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The Phantom Stranger: Revised

03:55 Jan 26 2011
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Max is waking up and he sees a young woman, standing at the end of the bed, holding her severed head a few inches above her body with blood all over her dress. He realizes it is real and not a dream. The dress was a vivid white wedding dress. Paralyzed from the horror the man is seeing he tries to let out a scream only to find that there is not any sound emanating from his mouth. She has long black raven hair and her eyes are as white as snow. ‘Who is she, and why is she in my bedroom?’ These are the thoughts that are passing through his brain.

“Please sir, calm down. I’ve just come in from the terrible storm that’s going on outside.” She stated calmly to Max.

He could not help but let out a scream into the night filled with only the sounds of the storm. Max stuttered his words “Hhh. how aaare youuuu doing this?” What was happening was not physically possible and yet it was. The woman stood in front of Max; holding her head, that had been severed from the neck of her body. The woman looked at him puzzled not fully realizing her head was no longer apart of her body.

“How am I doing what?” She asked him perplexed. The sounds that came from her mouth were almost deafening.

“How are you still alive?” Max said, realizing that this poor soul may not know that she was dead. He had just informed her of her own death. He then covered his mouth quickly as to not say anything more. She again looked at him puzzled.

“Dead? I am dead?” The sounds again were as before loud and overbearing. The young lady moved her head by rotating her hand in a no direction.

“I’m sorry, but you are.” Max said, trying to think of something to cover for an explanation that wasn’t murder. She was now watching him intently her white eyes pierced right into his eyes. Max cleared his throat trying to refrain from panicking again. He couldn’t turn away from her eyes, they kept drawing him further into the mystery.

“Why are you pausing, tell me what’s wrong?” The lady asked with what looked like a puzzled look on her face. The shrieking sound that had come with her speech wasn’t as loud but still overwhelming to anyone else that may have heard it for the first time.

“I’m sorry, I’m just really not good other than telling you that you were murdered.” The lady paused in shock, she then look liked she needed to sit down. Max noticed this and quickly rushed a chair under her.

The lady started to sit down and as she was she noticed her reflection in a mirror that is sitting on Maxs’ dresser. She let out wailing sounds. Neighbors lights started to come on and filling up the darkness with a daylight setting. “Oh god no, stop crying please.” Max begged the lady. Far too late the crying stopped, as there were knocks on his front door. She was still wailing out drop less tears.

Max, looked at her and motioned for her to be silent. That had not even that seemed to stop her crying. The knocking was getting louder on his front door, and he would have to answer it. Max would even have to try to explain the noise without telling his neighbors the truth that would remain in his bedroom, as he ran down the stairs.

As Max went to open up the door, the wind howled its way through and deafened the wailing sound from the young lady. This could be the stroke of luck Max looked for. He unbolted the locks on the door that made him wonder how this apparition of a young lady got into his house. As Max opened the door, the hinges creaked from lack of oil. Oh, just what I need on a night like this, sound effects, he thought. I need to get that fixed.'. The wind still howled as Max peered out the door and when he looked out of the door there was nothing there.

Max re-bolted the door shut, and the wailing from the young lady stopped. Oddly so did the wind that had been howling through the house. He went back up to his room, he sees the young lady on his bed. Silently crying one hand holding her head and the other one covered her mouth as she sobbed. Max looked at his bed it was still oddly dry. These things did not make sence to him. 'Am I supposed to understand them?' he asked himself.

"Young lady, if you could stop a moment, and gather yourself. Please, I need to know your name." As he stated this to the young lady she moved her hand that was holding her head up to look at him. Her pupils (were) blood red from the crying that she had just endured. She blinked a few times, as her eyes returned to normal.

"I'm Samantha, Samantha Spires," was all she said and went back to quietly crying. Max looked perplexed, and paced back and forth. The fear of seeing her no longer bothered him. 'Am I becoming used to this?' he asked himself.

"Did you make the wind howl?" Max asked.

"I don't understand what you mean. No one can make the wind blow. I just want to know what happened to me," Samantha said.

“I’m not sure what happened to you, but I tend to find out as soon as I can.” Max said reassuringly. Samantha nodded, in that eerie way she had before. It sent shivers down Maxs’ spine, but not like it originally had. ‘I am getting used to this that’s just spooky.’ Max thought to himself. The second that he had said that the spirit vanished, and Max went over to the bed to feel the spot. It was ice cold. This was not the kind of ice from an ice machine but the type on an extremely cold winter night. Max went back to bed, he had a feeling that this wouldn’t be the last time this spirt came to visit him, and that he was in for a long days ahead.

The next morning Max got up and poured himself coffee. Max thought to himself that what he had experienced had been nothing more than his own imagination. His logical thinking for this was the fact that not one person had come to his door and asked about the events that had transpired. He sipped his coffee slowly as a knock came at his door. Not even thinking what it could have been regarding he answered aloud. “Come on in the doors’ unlocked.”

A neighbor from next door appeared as the door opened up and slowly walked towards Max. Max looked up at the man that had just come into his home. “Hey Greg, what’s up?” Max asked as he continued to drink his coffee. Greg pulled up a chair and poured himself a cup of coffee.

“Max, how about that weather last night, it was really something wasn’t it?” Greg asked. Greg then took a sip of his own coffee.

Max almost choked on the coffee that had just entered his mouth. The reality of what happened set into his nerves, and Max turned white as a ghost.

“You ok there Max? You don’t look so good; think that weather we had probably kept you up rather late.” Greg said drinking more of his coffee.

Max looked at Greg, “Sorry yeah, that must have been the case.” Max had high hopes that Greg would not press on for more information.

“Well buddy, you need to take care of yourself. It is not like you not to. Come on we have to head to work. Max grabbed his jacket and left the house with Greg headed to work. Work seemed to fly by as if time had sped up. ‘What did all of this mean?’ Max asked himself. ‘Did Greg know what truly happened that night or was he literally talking about the bad weather. The more Max thought about it the more he thought that Greg knew nothing more than the weather and none of the events that had transpired that previous evening.

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The Phoenix Wars

04:31 Jan 25 2011
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Egypt 3000 BC three figures walked shady paths. They only lived for the greater good, and were trying to help humanity find its way. Pharaoh Narmer couldn’t stand these three they didn’t serve him. They led the people to rebel against the Pharaoh. ‘The night would be their last stand.’ The Pharaoh thought to himself. The number of people that were following these three people was numerous and in to the thousands. God watched as the events took place. His chosen ones would be no more, and the evil of the world would only take a turn for the worse. As God watched below he commanded the skies to darken with thick black clouds.

The Pharaoh looked up as the sky started from a clear night to that of which shown a storm was about to come. He thought nothing of it and went on to his devious plan. Pharaoh Narmer called for all his guards to assemble in his great hall. Statues dedicated to Satan and his demons towered over holding the building to stand. These statuses gave Pharaoh a strange sense of ease that tonight would definitely go well. He lifted his proclamation and announced to his legion that the death of the men named Njima, Majmba, and the woman named Brila. The Pharaoh found it hard to believe that the woman was involved with these men, but that’s what all his people called out day and night was the three of their names.

Njima, Majmba, and Brila preached a better life to the people. Njima taught them the meaning of a life with out ownership, a life with out punishment, and a life to be free to be what you want. A promise that evil would be wiped clean from the soil at their feet. The promise for a new hope on a far horizon of a new day would arise. “Out of the darkness of man’s greatest hour three people would arise out of it and lead the people to a new era. That new era will arise from the ashes of the dead. We are the order of the White Phoenix we will be born again from the very flames cast down upon us from the evil of this earth.” Njima paused as people talked amongst themselves. His colleagues conferred with him at that moment.

Majmba looked out into the sea of people and spoke to break the pause that Njima left. “The Pharaoh thinks he can control how we choose to think, who we choose to love, and even who we choose to worship. Today is the day we break the hold of the Pharaoh, today is the day we choose our own destiny.” Majmba paused to allow the people to think that over.

Brila walked into the front and spoke to the women of the crowd. “No longer my sisters in arms will we have to be rapped. No longer will we have to serve as sexual objects for the men to abuse. We shall love who we wish to. That love will only make us stronger. No longer will we have to endure watching our own daughters become slaves of sexual torture. This also all ends tonight.” Brila turned and let Njima back in front and she stood at his side with his hand in hers. Majmba was on the other side of Njima holding his other hand.

Njima spoke again to the crowd. “We have fought for so long, the war only lasting most of our life time. This ends tonight and our people will rise out of the flames tonight to become one for the greater good. I implore you all to fight with all your heart, with god on our side we can not fail.” Applauds erupted in a thunderous roar, and as lightning bounced around the dark clouds as it poured down in rain. The rain only to a few skillfully trained eyes looked like it contained a small sign of blood. “Our god is crying so hard its raining red. The battle ends tonight and our new lives begin a new step to the light.”

Njima spoke again to the crowd. “We have fought for so long, the war only lasting most of our life time. This ends tonight and our people will rise out of the flames tonight to become one for the greater good. I implore you all to fight with all your heart, with god on our side we can not fail.” Applauds erupted in a thunderous roar, and as lightning bounced around the dark clouds as it poured down in rain. The rain only to a few skillfully trained eyes looked like it contained a small sign of blood. “Our god is crying so hard its raining red. The battle ends tonight and our new lives begin a new step to the light.”


The Pharaoh was almost fully ready to engage in battle. He had sacrificed few of his own men and women to the demon gods. A small price to pay for victory, the ground then erupted and tore apart from under where he stood. The Pharaoh quickly moved out of the way to avoid falling in the newly opened earth below. Large wolf like creatures arose from flames that emanated from the cracks. They stood an astounding fifteen feet tall, and the stood as a person would. Markings on them were very few; each of them carried a scythe in their massive hands and a shield in the other that barred an emblem of Satan himself.

Black clouds surrounded the Pharaoh and his newly formed army. The Pharaoh smiled with a huge grin and laughed a hardy maniacal tone. The grounds vibrations shook all the way to Njima, and the others. They stood steady and at ready for anything with very few weapons but their fists. In the Pharaohs mind this was not a night anyone would forget, he shouted out to his people “Tonight, I will show you all to obey or be destroyed. This is your lesson you will be handed to you.” His devious mind cooked up a wild thought, something that would defiantly appease his demon gods. He turned his attention to his army, “kill anyone you wish but bring the leaders to me. I shall provide three live sacrifices by the end of the night.”

The demonic creatures nodded in approval his word was their command. For now they would obey him unless their leader Satan told them otherwise. The walked out into the city, and trampled some innocent bystanders. Not slowing down they walked to Njima, Mjomba, and Brila. They instead charged at them in a rush not taking into effect some of the people were on the Pharaohs side. They reached the three white phoenix warriors and ready to attack. As they were about to three different colored lights illuminated from the warriors.

A dark purple from Njima surrounded him as he kept chanting inaudible words. A dark red appeared around Mjomba. Brila’s color was dark blue and surrounded her as well. A transformation occurred and all the demons could do is stand and watch. They were powerless to move, some force was holding them back. Full body armor not of this time appeared onto the three warriors each the perspective colors that had surrounded them. Swords of a quality unseen in anytime appeared in their hands, along with shields. Each of them had a helmet with a feather of their color in it. The transformation had completed and the force holding the demons had released.

A dark purple from Njima surrounded him as he kept chanting inaudible words. A dark red appeared around Majmba. Brila’s color was dark blue and surrounded her as well. A transformation occurred and all the demons could do is stand and watch. They were powerless to move, some force was holding them back. Full body armor not of this time appeared onto the three warriors each the perspective colors that had surrounded them. Swords of a quality unseen in anytime appeared in their hands, along with shields. Each of them had a helmet with a feather of their color in it. The transformation had completed and the force holding the demons had released.


Pharaoh Narmer had a very pleased look on his face; he then made a devilish grin. His plan was about to unfold exactly as he intended. When he saw the three phoenix warriors had changed from plain to looking all powerful looking. The Pharaoh’s face turned worried, what power did these warriors posses. He knew then he had to obtain this power for his own dark deeds. Little did he know that wouldn’t happen, nor would it ever happen. He demanded his demon army to attack them. The creatures drew up their scythes and charged at the warriors with a faster speed then they had presented before.

The Phoenix Warriors stood steady, not one of them had a look of being worried. They drew their swords out of the sheath, and held them a defense fighting stance. People around them started to scatter out of fear of being squashed by the massive demons. Those that stood by the Warriors side would be remembered for their valiant stand. Though they would not last in the fight that ensued they fought with all their might. The three warriors backed them up with ten times the amount the final fifty people could muster.

The demons were shocked and disoriented never had they had foes that wouldn’t yield lightly nor would they be pushed over. The battle went on for what seemed to be days but only lasted four hours until the three Phoenix Warriors and three of Pharaoh Narmer’s army remained. A brief pause was observed by truly an act of god as a giant force field separated the warriors from the demons. The warriors carried each person that had died to their respective families and gave them a final word. The last body that remained was carried by all three of the warriors; a woman was the last of the people to stand. The Phoenix Warriors felt that this would give her an appropriate farewell.

Banging at the force field with their scythes it yielded not even a scratch or even a speck was made by the demonic creatures. The warriors resumed their fighting stance and the wall mysteriously vanished. As the wall vanished the demons charged again at the Phoenix warriors. This time the demons charged and felt no resistance at all. They easily defeated the Phoenix warriors. The warriors couldn’t move much and if they did it would be only in great pain. The Pharaoh had witness his triumph come true, his demons had beaten god’s best warriors.

The creatures dragged the Phoenix Warriors to the Pharaoh. “Well well well, you put up an interesting fight. It’s unfortunate I have to make an example out of you three. Truly you would have been better off serving as my personal gaurds.” The Pharoah paused as he paused infront of the warriors. “So do you three have anything to say for yourselves before I pronounce your punishment.”

The Phoenix Warriors replied in unison, “you may have defeated us but it was by gods will alone and not yours. There will come a time when we will rise from the flames to fight for what’s right and what’s good.”

Pharaoh Narmer didn’t even want to reply to that. “You will be mummified alive. So that no one in my land will dare question me ever again.” He shouted to the people. The warriors were taken away to the new pyramid that was being built over the horizon. He told his men to mummify the warriors alive they refused. Pharaoh asked his demons to kill those men on the spot and they would have to perform it. They did as they were told and cut off the tongues of the warriors, and then wrapped them up in cloth gauze. They then scrambled the brains by inserted something up their nose. They could still see and feel. The warriors were then put into the sarcophaguses and sand was pilled on them.

The rein of Pharaoh Narmer only lasted three more years. The people revolted against him and he had no chips to bargain with Satan. The truth of the warriors even though they couldn’t be there came to be true. It would not be until the year 2025 when the tomb of the Phoenix Warriors would be revealed.

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08:14 Jan 28 2011

So good. Twisted and freaking cool. :P


Repost A Message From Outerspace

02:39 Jan 21 2011
Times Read: 855

A Message From Outerspace

07:43:15 - Apr 28 2008

An observer was looking through a telescope at the planet Saturn. He adjusted the focus on the viewer to get a clearer view of the planet. The man jotted the coordinates on a note pad and dated and signed his entry. He picked up his hot cup of coffee he had just poured and after taking a sip, burning his mouth, he spit it out. The splatter of the coffee landed on the paper; he then tried to find a towel to clean it up and inadvertently knocked the telescope out of its alignment. He cleaned up his mess and picked up his coffee and this time blew on it and then took a sip.

The man peered back into his telescope and the edge of an object appeared into his line of sight. He picked up the phone and called the watch tower. The phone rang several times before someone picked up.

“Watch Tower.” The voice said at the other end of the phone.

“Watch Tower, this is David Johnson. I noticed an object at the following coordinates 35 west, at a 95 degree angle.” David said to the tower barely making out his own blurred writing that had been on the paper.

”David, that’s the planet Saturn, please be sure you do not make prank calls again.” The tower responded.

The phone clicked and David looked into the eyepiece it was entirely black with the exception of small blinking lights. He felt it strange that the tower would tell him he had been making it up. He dialed a friend that wasn’t too far away that he knew was also observing the night sky as well. The phone rang and was quickly answered.

“Dr. Gordon speaking.”

“Bruce, it’s Dave. Check out 35 west and at 95 degrees.”

”Yah, Dave you can really see the rings of Saturn.”

“On my end it’s all black except blinking lights.”

”Are you sure it isn’t a plane blocking your view.”

“There’s no plane in sight, Bruce. I swear to god this is no hoax.”

”What did you say the coordinates were?”

Dave looked at his scopes settings they were on the reverse side of the telescope. “Correction try 65 east by 96 degrees.”

”Just a minute Dave.” He paused to set down the phone and move his telescope. “That is really unusual Dave I see it now. Did you call the Tower?”

“Yah Bruce, but I gave them Saturn’s coordinates. Could you give them a call and then call me back.”

"Better than that Dave, I’ll three way you. Hold on two minutes.” Bruce clicked over for a dial tone and called the watch tower. He clicked back over to Dave before they answered. Dave could now hear both Bruce and the watch tower.

”Watch Tower.”

“Watch Tower, this is Doctor Bruce Gordon calling, please check out 65 east and at a 96 degree angle.”

"Please hold while we adjust our scope." The hold music started to play ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ and both Bruce and Dave held on patiently. The warning siren went off in the distance. They both realized something was definitely going on in space. Both the men ran inside and turned on the T.V. Bruce told Dave good bye so they could both focus on the news.

Dave called his other friend Freddy, and told him to tune in the news channel. He didn’t say another word as Freddy was already watching the news as soon as the sirens had gone off.

“I’m Dan Donnavan with a special News Report. There is a confirmed Unidentified Flying Object in outer space. A Doctor Bruce Gordan, and David Johnson both called the watch tower reporting this unusual turn sighting in the sky. For those of you that don’t have telescopes the ‘Hubble Telescope’ will be in clear view of this object in minutes. We now turn you over to N.A.S.A. for a full report. ”

“This is Commander Robert Frank at N.A.S.A. Control Center. From the Hubble images the ship appears to be about the size of twenty-two football fields. It’s a diamond shape and is on a direct course to the Planet. As of right now we are sending signals of all kinds directed at the ship. So far there has been no response."

“Sorry to interrupt you Commander, but the President of the United States is just about to make a public announcement. We now go live to the White House.”

“My fellow Americans, tonight is a first for the history books. We have come across a true undeniable presence from outer space. I’d like to remind you all to remain calm, and stay put in your homes. We have no idea what the Alien intentions are as of yet. I am also broadcasting a message of peace to the ship as I am talking to you.” The President paused as someone whispered in his ears and then said, "It appears that the space ship has begun an assault on the space station that orbits our planet and has killed all the people aboard it. I’m issuing a world emergency as of right now. Please, if you can make it to tornado or bomb shelter, be swift about it and remember other people are trying to make their way to shelter as well. Please remain calm at this time. As you can see from this image shown from the Hubble telescope they have fired upon innocent people.”

Sirens went off around the planet and people panicked and started to cause utter chaos in the streets. Several vehicle accidents were being reported immediately with a warning issued for safe, calm driving. As some people were about to enter their cars a voice came out of no where. Anyone that could hear the voice heard it in their own native language.

“We have reviewed all transmissions from your planet. Your messages of peace and being friendly are both false and meaningless. Your planet and your people pose a threat to our race. This information is based on movies, radio broadcasts, articles in the paper, and TV reports. You are a society that kills your own species and calls it a religious act when there is no truth to it.”

“Who are you to judge us so quickly, and what are your intentions? You killed several innocent people on that space station,” the president said.

“The people that were innocent were taken from the station prior to it’s destruction. You are the so called leader of the United States, you were supposed to be for the people but your actions indicate that is not true. You do nothing to help your people, you only destroy and fortify for your own selfish needs. Our intentions are to drop our security force and eradicate the filth on this planet.”

A fire ball hit the white house with no warning the transmission from the president was gone. The local news channel came back on. “Dan Donnavan reporting live, it appears that the White House has been destroyed with the president and one third of the cabinet killed. The evacuation of the White House came too late. The vice president is currently in a secure area and we expect to hear from him soon. Please stay tuned to this station for more details.”

Dave turned off the T.V. after seeing a strange white light appear near his home. He grabbed his cell phone as he left his home. Dave walked to the area where the light had appeared, although it had only been a brief event, he knew exactly where it was. The old water tower on the hill was the location of the occurance, he just knew it. He speed dialed Bruce, and it rang only once as Bruce answered the phone.

“Bruce, it’s Dave again. I just saw a beam of light at the old water tower in the center or town. I’m headed there now.”

"Alright, Dave be careful. I’ll meet you there. Have you called Freddy yet?”

“No, I haven’t and I’m getting a really weak signal from my phone. If you could call him and have him meet up with us there.”

All Bruce could hear was ‘Call him and have him meet us there.’ That’s all Bruce needed to hear as he dialed up Freddy. It rang twice, and then an answer came from the other end. “Hey, Freddy it’s Bruce.”

“Hey Brucie, what’s up Doc?” he asked and chuckled.

“I’m assuming you know what’s going on Freddy. Dave told me he had seen a light at the old water tower, and is investigating it. He wanted us to meet him there.”

“Righty-o Brucie. I’ll head out that way as soon as I put the kids to bed.”

Dave was half way to the water tower with his flash light in hand. He didn’t want whatever was there to know he was coming. So he walked slowly up the hill to the water tower. He saw two vehicles park a block away from the hill. That set off his thinking that Freddy, and Bruce were on their way to the hill, he paused to wait for them. Two flashlights were off in the distance, and Dave signaled them with his flashlight using Morse code. The flashlights signaled back making him aware it was both Freddy, and Bruce.

He stood there in silence until both Freddy, and Bruce were there with him. Dave gave them both a quick hug, and greeted them quietly. “Good to see you both again.”

“Seems like old times, Davie” Freddy replied.

“Indeed, it does my friends, just like back in the old days we spent investigating anything out of the ordinary.” Bruce stated.

“Well it’s good to have a Doctor that knows his stick around.” Dave said to Bruce.

“You’re the lucky one Dave. You always had a knack of finding things others would spend a life time finding.”

“Shall we set off then?” Dave asked his friends. They both nodded as Bruce pulled up his camcorder to document anything they might find with his fingers ready to press record.

The three men set off to the top of the hill where the water tower was. Dave signaled Bruce to hit record. Bruce did a mic check. “This is Doctor Bruce Gordan, Dave Johnson, and Freddy McCormick documenting the strange light source. Dave reported to me a sighting of a strange white light at the old water tower that sits in the center of the city of Delano.”

They slowly made their way to the water tower. What they saw was a small aircraft of alien origin sitting underneath the tower. Several alien beings were just standing outside of the craft. Bruce caught it all on tape, and kept watching while he recorded it.

Dave spoke up quietly, “It seems that the aliens are waiting for some kind of instruction to be given to them. They seem to not know about our presence here. They also are protecting their ship with what appears to be some sort of gun and are well protected with light weight armor.”

“Great eyes there Dave,” Bruce said as he padded him on the shoulders. “What do you go on the transceiver Freddy?”

“I’m picking up a variant of languages back and forth. None of them make sense to me Brucie.” Freddy said as he tried to make out what was being said.

“Some movement from under the ship seems to be going on. They are moving away from the ship. It looks like a bay door is opening and a bright light’s emanating from it. Freddy, I hope you brought the binoculars.” Dave said as he squinted to try to make out sign of any more activity.

“Would I let you down Davie?” Freddy said as he handed him the binoculars.

Dave pressed a few buttons on the binoculars increasing their viewing properties. He saw some human beings walk down the plat form. “They are humans coming from the ship. They appear to be the people that were on the space station. It appears to be all twelve of them if I counted correctly.”

“Let us move in then shall we they may need a Doctor.” Bruce chimed in, as they walked from the near top of the hill and made their way to the water tower. The aliens saw the three men heading to their direction they held there guns ready to fire upon them. Not a single fire was shot as Bruce announced to them. “I’m a Doctor, and these two gentlemen are my assistances.” The aliens seemed to have understood him. They lowered their weapons and let them approach the other humans.

Bruce took out his medical bag and checked all twelve of the men and women. Every single person was fine, and healthy despite eating only space food. Another alien made his way down the ramp from the ship. He seemed to be taller then the rest of his alien friends. “I know you three mean us no harm, and that these twelve we have dropped off at this point were innocent of any harm from your people.”

Dave looked at the alien that was speaking. “Do you represent your race?”

“That I do. Believe me when I say we mean you no harm.”

“I believe you mean no harm to us but what about the people you killed in the white house.” Dave asked.

“It was necessary, those people were corrupt. We will not stand for it. We’ve been watching your planet for quite some time. We will eliminate any evil that we feel is necessary. Even now as we speak highly trained warriors are depositing across your world. They are killing anyone that is a threat. We will not destroy anymore buildings.” The alien said.

“Welcome Alien dudes. I’m Freddy, that man over there is Doctor Bruce, and Dave is the one that you were speaking to.” Freddy Chimed in.

“You seem to be three very intelligent people. I would even venture even far more so then most of my own race. I’m known as Psract. We have some mysterious things on our own planet that we need assistance with.” Psract said.

“Well we first need to see to the safety of these people first. We need to also try to talk to you about sparing the evil ones that you wish to kill for now. That is until we have a chance to talk to your people.” Dave said to Psract.

“We will post guards then. If they do anything to upset the balance I will not be responsible for what happens to them.” Psract said, and as he had said that it echoed through out the planet. “We are taking these three brave souls from your planet to plead your case. Once the plea has been heard we will evaluate what has been said and then we will decide your fates.”

They led the three onboard their ship, as they finished escorting the twelve members from the space station to the Delano authorities. They stated they would handle getting them back to their loved ones. The ship took off in a blink of an eye. As the ship left the atmosphere of Earth a last message from Psract was said. “I remind you this planet is on warning that any actions taken against our own race. There will be consequences judged against the ones that commit the actions.” The ship left the earth and vanished off into the cold dark of space.

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03:24 Jan 21 2011

Thanks Fizbop! I really enjoyed your story.

09:06 Jan 24 2011

This is totally amazing, Fiz and I HAVE to read more.

You're such a talented/gifted writer. Keep this amazing stuff coming, okay? *hugggss*

Awsome style and everything! You know just how to keep us all hooked. Job beyond well done. I mean that Fiz.....

I WANNA SEE MORE lol. Please. :P

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