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Batman: Arkham City

06:27 Dec 12 2010
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Batman : Arkham City An Opinion

Review of Batman: Arkham Asylum (PC)

Written By: Fizbop

Greetings readers the name’s Fizbop, and I’m here to voice my opinion about the upcoming game ”Batman: Arkham City” Quincy Sharp has taken all the credit for stoping The Joker, and has become Mayor of Gotham City. Sharp wants to build a new prison called Arkham City. Batman ever vigil watches over these events as they transpire.

There’s a lot of speculation for this game about what it will have and who it will have. There’s also been confirmation of some form or another what the game will have and what it will have. First let me go over the game “Batman: Arkham Asylum” When this game came out for the PC I was thinking to myself ok so it’s just another Batman game. It will probably just be a game that I would play only once and be done with it. Little did I know how wrong I was. This game was worthy of having Batman in the title.

I spent the normal 8 hours playing this game trying to beat it and trying to find all of the Riddler’s Clues’. I found them all in my second pass of playing the areas, that I had once played through. The way that Batman fights felt like I was the man himself. The attention to details on all the characters was really fantastic. The one main thing that I want to pull out of this game was the detective mode. Now don’t get me wrong. I loved the detective mode, but the fact that you had to use it most the time annoyed me. I couldn’t enjoy the world around me as must as I wanted to. I know a lot of gamers would agree with me. This world was made to be viewed, and if I’m using the mode I get a black and white versions without the really cool textures that were implemented in the game. To me this feature was a necessity of the game and featured Batman doing what he does best, and that’s being a detective figuring things out finding alternate means of getting around something.

Back to Arkham City Rocksteady's art director David Hugo stated that the use of Detective Mode will be changed to an "augmented reality mode" So this won’t happen again where you use the mode all the time. I hope they just don’t mess it up where no one wants to use it even if they have to. Like I said, it’s a good feature just had way too much of it. Instead of clues from the Riddler as they were in Arkham Asylum they will be given to you by his loyal henchmen. Which in itself is a really neat idea and something different than the orignal game. You will have to interrogate Joker’s men to get some of these clues and it will be harder to find them.

I thought they were a decent hard level in the first place but now they want to make it harder. Thank god for walkthroughs that will no doubt help anyone on their way to get these clues. Rocksteady has confirmed that the voices of Batman, Joker, Riddler will return. Mark Hamill the Voice of the Joker has stated this will be the last time he will do the voice. Which would be sad if there’s a sequel to this game involving The Joker. It won’t be the same. I really loved the way he portrayed the voice and really do see him as the video games and animated series’ only Joker.

Kevin Conroy leaked out that Two-Face, Hugo Strange, and Catwoman and Victor Zsasz will be in the game. While Maurice LaMarche (better known as The Brain from Pinky and The Brain), and Stana Katic revealed Mr. Freeze, and Tailia al Ghul will be making some sort of an appearance. Even Harley Quinn will return. All confirmed by Game Informer through their channels to Rocksteady.

Arkham Asylum was a very unique game and I enjoyed playing it many times through. It had that replayable factor and rumors floating around that Arkham City will have a multi player mode. I just hope the PC version doesn’t get the shaft on this. This is where Ghostbusters: The Video Game really let a lot of people hoping they would get to play with their friends as Ghostbusters. I only hope if the other consoles have it that the PC version will have it. I really hope this game is all I expect it to be, if they put the same care into this game as they did with Arkham Asylum. I know I won’t be disappointed even if there’s no multiplayer and I will still buy it.

Not too many trailers have come out for the game. I’m saying this for me that this is going to be a pre-order buy for me. If more information about the game gets out and it looks even better than I thought, I would also say that this is a must pre-order / buy game. As for Arkham Asylum if you haven’t already get this game you will not be disappointed. I rate it a 8/10 with a badass seal of approval. Why 8 out of 10. Because of the constant use of detective mode which if they fix in this sequel this game should be an instant hit. Another reason even if you do play more than a few times, it’s the same story over and over again with only the difficulty that changes. I wish they had maybe incorporated some more things. Like driving the Batmobile, or even like the Playstation3 did have the ability to play as The Joker .

Although I haven’t played that version of the game I heard it wasn’t that much of a difference than playing as Batman. From the information I heard that it would have been a bit more fun to lay down the traps for Batman than it was going around and beating up guards to get to the final fight. Again, the game was outstanding, when I didn’t have detective mode on I felt I was The Dark Knight. An amazing storyline, side quests, and puzzle solving in a fighting game. That’s why Batman: Arkham Asylum gets my 8 out of 10 and a Bad Ass seal of approval. For Arkham City, I only hope that it lives up to the expectation and again if it’s like Arkham Asylum you can beat your ass that I’m pre-ordering it.



22:14 Dec 12 2010

That good huh? :P

22:14 Dec 12 2010

That good huh? :P

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