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21:48 Jul 28 2023
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••Home-Notes •Loo-still clearing-🧻 •NHN-275 🏆 •Rained-last night
•Potatoe-substitues-🥔 •🌜♏-Works-4 •New mugs-☕ {Card-No 1-🏆 •Yougurts-back 🍓
•Someone-got a C-card!! •Old nabiours-gone •Sh*t sandwhich-🤎

•Eyes of the beholder
•Eyes of the beleiver
•Eyes of the bleeder
•His God is the deceiver💀
Can't want you in this life
Can't not want you in this life
Can't see you-in this life
Can't not see you in this life
Can't be near you in this life
•Can't not be near you either
Can't not see your too-much
•Can be blinder-taking on too much
•Can't not be blinded-when I try
•Can't not be dying in this life
•Can't not be trying-thats worse than dying📍
•You are not for the taking-in this life
•Not by anyone-you never really were
•Just how it is-its just like that
•Don't really know why?!?
•Don't really care either
•Do wish you were mine anywayz
•Don't know why guys don't function
•But the brain isn't really computing
•Fire is in the bloods-now
Cause challenges-mark me down
•Haywires-from the start
•Rages in the blood
•Haywires-from passions 📍
•Bodys-pushing to get-on-in
•Being-kept out
•Badly wanting-to sin
•But changes can't compute
•So reality dosnt come around
•Will didn't come back around to me💀
•Marking me down as a whore in this life📍
•As a whore-son to this crazy life
•Can't not be going-on as stupid in this life
•Come from a bad-cross
•Left bleeding in this life📍
•Though you can't just see it
•That's what they beleive
•That our Lord of hell didn't count
•Can't undo-whats been created
•Mentalisms mark our the mentalitys
•Evil bastard war-Lords
•Evil sucker whore-Lords
•Stupid & cruel social laws
•You want to feel it?!?
•Your dying in this life
•You want to know this?!?
•Your just controlled by bastards
•You can't have shit
•Your going nowhere 💀
•Left trapped inside your self
•You think you know your sense of self
•But your actually somebody-else
•You beleive you know what you feel
•What your told you can feel 📍
•By some society
•But it's all just lies
•You feel something totally different
•You are somebody else
•You are just rips inside the systems📍
•You are just truth inside of lies📍
•You are just bleeds-inside the tubing
•You are just plips inside existance
•Dead blind & dumb your gods can't see me now
•Deaf dumb & blind through this born-privilige
•Don't know me in this lifetime much
•Don't see me-just from looking
•Don't care too much-looking without seeing
•Don't have to care-born that much
•Don't want to know me
•Don't care either-im outside looking in
•Don't know why?!?
•Shit kill-systems
•Shit society's kill-off my life
•Always privately bleeding somewhere inside📍
•People who don't know you
•They never cared
•Taking-control of your life
•You left me outside
•Too long ago to ever remember📍
•Can't go back-go over it again
•Blocked-out by the brain
•Because the pain would kill me
•What really happened
•Lost in the timelines
•Lost in translations
•You left me outside-to die
•But it just didn't work
•The way you thought it would
•Fires burn me
•They bite me-from inside
•Burn right through me
•Don't know why?!?
•Not good at letting-go💀
•You don't give me much
•In this life-its that way always
•Why would you ever?!?
•You stupid bastard
•All love & lust is blinder
•It flows away into the gutters
•Not part of your stupidist elite
•So you don't beleive
•Born through genderisms
•So you don't beleive in it
•I cant ever count for shit
•I beleive in you
•Even though-your just a phantom
•A gothical-ghost
•A bad-dude as a living-host
•Totally perversely
•Completely reversely
•A bizzare phantom
•A fantastical soul
•A bizzare creation
•From unknown sources
•From other realitys
•What the f*ck are you man?!?
•Why do we even care?!?
•If you are living or dying
•In this lifetime
•You evil-ass punk
•Not born to ever care📍
•Reality has reduced itself down
•And gone-out backwards
•Ass backwards
•Born part of the fascist-elite
•The hellhounds
•This stupidist regime💀
•These fascist c*nts
•These stupid punks
•Don't know what I'm doing in this life?!?
•F*cking-up with myself
•Freaking-out on myself
•Blinded & blackened
•Burnt right through with passions
•Going-on along with stupidist shit📍
•Kept blinded in this life
•Sidelined by your strife
•Superficial realitys-cut like a knife📍
•The rage is like a huge pillar
•The lust is like a blinding-drive
•A bloody-driver📍
•Lust & passion is so blinding
•Passion just can't seem to die
•Like it rebirths itself
•Feeding itself-from somewhere else
•Not exactly concious
•Not exactly rational
•Not really making-sense
•A reality unto-itself
•Been born that way📍
Never-ending novelitys
Total wheel of mentalisms
Maze of many torments💀
Bastard masters wheel
•Head-start on headways📍
•Pathways-wires inside
•Can feel what's inside
•Head start-on others heads
•Headways-head start
•Pathways-inside your head📍
•Mental fantastics
•Mental gymnastics
•Mental elastics
•Mental capitalism
•Mental losses
•Schools of thought📍
•Sure can feel it
•Sapiosexual pathways
Wirings-all around the clock📍
•Just a clockwork animal
•Haywires of hell
Haywires of pain & pleasure
•Pathways-to feed all the crazy
•Acute brain-wirings📍
•A bit accursed
•Not getting much-rest
•Never-ending electricals
•Your just a human-eletrical grid
•Your hanging-out on a highwire
•Your hanging-out near all hells
•Your hanging-on hoping to hook-on📍
•Trying to loop around a circuit
•Pains-make pathways
•Pathways-inside pains
•Pathways to realitys-so intense
•You barely can beleive-it!!!
•You have to learn to stand-it 💀
•You have to learn to take-it
•You have to learn to bare-it
•You can't let the pain-just brake you
•Or it'll just take-you
•All the way to hells on earth📍
•You have to be able to stand-it
•Or you can't cross the bridge
•To being in another world
•But how can you stand-it?!?
•How can you manage-it?!?
•Is it how gods have planned it?!?
•He took your heart & he canned it
•It's how the Gods planned it
But to you it's all just cold
•There's just a super-ego
•Then there's nobody home
•Superior & cold
•Cold pathways-leading out to hell
•Web of lies & lust
•Web of weird-ass crazys
•Web of bizzare spiritual
•You'd have to feel it-to beleive it)
•Fueled by your appitites
From your bastard crown
You sting me in this life
You bring me down in this life
You bitch on me-in this life
You make me want to crawl-from your heights
Pleasure & pains
Powers & controls
Placed in the wrong place
Power put into the wrong hands📍
Pleasures-most unkind
Pains-truly terrible in nature
Human beings-used as bait
Bitchy masters-world of hate
Bitter circles-world of fates
Morbid crueltys-of a matchless kind 🌹
Hidden desires that outsmart my mind
Lower desires-of an unknown kind
Layers of mentalisms-that never end
Pyramid-of every kind of pain
Passion for life-can turn into theft
Poisons fed often enough-start to become a taste
A taste can become like a drug📍
A drug can become like a taste
Suck it up-or spit it out
Life is all about-tastes 💀
Then trying to pay for it!!!
Getting the feel
Good tastes & bad
Tasting better-or tasting shit
Feeding off a beast
Or dreaming off of that📍
Dreaming-of the past
If you like someone
If you like the way-they lie
You can chose-that way to die
Total opposites-attract
Attract & repell
Everything in life-has a style
Want it or not want it
Know it-or not know it
Get it-or not get it📍
You'll know pretty-quick
Who gets a kiss
Who gets a spit
Who gives a shit!!
Or repelling
Attitude is everything
Like or loathe it-it helps you along the miles
Drug of kings
King of drugs
Godfather of all death
Guess what you might get?!?
Kings crowned from hell-ruling this world
Ghetto trap-lands
Ghetto life-lines
Ghetto tangled-wires
Gangland death-raps
Bastards hell-traps
Some bastards-thorny crown
Some bitches nest-eggs
Better off an addict-than dying dry without
Better off down-than just dry & out
Hate to love anymore-when it gets too much
But I know he's so high-on himself
He just laughs
Evil king of ghoulish ways
Bound into bondage
Choose how your blind
Chose how you go to die
Bound into bondage
Choose-your style of unkind
Cruel & ever without eyes 👁️
Consent-of a kind
Continuos asides
Cold & callous from inside
Groomed to be that way📍
Born cold & calculated
Natures given an Ace-in that way
Born into evil-calculated & crafted
Groomed-to be that way
Born to milk out venoms-or die in the dust
Need to survive-can carry that rush
Hard to find trust-when your pushed in the crush
But concious choices
Controlled & concious
Controlled & collected
Cool & calm
Cold & calculated
It is-never that
It's all sweeping in-past
It's all flowing-on past too fast
Crystal balls always-kept cloudy
Concious-controls it is not
Covert causes-circling around me
Compromised-by my own desires
Confused-by my own desires
Complicity from mirages
Fantasys & daydreams
Caught-slipping on past
Dreaming inside your own mind
Dreams when your still awake
Daydreams from hell
Gray's & whites-in death
Cold from-the inside out
Ghoulish-powers slug you out
Love yourself-none one else above
Craves the limelight
Biggest whore-of them all
Black arts-bastard
Takes his crown
Complicity-in sins
Covert conversions
Unheard conversations
Through strange daydreaming
Catch yourself switching
Touching on other worlds
Seeing into-other places
Ghoulish keepers
Lands of the dead
Wanting to touch-on him
Brains blurring up-everything
Want it-to much
Not keeping control
Keep on slipping-falling out
Getting sleepy-growing heavy
Getting too druggy-too heavy
Too blurry-too bug eyed
Braking into-my my dream states
Dark dreams-when in daylight
Daylight & gray grim skys
Daydreams-of night walkers
Brushing into daydreams of daywalkers
World's behind your own mind
Screens-outside of time
Time outta time
Don't dream you ever-asleep
All of these-damned years
Never-ever did
Never had nightmares-except while I'm awake
Heavy druggy-daydreams
Not the lighter kinds
Heavy distortions in my realitys
Ghoulish master-drains you slowley
Dragging your soul-down
And complicated realitys
Heavy druggy-intrusions
Poison sweet & bitter-all your life
Cause I let you-have that power
To access my private-mind
From lively imagination
To master over-me
To spit down-in me
Mind body & spirit
Consent of a kind
But maybe not consents atall?!?
So hard to know yes or no
Black or white
I can't find-the necessary lines
Pleasure & pain blurring
Your can't make me drunk on lust
To keep me-drugged from stupid
To keep blinded-from ego
Your drugged from powers
My brain is still sharp-like a hawks beak
My mind still sees-with a hawks eyes
Envys & lust-will tare you like a sharp beak
Ripping into meaty bloody-flesh
Giddy with love-dosnt last long
Morbid imaginations
You are the fuels-for the morbid drunk in me
Dragging you-down
Death dreaming during the day
Deadend mind-slipping in
In conference
In trouble-from intrusions
In confusions-twilight zone
Till you can't see the lines anymore
You don't know where you are
Or what the hell your doing
Hot & cold fires of hell
Tugging & tagging
It's like a magnet
Heavy & loaded
With sex magick & death
Sense of self
Already been-hooked up to you
Portals into hell
Tentative & massive
Opened-up to you
Prescriptions-unto you
Your evil-induced self
Your evil-inducted self
Your evil-created self
Your whore-of self working overtime
Your devoted-dedications
Your dark god-of madness potions
Your potent-potentials
Stick-black tars of hell
Your weird sticky-pit of shit
Your sticky-death traps
Made from your-mutated mind
Masterminds-mutated contorted
Dangerous-styles of rebellion
Dangerous & bad to know
Dangerous-to society
Dedicated-to dangers
Genius-dangerous soul
Great creations of powering-selves
Great dangers of mentalisms
So close to creations
So close to destructions
Thin borderline between
The tiping-point
Inside his haywire world's
Inducing-these passions
Inside my haywire world's
Want to induce his passions
Thick black-mass of strength
Can't be beaten down
Tower of strength
Unique-style of soul
Only you-can create this
Counters to common cultures
Continual crazy-loopings
Inside the cultures
Outside of the cultures
Your mental death-traps
Morbidise the curious-mind
Curiositys-capture the human rats
Of the underworld king
One day if I still live-youll be gone
A great big crater-will be left
Sometimes passions for life-turn into theft
Morbid fascinations
Create a never ending dreamscape
Romantical endeavours
Nightmare world's
Everything-gone monochrome
Cold carcass-cuts of savage self
Cold hard snap-shots of time somewhere
Frozen in time
Hardened from your old hellands
Icey scuptures-of frozen death
Dark hell-pits of weird
Sticky-dark traps
Keeping me trapped
Addicted & convicted
In my own abscence
Tried & convicted
In my own abscence
Brought back
Memorys-of old
From intense-observance
Push it-all away
Can distance & detach
But it's never goes away
Like ropes in my soul
Absorbed-the painfull memorys
Bondage from the past
Bandages over older wounds
Scorns from male societys
Keeping me wired
All these painfull years
Slowley being-taken over
Trying to capture-whats going around so fast
Outside of grandoise-schemes
He's icey-cold inside
Kept in constant-torments
Torrents of constant torments
So many-cant even catch them
Maze of many torments
Sometimes the words can hold them
Sometimes the words can catch-them
Sometimes the words can-show stuff
Hold on-for some moments
History's of pain
History's of horror-slaverys
Can't stand to be near to you
When it shows
Shuts down again
Of its own accord
Untold history's
Things I cannot feel
Till the wheel-spins out again
Constant stream of mentalisms
Constant streams-of madness
Constant streams-of magicks
Powers-pouring out
Constant mesmirisms
Throwing their clout
Pulling your own mind
Inside & out
Threaten your own-sense of self
To endangerment
Powers-to tare it right out
Powers to just destroy-the weak
You can't destroy me
My mind-is too strong
Been chucked around masters wheels
All my life
No remorse-from blind powers
Cruel stupid sense of self
Blind egos-of men
Blind greed's & crueltys
Trying to wreck-your senses
Common sense just melting
From their propogandas
Sense & sense-abilitys
Pushed to the edge
Demon masters-plaything
Demon masters-mentalist slave
Demon masters-tormented tool
Resistance-in me
Keeps me alive
Even though kept in bitter traps
Don't think it's love
When I look at you
It's just the storms inside-of life
Tornados-of my emotions
Ripping through my twisted-uo guts
Blasting-up from some circle hell
Don't think it's love
That's whole hearted ❤️
You want worship
We'd soon be parted
Don't think it's love
It's poisoned
All throughout-with dark emotives
Threaded through-with lust anger & hate
You could milk-it
But you can't take-it
It stays hidden-from you
Big bubble of ego-sees you through
Drink on alcohol
Drunk on powers
Drunk on-big fat ego
Drunk on big fat c*ck
Your powers of lying-miracles
Your powers of-lying mirages
Impossible to get-outside the maze
Inside the matrix of morbid materials
Dying from-the inside out
While we're dying-from the outsidevin
I can see you-from behind
Up your rear-black beetles go to die
Stupid c*nt of coach roaches
Covered-coveted by the underworld
Never been above
Never been human-even if you were
Always the black-king
Always the bastard-queen
Always the King-dick
Of stranger morbid daydreams
Never dream of you asleep
Always dreamt content-intruding
Into waking hours-in daily life
These are not wet-dreams
These are lucid-luring
So you can't see-straight
What a bitch you are
C*nt-dog of illegal arts
Licencous-in artistic license
Lies not in words-but in the lacing of the mind
Poets-circle is devoted
Dedicated-to manias
In love & in hate
In denial-in generical sh*t
Your shit-factorys of mentalisms
Darkness factored-in via you
It's full of angers
Blighted by storms
Dark with hates
Don't think it's love
Like you love-yourself
My love is splintered
Like broken glass in slivers-carrying blood
Like sharp glass points-full of sharpness
Like your self-love is bloated
Like a mirror-full of angers
The template-the frame is darkness
Darkness & thwarted desires
I can load-up on you
Kept inside or outside
It's always morbid-obsessive
Dark streaks-rising or falling
Can't hardly ever remain neutral
Can't ever un-know you
Too much triggering-stuff
Too much going-on
Too full of both of us
When I join the two-up
There's more than enough inside me
Like your grand-designs
It's full of hidden-scorns
Full of hidden-storms
Love to really hate-on you
Love to really hate-through you
Love to really hate-at you
Your face is in the frame
Your features-in the game
Symbols of all dangers
I'm not blinded by lust
Even half as much-as you think
It comes in quick & I come-out hard
And then everything goes cold & hard again
Cold & hard-going on dead
Love strangles-itself out
Made bolder by desires
Burnt out by your cold hearted-lusts
Don't think it's true-love
It's just demons at war-inside
Love can't survive-you
Love can't revive-you
Your deadbeat butch inside
Whoreing for your arts
Don't think it's love
It's just vrewing-storms from inside
Waiting-wanting to come out
As an influence
As an avatar
As a whore-master from hell
Where you chose to dwell
Kept out of sight
What is kept hidden-dosnt like it
Or understand
What is being-kept down
Don't accept-its case
Anfers-rise up again
Sh*t emotions
To strong-to carry
To wild-to carry all the time
As overload-threatens again
Like being milked-for my denoms
Like being chained-for my venoms
Love & hate
Hate & love
Passions you can't ever feel
Stirring-up inside me
Mad cauldron of agitated-self
Threatens-to overflow
Constant barriers-cant get past
Past fractures-of the soul
Not likely-to heal now
Your ghoulish sense of humour
Undermining-all kinds of features
Fevers of notions-aflame
Till they shrink down again
Weird-ass mentor
Even as an observer
The distance required
To stay sane & safe
Fails to be maintained
Even just observance
Distant spying
Leads to overload
Distance observance
Complicates your own soul
Whole circle situation
Whole wheel keeps on turning
As my mind keeps on revolving
Sensation by sensation
Aspect by aspect
Section by section
Trigger by trigger
Pushing me on
Pulling me on through
Black on through-black
Doorway through doorway
You think you-own me
Hour by hour
Bone by bone
Blood by blood
But I have my own world
My own eye of darkness
To see these world's
My soul has turned-you
My soul has-changed you
Spinning around-life wheels
Over time-turning over the mind
Body & spirit turning & unturning
Mad mentalists sense of self
Self-creatiions-of a killer sense
Super strong-mind
Mentalisms-never ending
Twists & turns like crazy snakes
Anger & desire-used as fuels
Fervant adorations
To furtive disqusts
Like the mind is screaming
Through the key of needle
Senses gone-hyper actute
Strength of the mind
Experiencing the plots
Step-by step
Dearh-by death
Wheel of pain
Masters reasons
Not easily understood
Hard to see
Hard to feel
Hard to eXplain
Trapped in a web-revolving
Trying to grasp-at the mystery's
A terrible kind of teacher
Kept entangled-to your wicked old strains
Can't crawl out of the crazy-web
World of weird that you've made
Dark well of your twisted soul
And depression
Tied to the dark well of weird
Wired from a stranger
A stranger with a weirder soul
Depressive-drop off



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