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04:51 Jul 22 2023
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Somebody lies
Somebody dies
Secret allyways-life just bleeds away
Before you can even blink
Life has ebbed-away
Everythings-changed around
Black hearted
Black shadows
Lives you never see
Dramas from the gutters
You don't want to know
Someone lives sick
Someone's trashed-their life
Sad value-system devalues life
See the world from scars inside
Someone sulks full of snakes
Someone breeds greeds
Someone's greed has no limits
Powers make you feel entitled
Someone's circle breeding all hells
To be released upon this living world
Corrupted ideals-will not care
Blinded to evil-has no idea
Agonys & greifs
Awash with pain & greifs
Awash with all torments
Angel of death strife & stress
Agonys pain & death
Badly entrenched-fatal
F*cked-up angel
Future-none nothing
Fights-to repeat the past
Beleived in end of days
Visions of apocalypse
Soaked into your bones
Swimming in your blood
Sour-relationship with the world
Sure your-owed from birth
Sad sickness-scars your mind
Selling you-into painfull deaths
Too far from sanitys
Too deep into insanitys
Too far to ever go-back
Too far into sickness-to pull himself back
Too lost too origins-of horrifical horrors
Too far into all wells of sickness
Trauma from birth-murders you for life
Betrayal from birth-ruins you forever
Bastardised relatives-cripples you for life
Black murder circles-own your wasted life
Master-sadist blots the plot
In chains of devilish-cults
Victimised-for life
Villifies-everyone else
Leaving shockwaves-everywhere
Take out your traumas-on anyone who breaths
Knee-deep in darkest shit
Can't even breath free-for the crap you create
Creating bad hells-cause you've had bad brakes
Constant-evils cause you breed it
Excuses for your works-always hated anywayz
Full of bad-brakes
Somewhere someone talks utter-shit
Someone sick lives off contempt for all life
Somebody sad & sick lives off lies
Justice flows like blood-down the sink
Someone somewhere in the creeping shadows
Sad crippled monsters-deny the world life
God's world has been wiped-out
God's words have been replaced
Pages of books-been torn out
Inversion of meanings
Just to fight all-regardless
Just to spite-just to smite
Just to smash-mankind
Book of lies-being rammed down your thought
Sad sick souls-in shadows
Lives off envys & hate & evil lies
Sad & sick vampire heart
Beating from all the bleeding hearts
Endlessly repeating same old sad-ass lines
Choking-on same old lies
Well rehearsed-same old bitter lines
Well repeated-worn to the bone
Same old-wicked lies
Angels weren't made to triumph from evil
Angels weren't made to live to lie
Angels weren't meant to hate against all gods
Brake your own heart more-everytime
Heartbraker-broken glass everytime you breath
Somewhere deep inside-you remember that's it's lies
Braking your own-broken heart
Suffering inside-from your circle of lies
Angels weren't created-to carry lies
Morbid-depression scars your mind
Gross oppressions-scars mankind
Scandal trauma depression-all your life
Soul full of scars-where your so unkind
Hurt yourself more-everytime you hurt others
All the pain returns-times 10
All the lying-destroys your own mind
Destroying angel-bringing all the lies
Destroying hearts-tearing hearts
Destroying angel-fostering hates
With every lies-every line
Telling wicked lies-pain bringer
Talking evil shit-blighting all the world
Completing all works of hell
Copying out all the works
Carrys all the marks-be full house in time
Still blaming god
Demon's of self-blaming him
Look in the hall of mirrors
Self-despise staring right back
All the lies-come back to you
Cheap tricks & convenience of lies
Recreate history's
Eye of hate-distorting all the time
You made hells-all by yourself
You didn't need any help
Now you are-hell yourself
Made from the lawess one
Born into hells made for you
Born into ways marked out for you
Born into a life-they created for you
To fall down-evrry which way
Doing it over-revolving door
Never thought of a better way
Can't ever stand-up for yourself
Can't even think for yourself
Can't even know yourself
Can't care much-what you actually are
It's just a job
Killing-off the worlds
Attacking all the ways of life
Can't tolerate-what isn't even yours
Make decisions in others stead
Twisting around the words
Lying-dying angel
Dark angel-born from the grave
Humans are just target-practise
Walking-pin cushions
Living targets
Blaming god & humans
Blame your enemy's even
But covet them all-still
Blaming humans
Just pawns of the gods
For the war to come
They can't know your fall-cant expect them to know
Take it out-on everyone
Like they already-know you
But they can't see it
The hell you live inside
Death inside you
Dieing all around the wheel
Don't want your darkness
Don't want to be part of your hellish world
Fed off evil-hearing voices
Psychosis-inside your head
World's full of hell
That noone can tell
Noone wants to know
They just want you gone
Have no idea what you are
Cannot care as well
Kept enslaved-chained up to all living-hells
No more mercy for you-thanbany other slave
Noone cares that every breath you take-is hell
Born into sin-youve had your stake
They don't know you-cant see your hell
They can't know you-cant imagine such a hell
They can't see you or your world
Can't imagine this blind darkess
These bindings-to all hell's
Sacrifice of yourself
Giving up your life-to constantly hate
Not going there with you
Don't want to be with you
Sense the darkness & gloom
Full of unclean filth
Unclean spirits-bad old world
Sense that you can turn
Don't want deprivations hell
Don't want depressive-central hell
Don't want mental-illness hell
Don't care who you are
Born wicked in spite
Straight outta hell & back on the streets
You could've brought life
Dark angel-but you destroy all works
Everything you take-is stolen
Never was yours-but you steal anywayz
Nothing here on earth is yours
Go on back to hell
Nobody knows you
Nobody needs you
Nobody can see you
See your from somewhere in hell
But you impose-push on in
Push yourself-on in
Promoting bad values
Steal lie burn & purjure
Self-preservation is a bar
Born to be an outcast
Shat-out of the bowels of hell
Why would anyone care?!?
That's how it works
You betray-with every breath
Hellmaster-Master Bastard
You think you know-everyone
But you really know-noone
Lost in a maze-of endless hell
To be the perfect puppet
Your only goal-since your bastard fall
Master of all-illness
Master-ofvall slavery's & depts
Unwanted distress & death
Blame humans-for your fall
Full of iniquities
Blame humans-spiteful to them all
Ask god-what you did
Angels of death have seen it all
Watching you about your works
Inflict all your ills-onto others
Lost to humankind-from the start
Selling off souls & living off-bastardised lines
Seller-of lives
Seller-of lies
Seller-of living-liars
Lines of deep-indoctrinations
Lies-from your clouded white eyes
Huge scars on body & mind
Destroying angel
Fed on the stick black tar-of hates
Spoonfed since birth
Spoonfed on shit-spoonfed on lies
Never know the truth
Blinded from birth
Fed on hates-instead of love
Couldn't tell-if it bit you
Lieing in the face of god
Redemption denied
By your own twisted-lies
Worship destructions
From the book made from twisted lies
Black pope-in the shadows
Yoking-you choking-you
From your birth a destroyed-angel
Born blind-to the face of god's love
Born a blind-slave
Born without eyes-cataract blindness
Born into circles of indoctrination
Life of sick-intimidations
Sad imitation-of god's works
Twisted into lies
Where you deny him-your creator
Denied & seperation-from birth
From the first-broken breath
Born into a world of dire-bondage
Bastards-control you
Your soul-sold out
Sold-off from the very start
Without-question soul torn apart
Pouring from a broken heart
Dark destroying angel
Lieing in the face of god
Preaching blackmail from the book of lies
As a Satan he stands in judgement of others lives
Living of hates-all blackened
He slanders everyone
Everyone near-everyone dear
He his bad hands in sticky black-inks
Lies about near-strangers too as well
Sulking heart lurks in the black shadows
Sick black hearts hunt from the shadows
Shadow hunters have to shun the light
Swallowing darkness sulks in the light
Sins of naked envy-show in the lights
Sad snakes of lust-betraying from the start
Sad sour lust-lashes out with greed & anger
Sad life sentence-ni love lost
Sulking snakes of sin curl in resentment
Somewhere a living heart dies
Sad-cases continue to live off deceits
Sick leeches live off others lives
Sick bloodsuckers seek for succour
Sad lurkers seek for suckers
Sad situations-have no life
Like worms on a corpse
Mindless hungers
Vicious rumours
Unfounded bullshit
Baseless fantasys
Drown in your own sins
Stew in your own juices
Eat your own shit
Deadend world don't care
Dry as a desert
No known remorse
Bright light drained down to dim
Sickened-tongue flaps
Spread like licking flames of fire
Spread like living flames of hate
Baseless lying sins
Sick sins of base betrayals
Killing of your own kind
Cruel to your own circles
Shit on everyone-highest to lowest
Then eat your own shit
Nobody cares-cold to the bone💀
A lying sin becomes a living thing
Killing off-a life
Living off a bleeding knife
Sad party-dosnt know
How blind hate-can mark your life
How sour old envys-can cripple you
How hollow horrors live off the shadows
Sick shades-from the twisted shadows
Sour end-curses
Start off with broken lives
Sad violence like broken-glass
Suffering lives-bound to get worse
Sad cripples from curses
Start off bad & biased
Start off sick-stain around the circle
Sad filth as a vessel
Sick trash soils everything it touches
Sad vessel is already cracked right through
Sick angels of disease
Sickened spirits sick books of lies
Struggle against your life
Sour justice on this world
Sharp swords-plunging in hearts
Sad hearts hate from pain that's gone blind
Beleive shit-from the words of liars
Beleive in rubbish-about people
Curse of weak worms
Turning-worms of the liar
Eating right through faith
Turning-squirming in your fickle-heart
Your friends-depend on you
But you took a bad turn
You'll pay for that later
Depart from all reason-curse on yourself 💀
Die 100 deaths-beleiving in falsified shit
Eat your own shit-betray those you know
Placed into hell-by your heartless heart
Shadows of hell-from your faithless stance
Crippled lives-living off sad-ass shadows
Marring-this world
Ruling from the shadows
Sick creatures-of the lore
Traitors to your own kind
Wretched from weakness
Wretched from blinding fears
Wretched lives fueled only by hate
Wretched from circles of lies
Weakened by a life of discord
Destruction covers your name
Heart of the lawless butcher
Covets for your games
Covers for your blames
Controls for all your gains
King of vice-cuts from your veins
King of vice-lives for your blood
King of vice-gains from your loss
King of vice-controls you like a puppet
King of vice-dosnt give a toss
Tied to deadend contracts-all your life
Serves you right-you don't give a damn
You'll just be losers-till the end
Hate yourself
Hate what you are
Hatred rules your life
Pain cuts like a knife
Betray & deceive
To get revenge on strangers
Attacking with envys
Blind to your own kind
Feinds for friends
Who rip your back-out
Tare your life apart
Contract after contract
Your living blind-keot in the dark
While your own circles
Turn on you-in the dark
Angels of disease
Those shun the light
Angels of disease
Blind dispise
Hatred of mankind
Sickness & blight
Blinded agents of suffering
Punished just for being alive
Tied to the lawless ones
Kept near hell's gate
Great monsters without light
Turned into-lawless liars
Sickened & diseased
Seducing-with sad old lies
Sinning-with same old lines
Sickens hearts-with blind hates
Spinning-a web of lies
Circles of blind hatreds
Cycles of depression
Crippled by weak envys
Covens of cowards
Circles of self-destruction s
Cycles of depressions
Recycled-shit yet again
Mental monstrositys
Weak envys
Brittle egos
Baseless hates
Hate other achievements
Sad-ass life of weakness
No strength in you
Base & groundless
Weak & faithless
Defiled-all around the circle
Tempters of lies
Angels of the destroyer
Tare-apart strangers living lives
A worm in your weak heart
Tares you all apart
A life of-disqusting deceits
A living heart-dies
Angels of god that crys
Worms of the liar
Dead-book readers
Hooks of deceits
Hooks of death
Hooks of living-dreads
Can only harm the living
Like dead-flesh worms
Just want to gorge on deadness
Just don't care
Parasites of mindless life
Sickened by life of blind revenge
Anti-social disease
Harms anyone-that comes near
Leeches-of madness
Liars-puppets of the destroyers
Live your life-stewed in lies
All your wasted-lives
Sickened-covens of hate
Crueltys-control your fate
Devils-of base envys
Demons-of false envys
Spreading-all slanders
Spreading-all lies
About people-you barely know
Living off-false hate
Hating people-you harDly know
Know of rivals-live life of hate
Life of base-crimes
Hearts-rotted right through
Hearts-gutted from a life of lying
Propogate-blind hates
Seal your own bastard fates
Close-the gates of life
Soul already born-dead
It's downhill all the way
More shit sins
Innocents & dependents
Have to pay.......💀🌹



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