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01:00 Jun 24 2010
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So, what is it about Bloodlife? I've been thinking about what that special something is about him...that certain je ne sais quoi.

Funny + insightful + kind + nice jewish boy = ?

And then it came to me... Bloodlife has MENCHISMO!!!!



02:00 Jun 24 2010

Bloodlife rocks.

08:42 Jun 24 2010

Wow, I am so blushing. I do like being called a 'boy' at my age.

To think all I asked for was a game of scrabble :-P

17:26 Jun 24 2010

Don't you love the word, "menchismo?" I coined it just for you! *mwa*

08:42 Jun 25 2010

A word coined just for me! You really are the sweetest. x


Even if it were only for the best use of accreted I have ever seen...

18:39 Jun 15 2010
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Fair warning: This journal entry is not for everyone. In fact, it is probably going to interest only a couple of people on this site and quite possibly that's an overestimation of its appeal. So, if you do not love language...and by that, I mean REALLY love language, in the sense of wanting to write it love letters and snuggle up with it on a sunny afternoon for no other reason than daydreaming with your best friend...then do not read on.

If the sound of words and the feel of them on your lips can make you giddy and light-headed with the titillation of wonderful, wonderful words, then please read on! This is the transcript of a podcast I subscribe to by the brilliant Mr. Stephen Fry. At various times during the podcast, I smiled, laughed, cheered out loud, and even got choked up.

Best of all, I was challenged. I saw some of myself in the pedants he takes head-on. I like to hope that I'm not overly petty about grammar and keeping language stock-still. I freely admit that some new conventions irritate me, most notably, the shorthand of "text talk" becoming an acceptable substitution for established spelling. BUT, I also freely admit that I'm wrong in a sense. Language absolutely IS alive and changing. It is the tool of the people who use it to express themselves.

Spellings change. Grammar changes. At some point, we all would have spelled like the Beowulf author or spoken like the characters of Shakespeare (assuming we are English speakers.) I'm sure there were Old English purists who shook their fists at the impertinent kids who expressed their desire that the king be dipped in horse excrement. I can just hear him yelling, "It's 'koenig', you bastards!"

So, here's to you, Mr. Fry, and here's to the brilliance of language and the horizon of ideas it inspires from sunrise to sunset.

Don't Mind Your Language



20:37 Jun 15 2010

The man is brilliant (and Jewish), or do they go hand in hand?!!

I particularly love his humour and the way and speed he comes out with quips, no one is safe.

I hope you guys get a panel show called QI out there as it's a refreshing delight from the norm.

As far as the English language is concerned I believe it is slowly dying and will be replaced by a more universal language. G-d help us.



21:34 Jun 10 2010
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You hear "FREE BREAD!" as you stop at a stop sign. A short, reasonably harmless-looking lady wearing a name badge from the Center stands in front of their food bank holding wrapped and labeled hoagie rolls, cinnamon rolls, and muffins. She smiles at you when you look and says convincingly, "It's free!" Would you stop, even to ask what's up? Would you drive away?

Let me tell you about my crazy day today. We got in a shipment of food to the Center. It was wonderful stuff, but a portion of it was baked goods like breads, cakes, bagels, etc...

Because we already had so much, we needed to share the blessings. We immediately called another food bank and some other ministries. We were able to find homes for some, but not all of the baked goods we needed to liberate. The staff and employees know me...I do not like to waste food. It does not go past expiration dates on my watch...SOOOOO

Guess who made up a sign that said "FREE BREAD" and stood in front of the Center handing them to people who would roll down their car windows. What an experience! My daughters even stopped by and got into the act.

I think what surprised me most was how many people wouldn't roll down their windows even though I'm in front of a ministry and wearing a name badge. I think there are several reasons...worry because they didn't know me and I'm handing out food. Embarrassment...nicely dressed ladies weren't big on rolling down their windows to even see what we were doing. And maybe just mistrust and fear in general. The funny thing is, there were no catches...just free bread that came in today that anyone could have.

Now let me tell you the fun parts. Our mailman took a loaf. A little boy on a bike who lives in the neighborhood, maybe 14 years old said, Thank you for doing this and God bless you." The woman who asked in a surprised voice, "Why are you doing this?" The truck full of men who asked, "Hey, are those cookies?" The police woman who said, "I'll share these at the office." The woman who took angel food cakes because she was heading to an assisted living center.

Mostly, it was seeing people looking so shy about receiving bread, believing that there was no catch, smiling, saying thank you, hearing "God bless you" with no strings attached.

Remember my big outside freezer? Remember how I dreamed about it and wanted it so much? Remember me saying, "You could park a Buick in there!" Well, it is up and running and full. A volunteer turned to me today and said, "Hey bosslady, we need a bigger freezer!" The generosity of others always reflects my faith back to me. How can you not have faith when you see mountains moved each and every day? I'm so grateful for and humbled by the beautiful things human hearts can do out of love for others.



21:38 Jun 10 2010

This sounds like a perfect experiment!

1 cent for a loaf of bread.

Slowly raise the price until people are comfortable with it. Holy cow, people get paid millions of dollars to do studies like this.

21:45 Jun 10 2010

I wish this were my job every day. If it hadn't been 50,000 degrees outside, it would have been perfect. It was a complete blast.

23:04 Jun 10 2010

:) I love reading your journal. It makes me know there is caring people out in the world, and hope never dies.

05:29 Jun 11 2010

Honestly? I'd raise an eyebrow and continue about my business.

It's not mistrust, it's just disinterest. Free bread is a fairly minor temptation, and stopping what I'm doing probably wouldn't seem worth it. If I were walking, I wouldn't want to deal with carrying it around. If I were driving, pulling over and getting out of the car is just more effort than its worth, and leaning out of the window to ask just involves being louder than I like to.

18:25 Jun 11 2010

This is totally awesome!

There are many food pantries where I live, and no one is embarrased to take stuff- me included.

I've volunteered and received goods before, and I appreciated both scenarios.

Well...it looks like you had a very good blessed day!

16:15 Jun 13 2010

If only 'YOU' were in excess too. x

01:16 Jun 24 2010

It is people like you who make this world better by the day.

I have to agree with VW as well, I like reading your journal because it is always thoughtful and insightful plus you have a great way with words. :)

And I love words :)


18:39 Jun 04 2010
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Mini cows for your apartment, trailer, or condo.

Thoth, read the quote on the left from the Brooklyn mom. You'll cry. I barely made it through. Mini cows, the solution to inner city gang wars!




18:49 Jun 04 2010

eww, huffpo? I try not to go there.

I was reading the FAQ section of a mini cow breeder which had this:

How much space do you need for a miniature cow?

You should have one to two acres per cow for grazing as well as shelter, fresh water and hay.

I have plenty of fresh water and I could find a local seed'n'feed store for the hay, but I don't have enough space for grazing. Bumma.

18:54 Jun 04 2010

Shame, it is filled with much hilarity. I will quote the Brooklyn mom here, but there is also a clickable "in-house demo of one of our star dairy queens."

"Instead of getting into gang fights, my teenager spends all day grooming and milking our new dairy cow!"

Andrea Pearlman,

Brooklyn, NY

20:49 Jun 04 2010

Hmm.. a bit impractical for the office, but the other place has 4 acres, a barn and old hay fields... hmmmm....


17:45 Jun 04 2010
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In response to some comments about the mini cow...

Yes, it's real! They have all sorts, even mini beef cows (in case you want a tiny steak, I guess.) I saw a mini longhorn bull that my pastor would DIE for! The mini cattle began in Britain and there are about 25 established breeds now. Here's one good URL in any number of hits you will find if you google


I have been reading all about them and some sites are saying they're great for apartments. That makes you think...IN the apartment? Maybe you can train them like dogs.

The mini milkers give up to 25lbs (strange way to measure liquid, in my opinion) of milk daily. Like birra said, you know where it's coming from...it will be clean and steroid and synthetic hormone-free. There are even studies now that seem to support the "old folk belief" that raw unpasteurized milk may have more health benefits than pasteurized milk, especially for allergy sufferers. (Obviously you need to know and trust the source.)

I want a mini cow NOW, daddy!



18:23 Jun 04 2010

Rats. My property is too small -- even for mini cows.

I only have 1/2 acre.

*soul-crushing sigh*

18:36 Jun 04 2010

So weird. I read about ...and I kid you not... "New! Trailer-sized mini cows." Also, they're touted as being great apartment pets. Zany, but I read it on the internet, so it MUST be true.


04:02 Jun 04 2010
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I want one of these SO BAD!


In a couple of years, we hope to build our own house using a lot of eco-friendly and money-saving ideas. We'll have a few acres and I want some chickens and at least one mini dairy cow. Mini cow! MINI COW! must...have



04:08 Jun 04 2010

Quite cute. I'm going to have to google that.

13:25 Jun 04 2010

is that for real?

If so, I want one so I can take it to the dog park and freak everyone out.

15:00 Jun 04 2010

A mini-cow - too cute.

Here is the nice thing about some urban farming:

1. Chickens and cows are great composters. Veggie scraps go in - fertilizer comes out.

2. Chicken (not as sure about cows) - very low maintenance.

3. Yes, they can stink if you let the poop build up, but with regular cleaning it's barely noticeable.

4. You know where your food is coming from. Free range eggs are higher in omega-3 and other essential vitamins and minerals because the chickens get to eat what they enjoy - bugs, grass, worms, etc... ok, some people think that is gross, but it is the way life has evolved here. We wouldn't be here without these processes.

Now, the mini cow.. hmmm.. I wonder if it is a cross-bred Scotish cow... I could make room for a couple of those. Heh.

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