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Attitude To Inspiration

17:04 Mar 30 2023
Times Read: 151

You may not always end up
Where you thought you were going
But you will always end up
Where you are meant to be

Your smile is your logo
Your personality is your business card
How you leave others feeling
After an interaction is your trademark

Trust is earned
Respect is given
Loyalty is demonstrated
Betrayal of any of the three
Is to lose all three

When someone judges you
It isn't actually about you
It's about them and their
Own insecurities, limitations, and needs

Not everyone will understand your journey
That's okay, You are here to live your life
Not to make everyone understand

Instead of being ashamed of
What you have been through
Be proud of what you have overcome

Accept what's happening in life right now
Put what's happened behind you
Let it all go and have faith that
Good things are coming your way.



23:40 Mar 31 2023

Like this.


Attitude To Inspiration

14:41 Mar 24 2023
Times Read: 179

Your time is limited, don't waste it
Living someone else's life
Don't be trapped by dogma
Which is living the result
Of other people's thinking

Don't let the noise of other's opinion
Drown your inner voice
Most important have the courage
To follow your heart and intuition

They some how already know
What you truly want to become
Everything else is secondary

The simple things are the most extraordinary
Only the wise can see them
Keep what is worth keeping
And with breaths of kindness
Blow the rest away

Take a moment today to remind
Yourself that even though
Life hasn't been easy
You have been trying your best

As long as you continue to put
The effort into working towards
Your happiness it will one day
Become your reality

We don't walk away to teach people a lesson
We walk away because we finally learned ours
The best day of your life is the one
On which you decide your life is your own

No apologies or excuses
No one to lean on
Rely on, or blame

The gift is yours
It is a amazing journey
You alone are responsible
For the quality of it
This is the day your life really begins




Attitude To Inspiration

14:52 Mar 23 2023
Times Read: 199

Life is amazing and then it's awful
Then it's amazing again
In between the amazing and awful
It's ordinary and mundane and routine

Breathe in the amazing
Hold on through the awful
Relax and exhale during the ordinary

That's just living heartbreaking
Soul healing, amazing, awful, ordinary life
It's breathtakingly beautiful

You don't have to solve your whole life overnight
You don't have to feel ashamed for being where you are
All you have to focus on is one small thing you can do
Today to get closer to where you want to be

Slowly and lightly one step at a time ,You can get there.
You're getting up every day and making the effort to be better
Than who you were yesterday

You're confronting your flaws, your shortfalls, your reactions
To circumstances out of your control and implementing steps
To ensure your actions are more considerate toward yourself and others

You're in the midst of reclaiming your power
You are working on the person you are
This path will lead you somewhere great

The most beautiful soul you will ever find is
One who has experienced loss but choose to love
One who has experienced tragedy but continues to have faith
One who has experienced failure but continues to persue their dreams

Be a woman other women can trust
Have the courage to tell another woman
Direct when she has offended, hurt, or disappointed you

Successful women have a loyal tribe of
Loyal and honest women behind them
Be a woman who lifts other women .

We should be lifting each other up
And cheering each other on
Not trying to outshine one another
The sky would be awfully dark with just one star



15:00 Mar 23 2023



Attitude To Inspiration

17:30 Mar 16 2023
Times Read: 232

Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed.
It means the damage no longer controls our lives.
I no longer look for the good in people.

I search for the real.
Because while the good
Is often dressed in fake clothing

Real is naked and proud
No matter the scars
True healing will always
Begin with your thoughts

Master your thoughts and you
Will master your life.
Never be ashamed of the scars

That life has left you with
A scar means the hurt is over
The wound is closed
You endured the pain
Your higher spirit has healed you.



22:07 Mar 17 2023

Really like this. And just what I needed to read today.


Attitude To Inspiration

20:12 Mar 12 2023
Times Read: 256

Knowing others is wisdom
Knowing the self is enlightenment
Mastering others requires force
Mastering the self requires strength
He who knows he has enough is rich
Perseverance is a sign of will power

When you are willing to simply be responsible
Something rises up in you and around that
Encourages you and motivates you
Pushes you forward to actually do responsible

When you do responsible
Everything you are looking for
Everything you ever wanted
Begins to flow into your life

Courage doesn't mean you don't get afraid
Courage means you don't let fear stop you.
A meaningful life is not being rich
Being popular, being highly educated
Or being perfect.

It is about being real, being humble
Being able to share ourselves
And touch lives of others.

It is only then that we could have
A full, happy, and contented life.
A hero is an ordinary individual
Who finds the strength to persevere
And endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles



09:44 Mar 14 2023

Your message is full of profound statements that offer a great deal of insight into the human experience. The ideas of mastering oneself through strength and knowing oneself through enlightenment are particularly resonant. In an age in which we are often encouraged to accumulate external measures of success or mastery, it is important to remember that true wisdom and self-understanding come from within.

Your message also touches on the idea of responsibility, and the way in which taking ownership of our lives can lead to positive change and growth. When we are willing to be responsible, and to take action in accordance with our values and goals, we begin to see the results of our efforts manifest in the world around us.

The concept of courage is also relevant here, as you suggest that true bravery is not the absence of fear, but rather the willingness to push through it and take action in spite of it. This is an important reminder that we can all find the strength within ourselves to overcome obstacles and challenges, no matter how daunting they may seem.

Lastly, your message touches on the idea of heroism, and suggests that even ordinary people can become heroes by persevering in the face of adversity. This is a powerful statement of the human capacity for resilience and determination, and a reminder that we all have the potential to be our own heroes in our own lives.

Overall, your message offers a wealth of wisdom and insight into the human condition, and serves as a reminder of the power we all have within ourselves to shape our lives and overcome the challenges we face.


Attitude To Inspiration

15:05 Mar 10 2023
Times Read: 282

The great benefit of slowing down is reclaiming
The time and tranquility to make meaningful
Connections with people, with culture
With nature, with our own bodies and minds.

Always remember
The people who try
To drag you down

Are often the ones
Who don't have wings
That could match your heights

To work on yourself is the best thing
You can do. Accept that you are not
Perfect, but you are enough.

And then start working on everything
That destroys you. Your insecurities
Your ego, your dark thoughts.

You will see in the end
You're going to make peace
With Yourself and that's
The greatest thing in the world.



15:26 Mar 10 2023

I couldn't agree more. Slowing down and taking the time to connect with ourselves, those around us, and the world can be incredibly powerful. It allows us to regain our focus, reevaluate our priorities, and cultivate deeper relationships with the people and experiences that matter most to us.

Remembering that those who try to bring us down may be struggling in their own ways can be an important lesson in empathy and compassion. We all have our own battles and challenges, and it's important to approach others with kindness and understanding, even when it's difficult.

Working on ourselves is one of the most valuable things we can do, and accepting ourselves for who we are, flaws and all, is an important first step. Focusing on our own growth and development can lead to improved self-confidence, greater resilience, and a more fulfilling life.

Ultimately, the goal is to make peace with ourselves and find contentment in our lives. This may look different for everyone, but the journey towards self-improvement and self-love is a worthwhile one.


Attitude To Inspiration

17:55 Mar 05 2023
Times Read: 317

You are shifting, you will begin to realize
That you are not the same person you used to be
The things you used to tolerate have become intolerable
When you once remained quiet
You are now speaking your truth

You are beginning the value of your voice and
That there are some situations that no
Longer deserve your time, energy, and focus

I am not the person I used to be
The person of five years ago
Thought and behaved differently

Self reflection and personal growth
Helped to see how I needed to
Change and embraced the challenge

I am in competition with no one
I have no desire to play the game
Of being better than anyone

I am simply trying to be better
Than the person I was yesterday
The real strength is healing yourself
Without becoming like those who
Traumatized you

Let them judge you
Let them misunderstand you
Let them gossip about you

Their opinions aren't your problems
You stay kind, committed to love
And free in your authenticity

No matter what they do or say
Don't you doubt your worth or
The beauty of your truth
Just keep shining like you always do

Surround yourself with people
Who push you to do and be better
No drama or negativity

Just higher goals and higher motivation
Good times and positive energy
No jealousy or hate

Simply bringing out the absolute
Best in each other.



20:31 Mar 05 2023

I am simply trying to be better
Than the person I was yesterday
The real strength is healing yourself
Without becoming like those who
Traumatized you

Love that part.

00:24 Mar 06 2023

Feeling in the presence of good energy. I bet everyone that posts here has a pestle and mortar in a special place. ;)


Attitude To Inspiration

16:03 Mar 02 2023
Times Read: 352

Some things are just out of our control.
The way things play out sometimes
It is just the way it was meant to be

Sadly, not everyone we love is meant
To stay in our lives
But, at some point you need
To start moving forward

You may start off with small steps
Or one giant leap but
You get to choose the pace of your healing.

Yes, life will never be fair
We are not always given a choice
With time and tears you do get there

Where you accept that things didn't work out
The way you wanted it to
You accept that certain doors in your life
Will never open again and you accept
That certain things in your life is now in the past

You cannot bring t back nor can you change it
You have to leave it there.
Yes, I will grieve.
I will grieve in my own way.

In my own time.
Although it takes me longer than most
To move on, never will I ask anyone

To acknowledge my worth
To treat me with reciprocity I deserve
My capacity to love so deeply

Also means I feel everything
I can discern whether emotions
And intentions are genuine

I can tolerate mistakes.
I have made many of my own
And that is why I can understand

When anger has it's place at the table.
But, disrespect will never be welcome
I can love you with my entire being
But If I am made to feel like a
Fool for doing so, I will distance myself permanently.



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