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The sky is pocked with stars, what eyes the wise men must have had to find a new one in so many.

Here's a rant for your reading pleasure: Why do people use the word "Gay" to describe something that is "stupid" or "lame"? They say, "I hate that; it's so Gay!" Why, when people claim they are all for Gay Rights do they still insist on bashing Gays in this way? Please think before you speak!!! GEEZ!!!

I am a theatre girl. I do it all! I do it all, LITTERALLY!!! I act, sing, direct, design/build sets, desing/build props, stage manage, run the box office, act as house manager and stage crew and, best of all, I am a damn fine costumer! I usually work with little or no budget, and still get great reviews! When I'm on stage, I get to strut my stuff....but when I costume a show, EVERYONE struts my stuff! I like making garb for SCA events for myself and my SCA friends. I also dabble in make-up, speciallizing in old-age and special effects make-up. I owe my tallent in that area to my sister, Moonmystic. As kids, we created scars, bruises and...eh-hem...bite marks using no more than a Crayola water color paint set! She is amazing and I learned a lot from her. Having her for a best friend and protector as a kid was (and still is) one of my biggest blessings!
I am married to the best man I have ever known! His tiny picture is below. He and I are both board members of The Star Bar Players. I am the mother of the sweetest, cutest, most loving boys named Shamus and Connor. They are pictured below, as well. Shamus has Autism and I urge you to learn as much as you can about it. Feel free to ask me anything about Shamus and Autism you wish. I will be open, and honest with you. I am such a proud mom!!!
What everyone should know about me:
I want to learn more languages!!! j'apprends le français ....je parle le français.....me habla espanol un pequito
(Merci, Sebastian pour rectification!) I speak a little Japanese, as well. I LOVE Japan!

Pets: I have two kitties; recently lost one.

My Dream Job is to be the props and costumes master for Saturday Night Live.

Cigarette smoke makes me ill! I DON'T like it at all!!!
I am against GUNS! Having lived in a country where the police don't even carry guns, I don't see the need for them.


My biggest phobia is losing my hearing.

Pet Peeves: People who do not return shopping carts to the cart corrals. These people are lazy and responsible for millions of auto insurance claims each year! I want to run them down when I see them leaving a cart in the middle of the parking lot! Why do they do it? AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!

If I Could Have A Superpower, it would be to turn myself and other people/objects invisible at will.

The scariest moments of my life were, being told the doctor wanted to deliver my son via c-section, 5 weeks early; a house fire in 1998 (at a friend's where I was spending the night) and my car wreck in 2002.

In The Trunk Of My Car: A jack, spare tire, gallon of water, blanket and a set of extra warm winter wear and extra baby supplies. (I live in Colorado and do not want to freeze -or be without diapers- if stranded in my car!) I also have a bunch of props and other theatre junk in there. Oh, and there are ABSOLUTELY NO BODIES in the trunk...er...Really!! I SWEAR!!!


Book: biographies and other non-fiction.

Movie: Harold and Maude 1971 (If you haven't seen it, see it soon!!!)

Bands/Music: Just about everything. I LOVE the 80's!!! I am a classic-rock girl at heart.

TV Show: Law and Order SVU--morbid and good.

Song: San Francisco (be sure to wear some flowers in your hair) by Scott MacKenzie.

Color: All shades of green.

Holiday: Halloween

Article Of Clothing: My denim skirts.

Day Of The Week: Saturday & Sunday, because Palyn does not have to work.

Artwork: Sunflowers - canvas, "You may know that the peony is Jeannin's, the hollyhock belongs to Quost, but the sunflower is mine in a way." Vincent van Gogh, 1889. Also, The Gypsy Girl - canvas, Frans Hals, 1628-1630. I saw it in the Louvre in 1989 and fell in love with it!

Foods: Cheese!!! (Behold the power!)

Drink: Water and tea.

Flower: Sunflowers. "They're so tall and simple" (a quote from Harold and Maude)

Trait About Yourself: Theatre abilities. My crafty creativity. My unlimited capacity to love.

Least Favorite Trait: I talk too much!

Ice Cream: Winter White Chocolate from Baskin & Robbins, and the old standard, Mint Chocolate Chip.

Junk Food: Anything made out of a potato!

Comic Book Hero: Wonder Woman and Flaming Carrot... He's too complex to describe. Check him out at www.flamingcarrot.com .

Game: Monopoly

Video Game: Diablo for the PC.

Magazines: Maxim and Good Housekeeping.

Sesame Street Character: Scooter, the stage manager.

Fast Food Restaurant: Subway (eat fresh!)

Word Or Phrase: WOO-HOO!!!

Restaurant/Cafe/Eatery: Amanda's Fonda, a Mexican place in Colorado Springs.

Place To Max Your Credit Card: fabric store

Things To Do Alone: Sew, surf the web, sing, dance nude around a bonfire. (heehee)

Things To Do With Friends: SCA, Drum Circles, Theatre, talk, play music, sing, dance nude around a bonfire. (heeheehee!)

Here are my best memories! My pregnancies and the births of my sons. My wedding day. My first standing ovation for, "The Lion in Winter". The day my dad and I were washing the car and had a joke-cracking contest to see who could crack 30 jokes first. He says I won... I don't care who won... We both have the great memory! Finally, the day I was walking along Miura Beach in Japan, and a group of Japanese people invited me to join their beach party. We had a great cultural exchange. One of the men ran up the hill, cut a piece of bamboo, fashioned it into a cup and served me warm sake in it. It was an amazing day. I still have the cup!

All time favorite things: Peace, Love & Happiness.

More about me:
I have Green eyes and brown, very long hair.
I am about 5’ 10.5 tall.
I am mostly Scandinavian.
I am very dependable and/or trustworthy.

I have not been diagnosed with OCD, but, when it comes to colored things like crayons or pencils or clothes in the closet, dishes, and anything else that comes in 3 or more colors, I NEED them to be lined up in the order in which they appear in a rainbow. I don't let it interfere with my life, but it can be annoying at times.

I took the "Which Muppet are you?" Quiz. It said I am Scooter! How perfect! He was the stage manager in the theatre where the muppets performed. He was always running around making sure things were getting done. He was much abused and used and treated like a Step-and-fetch-it at times. With my theatre experience, I think this is the most accurate quiz I've taken!

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