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I Will Take You And Swallow You Whole... Someday, I will Make You Mine.

****When I first was invited here I was very unsure of myself. Is this where I belonged, is this what I have been feeling all of my life. Is this what I want. I finally realized that the answers werent in my head, they were in my heart. How many of us listen to our hearts though. I am finally trying to block out the voices in my head and listen to what it is that Frankie really needs and desires. Each day that passes, I gain more and more knowledge. So many unanswered questions, finally have answers. Do I feel at home here, Yes I do.. My self esteem has picked up. I feel more energized and I feel as though I have found a place. I will never stop looking to learn more because you can never have enough knowledge. I am also still looking for a guide. I have always had a fascination with Vampirism. I now know that its because it is a part of me, a part of my life. I have alot of needs and desires in my life that I know are a part of what I am. I am no longer ashamed of that. I am here and I am ready to be part of a family that I have been seeking for such a long time. I hope someday to meet some of you. I feel very much at home here and have found my place. I finally fit in.. and Oh what a feeling that is.. Anyone in my area, give me a shout, I would love to meet ya.. Peace to you all.****


I am a 40 year old female, separated with three kids. I am here to learn more about something that is a part of my life. I will always have questions, so please dont mind them.
I love to write, and I do it with a passion. I write whatever is in my mind at the time. So when you see me go from happy to sad, from pain to pleasure, from wanting to live to wanting to die, you will know me..

I also have an autoimmune disease which is very rare and I take alot of meds to keep me alive. I make everyday count as much as possible. I take nothing for granted.

I consider myself a non religious person but a very spiritual one. *NO ONE* will ever take that away from me. I pray and I pray alot. Its what keeps me going through the rough times. I believe in God and I believe in the saints and they help me. I also believe in a Mother Earth because I dont believe you can have a father without a Mother. I accept and love to learn about all religions. I will never put anyone down for their religious beliefs, please dont put me down for mine.
I yearn to love and be loved. Is that special someone out there.

I am also a male worshipper in a sexual way, yet I am the dominant one as well. My mind game, because to make a man happy, in the end, I am fullfilled as well. I am as strong as steel at times and like a cry baby at other times.

I have never been considered what is so called "normal" and I am happy there. I dont believe in a societal "normal". Although at one time I was very popular, I never really fit into any one "group" and I didnt want to.
I have always lived inside my head and I was very happy there. No one understood my point of view or feelings anyway, so I might as well have been alone with them. I am a solitary person, so that is fine with me.
If you ask me a question, I will tell the truth. I am honest to a fault. I do not believe in lies, so if you really dont want to know, dont ask.. and dont say I didnt warn you..

I am not plastic, do not look plastic nor do I want to be plastic. Plastic does not move, it just lies there. I am me, *I am not a fake*. I dont pretend.

I am also a cutter, and anyone that doesnt understand that urge never will. I do have an AOL IM which is francine069 and if I dont answer it is because I am not near it at the time. Peace to all..

Age: 40

Sign: Virgo

Children: Proud parent of 3

Martial Status: Separared, soon to be divorced.

Ethnicity: Italian

Passions: Writing, My Music and anything oral..

Tattoo's: 7 and more to come.

Piercings: Tongue, eyebrow and nose

"My obsession at fourteen was the same as it is now, and I'm getting away with it!"

"It's not the brick ya got in ya hand.... its the faith you got in ya head that knocks down the wall."

"Love me lower."

"If my balls were on your chin, where would my dick be?"

You... fed on me

Lifestyle Journalist: Do you have anything you want to say to the other vampires listening out there?

Lestat: As a matter of fact, I do. Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Take this, all of you, and drink from it; this is the cup of my blood, the blood of the new and everlasting covenant. It will be shed for you and for all men so that sins may be forgiven. Do this in memory of me

First and foremost I live for my children. I will kill for them for they are my life. Dont let me ever find anyone that will bring harm to them in anyway. I will be right there knocking at your door.
I like honesty in a person. I demand honesty in a person.. Someone that doesnt mind questions, someone that is there for you when you need them.
A shoulder to lean on because mine is always there for you.
I like the sound of the rain and a thunderstorm at night.
I like showing affection in public.
I like to try and conquer my fears which I am learning how to do. I also love to meet new people and make new friends, ones that will understand me.
I like piercings and Tattoo's of which I have a few of each.

****To My Son Timothy Michael. You are my hero.. You followed your dream while others just sit back and let their dreams stay inside of them. For that I am proud of you and always will be. Remember to look at the sky each night and I shall be looking to. It will keep is connected until we see each other again. You are my Soldier and I will pray that God protects you and keeps you in his care.****

I LOVE my music. It is therapy for me. I listen to what my mood tells me too. Here are some of my favorites though. Motley Crue, Rage, Korn, SOAD, OZZY, Judas Priest, AC/DC, RUSH, Enigma, Evanescence, CCR, John Lennon, PsyTrance, Indie, Enya, Alice In Chains, Tool, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Papa Roach, Dead Can Dance, ..etc.. Anyone that has words worth listening to. There are to many to list. Motley Crue is an all time Favorite though. Cant Help but love Nikki.

Shallow people is number one on my list. I am a "never judge a book by its cover" type of person. **I DO NOT JUDGE SO DO NOT JUDGE ME**. I have been hurt too many times by a persons shallowness. Its hard to have some self esteem when you are constantly put down. I had a terrible marriage that ended me the winner and the loser at the same time. I dont want to hurt anymore. I do not and will not tolerate people that are cruel and out to hurt others for their own personal gain.
I despise hate. When and if I say I hate, then you know there is a problem.

Can you feel it.
Can you feel my touch from all these miles away.
Do you feel me thinking about you.
Do you feel me begging you to come my way.

At night do you look up at the stars .
Do you know I am looking there with you.
Do you feel me gaze into your mind.
As we both look toward the heavens.

As you lie in bed at night, do you feel my whisper in your ear.
Do you know that I am never far away.
I am always near.
Do you lie there and imagine my touch.
It's not a dream, I am there.

Do you think of me as I think of you.
Could you tell me if you did.
Can you tell me that you too feel the same way.
Maybe there will come a time that I hear those words from you.

~Frankie~ 2005

You want to live inside of me. You want to be within me every waking moment. Feeling what it is like to be me, inside of me. Mine to play with, to love, to torture. Mine to do what I please.
But if you are forever inside of me, how do we play, how do we experience each other from the outside. Can I remove you when I want you, when I need you. Must I use you before I begin to swallow you. Never to feel you hold me again. Never to feel you touch me again, never to feel you make love to me again.
As I sit here thinking, what if we were able to make love from within. What if that feeling was always there and never went away. What if I knew that I could feel you all the time. Yes, I could swallow you then. I could take you then and make you mine. No one else could ever have you again, no one else could ever come close to you again. Am I doing this for selfish reasons. Yes.. Do I want there to be no one that can ever have you again. Yes... Do you want to feel what it is like to go down, down inside. To be held captive by me. Do you want that feeling as much as you make me want it. To be eaten alive.
Do you want to be mine forever.

~Frankie~ 2005.

Touch Me There

Make Me Want You.

Touch Me There

Make Me Need You.

Touch Me There

Let Me Feed You.

~Frankie~ 2005

seduce me
lead me

tie me
to a chair

torture me
pry from me

sweet confessions
quakes of surrender

take from me
all i possess

leave me

*begging for more*

Needy full of lust wanting someone
Anyone hold me feel me
I lie awake here my mind drifting slowly
The velvet of a tongue runs over my naked self
teasing here and there, touching not only my flesh
but my soul. Sensations rush through me ones so pleasurable
Yet so close to pain. It fulfills me but for a moment only.
What happens when it's gone? This Moment?
Will I once again be alone in darkness in my own self-pity?
The sensations escalate higher and higher.
Pleasure or pain? It's hard to decipher.
Hands everywhere inside and out. Hard and soft,
Fast and, slow... am I fulfilled or empty? It’s all the same
Our voices grow louder or is it just mine? Ecstasy consumes me.
An explosion... Then silence, as I am once again alone
my phantom lover gone, feeling empty bitterly I smile
For a moment I had it, The thing they call love, even lust
Yes for a moment I had it, a climax, an end!

I Walk Alone

Yes, I am in Love with this man.. To think I Met him and hung out with him...

Could You Just Eat Him Alive... Beauty At Its Finest.

Now I dont care where his fingers have been, but I know what I see there and I like it.. Always been one of my fav of him..

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