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MMMMMM Sounds Like Someone We Know

14:17 Nov 30 2021
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Q Infighting

11:17 Nov 30 2021
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Whack a Do...... how about the initial belief that Hilliary would be arrested back in 2017...... For you clowns that believe this crap... try this on........ We are a Nation of Laws...... There must be probable cause to make an arrest....... That means evidence. The earth is not flat, nor was it created in 7 days and it's a lot older than 5000 years......

As I've said before here and in real life.... Mango supporters are racists and nut cases........ and for the most part cowards :)




Ain't It The Truth ....LOL

02:18 Nov 30 2021
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Kushner's Fund Could Receive Hundreds of Millions From the Saudis

20:48 Nov 28 2021
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Saudis Poised To Invest In Jared Kushner Fund After Cozy Trump White House Ties: Report
The potential deal raises serious ethical issues as Kushner approaches officials he dealt with as a senior White House adviser as recently as January.
Mary Papenfuss
Mary Papenfuss
11/27/2021 08:58pm EST

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Saudi Arabia’s $450 billion Public Investment Fund is negotiating with former White House aide Jared Kushner for what could be a sizeable stake in his new fund, The New York Times reported.

The potentially lucrative interest follows very favorable treatment of the kingdom by Donald Trump’s White House.


Kushner’s appeal to the Saudis and other Middle Eastern sovereign wealth funds is raising “questions about ethics” as Kushner seeks money from the same officials he dealt with as a representative of the U.S. government as recently as January, the Times noted.

The issue becomes even more troubling if Kushner’s father-in-law runs in 2024 and even wins the White House again.

Sources told the Times that the real estate developer hopes to raise an amount in the “low billions” by early next year for his new investment fund, Affinity Partners.

He hasn’t had much success so far raising money in the Middle East — except with the Saudis, sources told the Times.


Kushner refused to discuss details about his new company with the Times.

The Trump White House had a particularly close relationship with the Saudi leadership, and Kushner cultivated a friendship with de facto leader Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Kushner arranged for Trump to make his first trip abroad to a summit in the Saudi capital of Riyadh. That same year Kushner helped negotiate a hugely controversial agreement for Saudi Arabia to buy billions of dollars worth of American weapons while the nation was bombing civilians in Yemen.

Later, when Kushner was asked to intercede with Trump to get him to back off pushing then-Vice President Mike Pence to overturn the presidential election results, Kushner said he had no interest or time because he was working on “Middle East peace,” reported ABC News White House correspondent Jonathan Karl.


In other favorable treatment of the Saudi royal family, Trump took no action concerning the murder of Saudi Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in 2018.

Trump suggested “rogue killers” could have been involved in Khashoggi’s death, and never condemned the crown prince — despite a conclusion by American intelligence that he was responsible for the murder.

“I saved his ass,” Trump said of the crown prince last year in an interview with Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward for his book “Rage.” “I was able to get Congress to leave him alone.”

Bin Salman “will always say that he didn’t do it,” Trump told Woodward. “He says that to everybody, and frankly I’m happy that he says that.”

Kushner remained a loyal champion of his wealthy friend amid condemnation by the international community over Khashoggi’s murder.

Trump’s former Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has also cashed in on Middle East ties, and has profited from investments from the Saudis, United Arab Emirates and the Qataris, sources told the Times.

Note: Kushner and his wife Ivanka made millions while in the White House. She received patents from China while her father was President..... this is grift...... pure and simple Yet, the GOPQ wants to talk about Hunter Biden making a few dollars while his father was V.P......... and the conservative Wall Street Journal...owned by the same person who owns FOX News....... discovered nothing illegal about Biden's employment.......

What you will witness is true grift....... true corruption... with Kushner's Investment Fund...... Does anyone expect anything less than that from the son in law of Mango Mussolini?




Liberal Redneck Again :)

14:17 Nov 27 2021
Times Read: 703

And he nails the GOPQ...... again




This is Good

14:34 Nov 26 2021
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I would agree with the banners :)





21:24 Nov 24 2021
Times Read: 755

All 3 were found Guilty! Good!!!!!




Day Before Turkey Day

10:14 Nov 24 2021
Times Read: 773

1. Well the Charlottesville Civil Trial against the neo-nazis and other white supremacists has resulted in multi million dollar verdicts against that trash..... Do they have the cash... nope....... however..... it warms my heart to listen to these losers turn on one another in court and cry poverty... yep.... the system hasn't worked for those bunch of thugs a number of whom are unemployed.... Wait do you wish to hire a Nazi?

2. Crazy ass Mike Lindell is now blaming the GOPQ for not supporting his supreme Court filing... actually he never filed it yesterday... see this crazy fuck misled all of you who believed his nonsense.... but go ahead and think the earth is flat

3. A Federal Judge in sentencing a Jan 6, 2021, Insurrectionist, placed some of the blame on Mango for misleading the dumb fucks who came to overthrow the government that day.

4. A Federal Judge in Colorado has levied costs against some of Mango former attorneys in the amount of $187,000 for filing their bogus, unsupported by evidence, court filings..

5. The Jan 6 2021, Congressional Committee has sent subpoenas to members of the Proud Gurls and Oath Keepers..... Oh, please don't show up...please...... why a Federal Indictment would do wonders.... forcing you to pay for attorneys or represent yourself... I'm sure your wives would be so happy with you...... :) and maybe you dumb shits would appear and then lie.... hope springs eternal

6. So Rittenhouse says he is not a white supremacist... yet he and mommy went to a bar where members of the Proud Gurls drink... he was photographed with them flashing a White Supremacist Sign..... oh ...wait... what

7.And the jury is in deliberations in the criminal trial of that white trash in Georgia... you know the father/son team who murdered an unarmed black man..... I listened to the cross exam of the son...... I think they should be convicted as charged ...yet... it is Georgia..... anyway the DOJ filed charges months ago...so even if acquitted..... they aren't going anywhere other than possibly to another lockup

8. Stock market near an all time high........ employment is available for those who want it, though the pay may suck depending upon where you are... the CEO of Walmart has thanked Biden and the government for getting some of the supply chain open again..... ignore the book bans in Texas, Ohio, Virginia....... ignore the comments from elected school board members about restoring Christian prayer to schools

9. Did you know there is a driver shortage.... seems tens of thousands can't pass the drug screening.... oh well

But have a good turkey day........




This Is It

14:53 Nov 23 2021
Times Read: 794

Well today is the day? You remember , right? Mike Lindell, the My Pillow Guy, is filing, along with A.G.s of various states, in the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the election of November 2020 and return Mango to Office! He guarantees a 9-0 ruling

Waiting....... Waiting.........

Let me know..... come on....... let's go...

Oh, please call and arrange a time to see your shrink..... and get back on your medication Mike!



21:15 Nov 23 2021

Waiting.... it is 4:15 PM est. Waiting

01:32 Nov 24 2021

Waiting...... 8:32 PM EST


Crazy Mike

11:13 Nov 18 2021
Times Read: 815


check this out it's a clip of crazy Mike Lindell reasserting that 38 A.G.s will be going to the U.S. supreme Court next Tuesday, Nov 23rd, and that the election will be overturned............... Oh, and he says its all marketing , that is why the news sources fail to tell the truth and why Dominion is suing him.... Yes, it's all marketing... because Lindell, Bannon, Mango, Flynn, Powell, and more are selling a bill of goods... a LIE ...... to the under educated, individuals of this country..... the same ones who now wish to ban or burn books they don't like.... the same ones ones who wish to have a Christian nation...... the same ones who want to execute Jews, Blacks. Hispanics and EVERYONE who isn't white

just watch the clip..... i fucking think he is mentally ill and needs treatment

Oh, and watch this additional one... where a reputable news person covers the raid.. a raid by the FBI, local law enforcement and the local D.A.'s on the FORMER election officials home . Former because she has been removed.... well, who do you think gave the passwords out




Perhaps This Should Be A Warning

23:47 Nov 17 2021
Times Read: 831




Voter Fraud ... BY the GOPQ Poster Boy For Fraud

08:48 Nov 17 2021
Times Read: 843

Remember this? I wrote about it a few weeks ago...... So this guy has admitted to filling out his dead wife's ballot and mailing it in...... And he is a fucking Republican..... Probation and a fine..... fuck the judge should have put him in for 60 days along with probation and a fine




Alex Jones Found Liable

15:10 Nov 16 2021
Times Read: 863

Alex Jones, the crazy fucker that some of you follow, was found liable by default by a judge. You see this fat piece of shit denied that the Sandy Hook shooting happened..... he said all those dead children were not dead or were crisis actors..... Well when the families sued him.... he failed to comply with discovery among other things.

He like Mango panders to the under educated in this country who believe the system has failed them, Both despise our legal system..... both believe they are untouchable....... both are cowards..... and history will paint them as such.




All Too Well - Listen To It All

23:29 Nov 14 2021
Times Read: 881

Holy Crap ! :)




Bannon Indicted AGAIN

16:44 Nov 13 2021
Times Read: 901

Bannon, is a fascist and advisor to Mango Mussolini. On Jan 5. 2021, one day before the Insurrection/White Uprising, Bannon on his daily podcast stated that something earth shattering would happen the next day....... he mentioned War room as well as violence. Bannon ignored a congressional subpoena and the DOJ career prosecutors after a review took the matter to a Federal Grand Jury and indicted his fat ass again.

This bitch wants to be a martyr...... I say make him one.... prison time in general population.....




A Conspiracy Like No Other

11:51 Nov 12 2021
Times Read: 912

Note: Bernstein was the Bernstein in Woodward and Bernstein who helped break the story of the Watergate break in by former members of the C.I.A. and Bay of Pigs veterans and the subsequent Coverup by then President Nixon and his aides.... this was the biggest scandal in U.S. Presidential history UNTIL along came Mango




Mango Has No Authority

09:33 Nov 10 2021
Times Read: 930

Mango was slapped down by a U.S. District Court Judge last evening....... the only way this could have been better was if the Judge would have said a "an attempted coup or coup can never be covered up by the assertion of executive privilege "



09:38 Nov 10 2021


GOPQ Congressman Threatens Violence

09:21 Nov 07 2021
Times Read: 955

Cawthorn is a liar.... Note his statements were made on OAN , right wing media, which is funded by A.T.&T. Seems he lied about being accepted to the Naval Academy, seems he lied about the car accident.....

Statements like his are designed to encourage violence from the right wing base..... as that base is primarily under educated and easy to manipulate because of their beliefs that THEY have been mistreated by the system.



16:21 Nov 07 2021


White and Blonde And Still Going In

10:07 Nov 06 2021
Times Read: 991

This Insurrectionist, piece of trash, should have received more jail time but at least she is going in after posting in March 2021 that she wouldn't because she is white and blonde and has a great future....

Note, the photo of her standing next to the broken window at The Capitol...... but none of them did anything wrong.

Frankly, as I said on January 6, 2021 the police should have opened fire on them....... Damn Traitors All



12:21 Nov 06 2021




00:43 Nov 03 2021
Times Read: 1,015

So JFK and JFK Jr. failed to appear in Dallas...... despite these nutjobs saying they would...... Did you see the Trump Kennedy flag?

And this is the crap some of you believe in????



00:45 Nov 03 2021

Maybe they"re invisible. :p

05:01 Nov 03 2021

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