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23:24 Jul 19 2023
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Know in you everything dies
Know in you everything is death
Knowing you-i just have to accept
Knowing you-its just what happenz
Had some ideas of you in hell
From glimpses here on earth
All fatalistic to the self
Capturing some ideas of where you dwell
Know when I saw you
Death was inside you-living in your face
Nothing looks that good
That you don't pay a price
Nobody gets that high
That you dont-somehow die
Nothing feels that good
That isn't some kind of lie
Nothing hurts that good
That your not somewhere else
Linked into some kinda evil hell
Some invisible chains about your self
Know when I first saw you
What I didn't know then
What was unconcious
Hidden from myself
Hidden around the bend
When the mind detaches
When reality is somewhere else
Deadly & deathly
And waiting in hell
Cause you control-everyone around you
And some slaves from afar
You pull-everyone in
You pull everyone down
And they don't try to stop-you
Do they even have a clue?!?
What do they see in you?!?⛓️
Somehow I knew-that happenz
Blinded by magnetics
Blinking through the blinding magicks
Blinded by power
But I blocked it all out
Teenaged imaginations
Rolling all out
That's some kinda pin-up
But I blocked some parts out
The holy light-bleached it out
Erotic fantasys-carve you out
Abstract realitys bouncing about
Will unite with lust
To tare realitys apart💀
Makes no sense
Makes a nonsense
Out of a realitys
When the ghost house
F*cks with your head
When the mind can't keep up
It starts to replicate itself
Like a big fat joke from god
Seeing stark reality as other
Recreating shit realitys
Into something better
Cause your always laughing at your own reality🤍
Cause your always twisted-inside your head
Cause your sterile-dead inside
But you look so fertile & verile
It just kills you inside
Half & half realitys
When illusions paint over realitys
To evil & hideous to consider
Left just hanging-vacous inside
Lifeless tool-lifeless seed
Lifeless lust-lifeless deeds
Lifeless bone-tool
Life lived sinister
Lifeless body
Lifeless corpse
Looks so real
Living on as Waxwork arts
Lifeless emptied soul
Lifeless carcass-where hes gone?!?
Lifeless body-dead inside
Life & death-gets rewritten
What is reality?!?
What is actualitys?!?
Disturbed realitys
Infectious religions
Adopted icons
Master of propogandas
Master of cultures
Translated of sin
Translater of things
Soured-sore cultures🌹
Stealing from other cultures
Outside of spiritualisms
History's being probed about
History's being written about
Private personality-being studied
Private morbid soul-being probed around
Realitys being rewritten
Silent spirits-change what's written
Social-bars these sentences of hidden-hells
All I wanted was to touch & taste on death🌹
Constant constricted-calculations
Constant contortions rippling down the lines
Continued pin-points down the lines 📍📍
Cryptic estimations
Crucial perceptions
From touching on spirit
Trying to feel what's there
Trying to calculate if reality can match imagination
Trying to touch with the mind
To control-to capture parts of reality
Touching on icons to feed the arts
This morbid intrigue that you left
Fueling all the fires of intrigues
Fruitful for the forbidden arts
Black fires inside me
Burning fires around a star
Brutalist furnishing the liberalist🌹
Your hollow cavitys-where you evaded life
Unanswered questions-that you left
Aspects of uncaptured soul
His unsavoury society
His primative capital of self
Strange mentalisms🧠
This bizzare-ascent
His bizzare world-of crippled consent
His high towers in hell
Great fertile images
Great ghostly spirit
Gigantic icono-graphics
Laced with layers of sadistic-
Morbid social-iconographys
Drive your inner-mind
The mind-life living off itself
The mind-hive busy with itself
The throbbing blackness
From your blocky-body
Pouring through the layers of hell
Cryptical-qualitys in life
Morbid intrigue
Borderline to acute violences in life🌹
Quite happy to leave this life
For devotions-of religious kinds
Getting waylayed
By unique mysterys
Illusions created in you
Icon graphicals-feel so physical
I can feel you from outside
I can feel you all the way through
Story's getting changed
Just to know some sins-through you
Just to touch on you
Just to touch-living death
Before-i go
The promise-waster
Wasting away so slowley
Draining off-your living soul
Denying you-the keys
Lieing all the time
Chain-of lies
Circles-of death
Till you come out blind
Hard to stay attached-to this world after that
A vampire kind of heart
A souless kind of arts
Right at the heart-of everything horrible
Terrible-things that you do
You silently-smother out all life
Sick out candles with your breath
Nobody knows-its even happened
Know you live a life of secrets
Know you'd kill-just to keep it
Know you have thrills-that could kill
Even though-im isn't even mine
Lust makes anyone blinded
Lost in this life
To a hellmaster-so unkind
What a master-headf*ck
When reality-unwinds
Kinda knew-you would do that
What I wouldn't do-just to keep it
Even though-it isn't even mine
Killing me off-every single way
Now the morbid-fascination
It's all my morbid-imaginations
Set on fire-by a whole load of nothing
All rolling around-everything out of place
Life is going-out of sight
This acid trip-of self-knowing
Is bending around-going out of sight
If it wasnt-too much
Too much-to bare
Why would-i even try
Know I'm just going to die-already
Just from looking at your face
Face of death-inside a man
A man-living inside-death
Death-inside a living kinda man
Living spirits-inside his faithless face
Death & all ways-inside that
Don't know how-or why?!?
Handsome face-of a stealer
Can't eXplain what's in a face
Can't see-what you see in a moment
Carves you out-for life
Can't undo-your powers
Can't change what I beleive
Can't forget what I've seen
Can't stop-just looking
So the eyes-dont starve the body
So the body-dosnt starve the eyes
So the mind-disnt starve the body
Like a hungry animal
Human-slaverys trap
Can't get near
All I have left-is eyes
Making sure-the eyes feed the mind
Making sure-the eyes see your world
Making sure-the eyes feed the body
All the worlds-in one
What a madass-trip
What a madness-trap
What a badass-trip
Morbid fascination-got me in its awful grip
Morbid destination-what the hell
Like I don't even-know myself
Should just look-away
Stealing-every time I look
Stalking-to steal you
Storing stuff-inside my brain
Feeding off-of images
Sucking off-your brain
Supposed to be-in another country
But I feel you-from miles away
Supposed to be-in another life
A place you can't go-a place I can't touch
A place-you can't watch
But I'm getting over-somehow
Crossing over the lines
It's all leaking-mind body spirit
Not ever worth-it
Your never anyones
Trying to stay-contained
But the vessel-is spilling over
Other systems-taking over
Other realitys-spilling over
Worst kind of spy
Turning into a spirit-stalker
Traitor to my own-flesh
Turning-from my god
Slipping away-im losing my grip
Your out of-my reach
Were out of time
We already were
Right from the start
It was already-over
No chance-of life
Control-already taken
Pyramid-of pain
Stings me too death
Fantasy-takes over
Replacing-the pain
That makes life impossible
You affect the memory
Your outside of-my space
Time & space
Mind-out of mind
Space-out of space
Probing around-in people
Pressing on-inside
Like worms-crawling onto flesh
Like your carving-things in
Like you know ways-to get inside
Like your watching-all the time
One way-or another
Can't escape-this fate
Can't claw-back time
Can't unsee-you
Can't unmake-fate
It's just too-late now
You kill me-every day
Draining very slowley
Draining very slowley
Should never have known you
But accidents-can happen
Souls-can collide
A braver soul-i go it alone
You have wafting ghosts
White ghost-spirits
Floating in the air
Getting in the way
Twisting in the air
Driving you-in
Driving you-insane
Keepers of terrible-pain
With the things that they know
What I wouldn't do-to die that way
Not really living right-without
Not making sense now
Out of my senses-anyway now
Know everything-thats ever been
Without-ever saying a single word
Know everything is changed
Know there is no escaping
Time is like a candle-dripping
Time is too weak-will is just melting
I'm falling-its changing
When I saw-your face
Worlds-inside you
No way-out
No way back-around
EXcept-coming back around
To you-again
Tripping out-im trapped on a loop
God's have spared-me
From insanity's
Only just-borderline
Still hanging-on
Mindless-ball & chain
Not even sure-what is what
Where it's-at
Like a ghosts-wall
It's all warped
Weird bloodlines
Warping around
Darkness of dna-twisting
Snake wrapped-around itself
Your bloody face
It sealed-my fate
I fu*ked myself up
Looking at stuff that isn't mine
Wanting-what I cannot have
But everybody dies-trying to get free
Seeing what-i shouldn't see
Feeling what-i shouldn't feel
Wanting to be-what I cannot be
What you see-with your eyes
Can forever-change the mind
Can't unsee-the agony of eye
Eye of the mind-eye
Mind-life has its own life
Seperate from its own self
A seperate-will for life
Timewarp-of your own will
Turning like a wheel
Trialed for a sin-you never tried
Accident-of arts
Captured-in your crux
Trapped in your embrace
Never touched-you
But it feels-like I did
Reality-is like a candle
Just melting
Can't see it-but feel it inside
On some level-you can consume everything
Keep trying to keep everything the same
But I'm losing the pace
Losing-the beat
Losing the race-that you already won
But I'm dying down-in every way
Didn't really feel-till I saw your face
Now the tower of pain-is building in your face
Devotion to your style
That nothing can replace
There's nothing like that pain
That only you can place
Everythings over already
Everything's swept away
Consumed by your mind
Inside & out
Feel it inside
All the levels
Pyramid of your mind
Body & soul leaking-out
No ways to explain
Never be the same
Every kind of death
Everything that's about
In majesty-in death
I know what I see
I see till I'm blinded
I see till I'm binded
I see so many places-inside your depths
Seen what I cannot see-in life
It's there-in you
There's a massive rush
World of the dead-spanning
I know in life-your just hell
So I'm staying away
Put back-out the way
Modernist ways-are a killer
Private stalker-private watcher
Watching from behind-the lines
What was private-in death
Has now met-the world
Slipping through the gates
No other-way around
Everything in death
Everything was fated
Society's of secrets-i never knew
World outside-i never knew
That's one way to go
When you have- this way around
Spirit guide-from another side
Spirit guide-from another life
Going blind from the pain
Going insane from secrets
Going inwards-aspects I never knew
Unknown gods-self pushed back
Everytime I try to escape my fate
The wheel just turns around again
Kept down-held back
Society ,& culture
Life I've never know
Rapture of death
Your made to destroy
Your made to deceive
But I'm slipping-past your schemes
Spin the wheel again
I'm dieing for a reason
Wanting a better-way out
For a reason
Life of psssions-i never knew
It's all over-everything in you
Older memory's,-been buried
Stuff too powerful to know
Stuff too strong to remember
Old dreams-still half buried
Aspects got lost-just trying to survive
The watcher-the one from outside
The watcher-the stranger
The watcher-watching all on you
Death in dreams
Dreams that die-slowley
When dreams go to die-there is a fire
Dreams don't want to die
Like a star dying-it just burns brighter
Massive fire-beyond all that we do
Everything is over-before it's been started
Everything I never knew is revealed
Everything buried
Everything buried-deep
The lost-connections
The lost-depths
The lost-memorys
Keys you just can't find
Pain you just can't bare
Wheels of life-turning around
You are the beautiful-death
Death of all my dreams
Lost hopes & reality
Lost keys & curses
Lost desires & causes
Lost keys to magick
Seperations from reality........💀





16:27 Jul 14 2023
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••Home-Notes •NHN-120)💀
•Coin-jar 🗝️ •Cheese-sause 🍅 •New coffee-style)

He's just another handsome guy
Just another male dick
Complexion rather good
Skin like chalk
Rather too pale
Rather strange
Rather oddball
Bizzare guy
Oddball vibe
Classic enemy
It's all underlined-in red
It's all underwired-in reds
God won't allow it
For me to go-anywhere near it
But curiositys-get the better of me
God won't allow it
Pietys-prohibit it
Sin pushers-push it
Society dosnt care
Masters-born into the powers
Don't challenge it 🧠
Dick brain
Dire dread
It's dreadfull in your head
Should know better
Something's not right
Should know better
Somethings different
Something inside-i can't hear it proper
Something inside-i can't really bare it
Something to be aware of
Something inside-that bugs me
Go around a different-corner
He's not like the others
He's made different-inside
You'll freak yourself-out
You'll blow your own mind
You'll scare yourself-stupid
Scared of losing the lights
Society has secret weapons
Creating & culturing-different kinds
Too pale
Too bloodless
Too pale
Tall white empty husk
But I can't see why?!?
Can't just leave-it
Can't not try-to perceive it
Can't not try-to conceive it
Can't quite see
Can feel-hes off
Crystal ball clouded
Mystique-clouds the scene
Sin marrs the lines
Dark-druggy energys
He's not quite here
Here but rather vague
Human but not quite somehow
Too way off-of that
Not born yesterday
It's all wrong
Classic-gothic trash
Whore-of all arts
It's all wrong
Never gonna be right
You want to touch
Just to check
Feel for a pulse
Of medical-revelations
To bizzare-designs
Desire is curiosity
Curiosity is desire
Desires-get warped
Not natural
Not really right
Too pale
Too lifeless
Wouldn't be shocked
If he's walking on empty
Slap him & he wouldn't notice
Nothing working inside
Nothings right here
Nobody's at home
Just a white-empty shell
Zombied kinda shell
Deadend of hell
Too bloodless
Too lifeless
Too damned pale
Too damned close to dead
Want to touch him just to see
An empty-body double 💀
Hollow man
Nothing left-inside
Noones home
Just a body
Just a corpse-body
Dead man walking
Better wonder
Wanna see blood
Better beleive it
If it squirts-out red
Then I might beleive it
Till then I'm cautious
Doupht he's got any inside
If he's faking
He's walking
He's talking
But he's not awake
But he's not really here
He's walking on empty
He's walking like a dummy
Detached from most of humanity
Encircled & enclosed
Vital signs-not very vital
Vital signs-f*cking abject
Vital signs-just automatic
Walking dead-vaccum
Weird-abject mind
Weird-empty vessel
Morbid minded-dude
Can't tell you why?!?
Can't know what's real
From the hall of ghosts
Strange warping reality
Headfu*k tendencys
Realitys-in reverse
The wavering-mind
From a lie
Mind splitting apart
Which has the stranger keys
To what is mirages
Walking monsters
Mirages of monsters
To conjure-realitys
Black & white-magicks
Hinder-the objective
Artists mind
Mentalists of a kind
Want to see blood
Just to know that he has some
He looks bloodless
Want to see blood
Just to know that he has some
Want to see blood of life
Just to see-if he has that
Want to get-inside
Just to see
Squeeze him-cut him till he bleeds
Just to see-if white can turn red?!?
He's just a lifeless corpse
Bloodless-faceless corpse
Big long pale lifeless white log
Lying cold on steel-a better life
But it's just symbolic-even if he has
A deathless life
Just quite baffling person
Deliberate-to be slippery
As a whole basket of snakes
Can't get to grip with anything
Nothing to hold onto
Confused myself wondering why?!?
But really already know
He is bloodless
He looks loveless somehow
It's not quite logical
It's more like he's an illusion
God's alluded to someone
Clothed in flesh
Clotted grin is super fleshy
Tall & fleshy
But I suspect-other
But the rest
Something is freaky
Bizzare implications
Like life
Life like
But not enough
Not really convincing
To beleive
To beleive-truly
Too duplicitous
All eye on him
Hawks eyes on him
Gonna go poof-suddenly
Physical-isnt always earth
Life-isnt always living
Illusions-sometimes need seeing
He's from somewhere else
This is just a diversion
He's outside his own world
Just by being here
Too pale
Gravely pale
Bound to make you ill
Don't beleive in him
In him don't beleive
In between world's
He could just slip away
Into darkness
And be gone forever
Timeless void
Kinda suspicious
Where his skin is so white
There's an aura
An energy of strange
Smells like the dead
Always cold steel
But you feel you'd better not
Go there
Aura of untouchable
His protected circle
Don't know why?!?
Jaws eye on him
Want to go feeling for life
Sense something's missing
But not a good bet
To look rather strange
Touching up men
Just to check
For signs of life
Burning curiositys
It's best understood
He's too weird to ever know
He's heartless
Heartbeat of death💀
Death goes-death flows
Right through him
Right in the heart of death❤️
Right in the heartlands of the dead
Right in the centre of the dead
Empty vessel
Full of hidden treasures
Visions of death & the dead
Not a normal cord to this life
Not caring for this life
Gone-far outside of life
Gone down-into death
Gone down-into the depths
Won't really notice
If your not looking too much
Long black ponytail
Looks slippery to the touch
Slippery-black snake
Smooth black locks
Cold slippery black
Face rather-cold
Face rather-white
Face kinda old
Face kinda old maybe
Elders face
Racial memory flips & flops
Strikes & strips
Strikes & stops
Flips & flops
Pulls & strikes
Been here before
Seen him before
Merry go round-of life
Face kinda old-maybe
Old as dinosaurs
Flesh-very fleshy
Face very hypnotic
Face like a tonic
Face like a lamp
Trying so hard to remember
Whole body so very strange
Feel fear of his body
Don't want to see it
Kept at a distance
Kinda ambiguous
Kinda everything
And nothing
All cutting-in
Images moving around
Could be old?!?
Can't really tell
Smells & feels so olden
Rooted-in time
Elders old-time
Too old to tell from before
Whence he came from before
What it was I forgot
To remember?!?
Cause he spins your head around
Fills the air with mists
What I remembered-to forget
What I forgot to remember?!?
He gets to take people away
To make them forget-with ways
He has wiles
He has slippery ways
Snakey ways to make you forget
What a mentalists-trip
My mind has loops
Lots of him-everywhere
Wheel is turning slowley
As his soul spins around
As his selves change around
As his aspects show themselves
As his world spins-around
His face is full
Full of worlds
My heart is full
Full of words
De ja vu fills my head
Face kinda grim
Face is ambigious
But really not quite
Bit on the pale-side
Bit cold looking
Bit dead feeling
Bit queered-around reality
That's a rather downbeat aura
Weird world inside himself
Pays no mind to this world
Like he never has
Like he never will
His body is full of spirits
His powers to release
His privilege
Not having to care
Just one of many
Fraternal benefits
But he's not here
Just avatars
Just distractors
Just conductors
From a dark vessel
His focus is inside
Who's inside himself?!?
What goes on in there?!?
Whole web of weird 💀
Strange perceptions
Strange humour twisted around himself
Strange snakes of energy's
Twisted around himself
Marvel's of toxic inventions
Marbling of warped perceptions
Bizzare attitudes
Sick style of in-jokes
Incubated culture
Twisted agricultures
You'll never fathom
Twisted humours
Inside himself
Dark humours
He twists himself with
Another dimension
Full of gothic spirits
Breeding on snakes
And ghastly spirits
Inside himself
Primative life somewhere
You'll never fathom
Not for this world
Not for the next
Talks to himself inside
Glued inside to twisted perceptions
Personality jokes
Where you can't hear him
Knows himself inside
Where you can't know him
Full of personality's
Coiled around him-like snakes
World to outsiders
Coded & clouded
Mistakes you'll never make
You'd pay for-dearly
This pot is full
This vessel is bursting
This persona is bursting
Full of dark snakes-of self
Strange male-cultures
Lusts-of self-creations
Lusts-of separatist motivations
He's been incubating
He's been busy creating
Sin after sin
Strange after strange
Death after death
Powers of the fallen
Demon's & devils
Self-anchored sins
Sickness of stealth
Strange energy's
Rather queer character
Better off away from him
Where he's in lust with himself
Where he's in love with himself
There is noone else
Where he's in league with himself
There is noone else
Noone else counts
There is noone elsa
Never will be-another
But poets circle-is glued
Outside-his endless hells
World of blackness
Twisted into the bizzare
But he's just so strange
You gotta know why
But he's just so strange
You end up glued
Curiositys can kill cats
But it don't kill rats
Tiny beady eyes-smelling the dangers
Off down a big-ass pipe
Got a better instinct than humans
More grounded than big fat cats
Not killed by curiositys
Not driven mad-like crazys
Curiositys can kill cats
But it ain't killed a big gal yet
Should have by now
It ain't long yet
Curiosity-can be a killer
But poets circle
Were all just ghosts-anyway
Half-dead already
Ghost-souls who try to write
Dead dolls lined up on a shelf
Hard to know what goes on
Kinda handsome-that makes stuff go wrong
Kinda handsome-badly
That takes a strange turn
Kinda handsome
It's hard to unsee
Wish I could
Kinda handsome-dick
Who gets inside-daydreams
And won't come out
What gets into your mind
He should come back out again
But dosnt seem to be going yet
Maybe never?!?
He slips inside your life-mind
He slips inside-inbetween yourself
Who's desire-is who's in this?!?
Who's lust is who's?!?
It's already getting blurry
Ghost houses active
Illusions are sprouting like flowers
Desires are under will
More than one
Blinded & seeing
Altered realitys
Other dimensions
File of storys
Hard to see which
Clotted by thick desires
Were in deep-distraction
Does he want to get in?!?
Or are we trying to just get out?!?
Multiple dimensions
Confuse suggestions
Or is it just lust blinding-on us?!?
Poets circle-distracted by lust
Pulled backwards-by desire
Real life energys-leaking on through
Super spy-factor
To the mind & body
Makes you in turmoil
Mind that you've got
Mind over matter
Memory's on a quest
Images on a rewind
Superfast realitys
Changing your perspective
But you didn't quite catch-it
You don't know why?!?
Brain overload
Got rather a lot
Gonna like stuff that don't make sense
Didn't do what you outta
Sure he's got-another hidden life
Looking rather good
If you like it that way
Bit kinda morbid
If your going that way
You kinda don't notice
Till it's coming your way
Kinda don't want to yet
Till your souls gone astray
Got himself a spirited-double
Dressed mostly in black
Got himself a whiter shade too
Got himself a darker shade
When he just goes into the black
Not gonna know him
Until he comes back
With a secret side
Got another spirit
Living inside his face
Big bloody suprise
Big mystery inside
Saw it first time I saw him
A captured-glance
Over his grinning face
Laughing at a joke
But only just
Barely saw it
Barely registered
But something inside registered
Enough to just see it
Primative brain clicked on
Saw something strange
As something white
Something grinning inside
When he grinned
Spirits moved
When he moved his face
Other things moved
Ghastly life
Ghoulish grin
That's too ghoulish
That's too hungry
Too much teeth
For just a man
That's too much hunger in a smile
Like a crocodiles smile
He gets to eat this world
Life thick with sins
Another world showed on through💀
Thick with clotted white spirits
Land of the dead
I saw another inside him
Never see the world the same again
Weird white energy
Ghostly grin
Sucked me in
Inside his face
Ghastly grin
Inside his face
White death
Sucked me in
Inside his face
Still life
Slow life
Low life
Never looked better
Brain-life slowing on down
To capture the dead inside a face
Living man's face
Has another white face
Saw the ghoul-move across his face
Saw the skull across his face
As he grinned-so it grinned
So I burst-open inside
Heart gone white
Full of death in him
With skulls & maggots
Tales & white roses
Brave new world
Laced with older blacks
Story's much older
Yet to be known
Burst into white roses
As he grinned-so it grinned
I sucked him inside me
That's where I wanted him to be
Inside my own face
Sucked inside my face
My ghoul takes his face
My ghoul takes on his skin
I knew when I saw him
Showing outside
Where I sat there & stared
His inside-in
The double-soul
Ghoulish greed
Grinning at the world
Great big grin
He gets to eat this world
That's why he grins so wide
It's wicked ways of the world
Sucked me in
Open wide-to take it all
Burst-open with with white desire
Burst open with ghoulish lusts
Ghostly spirits of lusty dreams
Clotted-thick as cream
The soul has become elastic
Begun to stretch
Begun to hunger
Begun to dream
Weird white plasma
White ghoul-grins as he grins
White ghoul-grim as he's grim
That grimace
Something has turned on
Something has torn
Something has changed
Never be the same again
Laughing inside his face
Those teeth
Seen my new life
That grin
Seen my new life
That grimace
Seen my new life
Loaded with old blacks
Everything changed
Time has now stopped
And looped on back
Never be the same again
Ghouls grin
Sucked me in
Lives as he lives
Lies as he lies
Next to his skin
Knew something was there
Went past so very fast
Brain went into capture mode
Brain knew something that it knows
Brain saw a flash of something
Stayed with the capture
Rewind the image
Till you know what you saw
First time-i remember
That I know-i saw a ghoul
Inside a man's face
When he grinned
With his teeth
That was when
Saw my first ghoul
Inside a strangers face
Now everything has changed
Can't go back again
Can't unsee it
Felt the white spirit move
Saw the mask on his face
Got another life-hidden in his face
Got another spirit-where his skull resides
His skull has a spirit-lamp
His skull-has another skull
Linked-up to him
Looks like him
Looks like a spirit lamp
Looks like something grim
Got him another-self
Outside of his handsome face
There's some kind of ghoul
Inside his face
Grinning ghoul
Grinning grimace
Bit like a death march
When pale is a mark
Bit on the pale side
If you like it that way
Empire of the dead
Are coming his way
Ghoul spirit
Gates to the dead
Pale places
Filled with the dead
Those crossed-over
I seen it in his face
Grinning ghoul
Ghoul of grim
Ghastly spirit
Ghostly spirit
Great master ghoul
Great ghostly spirit
About the place



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