said a vote for me is a vote for Trump..... Reports are this dim wit did not know what the Civil Rights Act was...... Well WTF it gets better . I predict a scandal within the first year...

11.And the speculation is that Justice Roberts and Kavanaugh an appointee of Mango didn't think much of the argument to strike down the ACA made by the Republicans and will side with the so-called liberal wing to uphold the ACA. But we may not know until June.... I wonder how many will be dead from Covid by then?

Stock up on toilet paper.....



04:21 Nov 12 2020

Please if you are going to post things at least be damn accurate Tim the truckers are not doing their strike for Trump or Maga. They are standing up to be treated like human beings instead of being disrespected by ignorance all the time if you want I will gladly post proof of my claims since I am one of the supporters. I don’t believe fuckwads idea of getting rid of oil is a good idea because if will hurt so any damn people but spew nonsense with no fact I don’t mind posting truth behind the trucker strike and the future strike either

10:42 Nov 12 2020

Cat, I'm always accurate except where i Said gold instead of golf. The truckers are upset because they are worried about a reduction or ban on fracking or implementation of the green new deal which Biden doesn't fully go for anyway. Both would effect them in all probability

There maybe other reasons as well but I summed up the two as they apply to the MAGA nonsense. And I would agree the truckers need more money and benefits etc. However, everyone, every employee in fast food, or janitorial, or whatever should be making a minimum of !5.00 a hour with health benefits. Of course, now we are back to national health care of some sort :) and a decent minimum which is continually blocked by Republicans.

12:13 Nov 12 2020

Cat, of course he thinks it's accurate he watches and reads the fake news.

12:42 Nov 12 2020

Well, I pretty much hit 6 sites including the conservative Drudge Report, which once backed Mango.

Of course, I don't read Newsmax or Brietbart.

But you flat earthers continue to be delusional .

13:02 Nov 12 2020

As I said their strike has nothing to do with Trump or Maga they are fighting to be treated better and damn it they deserve it they give up their families to make sure we have what we need the least we can do is be grateful and respect their jobs

15:31 Nov 12 2020

Here's the FOX Business link. Look at the headline and the first couple of paragraphs. :) Yes, FOX is often fake news https://www.foxbusiness.com/energy/truckers-plan-strike-over-biden-possibly-banning-fracking-tout-trumps-protecting-blue-collar-workers

20:28 Nov 12 2020

What would happen if both parties were friends and laughing at us for debating and fighting over them.

21:27 Nov 12 2020

I would imagine some are really friends. But friends or not the stakes are real. I just read an article comparing the rise of Hitler to Mango and his 70 million voters. Something to consider.

14:13 Nov 13 2020


Tuesday- One Week Later

14:07 Nov 10 2020
Times Read: 1,351

1. AG Bill Barr has given the go ahead U.S. Attorneys to investigate "substantial" allegations of voter fraud. :)

2. This will require individuals to talk to Federal Investigators... FBI, Assistant U.S. Attorneys etc...... keeping in mind that when and if they lie they are then subject to indictment and prosecution themselves. So far zero evidence has been submitted.

3. Remember the Bash investigation which concluded in early October, when the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas, John Bash, submitted his written report on the findings of the investigation into the so-called unmasking of Michael Flynn and others. He concluded no wrong doing. Zip, nada, nothing. He then resigned.

4. Remember John Durham, the U.S. Attorney for Connecticut, looking into the Russia investigation or hoax as Mango calls it? Originally the report was to be submitted before the election.... an October surprise right? Then it was announced it would be released after the election. So far nothing... nada..... zip. MMMM see a pattern here?

Now look at number 1 above. It is done to appease the man-child known as Mango

5. America's Traitor, Rudy Guiliani, says he has a witness. This witness says he was supposed to be a GOP observer, but none of the other observers know the guy and they weren't denied access. Another Rudy fuck up I suspect.

6.Hard to fucking believe that Rudy was the one in charge of the U.S. Attorney's Office that got John Gotti.

7. Now that Mango has fired Esper I wonder if he will attempt to call out the troops to occupy American cities? As i have said he really doesn't wish to leave.

8. The confirmed bachelor, Lindsey Graham, has said if the election is not overturned the Republicans will never win the Presidency again. Well they didn't win this time and if Mango calls out the troops, and the Republicans seize power, along with the assistance of these inbred mugwumps called militias I can guarantee they will not have power for long.

9. The two Republican U.S. Senators Purdue and Loeffler both of Georgia have called for the resignation of the Republican Secretary of State of Georgia because the count wasn't fair. The Sec. of State pretty much told both of them to go fuck themselves. Oh, both of those crooks are in runoffs in January. Both sold stock because they were tipped off on the true nature of the Virus. Insider trading???? maybe

10.134,000 new Virus cases yesterday..... 7 days after the election and it hasn't disappeared yet. You MAGA fucks holding your breath?

11. And today the U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments on ACA also known as Obama Care. 20 million people could lose their health insurance.

I had a one on one last week with a female mugwump who apparently thought that the ACA was the public option. It's not. There was discussion about making it part of the ACA but in the end it was decided not to as the thing had enough difficulty in passing it.

I would think that everyone would believe that health care is a right and just as much of a right as having a gun. We need cradle to grave coverage. Women would get pre-natal care..... etc. It just makes sense.





Tidbit's So Far Today

11:38 Nov 09 2020
Times Read: 1,382

1. The U.S. Supreme Court hears the attack on the Affordable Care Act ..... tomorrow,,,,, I wonder how active the handmaiden will be?

2. 240,000 dead from the Virus..... now look at number 1 above.

3. Seems that Jared Kushner's companies are on the verge of evicting hundreds from his properties as the moratorium ends..... as temperatures fall by all means it's time to evict people, right?

4. Speaking of the Princeling apparently he and Melania has advised Mango to run up the White Flag. I think Melania wants the fuck out of Washington and is probably reviewing her pre nup.

5.I wonder what Mango will break in the next 70 plus days?

6. Keeping in mind that Georgia and Arizona are run by Republicans..... both went for Biden

7. Oh, and the count continues.....

8. The Biden rally is underway on Wall Street..... wait, what? Mango said it would tank immediately. But it will eventually cool no matter who is in the White House.




16:15 Nov 09 2020

18:12 Nov 09 2020

Oh, and Mango has now fired Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper and replaced him with an acting secretary.... I wonder who is next Chris Wray, FBI Director perhaps? I actually believe that Biden should keep him on as he has been and will continue to be a straight shooter, which is probably why Mango will fire him.


Raging Bitch

01:19 Nov 08 2020
Times Read: 1,414

Oh guess, what have I found for the first time in 6 years? Yep, Raging Bitch. Lol

Yeah . Lol





17:17 Nov 07 2020
Times Read: 1,456

BIDEN WINS and Mango plays golf.



17:19 Nov 07 2020

did he win?

17:21 Nov 07 2020

Indeed he did. I know some of you dislike the fact that votes actually count

17:27 Nov 07 2020

I'm Team Harris...LOL!

But, congrats to them both!

I think too many people went to Imgur for Gifs and Memes and they overwhelmed it...

But I have some here on VR thanks to the edit feature....

17:34 Nov 07 2020

Yay for communism

17:51 Nov 07 2020

oh boy ..pokes cat

22:22 Nov 07 2020



And the Count Goes On

13:16 Nov 07 2020
Times Read: 1,468

1. Mark Meadows, Mango's Chief of Staff has tested positive. He attended Mango's Re-Election party and rubbed shoulders with a number of people.

2. Former Advisor to Mango, Steve Bannon, who is under Federal Indictment and will go to the joint, has called for the beheading of FBI Director, Chris Wray and Dr. Fauci. Bannon's attorneys have moved to with draw from representing him. That motion was granted.

3. A Mango supporter has threatened to shoot up a school if Biden is declared a winner. The FBI is investigating.... oh the genius posted it online.

4.Newt Gingrich a Republican, and former Speaker of the House, calls on Bill Barr to lock up election officials. what a guy, what a believer in the people's right to vote.

5. Some Republicans, including Lindsay Graham, the confirmed bachelor has suggested and suggested only, that maybe the popular vote in Pennsylvania should be thrown ENTIRELY out and the electoral votes given to Mango...... again these fucking Republicans really do not like people voting.

6. Both Georgia U.S. Senate races will have run offs on January 5, 2021. There will be close to a billion dollars poured into those races.... I will of course send my 10.00 :)

7.Here's hoping the AG of New York and Cyrus Vance, D.A. of Manhattan will be able to indict members of the Trump family and the Trump organization... yes, a little state felony conviction would probably end any political aspirations of the Fredo, the other Fredo and Ivanka. lol

8. Hopefully, we will know more by 5PM today. Oh yes, they will count today.




Inching Closer

11:04 Nov 06 2020
Times Read: 1,485

1. Biden has taken the lead in the Georgia count

2. He is inching closer in Pa. 18,000 votes separate them. By 5PM today should be Biden in the lead and that is the ballgame.

3. Mango's efforts in court have flopped so far

4. Mango 's 17 minute rant yesterday essentially about how it is all so unfair was full of lies. Well, FUCK your feelings Mango. Anyone seen those shirts or bumper stickers....

5.Apaprently an investigation has been launched into Mango supporters planning to ATTACK a ballot counting center in Philadelphia.

6.Remember the murder of George Floyd by 4 cops. The judge has ordered a single trial and it's not being moved. Good. Put them away.

7. Mark Esper the Secretary of Defense has prepared a resignation letter

8. Some Senate races have not been decided either.



14:02 Nov 06 2020

UPDATE: 9 AM Biden has taken the lead in PA

14:03 Nov 06 2020

The Secret Service has increased Biden's protection detail. They see how it is leaning.


Wednesday Late

04:06 Nov 05 2020
Times Read: 1,520

Still to close to call.

Isn't it amazing that Mango supporters in Michigan tried to storm the counting and stop it with Mango BEHIND. What did they think the result would be if they succeeded?

Well , more later




Monday Evening Nov. 2, 2020 Election Eve

22:47 Nov 02 2020
Times Read: 1,541

1. Seems Bill Barr is prepping prison guards to head to DC for election unrest.

2. Apparently an non-scalable fence will be erected around the White House... I guess over night.

3. A Federal Judge In Texas turned down a GOP request to toss 127,000 ballots.

4. Mango has moved the election party to the White House... the number of guests will exceed DC ordnance on gathering. mmmm a Mayor Fangor might order the DC police to block all street access to the White House so they can't get in...... just a thought. :)

5. Larry Sabato, a political scientist, of the University of Virginia, has predicted a Biden Electoral landslide. Of course, he predicted one for Hillary in 2016.

6. Ask yourself why the GOP always tries to have ballots tossed...... because they win by voter suppression.

7. Soon to be ex Republican Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado, talked up Colorado while showing pics of the Grand Canyon..... which is in Arizona. He will lose his re-election bid.

8. Remember Kirk Camerson, he did some TV show in the 80s and then became born again. He made a series of movies on the Rapture and Final Days. This boob has said that Covid is a communist Halloween prank.

Get your ass up tomorrow morning and go vote or do it after work but vote




Monday, Nov. 2 2020 Election Eve

12:18 Nov 02 2020
Times Read: 1,558

1. Dr. Atlas, a doctor with NO infectious disease experience, has given an interview to RT, a Russian State run news service. During that interview, this fucking prick blamed Dr. Fauci for the Covid deaths. He has now apologized BUT he fucking said it.

2. A number of States with republican governors are in denial about Covid. No masks, no distancing. Maybe they should be investigated and perhaps indicted for endangering the public health ? :)

3. Record setting turnout in Texas suburbs.

4. There are more non-white children under the age of 15 than white. And how do you think the majority will vote when it is time? They are watching the police brutality. They are watching a piece of shit in the White House.

5.Mango says he might fire Fauci after the election. Biden says he will keep him. What do you think?

6.50,000 hospitalized in U.S. with the virus.

7.Texas Supreme Court turns down GOP attempt to invalidate 127,000 drive thru ballots. The drive thru was approved over the summer after test runs. Now the GOP heads to Federal court.

8. I'm all in favor of a Presidential Crimes Commission after Biden wins. :) Mango, his whole crime family, etc. Oh, and especially Rudy, America's traitor.


Vote, Vote, Vote, like you life depends on it.




Sunday Nov 1

15:55 Nov 01 2020
Times Read: 1,586

1. Seems a caravan of Mango supporters, you know the fucktards with the trucks and giant flags, surrounded a bus with Biden Campaign staff and apparently tried to run it off the road. Trump tweeted his approval of the act. So much for law and order... lol..... but I already knew that

2. A group of Mango supporters appeared in front of AG Barr's home in McClean , Va, and demanded that Joe Biden be locked up. lol this is fucking good...... forget actual competent, relevant evidence and probable cause that a crime has been committed just lock him up. lol..... fuck isn't that done in places, like Russia, Turkey, N Korea...... oh, Mango's buddies are in charge in those places.

3. Seems Mango's rallies have led to 30,000 Covid cases and 700 deaths according to A Stanford Study.... superspreader

4. Dr Fauci in an interview with the Washington Post has unloaded on Mango and the hack that is advising him.

5.The police in Graham, North Carolina broke up a march to a polling place for unspecified reason. Pepper Spray was used. The cops in question were primarily white and many of the marchers were black. .......

6. Apparently Covid is worse in the Dakotas than anywhere else.

7. Boris Johnson, the PM of Great Britain and a Mango buddy is locking down the U.K. again because of the outbreaks.

Vote, Vote, Vote like your life depends on it....... because it does!!



22:44 Nov 01 2020

Update: THE FBI is investigating the Mango truck fucktards.

Seems Mango is going to declare victory on Tuesday BEFORE all the absentee ballots are counted. Such a law and order guy.

Lindsay Graham, the confirmed bachelor says that women (he means those from the U.S.) will be welcome in America as long as they embrace religion, are pro-life and follow TRADITIONAL family life. Oh, remember what I said about the handmaiden...... it's coming your way..... so when it happens don't be surprised

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