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Give me dark im tired of light. Give me night im tired of day. Give me hell becuase heavens not a choice for the unforgiven.


Male from NY, like hard rock, into any thing that makes my adrenaline rush, my daughter is my #1 woman in my life, and there is two things i hate and they are people who are fake and people who talk s*** with no action and if you dont like it get the hell off my profile. So just chill back and enjoy the tunes and my profile is still in progress, so rate fairly.

I came up to NY 10 years ago. I left Virginia to come to NY. In VA the town I was in you could 'nt even walk down the street with out getting in to a fight or watch a drug deal go down so my dad moved me and my to younger sisters to NY. Since I moved up here i have been in and out of foster homes and jail . Now I have a kid she is the most important thing in my life. She was born on my b-day thats what makes it even more the reason she is so important to me. Im saying how many people do you know that have their kids b-day on the same day as they do? I have calmed down a lot from the way i used to be. All i do now is sit back have some beers and turn up the music, find a babysitter if I want to go out, other than that I love the time I spend with my daughter she is learning every day.

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Psychopathic blood hungerer
Psychopathic blood hungerer
Someone call the loony bin, a psycho's on the loose! You're nuts! You're totally unpredictable and can lash out at any given time. You're a sadist, you don't feel any remorse for whatever actions you inflict upon anyone or anything. ''Goosefrabba'' Say it with me. ''Goooosefrabba''

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About You - Long

About You
First Name:: Brian
Middle Name:: ............
Date Of Birth:: feb. 25
Hometown:: ...........
Relationship Status:: ...........
Height:: 5'6"
Weight:: 150lbs.
Eye Color:: brown
Hair Color:: brown
Lefty/Right/Ambidextrous:: righty
Innie or Outie:: innie
Zodiac Sign:: pices
Piercings:: 3
Tatoo's:: 4
Natural Hair Color:: brown
Hair Style:: fade
Hair Length:: short
Is it dyed now?: no
What Color?: ............
Do you have any freckles?: no
Birthmarks?: no
Scars?: yes
Do you wear glasses?: no
What color are the frames?: ...............
Do you wear contacts?: nope
Smile lines?: no
Frown Lines?: no
Do you Have big hands?: mediem
Length of nails:: no
Ring size:: 7
Pets:: none
Parents still together?: nope
Do you get along with them?: not all the time
What are their names?: Robert & Kathrine
Do you look more like your mom or dad?: niether
Do you have any nicknames?: B-Rabbit
Siblings?: 2
How old are they?: 18 & 21
What are their names?: Melissa & Amy
If you were a member of the opposite sex what would your name be?: Trinity
What makes you happy?: My Daughter, me time.
Have you ever almost died?: Yes did once.
If you were a crayon what color would you be?: Blue
Who do you tell your dreams to?: Anyone
Defining your personality
I Cherish...: my daughter
I Enjoy...: going out with friends
I Believe Love Is...: the hardest thing to find
I Revere...: .................
I Vie For...: ................
I Wish...: I could see my lifes end.
Do the means ever justify the ends?: No
Do You...
Smoke:: yes
Drink:: yes
Do Drugs:: yes
Go To Church:: not anymore
Pray:: not anymore
Take Walks In The Rain?: sure
Talk to people you dont like?: if i have to
Believe in premarital sex?: sure why not
Want to get married?: not a thought in process
Wants to have kids?: allready have one
Want to go to college?: someday again
Sing in the shower:: no
Color/Highlight your hair?: no
Like Coffee:: yes
Wear makeup every time you go out:: no
Like roller coasters:: love em
Like to cook:: yes
Like to clean:: when i have to
Consider yourself tolerant of others:: not really
Have any secrets:: everyone does
Have any regrets:: sure
Twirl your hair:: no
Play with your food:: no
Like scary movies:: yes
HaveYou Ever...
Gone on a cruise?: yes
Beaten someone up?: yes to much
Been Beaten up?: ya win some and loose some
Bullied someone?: probably
Been Bullied?: in like 1st grade
Attempted suicide?: ......................
Attempted Murder?: no
Nearly Died?: yes once
Broken The Law?: yes
Stolen Something?: yes
Had an abortion?: ................
Known the president?: no
Met a famous person?: yes
Had an affair?: no
Been out of the country?: yes
Out of the state?: yes
Out of your town??: yes
Written a poem?: yes
A story?: yes
A novel?: no
A song?: yes
Read a book for enjoyment?: yes
Bunjee jumped?: yes yes fun
Skydived?: want to really bad
Danced?: yes
Been to a dance?: yes
Scuba dived?: yes
Broken a bone?: yes
Kissed someone in the rain?: yes i think so
Gotten pregnant?: ................
Helped a stranger?: yes
Kissed a stranger?: yes
Made out with a friend?: yes
Hugged a stranger?: yes
Been in love?: yes
Gone on a bind date?: yes
Passed out?: yes one too many
Hurt someone you loved?: yes
Done Drugs?: yes allready asked that one
Gone skinny dipping?: oh ya
Had surgery?: yes
Played strip poker?: yup
Been on stage?: yes
Eaten an entire box of oreo's?: sure plenty of times
Been on a plane?: no
Fallen from a tree?: yes
Seen a Friend as more than a friend?: yes
Seen someone die?: on tv
Been so vulnerable that anyone could convine you to do anything?: dont let my guard down
Slept outside?: yeah
Lost touch with a good friend for a long time?: yes
Been in an accident?: yup
Been in the hospital?: yes
Been hurt emotionally?: ..............
Been hurt physically?: yes
Miracles:: not sure yet
Magic:: yes
God:: if their is a devil theirs a god
Satan:: yes
Angels:: yes
Ghosts:: yes
InLove:: yes
Luck:: yes
Karma:: oh ya
Love at first sight:: never had it
That its possible to be faithful forever?: yes very hard im sure
Shooting stars?: yes seen them
Wishes?: i wish mine would come true
Soulmates?: yes
What are you feeling?: bored, mellow, relaxed
Seeing?: my daughter and the computer
Hearing?: trapt
Doing?: this
Who are you talking to online?: no one
On the phone?: nope
What room of the house are you in?: living room
Are you cold?: no
Warm?: yes
Bored?: yes
Are you eating anything?: no going to
Drinking anything?: a beer
What are you worried about?: a lot of things
Sad about?: not telling
Happy about?: winters here
Angry about?: a lot of things
Are you IMing anyone?: nope
Whats the weather?: cold & snowy
Are you listening to music?: yes
What time is it?: 5:27pm
Day?: 29th
Month and Year?: october, 2008

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