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Dream as you will live forever, but live as you will die today."

The tune you hear is called
“Sweet Helena”
and it’s from HAWK2K'S album…

The Harvest
Click here to hear more of his stuff.

These next pics are of me without the goth look. I have come to a decision that I dont need make me out to something I am not. I am a witch/wiccan. And also disabled and very proud. Also I have no barbie doll figure so for those who can't deal with the way I look.Your a very shallow person.People are who they are and are gorgeouse on the inside before the outside.

Partners in crime..Me TheGreenFairy and Pixie Sammy

Ok now Angie is my real name. I am 39 from Maine also disabled from birth.

I am known as a bitch and proud I am also wiccan.I can be kind if I choose to but piss me off and all hell breaks loose.

My likes are music and love all kinds from country to some techno, love beadwork, chatting,horror movies, and love my cats.Love Vampires.Also love fairies.
My dislikes are rude people.

Was I ever in love?
Yes deeply.

Do I want to fall in love again?

Maybe someday

Is there such thing as love?

You have to love yourself first,Before you can love someone else.

Ok now that we saw the cute side of me we are going to see the witchy side of me.I am wiccan/witch and well if you don't agree with my beliefs that is your choice because I dont give a shit.

The Wiccan Rede

Bide ye Wiccan laws you must,
in perfect love and perfect trust.
Live ye must and let to live,
fairly take and fairly give.

Tread the circle thrice about
to keep unwelcome spirits out.
To bind ye spell well every time,
let the spell be spake in rhyme.

Light of eye and soft of touch,
Speak ye little, listen much.
Honor the Old Ones in deed and name,
Let love and light be our guides again.

Deosil go by the waxing moon,
Sing and dance ye Wiccan Rune.
Widdershins go when the moon doth wane,
And the werewolf howls by the dread wolfsbane.

When ye Lady's moon is new,
kiss ye hand to her times two.
When ye moon rides at her peak,
then ye heart's desire seek.

Heed the north winds mighty gale,
lock the door and trim the sail.
When the wind blows from the East,
expect the new and set the feast.

When the wind comes from the South,
love will kiss thee on the mouth.
When the West wind blows over thee,
departed souls will restless be.

Nine woods 'neath the Cauldron go,
burn them fast and burn them slow.
Birch into the fire goes
to represent what the Lady knows.

Oak in the forest towers with might,
in the fire it brings the God's insight.
Rowan is a tree of power,
causing life and magick to flower.

Willows at the waterside stand,
Ready to help us to the Summerland.
Hawthorn is burned to purify,
And to draw faerie to thine eye.

Hazel, the tree of wisdom and learning,
Adds its strength to the bright fire burning.
White are the flowers of Apple tree
That brings us fruits of fertility.

Grapes grow upon the vine,
Giving us both joy and wine.
Fir does mark the evergreen
To represent immortality seen.

Elder is the Lady's tree;
Harm it not or cursed ye'll be.
Four times the Major Sabbats mark,
Both in the light and in the dark.

As the old year starts to wane,
The new begins-it's now Samhain.
When the time for Imbolc shows,
Watch for flowers through the snows.

When the wheel begins to turn,
soon ye Beltane fires will burn.
As the wheel turns to Lammas night,
Power is brought to magick rite.

Four times the Minor Sabbats fall;
Use the Sun to mark them all.
When the wheel hath turned a Yule,
light the log the Horned One rules.

In the spring, when night equals day,
'Tis time for Ostara to come our way.
When the Sun has reached its height,
'Tis time for Oak and Holly to fight.

Harvesting comes to one and all
When the Autumn Equinox does fall.
Heed the flower, bush , and tree;
By the Lady blessed ye'll be.

Where the rippling waters go,
cast a stone, the truth ye'll know.
When ye have and hold a need,
harken not to others greed.

With a fool no season spend,
or be counted as his friend.
Merry meet and merry part,
bright the cheeks and warm the heart.

When misfortune is enow,
Wear the star upon thy brow.
True in love ye must e'er be,
Lest thy love be false to thee.

Mind ye threefold law ye should,
three times bad and three times good.
What ye send forth comes back to ye,
So ever mind the rule of three.

These eight words the wiccan rede fulfill;
An harm ye none, do what ye will.
Follow this with mind and heart,
And merry ye meet, and merry ye part.

My Alter

In February, 1692, three accused women were examined by Magistrates Jonathan Corwin and John Hathorne. Corwin's home, known as the house still stands at the corner of North and Essex Streets in Salem, providing guided tours and tales of the first witchcraft trials. John Hathorne, an ancestor of author Nathaniel Hawthorne, is buried in the Charter Street
By the time the hysteria had spent itself, 24 people had died. Nineteen were hanged on Gallows Hill in Salem Town, but some died in prison. Giles Corey at first pleaded not guilty to charges of witchcraft, but subsequently refused to stand trial. This refusal meant he could not be convicted legally. However, his examiners chose to subject him to interrogation by the placing of stone weights on his body. He survived this brutal torture for two days before dying. (unknown author)

What is Wicca?
Of or relating to Wicca: the Wiccan religion; a Wiccan ritual.

What is a Witch?

A woman claiming or popularly believed to possess magical powers and practice sorcery.
A believer or follower of Wicca; a Wiccan.
A hag.
A woman considered to be spiteful or overbearing.
Informal A woman or girl considered bewitching.
One particularly skilled or competent at one's craft: "A witch of a writer, [she] is capable of developing an intensity that verges on ferocity" (Peter S. Prescott).

Now let's talk about my evil side.I love horror and some evil stuff.Love anything from Stephen King books,movies, to the Exorcist.

What is horror?
Intense fear, loathing or disgust.
dread, apprehension, terror, fright, fear, panic, shock, alarm, terror.
A bad, distasteful or ridiculous person or thing.

Though I am not a Vampire I do love them.What is a Vampire?..A reanimated corpse that is believed to rise from the grave at night to suck the blood of sleeping people.
A person, such as an extortionist, who preys upon others.
I do find them very erotic but the one above doesn't do it for me..LOL

My best friend TheGreenFairy is a new member here on the Rave.She is also a roomate pca for me.. So please everyone go and say a hello and rate her..... she is a cool chicka

Now you all know DeathsEmbrace.Well I got to know him very well we chat all the time and he gets use to me saying hold on and well he holds on sometimes till the next nite lol...His real name is Harley and well I love him like a little brother he may look rough and all but he really is a sweet man. So with no further ado here are some pics of him that I thought appropriate.

Come on I want a bite..LOL

Mwhahaha LUNCH...lol

I think he is saying I am not an animal I am a human being.

My all time favorite movie was The Exorcist.This was about a girl who's mind and body that had been taking over by a Demon.I am not sure what a demon looks like and I think others are not sure as well. But I loved the movie.

BDSM and my life
"BDSM" is an acronym of "B&D" (Bondage & Discipline), "D&S" (Dominance & Submission), and "S&M" (sadomasochism). "BDSM" refers to any or all of these things, and a lot of stuff besides.

Tying up your lover is BDSM; so is flogging that person, or bossing that person around, or any of a thousand other things. BDSM is highly erotic, usually (though not always) involves sex or sexual tension; and is highly psychologically charged. One person (the "submissive") agrees to submit to another person (the "dominant"); or, alternately, one person agrees to receive some sort of sensation, such as spanking, from another.

Some people like to be submissive all the time, some people like to be dominant all the time; some people like to switch, being submissive one day and dominant the next.

Many people practice some element of BDSM in their sexual lives without even necessarily being aware of it. They may think of "S&M" as "That sick stuff that people do with whips and cattle prods and stuff," yet still blindfold one another from time to time, or tie one another down and break out the whipped cream...
All of these things are "BDSM." BDSM is not necessarily hardcore sadomasochism; it can be remarkably subtle and sensual and soft. Pinning your partner to the bed and running silk or ice cubes or rabbit fur over your lover's body qualifies as "BDSM" (specifically, of a variety called "sensation play").

BDSM doesn't have to involve all of these.

There are many people involved in BDSM who enjoy tying others up, or being tied up themselves, but who do not enjoy S&M--that is, they aren't interested in inflicting or receiving pain. Sometimes, one partner just ties up the other, as a form of foreplay. Similarly, there are many people who may like the psychological control they get from ordering their lovers to do things, but do not care for being physically restrained or tied, or for tying up their lovers.

BDSM is as varied as the people who do it.

Some people, myself included, love the aesthetic of an elaborate rope harness, or an elaborate form of bondage; others simply aren't interested in the bondage elements at all. The key to all these different forms of BDSM, though, is the exchange of power. One person (the "bottom" or "submissive") is choosing to allow the other person (the "top" or "dominant") to have control over him or her in some way--perhaps by allowing the dominant to tie them up, perhaps by allowing the dominant to spank them, perhaps simply by doing whatever the dominant instructs them to.

In particular, BDSM is NOT abuse!

People who are practicing BDSM in any of its trillions of forms are doing it voluntarily, for fun. It's a way to explore. Everything that happens in a BDSM relationship is consensual; and believe it or not, it's not just about the dominant getting what he or she wants--it's more about the submissive getting what he or she wants.

Ok.now I usually don't tell everyyone about my lifestyle but I am going to.I am a submissive of 20 yrs now and I was once owned by a loving but strict Master He died 2 yrs ago. the lifestyle is my life and i will always be submissive and like i said i am paralyzed but my Master did not look at me in that way i was His precious one and He treated me as a normal person.


Again let's talk about fairies..I love them alot and I am also learning fairy majick...Here are names and kinds of fairies and what they mean.

Dryads - They ae spirits that dwell in the trees, preferably Oaks.The Druids turned to them for inspiration.
Elves - Another name by which trooping fairies in are known. They can be divided into the Seelie and Unseelie Courts.
Fir Darrig - (Fear deang) Are practical jokers of a gruesome nature. They can assume any visage they wish.
Gnomes - Earth Elementals. They live underground and guard the treasures of the Earth. Gnomes are wonderful metal workers, especially of swords and breastplates
Goblins - Is the name used for an uglier species of fairy. They are small and malicious, and usually band together as they have lost their abilities to operate independently. Usually they are controlled by a Mage for evil doings.
Gwragedd Annwn - (Gwageth anoon) Are traditionally Welsh water fairies, who occasionally take human men for husbands.
Gwyllion - Are Scottish water fairy. They are mostly seen as a hairy men or hideous female spirits who waylay and mislead travelers by night on the mountain roads. Mountain fairies like to sit on rocks on either side of a mountain path and silently watch passerby's.
Hobgoblins - Originally a general name for small, grotesque but friendly brownie-type creatures.
Knockers (Buccas) - Mine spirits who are friendly to miners. They knock where rich ore can be found.
Leprechauns - Are sly and tricky and can disappear in the blink of an eye. They are particularly fond of, and active on, Saint Patrick's day, but any day is good for them.
Mer-People- Mermaids; they dwell in the water, but they are human from the waist up and have a tail of a fish. They are irresistible singers who sometimes lure fishermen to their deaths. Also called the Murdhuacha (muroo-cha) or Merrows.
Pixies - Oft times take the form of hedgehogs. They are mischievous fairies who enjoy playing practical jokes on humans and other fay folk. They also love to steal horses to ride.
Phouka - Can appear in various animal forms and are considered to be dangerous.
Redcap - is one of the most evil of the old Border Goblins. He lives in old ruined towers and castles, particularly those with a history of wickedness. He re-dyes his cap in human blood.
Shefro - Male fairies who wear green coats and red caps.
Sídhee (shee) - The name for fairies and their subterranean dwellings. A barrow or hillock which has a door to a beautiful underground realm of the Tuatha or fairies.
Sluagh - The Host of the Unforgiven Dead, or pagan ancestors. The most formidable of the Highland fairies.
Spriggans - Are fabled to be ugly, grotesque and small in their natural state, but can inflate themselves to gigantic proportions. Spriggans are an infamous band of villains, skilled thieves, thoroughly destructive and often dangerous. They are capable of robbing human houses, kidnapping children (and leaving a repulsive baby Spriggan in exhange).
Trolls - Have an aversion to daylight. They are frequently observed performing a curious lop-sided dance called 'Henking'.
Trows - Similiar to the Trolls and like them, have an aversion to daylight. They are frequently observed performing a curious lop-sided dance called 'Henking'.
Urisk - Is a solitary fairy who haunts lonely pools. He will often seek out human company but his peculiar appearance terrifies those he approaches
Water Fairies - Are the providers of food, nourishers of crops and takers of lives. They combine beauty with treachery and lethality. They can be friend or foe.

I have come to Hawk O Brian and respect him very much we have long talks or short ones while in here. He is struggling music artist and his music from what I have heard is awesome.He is very talented indeed.. Here is a link if you want to sample his music and maybe perhaps purchase his cd.

I also want to say big thank you to Yendor for creating my profile background ..Yendor your a very kind man and I thank you it means alot that you took the time to create it and knowing you a very busy man...
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Bands that I like.

Vnv Nation
Anything 80's
and anything techno...

Things I dislike.

Mean People.
Ignorant People.
Lolly Pop girls as we refer them in Maine.

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