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17:56 Feb 18 2024
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11:04 Feb 15 2024
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•V-R N0-65•90 Was 66.19) 🏡💌 🤍 🌜+♉ WC-🍎🙏 🍎CC-💔-BJW


The sounds of silence
Sounds-under strain
Nothing is there to go-see
But the sounds-still remain
Breath feels too-tight
And muscles are all-blocked up
Sinister is the silence
Sour & sick is the sounds
Suffocating & stale
Like the ticking of a clock
Waiting to go-be dead
Reminds you of enemy's
Sickened by the fear of evils
Scared-by the powers of ghosts
The ghastly-sentence
Of familiar-betrayals
The bad kind of-hosts
Constant-consistant evils
Cutting-into your mind
Some kinda-familiars
Of an-evilist kind
The mental-manipulators
Persons that you-fear
Who turned out-too queer
Too mad to go reason with
Just around the corner
Your enemy's are near
The so called-simple silence
Like it's really so simple
To go-on living
Like it's really so simple
To keep on giving
Like it's just so easy-to go on remain
Like it's really-empty
For real-life it's just made of glass
It could be crisp-like mountain air
How I wish it was-like that
But now it's so creepy
Your loving with bad-airs
Now it's gone like that
The silence is empty
Or so they may-claim
But it's not empty-anymore
When your mind-is in pain
Sounds so-horrible
Now it pulls you-down
It's only silence
So they go-claim
But it's that sinister-place
That sinister-place
So full of mentalist-pains
It's not empty-anymore
When you can't trust-anymore
It won't sound-the same
It feels too-tight
It feels-too cutting
And too-tense
That airless-hell
That's pulling you-down
The sounds of silence
Nothing is-tbere to go see
But the sound still remains
The sounds of silence
Sounds-under strain
Nothing is there to go-see
But the sounds-still remain
All growing-up onto sinister
That's how the sound-feels
It's sounding-empty now
But someone will be screaming-soon📍
It's all just-pinpoints in your mind
The sounds of silence
Sinister is the silence
Stranglers-is it's prescence
Nothing is there to go-see
But the sounds-still remain
When your hearts full of ghosts
It keeps on-burning
It keeps on-bleeding
It keeps-on burning
From inside your-chest
And then comes-inbetween
You and all the angels
The sounds of-silence
It's cutting on-in
So stale & so older
You can't know your getting-colder
Bad old-airs
Bad memory's
Bring-on the bad-airs
All I want
All I ever-wanted
Was cool-clear airs
And a crystal-ball
To go see-through
Realitys all clear & cool
Calm & same
Clear & frozen-without pain
Rather than-all hells
Stale-old enemy's
Stale old-ghosts
Still are watching
Still are reaching
Still are controling
From somewhere-else
Chest all small & tight
Can't feel like your breathing right
Can't ever breath-right
Cause the air in the room
Seems to be all stale & bad
All the airs been already-taken
The bests already been-all had
Been already-breathed through
Breathed-out badly
By bad-minded strangers
Bringing inside-dangers
Pretending to love you
Then putting you-in dangers
They might be smiling
But inside I'm not beleiveing
Cause it feels-all wrong
Talking about love
But then subjecting-you to harm
In harms-way
Isn't where you should-be
This air is-bad
And all sucked-on out
By the bad-ghosts💀
Enemys-still walking
Enemys-still looking
Enemys-still lurking
Fast-moving brainwaves
Bastard-sour memory's
When you fear-on the emptyness
The desolations
The depressions
The bitterness
Of old-betrayers
Then the sounds of silence
Are not your-friend anymore
The sounds of silence
Feels so-distracting
This place of emptyness
Aren't empty-anymore
It was once-just peace
Now it's just grating & grinding
Sour & all sinister
Like enemy-ghosts
The sucking sounds of silence
Airs being-staler
Airs feeling-like there moving
Airs-moving back & forth
Airs going-shifted
You could be dreaming
You could be sleeping
You could be watching
You could be screaming
Emptyness being consumed
Outside of the weather's outside
Without sound-waves
Keeping everything-going
Without sound-waves
Ticking & talking-along
The silence is too-loud
The silence is too-sickly
The silence is too-pressing
Pressuring & wrong
Without the radio or the TV
The silence is like a bad-sound
All pressing-on in
It's all coming on-in
The sounds of silence
It isn't really empty
It presses-all on in
Makes you feel-sick
Sinister & too tight
Too taut & too much pain
The sounds of silence
Sounds under strain
There's nothing to-go see
But the sounds still remain
Stuck in a deathtrap
Stuck in a bad-rap
Stuck in a stale-gap
Stuck-with evil ghosts
Bad-heart ghosts
There's something-there
Something you-can see
You've still got-familiars
Sad-stale persons
Sad-old enemy's
Their ghastly prescence
Their horrible-hovers
There's ugly-images
There's bad-watchers
There's ugly-whiteness

To be continued.......





08:38 Feb 15 2024
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•🏡 •Porch-life-Changes💌 •LBW-💔-4💚 •Tidy-up 🎨 •RW-B🌛+💚♒🖤-2 SBW-💚 •Porch life-Changes 💌 🌜+🤎♋ •🌻🏦🙁 •VLP-💌
•Additions *19/02/024 6.30-7.30pm 🦉


Sullen-moody river
Sulky & sullen river*
Old browning-river
Still pulling-along the tides*
Still hauling-along the times*
Still hauling-along the waters*
Still pulling-with the tides*
Tide times & moods*
Tide times & moons*🌜
Turning-tides with my moods*
Old turning-moons*
Old churning browned-river*
Old-moody river
Old-moody winter
Old brown-river
Old winter-moons*
Old sullen-river*
Under the cold-winter moons* 🌜
Great-big powerful river
Great-big browning river
Great-big pulling river*
So mighty & so powerful*
We're creeping towards you
We're all coming towards your powers*
We're all the locals-coming along
We're all coming-on down
Down by the river-banks*
Friends & strangers*
People & their dogs*
People & their kids*
People sitting & watching*
From the benches*
Smoking & talking*
Walking & going talking*
Down by the dirty old-river*
Down to the riverside
Down by the hardy river
Down by the heartless river*
Down by the riverside*
Great big-churner*
Churning-along here*
Carry-us along
Big-browned & strong
Big-brawny river
Big bad-river
Big browney-expanse
Big scary-river*
Big-powerful & strong*
Sweeping-mighty waters*
Great churning-waters*
Great swirling-waters*
Going-on hauling*
Tons of waters*
Great big browning-puller*
Pushes & pulls*
Pushes & pulls & pours*
Goes rushing-away*
Faster than the eyes-can go follow*
Till eventually it goes on out*
Pulled-along by the rivers powers*
Down towards the sea*📍
Spilling out into the great-grayness*
Out towards the estuary*
Down towards the-sea*
Browney-pulling river
Go sweeping along
And go-curving on out
Go on-pulling-on hard
And spilling-spawning away
And pulling-yawning away*
And pushing-yanking away*
Great tides*
Not taking any-prisoners*
Not stopping-on it's way*
Sweeping everything-along*
No birds are all-basking*
All birds are all lurking & laughing*
No birds are all stopping & washing*
No birds out-in the winter*
No chilling & gathering*
No birds using the river*
Swimming & preening*
Flapping & flying*
Nothing-out there to see*
But the big-cold brown-expanse*
Big huge empty-waters*
Still spilling & spawning*
Spilling-along & twisting*
All gone in the winter-months*
Great tones all in sullen colours*
Great big-tides-all in sulky tones*
Great big browns & dark sullen greens*
Dark & sinister in murky-greens*
Great strong-tides
Tilling & turning
Go-pray to take your sorrows-away
Go taking-on your winter prayers
Winter-prayers outside
Winter-prayers cast-out
Looking-out at the river waters
Looking out across-the heights
Looking-out across the night
Under the hidden-moon
No moon-no stars
No evening shades-of skylines
Just winter mudds-of darker shades
Big black-brutal nights
All the hidden-fears from inside
Winter-blacks again
Cloaking-all around
Like the citys-been pulled-on in
Shrinking-on down
All the different-city lights*
All the pretty-places*
Eating & drinking spaces*
And the tourists-delights
Laughter & happy-souls
And snapling-tourists*
Those out in-partys
Those-on a roll
All pulled-back
Pulled-back into shadows
Shadows of the Riverside
All in moody & murky blacks
Sullen moody-browns
Patience patience patience
All mired in the emptyness
Surrounded-by the glooms
It's just the older-winters
Pulling-on your moods📍
It's just the winter-blues
By those-winter moons🌜
Sucked-under by the clouds
Secreted-away by the gloom
Gloomy-winter moons
You can't even-see it
Just the blackened bastard darkness
Watching from the benches
Patience patience patience
For the longer-daytimes
Eventually it'll return
Eventually it'll go-turning*
Meanwhile while it's all-shrunken
Into the darkness-cold & black
Quiet-folks are about
Locals smoking & chatting
Drinking & smoking
Talking & walking
Pondering & wandering
Now all the-tourists are gone
The streets-are deadly silent
Deathly & empty
Scary-winter nights
To fuel your imaginations
To suck in-your cold white faces
The winter is cold long & hard
No traffic & no lights
No walkers & no sights
No bustling-cafes
All cold & quiet
All cold & dark
All empty & stark
The skys-tbe roads
All swathed-in blacks
Paths & roads-all emptied
Till the-tourists all come back
Silent-city nights
Silent-ghost city
Scary-empty nights
Sour & sad memory's
Holding-on tight
Buffeted-by the colder winds
Blasted by the rains
Battering & splattering-away
Bashing at your body
Trying to get-through your layers
Trialing at your willpowers
Pulling-on your pains
Painting-murky pictures
All in muddy-browns
And murky-blacks
Winters-gloomy pallet
Till the tourists-come back
Till they come-back over
Filling & flooding
Out the narrow-streets
And twisting-walkways
Full of colours & laughter
Full of mess & people
Cafes all-full up again
Colours are so-many in the summers
In the winters the city-has shrunken
Shrunk-all down
It's all-invisible & hidden
Lost inside-the dark tones
Browns & blacks
With wet pavements
Cold wet-river lies-on empty
No more kayaks
No more boat-trips
No more-seagulls
No more-visitors here
Down-deep in the glooms
The river-in the winter
It smells-like your lonleyness
It feels like your burdens
It feels like your dooms💀
Books & papers
Study's & series
Snuggled & safer
All-hidden away
Strangers-go winter walking
Walking along the muddy-parts
Wet & sqidgey
Brown & slippy
Brown & soft
From-all the rains
From hours of nightome-rains
Dogs going bounceing-along
Down the awkward-steps
Down by the river-so full
Going down & outwards
Pulling out-towards the sea
Go rejoin-the estuaries
And run-off
Down to the greater-seas
It'll go-reaching it's ends
And go down to the waters
All cold & gray's
All along to the great-bridges📍
To merge-back into the seas
Pulled-up by the moon
Pulling-away fast
Pulling-off all along the ways
Powers-all the waters around
Powers all the tributary ways
Sullen-cold river
Deep browned-waters
Cool-cold & heavy
Cold hard & heavy
Heavy dark & heaving
Hauling & pulling away
As heavy as my heart
Go hauling-off with my sorrows
Watching-on the winter moons
Signs & circuits
As shes-going rotating
As the great-mysterys
Going-on turning
We go-on learning
Watching-on the moon
Trying-on your prayers
Watching-on the rivers-times
Go carry-it all away
For a better-chance
Prayers-out to the great river
Great-browning sources
Great fast-tracker
Sheets of waters-on the surface
Sheets of fast-waters
All-over lapping
Pushing & pulling
Powers-of the tides
Higher-up at nightimes
Strong-in the evenings
All going-sliding
Pulling-off out & away
With the fsster-currents
Prayers-upon the waters
Carry my sorrows
Carry my burdens
Carry my mistakes
Out & away
Out across-the great expanse
Great-browned waters
Cokd-black skys
Speeding-off & sliding all-away
Faster than the eyes-can go following
Pains-all in the heart
Fed-up with homestead
Heading-on outside
Stiff old-steps
Go winding-around
Underneath-the archway
We've got prayers-in our hearts
Some enemy's are a burden
Tare-you all-apart
Outside-taking it all-in
So doomy & gloomy
Dark & devilish
Browned-out waters
During the long-winters
Cold dark & heavy
Be glad-of a warm bed-laters
Cold goes-creeping in to your bones
Cold hard-winds
Go draining-on your soul
Sour or savage winter-winds
Always seeking-for your icey flesh
Heavy-powers of waters
Come take my sorrows-away
Come pull-away the badness
Come pull-away the sadness
Come take away my-prayers
Even in the darkness
Dark-nights full of sorrows
Hate & pain & fears
Fearfull nights of the winters
We still come-out to you
Pulled towards-the waters
Natures-great pulls
Nature's great-powers
Pulled-along by the moons
Pulled-out towards the arches
Pulled-out towards the darkness
Solitudes-under the moons
Shrinking & growings
Sadness & joys
Seeing-is thinking
Benches & ponderings
Walkings & wanderings
Big-citys-smaller life
Big citys-smaller lives
Secret-pacts under the moon
Secrets kept by nature
Nothing going-changing
That much-soon
Have to go-pray under the moon
Down by the darker-tides
Cold empty-river
Noones having escapades
Noones out-having adventures
Noones taking-pleasures
Out here-all in winter
Cold damp-mists
Cold water-drops
Dripping down the tree-trunks
Not here-all in winter
The brown-lurky river
Tides so-high
Pulling-on so tightly
See the waters up-so high
Brown-tensions pulling-on it
You can see it all-hauling away
With the silts-all rising
With the sands-down underneath-it
Bits of yellows
Just peeking-out about
Sandy-little cove
Just about-nearly
But you can't get-down there
Only for the swans-back then
When they were nesting-out
Huge nests-piled on higher
Beautiful birds
Shaking their tails-out
Now everything's looking cold
Cold & emptied
Cold & wasted
Cold & sour
Brown-sulken river
Wary-of your powers
So deep brown & cold
No birds-hanging out
No birdlife-on the waters
Bathing & hanging-on out
Big-black sky's all around-it
Businesses-closed for the winter
Winters treasure-troves
Maybe there are-fishes
But you cant-see them
All cold & murkys
Nightime prayers
Nightime meditations
Bits of chartings
Bits of view-points
Bits of local-perspectives
Bits of locals-going about things
Taking-time out
To go-take time
From homesteads
Time-outside with winter
Cold-dark winter
And the sullen-broody nights
Sulky browning-river
Keeping you company
Through-your them nights
When winter-seems like forevers





07:38 Feb 15 2024
Times Read: 459



•According to you & your self-created •RULES• of engagement
•Real-men Masculine-men Manly-men •DONT-CARE•
And you go-taking •PRIDE• in Male-Mass Generics & masculine Bullshit!!

Saying you deserve •REAL-FRIENDS• But then taking it-all for granted
when that actually happens......
•Rhetorical-relationships via bullshits
•Hypocrisys-are your realitys now Mister

•The real-truth is Real Men •DO-CARE!!!
Because caring & connecting
is the real Manly-Masculine realitys of-life
•Especially about those that do •MATTER• Those who are •LOYAL•

•Those that are loyal and those in your-circle-who give you real-time & energys
Nor just anyone Or strangers or just joe-public who just don't care-the 99.9%
•Those who are your natural-Allies The 25% can go changing-over into Enemys💀
If not shown the due •RESPECTS•






07:02 Feb 07 2024
Times Read: 520

💀📍HOLY MOTHER-OF DEATH-BE PRAISED!!💀🤍 •House of Knix• *15/2/024

Stay white in the eyes of God
Stay white in the eyes of the goddess
Stay-pure in the eyes of living-death
Stay whitened-stay whiter*
Stay like white-roses*
Stay like white-chalks*
Stay white like-death*
Holy mother of-gods
Holy mother of-death
The hearts of men are so feeble & so weak
The hearts of women are so lying & so cheap
The price of institutions is so-steep
Only the goddess-her heart is so deep📍
Only the mother can love you for true
Only she can really-see you
In this wretched life-of living death
In this sickened world of living-depts
She sees inside of-you
Her powers inside her heart
Her love is redemptive
Her boney-cross is the stronghold
Your accusers
Your enemy's are all-blinded
Pushing for this world
They've left you-behind
This world full of-pushers
Pressures & agendas
Selfish & selfists-want you to be like them
They won't let you be
But you just can't count on this world
World full of words-pushing & pulling
Pouring & pouring
Like words written-in water
It's all just emptyness-washing away
Only the holy-mother
Great-Lady of death
She sees inside your living-heart
Loving in her cooling-lights
Your always innocent-in her eyes📍
No matter what the world-sees
No matter what the world-says
Not matter what the world-claims
No matter all the desperate-chains
Swearing from strangers
Silence serves-out your sentence💀
World of all-hells carves out your heart
Till you can return back-home
She loves you more than life-itself
She loves you from inside & out
From inside-your loving heart
Your always innocent-in her eyes📍
Preserved from the very-start
Wrapped around her rosed-heart
No matter how much your enemys-start
Religious persecutions
Blind hearted-judgements
To show-up their own blinded mistakes
Blinded & bloody
Can't be trusted-on this earth
Bloody blind & faithless
Blind-hearted judgements
Full of coffins
From the judgements
Lean onto the cross📍
With white-roses
With whited-skulls
With white roses
She can clean out your blood
With white roses
She can renew your heart
She can whiten your flesh
With holy-faith
With whited-skulls
Back into whiteness
Back into rightness
Back into uprightness
Will for the living-life
She can salt your tongue-back
Back into salty-faith
Lean on the white-cross
With skulls & roses
Be in redemption
Aganist world of temptations
All mercy's in her healing-heart
Cooling fires of redemptions
Be re-born unto death-again
Have no fear from the living world
Holy mother of-god
Be re-born unto death again
Have no fear of the-heaving world
See like the eyes of a child-again
Have no need of- judgement
Crushing-down your soul
See through the eyes of a child-again📍
Holy mother of-god
Be reborn unto death again
See through the-morbids*
See all the-morbiditys*
But without judgement s*
For already-humanitys have been-judged*
Already been and been-damned*
Sloughed-off the depts of this world📍
Where the liars-have cut your heart
Filled you-full of pins
Filled you full of-pain
Purchase from-projections
When you should be full of purpose
World of the liars
Works of the godless
World full of intruders
Works most-profane
BEcome innocent in her eyes📍
As you already-were
Before they came-from a world of insane
Know your saved-over & over
Always your best-through her
Always saved-through her
All powers-unto her
The works
The ways
The walk-ways
The mercy's
The love
Throw yourself upon-all mercys
Turn your heart into-glass
Take-it back from this world
Retake your heart
From this bastardised-world of sins
All living-unholy hells
Knowing all this world-is in damnations
Drowning & dying-in vain
Hearts of lead-not rising
Vanitys hypocrisys
Vanitys-until the end
Turn back towards the mother
Life without-end
Feel fear unto death
Feel ready to serve
Fear only in wisdom
Fear unclean-flesh
And unfurnished-hearts
Lawless & wicked
Ruthless-hearts of hell
Knowing this whole-world in profanitys
Knowing this whole world in insanitys
Bound into bondage
Bound into mindless-sin
Bound into houses of dread
Mindless-empty death
Mindless-brutalist death
Agonys of services-all wasted📍
Faith is just-used up
Till nothing is left
Agonys of silence
Pitylessless cold wormy-death
Find reserections-before death
Waving & weaving
Back through-her circles
End upon-end 💀🤍





04:15 Feb 06 2024
Times Read: 552


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