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07:36 Jan 25 2006
Times Read: 878

as i walk along this night wet and cold

some how i am warm with the thoughts of my

waiting friends

the pungent smell of the wet leaves of fall arise to tickle my nose and

i relax enjoying the evening

to fidgety i am this night to stay in out of the rain

finally the lights and sounds of my favorite haunt

the smells of erotic wonderful aromas assault my senses

as i enter the place

and make my way to the table by the huge bay window

smiles and greetings all around as i remove my jacket

i order my usual cup of hope and smile to my favorite waitress

the sounds of nostalgic jazz waifs up to sooth my ears and i drift off into a nother realm only to be brought back my the delightful aroma of a half house half flavor coffee

its warmth feels good in my hands

i pay and tip all in one

and she disappears

the conversation lite this night for i am barely here i am drifting to the place where i last seen you and your smile

the warmth and ambiance makes me wish you were here to share this night

the topic range from poetry to politics

from who's new love to who's just broke up

and this night is the first of open poetry readings

if you were with me my love to be my muse

i would recite to the room but they would all melt away for it would be only you i would recite to

so instead i will enjoy the works of the local talents

and drift





07:28 Jan 25 2006
Times Read: 879

its raining

the sweet smell it brings as it lightly falls to earth the trees reach forth

tho gather its precious gift

as i sit and drift a piano softly playing some forgotten piece of long ago i think of you

my heart dose ache as the music leads me into another time

in my mind like a motion picture plays every sceen in its vibrant colors

your warm embrace your soft kiss that intoxicates me

every word smile and touch

drop by drop my memories clearer and clearer

of days when i last saw you

the good byes were bitter sweet as the tears that fall now like the rain drops out side my window

i pray for your swift return

until then my sweet

i shall just dream





07:24 Jan 25 2006
Times Read: 881

i awaken to an angels kiss

these eyes do shine

softer than an angels wing is her touch

how did i make her mine?

am i not but a common man?

what do i have to give to one such as you?

only my words

my heart my life

is this enough to please you?

i have no castle nor any gold

just a poets rhyme

maybe to to touch your soul



02:38 Feb 03 2018

Touchin ones soul is the most precious..Period



07:23 Jan 25 2006
Times Read: 882

what do you do when the whole world goes to sleep? what goes through your mind as they wheel me away what am i suposed to do when every thing i do just falls apart couldnt i just sleep for ever? couldnt you just leave me laying on the floor? kick me in the teeth pass me the curb check spin the cilinder youve got one left let it all fad away where do you turn to when there is no one left to talk to when there is no where left to explore what do you do when you just go numb? you cant hear any thing or feal some ones touch? just slip into the darkness slip into the fire let it all just burn away





07:22 Jan 25 2006
Times Read: 883

when shall i ever see your sweet face?

apon the morrow of my dreams?

my heart aches for you fair touch

yea to feel your sweet breath apon my skin as you whisper my name to see

your eyes sparkle as the emerald sea it self would surely break my heart

but alas my lady i assure you i shall endure

the nights where on the garden of my dream when we meet for those sweet


precious moments

but moments and words are all i have to give you

could you ever love such a fool as i?

nay nay

how could a Goddess love but a peasant such as i ?

you in your casle and me acrost the sea?


i could be a thief surly i would steal thine heart

and hoard all the love you possess

yea i would keep thine own soul to be with me

but nay i can not be so greedy

for you are but a free thing

a feather apon the wind

but dont you see how it breakers my heart so?

torn between two worlds the sleeping and the awaking

though i assure you my beloved if any way possible i surly would stay in the


because then your mine

alas i be so bold

a peasant speaking to his queen in such a manor

you hold my heart

surly you now possess all that i can freely give




all that i am

07:21 Jan 25 2006
Times Read: 884

an eternity it seams they keep me here

they attach hoses to syphen out my very being they wight me down with stones they laugh in delight at the sound as they crush me

how much more can i take until i break?

they cut me only to watch me bleed

they mentally beat me with there words and shams

my mind screams but all the while i know

i am nothing but the excrement left behind by rats

worms and maggots feast like kings apon my flesh

i beg to die but they keep me alive

only to suit their needs




your love

07:19 Jan 25 2006
Times Read: 885

i know its late and your probably sleeping

i should be too but

your not here to stalk me and peek through my windows

i cant sleep with out you here

making sure my tomb is securely locked

and that no one has removed the spike through my rotting heart

my skin grows cold and i need a blanket

but my blanket like my flesh has been burned

chained to you soul and mind

i never want to be free





06:31 Jan 25 2006
Times Read: 887

and if i cant have you in this life

i will wait untill the next one


it wont be to late

oh and be for i slip into sweet surender

i should let you know

i have seen you in a dream just standin by the lake

funny how the colors all inverted at your words that shatter frozen on the ground

well its time that sliped away from me this time

and i realy must be going

but a slip




and you can consider your self Kissed


if you see me it s just a reflection of your mind

or whats realy locked in side

love me for a while

and bring forth a smile

and that will last a life time

cause a life time

is all in one moment

and sometimes thats all we have is this just one moment

you blink and you've missed it



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