Basic Energy Work I: Breathing

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Author: STABB666
VR Publish Date: Oct 06 2005

In order to properly focus upon and harness the forces around us, which are neccessary not only for feeding, but other psionics and even magicks, concentration is key.

One of the best ways to maintain this focus is through rhythmatic methods. Some philosophies use chanted mantras and this works for some, but, looking to a more basic level, everyone should be capable of regulating their breathing, as this is one of the singular most basic energy exchanges that we perform and if we can't get this right, all others will be out of balance and thus, more difficult to maintain.

To begin, test how much that you are able to inhale without straining and roughly estimate the length of time it takes you to exhale. Do not feel that more is better, for your bloodstream will be adjusted to the amount of oxygen that you consume on a regular basis.

For major psionic exercises or complex magicks, it is advised to 'power' up before beginning your ritual(s).
A good nights sleep, or, if you are a vamp, a long deep feed is best, but, it can always help to do the following preperation:

Stand with feet together, level your head and focus upon the horizon line. Step slide your left foot to a spacing slighty past the width of your shoulders, allowing the knees to bend if required, all the time maintaining a straight posture with the back and head, so that the spine does not curve and rest your hands, palm down, upon your thighs.

Next, ensuring that you always breath in through the nose and out either through the mouth or nose, turn over your palms and as you draw breath, time the raising of your hands toward your chest, as though you are pulling the air in through there, stopping short of touching to coincide with the maximum draw into your lungs. Begine to exhale, slowly if you can, letting your arms extend outwards in front of you, towards the horizon, turning your palms gently outwards as you do so, until the arms are fully outstretched at the end of the exhale.

The next movement is to retrace the arm movement as you inhale once more, turning the palms back towards you and reaching close as you fill up your lungs, again, slow is better.

This time, extend the arms to the side as you exhale, repeating the same timing and return process of inhaling as you draw the arms back.

Once again back inhaled, push the arms upwards toward the sky- you may feel your body sink down towards the ground a little, this is normal, once again following the timing and repeat pattern of exhale, palms out and inhale, palms in.

Finally, back in to your chest, move the arms down toward the ground, imagining slowly pushing down a large bulge with both hands.

Breath in again and then repeat each step from step one, extending outwards to the front.

Once each has been done for a second time, alight the hands upon the thighs face down and slide step the left foot back to starting position.

Now, take a few deep breaths and exhale as naturally as the flow feels, letting the contraction of the chest do the work for you. Try to let the concious mind let go of the process once you begin and settle youself into a rhythm.

Closing the eyes can sometimes help, but often keeping a level focus upon an object on the horizon line will be more effective.

After a while, you may feel a little light headed and your vision may begin to blur at the edges, this indicates that your body is saturated and is the optimum point at which to progress with whatever work you wish to undertake.

After completing whichever excercise you have planned, you need to empty the energy from you to retain a proper balance.

The simplest method to do this is the eastern tai chi form of the closing orchid.

To do this, spread the legs shoulder width apart, extend the arms to the sides, palms up, then swing the arms over to the front and bending forwards, reach between the legs as far as possible, exhaling as you make the forward motion, pushing the flow out behind you with your palms.

Repeat this process once more and then, finished.


This training can assist psy-vamps with feeding as follows.

When taking in the energy of another, particularly during a deep feed, it is often best to try and regulate the flow alongside the inhale/exhale motion of breathing.

But, it is not absolutely neccessary to halt the intake of the energy as you stop the inhale motion of breathing.

The intake flow can continue as you exhale as well, although this takes practice and it can be likened to learning circular breathing.

Try to disassociate the energy from the breathing motion and lower the concious thought into a more natural subconcious action.

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