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Life is a race. I've decided to quit.

CAUTION: I effed up my profile, I'll need a few days to fix it. Thank you :)

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About My Username:
I have realized that many people who see my username believe that I am refering to myself however, this is not the case. "Beautiful Illusions" refers to the images of the world many people have. Naturally, almost all people tend to stay away from situations or realizations that give off negative feelings. We all want to feel happy. Now, I am not saying the being bubbly, energetic and nice is the definition of happiness. Everyone on this earth is different therefore different things are going to make different people happy. For me, tree frogs and flowers make me happy. For someone else, torturing and murdering people could create their happiness. I see this as cruel, but another person sees it as fun. I tend to stay away from the cold hearted people. It helps me not think about those particular issues. I am able go back to thinking about tree frogs and flowers and newborn babies. I keep to my illusion of this world that keeps it admirable. This world is both beautiful and hideous. It all depends on the person as to which parts make it pleasant and which parts make this earth unpleasant. We all have our beautiful illusions. We refuse to accept the ugly. That is what this world that we portray is made of; these beautiful illusions that our minds have protected us with.

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About Me

My name is Lexy.

Yes, I know it rhymes with sexy. But don't call me sexy Lexy because it's really annoying and old. I like getting what I want. However, I can never make up my mind about what I want so it can be hard to satisfy me. I prefer people to be patient with me even though I'm a very inpatient person. I'm a smartass and that character trait is what usually gets me into the most trouble. There are two extremes when it comes to how I treat people. I'm either really nice and caring or I'm the bitch from hell. There isn't any in between. I either like you or I hate you. It takes a lot for me to hate a person. SO when I treat a person like complete shit, it's because they deserve it. I don't pretend to like anyone. I don't like it when people pretend to like me. It pisses me off more when a person is fake than when someone walks up to me and says bluntly "I hate you". I have no problem with people who don't like me. There are plenty more people in the world.

I'm very loyal to the ones that I love. I'm very protective of my friends. If anyone were to fuck with one of them all hell breaks loose. I'm a very emotional and sensitive person. It's really easy to make me cry. But I try not to. I can be really girly a lot of time. I love baking cookies, especially for my friends. My favorite time of the year is Halloween! One night to do whatever is amazing. I like taking risks. Without risks life would be boring.

Overall I'm just another human being on this earth.


I believe in free love because everyone needs at least one person to love them whether it's friendly or intimate. I enjoy being the person that people come to for love. It makes me happy to make others happy.




My favorite band is Avenged Sevenfold followed by blink-182. I also love Green Day, Inkwell, My Chemical Romance, Aiden, Good Charlotte, AFI, The Academy Is..., The All-American Rejects, Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, Dashboard Confessional, Death Cab for Cutie, Taking Back Sunday, The Used and etc. I guess I like a mix of hardcore, indie, alternative and punk.

I believe in peace and happiness. I support my soldiers but I do not support the cause. I am grateful for the sacrifice they make to protect me and my loved ones. However, it saddens me that their sacrifice is even necessary. War has been our past, present and future. I hope for a day when war is only in our past.

Our Earth is beautiful. Don't destroy that beauty.

Oh, and one last thing. If there are any of you planning on hitting on me then please be creative. I'm so goddamn tired of lame ass pick up lines or cliched phrases. So if you send me a message along the lines of "Did it hurt when you fell out of heaven" You are REJECTED. I work in a sports bar so I've heard everything that the drunks have had to offer.

I love this picture.

This video is my favorite. I was at a party with a friend when I caught him dancing to Lady Gaga. As you can see he then "attacked" me. And those weird screams you hear is because it wasn't just any attack. It was a tickle attack. The ending is my favorite part. It's extremely random yet educational at the same time :)

Contacting Me

I've been getting a lot of messages from strangers who don't have proper social skills, so I've decided to have a section to explain how to speak with me. Please don't message me saying "whats up" and think that I'm just going to tell you "whats up". If you are a stranger then it's best to introduce yourself first. Also, don't start off calling me pet names. I don't want to hear "hey babe". If I don't know you then call me by my name. When we become friends then you can call me all the cute, little pet names you want. I'm a lady and liked to be treated like one. I don't appreciate strong vulgarity. If you're a guy trying to speak to me then please act like a gentleman and mind your manners. Thank you :)

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