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I think I should bring this back...

04:38 Nov 12 2011
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Below is an Article I used to write. I think I'll bring it back.

Witchy News

Edition 2

October 2000

Celebrating October 2000 the Witchy Way

Witchy News

Written by: Fizbop

Minnesota USA

September 23, 2000

October is comming quicker then the speed of light. Well maybe not that fast. The full moon is on Friday the 13th . No not Jason with a knife Friday the 13th.... But the day Friday the 13th what some call the Blood moon.. Kind of spooky ain't it... Perfect days for pagans, wiccan's and misc others to comeout as we are; will be comming soon.

Color: Pink for that day.

Full moon EST eastern 3:53 am

A poem or chant For The Month.

Let me be a bloodhound in your pack, Lord Herne, racing toward a horizon that recedes with each swift step we take toward it. Let me burn with your dark fire. Let me serve you with my fearless deeds.

To Make A Wild Hunt talisman





Place a pinch of eah in a pouch to be worn or carried top attune with the WILD HUNT.

Things To Do For The Blood Full Moon or Halloween or Samhain

In irish and scottish lore chestnuts were used at Halloween to divine a Couple's Future..

Radio program online

Must have a real player to listen to it. Go to http://www.witchwayisup.com enter the site and hit the download for it. It's a great show... I love it... maybe it will enter your line up for the holidays.

Here is what the creature of the show wrote to me in an email.

Dear Fizbop,

I do plan to put together a show on the moon closest to Samhain. The show

that I am planning is going to be a bit different than some of the others.

I will leave it at that in hopes that it will peak your interest. I do

consider myself Wiccan but I do not belong to a coven. I may at some point

but I have not made it a priority to do that yet. I have always been on my

path it is just that I have not been aware that I was. I became aware of my

true feelings about 4-5 years ago not with a blinding realization but a slow

acknowledgement of who I am and where I am going. I felt that I needed to

do what I do on the internet a little over a year ago. Now I know that I

was called by the Lady of us all to do it. On an upcoming show that I am

writing now as a tribute to Her I will share perhaps more of me than you

what to hear. I hope that you continue to come back and listen and comment

and most importantly ask the questions that you have.

Thank you so much for writing and for your interest.

Blessed Be,


Enjoy your October. more news to come for November.. hey that's my birth month.

Let me know if you like your news.

Love and Light ,




21:43 Nov 12 2011


This is a keeper. :)


Zombenstein: Rough Draft Revised

05:01 Nov 10 2011
Times Read: 689

"We interrupt your classical music to bring you the following."  A radio announcer said. "A massive storm has emerged over into the area of Lynnwood.  We expect the storm to drop fifth-teen inches of rain.  The weather service is issuing flash flood warnings at this time and until two O'clock in the morning. Keep tuned in to this station for more news."  A hand reached over to the radio and turned it off.

Candles dimly illuminated the Library of Dr. David Stone.  A few streaks of lighting revealed that he was smoking a pipe, and paging through notes in his journal.   The sound of the storm got muffled as it hit the old stonewalls of the dark castle.  

Dr. Stone sipped some of his tea as the rain hit the windows of the castle.  The man then sat his tea down and took another puff of his pipe.  The ring of the smoke floated above the dark brown head of hair. David stroked his goatee while he was deep into his thoughts.  The storm raged on in the background as he continued to page through his journal.  Every single page added to the knowledge in his head of events that he wrote down.  Documented in the journal were the exploits of Dr. Victor Frankenstein.

"Victor, you are a brilliant scientist, but you are also a fool.  Messing around with things you possibly could not foresee. Your only error in judgment was about your monster." He finished his tea, and walked out of the library and into the great hall.  Up the long set of stairs he laid his head upon his pillow.  Vivid dreams soon came into his head, as he was fast asleep.  

Dr. Stone tossed and turned in his sleep as visions of Victor's creation ran rampant in his mind.  The words "It's Alive, Alive!" repeated in his head like a bad record skipping.  Had it not been for the storm that was raging outside the maids or perhaps even the butler would have heard his voice echoing that of Victor's.   Hours passed that seemed like minutes.  The visions of the dream engraved into his head. 'Why are these dreams haunting me?' He asked himself.

A thick heavy fog covered the land and to was to last most of the day.   Dr. David Stone sat in his chair and enjoyed his breakfast along with a cup of coffee.   While going over his journal yet again specifically his notes that he had recovered from Dr. Victor Frankenstein.    He jotted down the details of the experiment in his own notes.   The equations were complex strings of formulas.  Only a brilliant scientist would be able to decipher the formulas, though one was incomplete and forever lost.  Dr. Stone had no idea what he was getting himself into.  

"Janick would you be so kind and turn on the radio? "  Dr. Stone asked his butler.  

Classical music filled the air with its vibrant tones.   Short bursts of static interrupted the music as a voice stated "We interrupt your program to bring you the following message from our Fuhrer. "  

"For the welfare of the German people,  I will cleanse this land of the impure, and improper minorities.   We will become a force of one people.  I am your savior from this great depression.  I will bring into line all that is unpure.    My forces will walk the streets and remove the unpure stricken rejects.   You will honor the men who walk the streets in my name.   If you do not you will be subjected to the same process as the unpure minorities.   They will be brought to a swift judgment and punishment the likes that have not been seen.   Hail this new era of a pure human race, hail me as your new leader and I will bring you out of this depression. "  

Dr. Stone slammed his fists against the table as the smile that was on his face turned to a look of hate.  "Unpure ?  unpure?   Does he not understand that the differences in people make us who we are as a race of people?   Does he not comprehend without our uniqueness there is no society, no differences, that the people will be the exact same with no variations."  Thoughts slammed into his head ‘I have to stop this.  I have to make this right again, but how?  He looked at his notes inadvertently as his thoughts overpowered the rest of the speech.  

In front of his nose were the plans and the idea was already set in action in his brain.  "As of right now, all of you are on vacation.  I must be left alone for a few months.  I do not wish to be bothered until that time. "  The servants of the house rushed to their respective homes to be with loved ones.  The new era had already been started it would be a matter of days before the cleansing would begin.    The rest of the day flew by as the Doctor gathered the chemicals he needed.  Down to the lab he went, knowing that no one would see him use the secret entrance to gain access.  

He knew it would be night fall sooner than on most nights.  Tonight would be the night he raided the dead.   Tonight would be the night for a proper savior and not one that would kill millions, but one that would save millions.  The plan would be fullproof; he knew what he had to do and the order he had to do it.  Nothing was going to stop him.   Following the notes exactly as he had written, he mixed the chemicals.   The Doctor was fully prepared  by fall of the night; the only sound was the Bunsen burners that were heating the chemicals.

The Full moon glistened over the damp areas of the land. The heavy fog was still in full force in the lower regions. Crickets chirped in the distance as the sound of footsteps emanated from the ground. An owl could be heard louder than any other time, for the sound echoed off the fog clouds. The closer Dr. Stone got to the cemetery, the spookier it seemed. Old trees with broken or missing branches outlined the boarder.

As David approached the gates of the cemetery, the freshly buried Nazi's became more apparent. He had at least a dozen or so more corpses to pick from.  This was the right time, the ground lightly packed and still moist. David sat down the body bag he brought for collecting. He would have to make multiple trips if he didn't think of a way to do it in one. He had wished for an assistant, one that would understand the purpose and logical reasoning that he had for creating such a thing.

The doctor started to dig up one of the graves; soon the piles of dirt filled the surface next to the graves that he had picked. He scanned the bodies for any damage, which was the key to the one he would pick.   So far, none had the build he was looking for. Most had been riddled in holes from the battle that they had lost. He needed a bulky man one that was in top physical shape The last grave left to be dug up rested on the horizon as David looked up from the from his resent work. The name Aiden Fallon bore an epitaph that he had led most of the Nazis as a Commandant and was shot in the line of duty.

Doctor Stone dug up the coffin.  David braced his legs on either side of the coffin. Leaning over he gripped the corpse under each arm and attempted to lift the dead man. Dead weight resisted his futile attempt stubbornly, as the deceased's pall head rolled over against David's arm, sending a clammy chill down the doctor's spine.

He looked up and down the body to find where this bullet supposedly had hit him. The Man was fully dressed in his uniform and the medals had recently been shined. Stone stripped the clothing from the man; no injury he found that might have caused his death. What really had happened to this man? Puzzled and perplexed, he caught a glimpse of a swastika tattooed on the man's forearm.

*Warning Graphic in nature. Stop reading now if you can't stand graphic.*

Corneal Aiden Fallon looked on as more Jews were brought into his camp.  They would play by his rules, do what he asked of them with out question or be burned alive with no pity.  Sargents looked on as well eyeing up the women and girls of the group.  Commenting to each other about which ones they would have through out the day.  One's they would make pay by raping them or even far worse.   The Corneal counted at least two dozen new Jews in his posestion.  He took a drag on a cigarette and flicked it off on one of his new captivives to see how he would react.

The man he flicked the cigarette on imedeatly turned to the Corneal.  The Sargents watching his every move so he did not get close to him.  The man looked at the Corneal, and said "You'll get yours soon enough.  You will pay for your crimes you have done and the one's you have yet to do." Benjamin turned back around and followed the line of Jewish people after one of the Sargents clubbed him in the back telling him to follow the line.  He followed the line when off in the distance he clearly made out a woman.  

After the Sargents went back to confer Benjamin walked closer to the woman that no one seemed to be even paying attention to.   She was eating grass from the ground.  Benjamin called out to her asking her why she was eating it; she would not respond.  The lady still ate the grass, and a lot of it.  One of the other prisoners approached Benjamin.  

"She eats it because she fears there will not be enough food for her children.  She practicably starves herself in order to ensure her children get food."  Johnathan answered the empty reply's.  

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21:42 Nov 12 2011

Damn, Fiz this is sooooo good. I love it. I also really dig how you captured Lillian in this. Very cool.

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